Romeo and Juliet of Dragon City Chapter 3

All of the races Connor Penn had invited to his stables were assembled plus a few extra that were hoping to go unnoticed.

Connor Penn got right down to business. He wasn't the type to mince words.

"Thank you all for coming today. You are the best Street and Elite Class in Dragon City. And I want you all to meet my new Dragon," said Connor Penn, motioning towards the large door that led into a vast array of stalls.

There Beau was revealed with many different types of gear magnetized to his body. Nafisa stood right beside him keeping Beau calm and in one place for the riders to see.

"I believe he will be the most powerful Dragon on the planet," said Connor Penn.

Narrowing his eyes, Moordryd whispered "The Black and Gold Dragon of Legend."

The other riders were more focused on the gears Beau had on his body.

"What is that, Connor? Level Six White Aero Gear. Five Blue Balance. Red Speed Burst."

"He can fully magnetize and use all gear types and levels," explained Connor Penn.

"A dragon that uses all gear colors. No Dragon does that."

Smiling, Connor Penn said "See for yourself." Connor Penn nodded at Beau.

Taking the directive Beau used a portion of his own energy to magnetize the gear a couple of riders had brought with them. This left the majority of the gathered riders gaping in awe and disbelief.

Connor Penn scanned his eyes over the line of riders. As he did so he quickly took note of someone that didn't belong.

Frowning, Connor Penn said "I know you."

Moordryd instinctively took a step back trying to use the riders on either side of him to conceal his presence.

Eyes hard, marching over to stand in front of Moordryd, Connor Penn said "You're Word Paynn's son Moordryd."

"What are you gonna do about it, Old Man," goaded Moordryd, snippy.

Connor Penn's gaze immediately was drawn to a symbol on Moordryd's chest underneath the jacket he was wearing.

Pulling part of the fabric off so he could see, Connor Penn said "The mark of the Dragon Eye Crew. My stable is off limits to Down City Crew members. Go home, Moordryd."

Moordryd sneered head high in superiority. Fortunately he didn't protest just simply walked out of the line to leave grudgingly.

"Tell your father, my old friend Word, I said…hello," said Connor Penn, dryly.

"Oh I'll give him your message," said Moordryd, arrogantly acidic.

Beau didn't like that. He released a low growl hackles rising a little over his teeth as he bristled.

"Sh. Hush now," said Nafisa, softly, rubbing the side of his muzzle soothingly. She took out a candy bar she had in her pocket and gave it to him.

Beau eventually calmed down with help from the treat to pacify him. He still kept a wary eye on Moordryd until he was out of sight. To the contrary Nafisa knew he wasn't gone. She couldn't see him, but she just had this feeling that he was sticking around somewhere nearby. The rest of the time this gathering was happening she felt like she specifically was being watched. The hairs on the back of her neck standing up, but she never once let on to any of the others her suspicions.

Connor Penn was equally as uneasy as Beau upon Moordryd's departure, but was just subtler about it.

A contemplative expression on his face, Connor Penn murmured "So Word Paynn knows about the Black and Gold Dragon."

Connor Penn quickly composed himself to keep up appearances, saying "Please excuse me."

Connor Penn then left the riders to talk amongst themselves and Nafisa to supervise them while he pulled Artha off to the side for a little chat. The discussion they were about to have is one no outside is privileged to hear. Having a pretty good idea what her father intended to speak to Artha about Nafisa positioned herself around Beau to act as interference should anyone come close to them.

Squeezing Artha's shoulder, Connor Penn said "Artha, it's time you know." He then reached inside his vest pulling out an amulet that he wore hidden underneath his shirt.

"What's that," asked Artha.

The amulet shone in the sunlight.

"It was given to me by a secret order of Dragon Priests. Who warned me of an ancient legend. They spoke of a terrible war coming one between Dragons and humans. Only the return of the Black and Gold Dragon of Legend can stop this war and only if he chooses a true human hero who can release his secret powers. A Dragon Booster," said Artha Penn, draping the amulet over his eldest sons neck.

"A Dragon Booster? Why give this to me," said Artha, skeptical, ignorant of the revere and worth his own father showed him.

"To keep safe in case anything happens. If Beau is the Dragon of Legend and he chooses the very same star mark will emerge on his head. If that happens give that amulet to the chosen one. The one Beau chooses will be the Dragon Booster," said Connor Penn.

Having doubts about himself, Artha said "Why haven't you given this to Nafisa. I mean she'd be better at handling this than I am."

"I've already discussed this with your sister. She and I agreed that the amulet would be safer if it was with you. She'll keep a close eye on things making sure we don't miss anything. Besides she has her own destiny to fulfill with her life," said Connor Penn.

Shrugging, Artha said "If you say so."

Connor Penn patted his son on the back before they returned to the assembly.

One by one each of the riders climbed onto Beau's back. But just as each one was getting settled and ready to take a spin on the track Beau would mag them off quite unceremoniously. To be honest it was all quite amusing to watch from the side. Nafisa had to retrain barking in laughter at some of them.

"Mags all gear," said Artha.

"Not the rider," observed Lance.

The most recent one was slammed into the massive sign standing over the stable in Connors image. The racer slid down falling with a big thump onto the ground making everyone wince imagining the pain. Nothing was broken, but he'd be pretty sore in the coming morning.

"It looks like Beau won't choose anybody," sighed Connor Penn, beginning to lose hope.

Then a thunderous noise could be heard coming from the tracks. Something big and fast was approaching in a huge cloud of dust and dirt. Whoever it was skidded to a stop in front of the crowd.

When it all cleared Kitt Wonn and her Dragon Wyldfyr were revealed. Kitt Wonn is one of the best Street Racers in the circuit. Already she'd made a pretty good career out of it. Nafisa had raced against her a handful of times. While they weren't best friends the women were at least on good speaking terms with each other as acquaintances respected as fellow racers.

"Okay, the rest of you can all go home," said Kitt, self-importantly.

"Oh great Kitt Wonn. She thinks she's the best Dragon Racer anywhere."

"I beat most of you last week in the Fire Pit, didn't I," countered Kit, proudly walking passed the haters.

That shut the bulk of them up.

As Kit went by Nafisa, Kitt smiled nodding at her. Nafisa gave her own nod as a greeting in reply.

"Good luck, Kitt," said Nafisa, kindly.

Confidently climbing up the steps that led up to Beau's back, cockily smug, Kitt said "Now pay attention."

Artha in particular ogled Kitt in eager interest and anticipation.

Fearlessly Kitt swung a leg over Beau's back mounting him.

"She's on!"

A couple of seconds went by and unlike all the others nothing happened. It appeared as if Beau had finally chosen someone.

"That's how it's done," smirked Kitt, imperiously.

Beau didn't like that. He magged her off. Kitt was thrown into the air screaming. She landed directly on Artha flattening him lake a pancake because he didn't get out of the way in time.

Beau laughed at their misfortune. Nafisa went over bopping him on the head, but even she was smiling too.

Apparently even Kitt lacked the qualities Beau was searching for in a partner.

"So that's how it's done," groaned Artha, grinning.

Kitt grunted angrily extracting herself from over Artha. Nonetheless Artha was all smiles when he got his footing back.

"Anybody else," asked Connor Penn, inviting those who hadn't gone yet to give it a try.

Heads were shaken along with voiced refusals.

"What about your son, Connor? The stable boy," said Kitt, deciding to pay Artha back for his earlier comment.

"Yeah, what about the stable boy," teased Lance, elbowing his big brother in the stomach.

"You know the stable boy thing is really beginning to scrape my scales," said Artha, throwing the shovel he was holding to the ground, crossing his ams

"Here you'll need my old racing jacket," said Connor Penn, giving it to Artha. "You do race in your Dragon Vid Game really well."

Artha exclaimed "Exactly. It's just a game."

"Artha listen. The Dragon is just like the great power within you. Relax. Open your mind, and your heart, and release that power. Release the Dragon," encouraged Connor.

"Come on, Stable Boy," said Kit. "Lets see what you got."

She threw Connor Penn's old helmet at him, it matched the jacket.

Artha then gazed at Beau humility to his face now.

Beau stared at Artha intently evaluating him in his own way.

Uneasy, speaking to his sister, Artha said "Hold him still for me, will you?"

Nafisa put a hand to the side of Beau's face to keep him steady.

"Okay, boy, you know I didn't mean to call you a bad Dragon before, right? I was just kidding," said Artha, sheepish as he slipped the helmet onto his head.

Beau turned his head away ignoring him.

"Okay, here we go, boy," said Artha, reaching the final step and slowly moving to sit on Beau.

Everyone watched in suspense wondering what was going to happen. Would Artha be thrown off or would he be accepted?

No one was going to find out.

Just as Artha was about to sit Beau spotted Lance having a snack. It's his favorite brand of candy. Mouth watering at the alluring aroma Beau headed straight for Lance wanting a piece of it. No matter what Nafisa did to try and stop him Beau simply kept going.

This seriously unbalanced Artha and he ended up falling off Beau flat on his back amidst the laughter of those around him.

Nafisa didn't laugh. Instead she rushed to help Artha, but the damage had been done.

"You see? This is exactly why I don't like real Dragons," spat Artha, furious, throwing the helmet onto the ground and the jacket at his father. He then stormed off fuming.

"Artha, wait," said Connor Penn.

Standing in front of Beau as he was chewing the candy, stern, Nafisa demanded "Was that really necessary?"

Beau didn't answer her. He was too busy licking the final bit of crumbs.

Later on, not long after the racers had left Nafisa was finishing up putting some gear in the storeroom.

Without warning someone came up from behind. Whoever it was spun her around so her back was pressed against the wall. Two hands were placed on either side of her head to keep her there.

Facing forward Nafisa managed to identify who it is.

Moordryd had come. She knew he hadn't left.

Leering, Moordryd said "I've been waiting to do this all day."

Authors Note:

Oh boy. What's gonna happen here?