Ben saved Earth, but the stress of existing between two opposing forces is great.

This idea comes from LoveThyFrenemies, who messaged me for another alternate ending. I really love this version a lot and I hope that I did it justice!

Ben was a nervous wreck by the time they arrived at the agreed location. Gwen had tried to calm him down as best as she could, tried to remind him how well he had been doing up until that point. Not that she faulted Ben for his nerves of course. Even with his apparent trust in Vilgax's predictability, there were still many variables to take into account.

He still tried to stay strong though. He had to. At the first signs of discomfort, grandpa Max had been ready to turn the Rustbucket around (Ben still had yet to ask since when the Rustbucket was a jet). It had taken Ben and several of the accompanying plumbers to change the old man's mind. Even now, he was still very apprehensive.

The group that would be facing Vilgax in the upcoming negotiations along with Ben were Gwen, Max, Kevin, Rook, Many, Helen, Lucy Mann and three other plumbers Ben didn't know the name of. He just really hoped it wouldn't turn into a fight when they came face to face with his former master.

"Ben Tennyson!" Vilgax's voice boomed, making Ben jump a bit more than he would admit.

The warlord stood not that far off, flanked by several droids, Sixsix and his two siblings SevenSeven and EightEight, and of course, Psyphon. The last one was grinning maliciously and Ben glared at him. before he really knew what he was doing, he stuck his tongue out at the white skinned alien in a childish act of defiance, something he often did when he was being groomed by Vilgax and the other was being scolded. Somehow, he felt like he should do it here too, just to show the other he hadn't really done anything wrong. Vilgax frowned deeply and sneered at Ben, making the brunette swallow nervously and Psyphon grin wider.

"Are you here to join me once more, my traitorous Pet?" he asked coldly.

"What'll happen to Earth if I come back? I don't want them to get hurt."

"Earth is beyond saving," Vilgax replied darkly.
"Like I said before, your last stunt cost them those last two strikes."

Ben nodded in understanding and looked down at the ground with a grim expression. He had expected something like that, but really, he had hoped to give them a chance. Still, he could maybe still save some people. Gwen, his parents. Maybe Kevin if Vilgax didn't know it was him Ben had been unfaithful with. Earth was a beautiful planet, but it wasn't his home. It hadn't been for a long time.

"Can you at least spare a few? They won't fight you," Ben tried.

"Ben!" Gwen shouted horrified.

"This isn't going to happen!" Max growled at the same time.
"You're not going back to that monster, Ben! And no one will die either!"

Ben stared back blankly at his grandfather and scowled.

"I am going back or everyone is going to die," he deadpanned.
"Seriously. Don't any of you guys listen! I know Vilgax! I lived with him, he's my master!"

"He's your warden!" Max shouted back.
"You're my grandson, and I won't let you go now that I finally have you back."

"How is that any different as what Vilgax did?" Ben asked quietly.
"I never wanted you to take me away! I was happy until you came!"

Max reeled back in surprise at these words. His eyes softened and he reached for his grandson again, but Ben leaned away. Bright green eyes glared angrily at the old Plumber while tears slowly leaked from them. He had his hands balled into fists.

"All I ever wanted to do was protect you!" he yelled.
"I protected you for six FUCKING years! And how do you repay me?! You undo everything I did for your own selfish reasons! You're all going to die and it's your own fucking fault! You're a bunch of idealistic idiots to ever even think you had a chance to win this war! You're nothing but an annoying fly he can swat away at any moment!"

Vilgax was smirking as he watched the whole ordeal, but Ben didn't see him. He barely even saw the shocked expressions of the Plumbers.

"You fucking ungrateful whore!" Manny shouted.

The Tetramand stepped forward and grabbed Ben by the collar of his shirt, lifting him off the ground. Ben just glared defiantly at him and sneered.

"Ungrateful?" he asked coldly.
"What does that make you, you stupid muscle head?! I warned you guys again and again, but did you listen to me?!"

"Yeah? Let's see how powerful that bastard is with a bullet in his skull!" Manny hissed, pulling out a gun with one of his free hands.

A loud bang sounded through the area, but it wasn't Vilgax that was hit. Manny spluttered a bit, a small trickle of blood leaking from his half-gaping mouth. he let go of Ben and staggered backwards, eyes wide in shock as he stared at Ben. Two of his hands pressed against the large open wound in his chest before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he sagged down.

"Manny!" Helen screamed in horror, rushing to her friend's side.

All the others were staring at Ben, who was still holding the small gun in his hand, ready to shoot again. Ben himself was staring down at the weapon as well, his eyes wide in awe, as if he had no idea where the gun came from.

"I… Shot him…" he whispered to himself before he threw his head back and started laughing dementedly.
"I s-shot him! Well, better me than someone else, I guess. He was living on borrowed time for six years already. I bought that time for him, so it's only fair I take it away again too."

He chuckled softly and stood back up, smiling crookedly at the horrified Plumbers. Vilgax, who had been just as surprised by Ben's actions as everyone else started laughing and approached the brunette. He took the giggling teen in his arms and drug his long claws through the soft brown hair.

"That's my sweet little Pet," the warlord murmured calmly as he petted Ben.

"What did you do?!" Gwen screamed.

Ben watched detached as his cousin's eyes stared glowing bright pink. Without really knowing what he was doing, he lifted the gun again and aimed it at her chest. The redhead's eyes widened in shock and turned their normal green color again while Kevin stepped in front of her protectively. With a sigh and a shake of his head, Ben lowered the weapon again.

"A shame," Vilgax muttered.
"I was looking forward to watching you kill more of them."

"You monster! What did you do to my grandson?!" Max growled angrily.

Vilgax just gave a cold laugh and pressed the brunette closer to himself. Ben relaxed almost instantly as he breathed in his master's scent. It smelled like home and safety.

"He was only ten when he became mine, Tennyson," Vilgax chuckled.
"Six years is a long time for a human. Enough to mold his mind and body to only belong to me. Your grandson stopped existing years ago, and you were a fool to think otherwise."

Ben gave another giggle and gave his grandfather a deranged grin. The old man's eyes widened and Ben could hear a small sob escape his cousin. Somewhere deep inside, he felt a pang of regret that he hurt them, but he didn't really have a choice. They hadn't given him any. His family had tried to force him to betray his master, and that was something Ben couldn't do. They should have respected that. Maybe then, Vilgax would have allowed them to live.

"You still care for them, don't you?" Vilgax asked him.

Ben flinched, but his master had sounded more amused than angry, so he nodded. The alien warlord's chest rumbled as he chuckled and he patted Ben's head.

"How about this, Pet. If you kill Max Tennyson, I will allow two humans of your choice to live."

Ben scowled in thought. He would like for Gwen to live. And Rook, but he wasn't technically human. Kevin was another option he had of course, but if his master asked for the name of the one that touched him, he'd be in trouble, so it would be best for both of them if Kevin were to die. He wanted his parents to survive too, but he wasn't sure if it was worth killing anyone over. In the time he'd spend with them, he hadn't been able to reconnect with them at all. They didn't really love him, just the memory of who he used to be.

"I don't think they want to live under those conditions," he whispered.
"Kill them all. Sever all ties I have left to Earth. Maybe they can serve as a reminder that you are the greatest, Master."

Vilgax laughed at that reply and leaned down to reward Ben with a searing kiss. The teen moaned in his master's mouth, opening up immediately to allow the large tongue to ravage the inside of his mouth. Too soon to his liking, Vilgax pulled away and gently pushed Ben towards his servants.

"Psyphon! Lead Ben to my room on board the ship!" he ordered.
"I'll join him as soon as I took care of these pests!"

The white skinned alien grinned and nodded as he stepped forward and gripped the brunette's shoulder. The Plumbers all jumped into action, but so did Vilgax's mercenaries and the Vilgaxian Droids. Ben turned his back to the starting fight and allowed his master's right hand servant to lead him towards the large battleship. That one was home too, with how much time he'd spend on it.

"Maybe you're more than just a slut after all," the alien mused with a grin.

Ben snorted amused and shrugged. He'd be anything his master wanted him to be, and if that was a slut, then a slut he would be.

. . . . .

Four years had passed since Vilgax had destroyed Earth and killed all the Plumbers. Ben had in that time become more than just a pet, though he was still called such by the warlord. To the rest of the known Galaxy, he was Master Tennyson, Consultant and Concubine of the great Conqueror Vilgax and his greatest assassin, thanks to the shiny green watch he wore around his wrist. He still wore the collar, now fitted with a tracker chip, so his master would never lose him, even when he had a mission at the far end of the universe.

Today was a special day. The whole Galaxy was celebrating, except for Ben. For him, this particular day was a day of mourning instead. And so he did what he always did when he was feeling down. He visited the Power room of the flagship. It had become his first home, as he spend more time on there than in his Master's Palace. Luckily, Vilgax was almost just as often on board as he was.

"Hey," he greeted softly as he reached the main energy source of the ship.

The young Anodite blinked tiredly, staring at him with half lidded white eyes from inside her tube. Ben smiled at his cousin and pressed his palm against the glass. He drug his other hand through his hair. It was reaching back to his shoulders, and kept shiny and wavy, even though he usually kept it in a low ponytail or a braid to keep it out of his face during his work. Vilgax preferred it loose as something for him to grip while he fucked Ben.

"I needed to come see you before I have to attend the ceremony," he mumbled.
"I'm apparently supposed to be his best man. Can you believe it? He wants me to give my blessing while he marries that Incursean Empress bitch. She takes my spot in his bed and I should just wish her my best?"

He sighed and looked down at his feet guiltily.

"I'm a terrible slave, aren't I?" he whispered, giving a bitter chuckle.
"I can't hate her. She'll be my Mistress from now on. And if she makes Master happy, I have to be happy too, right? It's just hard, you know? She gets what I never can have. My Master's love and devotion… I shouldn't even want those things. I'm just a slave after all."

Gwen didn't answer. She hadn't spoken in almost four years now. The tube syphoned all her energy straight into the machines aboard, so she was left with nothing. It was extremely rare she was even able to open her eyes at all.

"I need to go though. Psyphon will get mad if I'm not there to make sure everything is in order. Such a perfectionist…"

With that, he pressed a kiss to the glass and walked away, not noticing how the Anodite lifted a shaky hand and pressed it against the glass where his lips had just been.

. . . . .

The funeral was certainly one worthy of an Empress, Ben had to admit. He had never liked Mistress Atthea, but she had style, and she had been a very respectable ruler in the short few years she had ruled by his Master's side. He wondered if Vilgax would take another wife now.

"I know it was you, Pet," Vilgax whispered in his ear once they were alone again in the bedroom.

Ben was start naked and on his knees, waiting for the punishment he knew would soon come. Vilgax was still fully dressed, something he never did when it was just to play. Only when he was angry did he make Ben undress but stay clothed himself, showing his superiority and dominance over Ben in another way. As if Ben would ever forget his place.

"I understand you disliked her, but she was necessary and your Mistress," Vilgax continued as he paced in front of Ben.
"How can I trust a slave that kills his Master's wife? How can I ever be sure you won't kill me in the middle of the night?"

For the first time since this started, Ben looked up and met his master's eyes with his own horrified green ones.

"I'd never harm you!" he exclaimed offended.
"I love you, Master! I love everything about you and I'll be loyal to you until the end!"

Vilgax was right in front of him in an instance and buried his hand in Ben's long hair, pulling on it painfully and forcing Ben to arch his neck and back to relieve as much pressure as possible.

"Which end? Yours or mine?" the warlord hissed.
"You killed my wife and left my son motherless! Why!"

Ben wanted to argue that Atthea rarely ever visited their son anyway, and that it was mostly Ben to keep the small child company. He was more of a parent than that frog bitch could ever be to the child, but he bit his tongue. He hadn't done it for Tetrax's sake after all.

"She… she said you were planning to send me away," he whispered.
"She said I'm getting too old to please you and that you'll gift me to one of your generals instead."

Thinking back to that brought tears in his eyes. He was only 25, not that old, even for human standards, but over a few years, he'd be 30, and who knows how Vilgax would think of him then? Ben knew that the biggest thing about him that had attracted Vilgax was his youthfulness, and he was losing that.

"Don't be ridiculous," Vilgax growled annoyed, pushing Ben away from him.

With the position he had been, Ben easily toppled backwards and fell flat on his back. It hurt, but he stayed sprawled on the floor while tears streamed down his face. He hadn't wanted his master to become angry at him. When he had fed Atthea poison, it had been a spur in the moment thing. He hadn't thought of the consequences. It was almost second nature with all the politicians Vilgax had him kill in that same way over the past nine years.

"You went far out of line with this, Ben," Vilgax said.
"But you are lucky she was becoming a nuisance to me. I was about ready to order you to kill her anyway, so I'll forgive you this time."

Ben sighed in relief and slowly stood back up. Vilgax pulled him in and kissed Ben harshly. Sharp teeth nipped at the brunette's lips until they bled while large hands pulled his long hair cruelly. Ben moaned in pleasure and leaned in more.

"You should know better than let her rile you up, Pet," Vilgax said as he let go of Ben again.
"I will never abandon you. You are mine, and mine alone. Didn't I teach you that enough?"

"For now," Ben whispered desperately.
"But what about when I'm old and grey? You already start to lose interest. I can see it."

Vilgax hummed and caressed Ben's face gently. The brunette man shivered at the feel of those sharp, cruel claws ghosting over his skin without drawing blood for once.

"I thought about the same thing," Vilgax confessed.
"And I have found a solution. I planned on waiting a bit longer, but I think now is as good a time as any."

Ben blinked in confusion as he allowed his master to pull him out of the room. Several of the guards stared as they made their way through the palace halls, probably staring at Ben's nakedness. The brunette felt a surge of pride at the hungry looks that were thrown at him. even after all these years, he was still wildly desired by these men. They couldn't have him of course though. Only Vilgax could touch him.

He was led into a large medical room. A lot of scary looking equipment lay on treys to the side, and two metal slabs stood in the middle. Psyphon stood in the back, cleaning some bloody tools, but paused for a moment to grin at Ben. Ben's eyes landed on the young Anodite laying on one of them. Her light was weak and sometimes, Ben could see a flicker of ginger hair. His cousin was tightly strapped down on the slab, her eyes closed and her breathing shallow. Whatever they had done to her, it must have been incredibly painful and exhausting.

"Since we caught your grandmother, we have no need for this one," Vilgax said calmly.
"Verdona is much more powerful. She'll be able to power the flagship for centuries. That's why I had Psyphon remove your cousin's Anodite essence."

Ben nodded and took his eyes off Gwen to look over to the pink glowing jar Psyphon now held in his hand. He had a pretty good idea what was about to happen now. With a sigh, Ben sat down on the empty slab and looked at his master with hopeful eyes.

"And that will make me young again?" he asked.

Vilgax smiled and nodded.

"Of all being in the Galaxy, it are the Anodites who hold the secret of eternal youth," he said.
"Once Psyphon injects you with this, you will never age. In fact, I believe you will even become younger again as well."

This time, it was Ben's turn to smile and he eagerly held out his arm to allow Psyphon to inject the essence into his upper arm. It stung a little, but that feeling was quickly followed by a pleasant tingling all through his body. It spread all through his body before slowly numbing him. He blinked up to Vilgax sleepily as the warlord leaned in and helped him lay down. He was out before his head touched the slab.

. . . . .

When Ben woke up, he was wrapped possessively in his master's embrace. He looked around himself and found he was back in the master bedroom. The brunette smiled and turned in his master's arms to look at the warlord's face. He was so calm and serene when he slept…

Suddenly, Ben couldn't contain his curiosity any longer. He wanted to know if the Anodite essence was already showing effect, so he slowly untangled from Vilgax's embrace and stood up. He was oddly sore and reached down between his legs on mere instinct. The brunette wasn't even that surprised to find himself leaking cum from his ass. It had happened before, when Ben was unconscious for three days after stopping an assassination attempt on Vilgax before he had married the frog bitch. He'd actually woke up to his master fucking him. That was how impatient he could be sometimes.

Ignoring the slight sting, Ben walked up to the large standing mirror and stared at himself. He had several new hickeys and bite-marks, but that wasn't what he was looking at. Instead of his 25 year old self, he looked to be a teen again. His stubble that should have been growing by now wasn't there at all. In fact, his chin was completely hairless, which it hadn't been since he was 17. His face was round and childlike again and his body seemed leaner than it had been in years.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Vilgax asked.

The large alien stepped into sight behind Ben, making the brunette look up to lock eyes with his master through the mirror. He smiled brightly and nodded before switching his gaze to look back at himself and he gingerly touched his own cheek, as if he still couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"How long was I out?" he asked.

"Two weeks. But it was necessary so your body could accept the essence," Vilgax answered.
"As per suggestion from Psyphon, I left you alone the whole first week. I had you brought here once we were sure you'd survive."

Vilgax hadn't told him before that he could die from this… Not that it mattered much. If his master wanted this for him, Ben would accept any odds and do it without hesitation, just like he hadn't hesitated when he jumped in between a plasma gun and Vilgax.

Vilgax rested a large clawed hand on Ben's shoulder and gently pushed him forward. Ben went without question, resting his palms against the cool surface of the mirror as he stared up at his master's reflection.

"I'm glad you are awake again, my Pet," Vilgax murmured, leaning down to plant a soft kiss on Ben's shoulder.
"To celebrate, I'll fuck you right in front of the mirror, so you can enjoy your own slutty expressions with me."

Ben shivered in anticipation and spread his legs wider, giving his master all the access he needed to Ben's leaking hole. He was so happy he could finally please his master again. With this new eternal youth, he would be able stand by his master's side and lay in his master's bed until he died. And that was all Ben could ever dream for.