Chapter 3: Fall Out


Bright white light… But this light didn't fill me with pain or dread rather it filled me with a much needed warmth and energy. This light was serene and it called out to me, attracted me like a moth is attracted to a flame. It made me feel the way you feel when your head is gently placed on your mother's lap and she is stroking your hair. I followed that light and it lead me to a meadow and after a second I realized that it was mine and Edward's meadow… My haven. Tears streamed down my eyes as I collapsed on the floor.

"Bella, is that you?" A very familiar voice asked and within a nanosecond I realized that it was my mom

"Mom?" I gasped as I quickly looked up and saw her standing hand in hand with Phil

"Hello Bella!" Phil greeted

"Mom! Where did you go! How could you leave me alone…?" I cried out as I hugged her tight

"Bella, I am sorry darling; but it was something which was not in my hands… You know that I am with you forever and ever." She said as she slowly stroked my hands

"Not physically! I can't hear your voice anymore." I sniffled

"Bella baby, my presence is always there with you. Nothing in this world can ever separate you from me or me from you. Whenever you miss me, just close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and you will see me. I am there in your heart and our souls are entwined forever. I love you Bella baby"


"Promise darling. Always and forever!"

"Okay, I trust you."

"Bella it's time for me to leave… I can't stay here anymore!"

"Wait what do you mean you can't stay here. Take me with you please!"

"Why would you want tot come with the dead, Bella?" My mom asked surprised

"Because I am dead! Didn't you hear the doctor say that and I quote- 'Isabella Swan is dead.' End quote." I answered back

"Oh that Bella, *Laughs heartily* you my darling are not dead. Not yet anyways. Your destiny has not yet hit a dead end. Hold onto your life for now Bella. All I can tell you is that your journey ahead would require you to be stronger. You would need to be stronger for Charlie. I have hurt that man a lot and even though I regret marrying him but I don't regret you, at all. Just hold on for me and Charlie, darling. Your angel will come soon. Trust me."

"Renee darling we need to go."

"Coming babe. I have to go now Bella. My time has come and you Isabella Swan are not dead. We Swan's don't perish so easily. Look at Charlie only, 20 years of service in the police force and still breathing and healthy."

"Renee, we can't stay any longer."

"I have to go Bella. Your angel will come shortly."

"Mom where are you going?" I screamed out as I saw her fading in a white mist

"Why but for the final judgment darling!"

"Mom wait… Take me with you, please!" I shouted as I ran after her, trying to follow her

"I love you Bella." Were her final words as she along with the mist disappeared into oblivion.


Darkness… Hurt… Helplessness and above all hatred towards the almighty for snatching my baby from me. I wanted to die myself for I had no reason to live anymore. Renee was dead and so was my daughter, Bella. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and for once I wasn't afraid of crying. I didn't care that the doctors would see Charlie Swan, the macho man, crying. It hurt. It hurt to have everything you hold dear being snatched from you like a candy.

"Charlie? I am sorry that we could not save Isabella."

"Bella." I said instinctively

"She likes to be called Bella."


"Yea. Can I hold her for the last time?"

"Uhh… Sure."


I entered my Bella's room and held her hand. I placed my head on our entwined hands.

'I am sorry Bella that I couldn't save you, that I wasn't much of a good father and that I should have been with you instead of at the station after Edward left. I was never a good father. Your daddy is sorry, darling.'

A hand movement. A slight twitch in the finger was all it took to make me go berserk. I started screaming and calling for the doctors, I am pretty sure that the entire hospital heard my scream.

"Charlie, what happened?" Dr. Grey asked while panting

"She showed movement. Her little pinky finger twitched."

As if on cue, Bella gasped loudly and immediately the doctor sprung into action. A whole team of doctors and nurses entered the room and I was pushed out.

3 hours of wait. 3 hours of hell hound. My heart was beating like crazy and it took all of my control to not barge into the room and demand my Bella's condition. Finally the doctors came out. They all had a smile on their face.

"Congratulations Charlie. Your Bella is alive."