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I consider myself lucky…Most morality tales don't have a happy ending. For some reason karma saw fit to spare me…but not without leaving deeply etched wounds…

Engrossed in her writing, the woman once formerly known as Emily Thorne a.k.a. Amanda Clarke, now known officially as Amanda Porter paused for a moment as she reflected on the deepness and reality of her last sentence that she had just written. It was no doubt that the road of vengeance she once took led to no end except to the destination of death itself. And her journey left quite a body count. She sighed as she thought about all of the loved ones she still cherished deeply in her heart and how they became unfortunate losses caught up in the fray of events.

She thought of her father…

She thought of Aiden…

She thought of Daniel…

She thought of Declan…

She thought of Emily…

All of the people she came to love and that left an impact on her life that she never thought she'd have all meant something to her…Truly they were like scars that although eventually healed, would never fade away.

Gone and yet never forgotten.

Along with those losses, she thought of another price that she unfortunately paid; a great and deeply desired opportunity that was cruelly taken away from her and led her to mourning loved ones that she had never even met nor would she ever get the chance…

Children of her very own...

She sighed shakenly as she gently put a hand to her stomach in longing.

Yes, karma made its statement in the many etched wounds it left behind on her. But as high as the cost was, she could not deny that the gain was also commensurate.

The Graysons were gone for good…

Justice was served on many peoples' parts…

The dead were honored…

She achieved so much than just the satisfaction of clearing her father's name. She got the second chance of a lifetime to be his devoted daughter again…

She got the second chance to be the sister she'd always wanted to be…

She formed everlasting and unbreakable bonds with friends that were now like her family…

And she gained a family of her own, that although was considered blended, was the very definition of completion for her.

She couldn't help but smile at the thought of her loving husband and little Carl…


"Well…maybe not so little anymore." She thought as her smile grew at the faint sound of her stepson's voice.

Looking back at it all, she concluded that it was all so bittersweet…and yet so worth it in the end.

She picked up her pen once more as she pondered what to write. Remembering Takeda's ultimate rule to never speak of the journey or mission once completing it, she found out that holding it all inside only made things worse as the dreams and presence of Victoria Grayson still tended to haunt her from time to time. Inspired by her father, she decided to keep her own chronicles of her long and difficult journey in journals of her very own in the infinity box that he restored for her.


Still absorbed in her thoughts, she relished the motherly title he gave her as it reached her ears once more, filling her with a warmth that deeply touched her heart and made her appreciate every moment.

Especially since such a moment did not come easy…

Ever since she deemed herself the godmother, Amanda Clarke felt a connection to the little bundle of joy that was Jack Porter's son. She had her own little special bond with him in the quiet moments when she was not caught up in her various plots and plans and even when his actual mother was alive. But as time passed on and welcomed her with the opportunity to spend even more time with him as his new stepmother, she found his innocence to be very refreshing, and she was almost caught off guard with how amazing it was to care for him, to bond deeper with him, and to love him.

As if he was her very own…

That was what got to her.

She felt guilty since she knew that, that was not the case at all. Carl had a mother, and as much as she wished it could be, it was not her.

His mother was the real Emily Thorne; the woman that was like a sister to her and was someone she and Jack once loved dearly.

But she was gone now…

Not that Carl knew at the time. He was just an innocent baby boy clinging onto the love that his father, Charlotte, grandmother, Amanda, and others gave to him.

As long as he had that comforting and lasting love, he would be alright.

At least that's what she and Jack were thinking.

But as he grew, little Carl Porter was very intelligent for his age. Not only that, he was also very blunt, curious, and impulsive; a quality he gained from his mother that made him almost a replica of Jack's dearly departed brother. As soon as he turned six years old, he started asking innocent, abstract, and simple yet deep questions about life, death, and about his mother based upon some rather nasty rumors that he heard from others at school; from both kids and adults alike.

And so the controversy began.

Amanda's marriage in general was beyond every expectation she could have ever hoped for since she was a child. However, it was far from perfect. Many times there were rocky and bumpy moments that she and Jack went through as like with any other married couple would have had to endure, but deciding what was best for Carl to know about his life history was especially a sore spot.

Being ever the protector, and not wanting to think about the pain of the past, Jack wanted to keep things simple with the "here and now" for his son and keep the details of the tragic events of the past from Carl until he was old enough to grasp it, not wanting to taint his innocent and bright childhood with darkness and burden him just yet.

Although Amanda agreed on leaving out the gruesome details and conspiracies, she still felt that Carl was not only smart enough to know that there was more to the story, but that he had a right to at least know what happened to his mother, and tried to remind Jack that both his father and mother did the same thing to him in keeping secrets that he did not even get to find out until he was an adult. She insisted that it would only make things worse as he got older, drawing from her own experience from when she found out that her mother was not dead, but being unable to truly connect with her like she wanted to.

Nonetheless, the couple remained stubborn and butted heads for quite a while. But once Carl found pictures of him and his mother when he was a baby and started asking more questions, the jig was up. The couple had to come to a compromise. Though they left out the details, they tried to be as honest and literal as they could to the little boy as they answered his questions in a way that was appropriate to his age level, knowing that he would most likely be more curious in the future, but understood the answers given for now. His questions to his father then shifted into concerns about stability and security such as "Are you and Amama (Amanda) gonna die too?" and "Who's gonna' be my mommy now?"

The couple tried to reassure Carl as much as they were able. So far, he came to the understanding that daddy was not going anywhere anytime soon and that he and Amama would always be there to love and take care of him no matter what, and that if anything did happen, other loved ones would help take care of him. But the latter question still remained in the little one's mind since it was not confirmed…

It was not that Amanda did not want to fulfill the role. Far from it! In fact, her relationship with Carl was so deep, she already treated him as if he was her own son and it greatly helped fill the void that she was cursed with since she could not bear her own offspring. There was certainly no opposition or protest from Jack's end, as he was happy that his son had a sense of stability. But even he could tell that something was holding Amanda back from claiming the motherly title as she would not hesitate to correct Carl every time he got close to calling her "Mommy".

Amanda smiled once more when she thought about the day that all changed.

Flashback to a few years back.

It was a warm summer day and Amanda and Jack agreed to stay a little while in the beach house for the summer as a way to keep up tradition and maybe start some new ones of their own while visiting their friends in the Hamptons. The sun shined brightly in the sky, preparing to dip into the form of a breathtaking sunset as the evening approached. Amanda strolled along the shore until she paused to bury her feet deep into the sand, looking towards the ocean's horizon as she embraced the warmth of the water's rolling tide over her ankles as her father once taught her long ago. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she nearly missed the whimper of the little boy that stood a few feet behind her and shivered.

"Carl! Hey buddy! Come on in! The water feels great!" She smiled at him.

The six year old vigorously shook his head in response. "Uh-uh! It's too cold!"

She giggled. "Aww no worries! I've got a special trick that'll make the water feel really good; want to see?"

He looked contemplative for a moment as he looked at the chilling waves, but then looked back at her and nodded shyly. She reached for his hand and guided him to the shallow end of the shoreline.

"Ok, right now the water feels really cold huh?" She asked.

He nodded once more and wrapped his arms around himself, shivering dramatically. "It's fweezing!"

She chuckled in response. "Ok what we're going to do is bury our feet really deep in the sand, as deep as you can and stay still. When the water rolls in, it's not going to be as cold. Then, you know what's going to happen? It's going to feel warmer, and warmer and then you won't feel cold at all!"

"Weally? Are you sure?" He raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

"I'm positive. Do you trust me?" Amanda asked.

The six year old nodded once more with a smile and grasped her hand tighter.

"Ok. Here comes a wave now! Ready?"

He clenched his eyes shut dramatically and braced himself. "I-I'm w-weady!"

"Ok! Here it comes!" Amanda smiled.

The waves then crashed softly over both of their ankles, making Carl squeal at first, but then laugh in pure delight. "It worked! It's not fweezing anymore! How did you do dat?" He asked with excitement and wonder.

"It's a special trick that my daddy taught me." Amanda smiled.

"Gwandpa David?" Carl asked innocently.

Amanda hesitated for a moment, but then nodded with a bright smile. "Yeah…Grandpa David. He taught me that when I was a little girl. But you gotta' keep it a secret okay?" She bent down and whispered playfully in his ear.

Carl chuckled and nodded.

"Oh there you both are!"

Amanda and Carl turned to see Jack greet them as he came towards their direction. "What are y-GAH!" He flinched as he felt the cool tide crash over his feet. "Okay. I don't know how you both can stand this water! It's freezing!" He winced as he shivered, making Amanda and Carl laugh in response. He raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Should we tell daddy?" Carl asked.

"Nah, daddy will be okay." Amanda smirked playfully.

Carl then continued to laugh joyfully as more waves rolled in. "That was fun! Thanks mommy!"

Amanda froze and winced.

"Umm…You mean Amanda? Right Carl? M-my name's Amanda remember?" She corrected him softly.

Carl did not seem satisfied and tugged on the hem of her summer dress. "But…but I wanna call you mom! Can I call you mommy? Pwease?"

She hesitated once more until Jack intervened. "Hey buddy, why don't you go check on Uncle Nolan and Skipper for a moment. Amanda and I will be right back okay?"

"Kay daddy!" Carl exclaimed, excited at the mention of his favorite uncle and his dad's dog as he ran into the beach house.

Once they were alone, the couple continued to saunter along the shoreline until Jack broke the silence. "So…you two looked like you were having fun."

"Yeah…we were." She smiled slightly.

"…And…He called you mommy…" Jack started.

"Yes, but don't worry I corrected him so he didn't get the wrong idea." She replied seriously.

"…You know I don't have a problem with that right? I mean, I know we never really discussed it, but I honestly don't mind if he calls you that…If anything, it makes-"

"-Things harder. That's what it makes Jack. I don't want him to get mixed up and neither do you so you don't have to act like you're okay with it. I understand." She cut him off briskly, yet sadly.


"-I don't want him to feel like he's forced to do it just because I'm your wife." She continued.

"-Wait? What? Why would you feel like he's being forced? He's the one that wants to call you that of his own free will in the first place so why-"

"-He doesn't have to call me that! H-he has the right to call me Amanda or whatever he wants that isn't that…He doesn't have to feel forced to accept me! I-I don't want that…" She choked up slightly.

"Ok. Where the hell is this coming from? No one's forcing him to do anything Sweetie! Why do you feel that wa-"

"-Because that's what my dad did to me with Victoria when I was little!" She exclaimed.

Jack blinked with slight bewilderment.

"…I told him I didn't like her…I told him that she hated me…I told him to tell her to go away…that she wasn't my mom…And…instead of listening to me…He…he said that my mother was dead and that I had to accept Victoria because we were all going to be a family even though she already had one…I…I felt so betrayed by him in that moment…And even though she did love him…she sure didn't give a damn about me! I know she didn't. And I sure as hell didn't give a damn about her either. She ruined my life…But once upon a time…He actually thought to make her my new mother! Had that have happened…I would have hated her and been unhappy forever…I-I-I don't want th-that to happen with Carl….Not to him…Not with me…" She explained quietly in a broken tone, while shaking her head, trying to keep herself from breaking down.

Jack grabbed her roughly by the shoulders until she was facing him; not enough to cause pain, but enough to get her attention.

"Amanda Clarke-Porter. Listen to me. And you listen good. What happened to you back then was terrible and I can relate because I know what it was like to not have that genuine love from a supposed blended family as well, but damn it, I've said it once and I'll say it again. You. Are. Not. Victoria! She did nothing to help you when you were little! You're right, she didn't give a damn about anything but her own happiness! But that's exactly what sets you apart from her! You do care! You don't just care about me, you care about Carl and his feelings too! You always have! I can tell that you love my son and that's okay! You may not be his biological mother, but you play the role of someone important in his life and he looks up to you! You don't have to be ashamed of that! I can tell that you want this, so embrace it! I want you to! And…I know Emily would want you to as well…After all…that's what you promised her wasn't it?"

Amanda reflected back on the promise she made to Emily Thorne.

"Jack…and my baby…I need to know that you'll take care of them…Give me your word…"

"I promise…"

"Amanda. I meant what I said. I'm okay with him calling you mom. As long as he knows who his actual mother was, how special she was and what she meant to us, and we keep those memories alive with him, nothing will ever take that away from him nor replace it. But don't think that there's not enough room in his heart for you either."

Amanda sniffed, but nodded slowly.

Jack took her hand. "You're not being forced into anything either though. I don't want you to feel that way. If you don't want him to call you-"

She grasped both his hands in hers. "- But I do! I really do though. I-I love him Jack. I always have even before the day you placed him in my arms for the first time…"

Jack smiled. "Well…Great! Now just…tell him that." He nodded his head towards the six year old as he came outside once more chasing the light colored Labrador retriever. She made her way to the little boy as he tried to find a good throwing stick.

"Hey buddy!" She greeted softly.

"Hi momm-oops…sorry. I mean Amama…" Carl replied quietly.

She bent down to his level and gently put both her hands on his shoulders. "It's ok Carl…if you want…you can call me mommy." She smiled.

"I-I can?! Weally?!" He exclaimed, eyes lighting up with excitement.

She chuckled slightly but nodded. "Only if you're absolutely sure that's what you want."

He nodded vigorously.

"Well…okay then!" She laughed tearfully, turning to her husband who just walked up to them. "Looks like my new name's mommy!"

Jack smiled brightly at his wife and son.

"This is awesome! It's like I got two mommies!" Carl exclaimed with excitement and pulled out his mother's necklace that his dad and Amanda gave to him to keep in loving memory of Emily. He hugged it to his chest. "One mommy…" He started and then ran into Amanda's arms to hug her. "Two mommy!" He repeated the process then ran off into the house screaming, "This is the bestest day ever!"

Jack and Amanda laughed in unison at the boy's antics but felt the same way.

End Flashback.

Amanda then reflected on how she and her husband made her motherly status official by filing and finalizing her stepparent adoption of Carl. She couldn't be any happier with her blended family. The urgent and anxious voice of her son, however, broke her out of her train of thoughts.


"I'm in here Carl!" Amanda finally called out, once she realized she forgot to respond.


"I'm upstairs in the bed-ah!" Her response was cut short as she was suddenly bombarded by a medium sized, scruffy Labrador retriever as he barked and licked her continuously.

"Skippy! Skippy! Okay! Okay! Down boy! It's good to see you too!" She giggled, trying to settle her husband's dog.

"Oh! There you are! Skipper must have found you!" A nine year old Carl Porter smirked as he watched his adoptive stepmother wipe off the dog's slobber on her face with a nearby towel.

"Hey!" She greeted. "What are you doing here? I thought you and your dad had a game tonight?"

"We did, but it got canceled! The field was still wet from when it rained last week isn't that great?!" Carl exclaimed excitedly while Amanda gave him a knowing yet pointed look.

When he wasn't volunteering, fixing and restoring boats, or assisting his wife in coordinating various charity functions, Jack got a kick out of coaching the little baseball league at his son's school. While he proved to actually be pretty good, his son and teammates found his methods to be sometimes a little over the top.

"Carl…" She started in a scolding way.

"What? I'm not the only one that feels that way! Everyone on the team is excited for a break from dad's overbearing coaching!" Carl shrugged innocently.

"Oh come on, he can't be that bad." Amanda tried to reason only for her stepson to give her a dry and serious look.

"He made everyone do pushups because one team member struck out when he threw a bunch of free fly balls. He said we needed to be in better shape if we wanted to swing for the fences…" He deadpanned.

Amanda winced. "…Isn't that a warmup drill for football?"

Carl gave her a scoffing 'no-duh' look, and continued. "Anyways it's fine. He said he could use the break himself. Now he's getting ready to take us sailing!" He exclaimed with a smile.

"Oh that sounds fun!" Amanda smiled.

"Yeah, but he wasn't sure if you wanted to go or not..." Carl stated.

She raised an eyebrow in confusion. "I wouldn't miss it! Why would I not want to go?"

"Well you haven't been feeling well lately. He didn't want you to get sicker."

Amanda rolled her eyes. "Oh it's just a little cold that's all. It's that time of the year again and even you caught the bug a few weeks back."

"Yeah, but I didn't throw up as much as you." He pointed out with clear concern.

"Well don't worry, I'm feeling much better now; just a little tired, but not to the point where I can't spend time with you, dad, and Skippy. You go on ahead and help him with the sails, I'll catch up in a minute." She reassured.

"Great! I'll let him know!" Carl smiled and headed for the door.

"Hey!" She called out. He turned around in acknowledgement. "Remember how much I love you Carl?"

He gave a playful sigh, but chuckled at her. "I know, I know. Infinity…" He started, cupping his fingers together to make the shape of a sideways '8'.

"-Times infinity." Amanda finished with a smile, making the same shape with her fingers.

Once Carl left the room, Amanda picked up her journal and pen to finish writing.

When everything you love has been stolen from you…consider my story as you embark on your own journey of revenge…

Feeling somewhat satisfied with her entry, she closed the little book, prepared to put it away into her infinity box before she heard the TV blare with an incoming news update.

"This just in, new and shocking evidence from an anonymous source has just been discovered concerning the Patterson case and now calls the scandal and the multi-billion dollar company into question by the government. The evidence disclosed involves a list of multiple staggering financial transactions that were the exact same amount of the funds embezzled by the company's former CFO but was traced back to the Chairman of the Board's private bank account. It has also been discovered that he was responsible for Patterson's appointed position as chief of finances. When confronted, the senior executive refused to comment on the accusations, denying all charges, and insisted that a disgruntled hacker with an obvious vendetta against him was responsible for leaking his personal information as a means to frame him instead of Patterson for the embezzlement and murder. More information of possible further investigation is trending as we speak and we will keep you updated on the latest news."

Amanda couldn't help but smirk secretively as her phone suddenly started to vibrate. She swiped her phone to answer, still not losing the smile as she heard the sly voice of her best friend on the other end.

"So….did you hear the news?"

"Watching it right now as we speak actually. I guess a congratulations is in order?" She replied.

"Actually I was kind of hoping you would say-"

"-No." Amanda deadpanned.

"Aww come on Ams! I worked hard enough on this case and you cannot deny it and say that this takedown was not a work of pure art!" Nolan whined.

"Alright then Picasso, why don't you just give yourself a hearty pat on the back. It's not like it's that much of a big deal. You've done more things in our past takedowns." Amanda quipped.

"Yeah, but that was when I was just an important piece in your payback puzzle. Now I get to actually call the shots, run the show, and all for the pure purpose of justice. Revenging was overrated, I'm in the avenging business now!" He boasted.

"It means the same thing." She retorted.

"No-no-no, though the verb meanings are the same, revenging is inflicting punishment for the purpose of personal satisfaction in retaliation. Avenging is inflicting punishment in the pursuit of justice being served…and quite frankly I was always an avengers fan if you catch my drift…"

"And just which exactly do you think we were doing in those 4 years?" She asked in a slightly sharp tone, daring him to give an answer she wouldn't like.

"…Mm a little bit of both…Mainly for the greater good…Though the lines of good and bad got kind of blurred and all soo...ANYWAYS, my point being, is that I like being a big part of a good cause…something for the greater good…that's actually…well, good…"

"Whatever you say Nols." She shook her head with a smile. "Well, all things considered, you did a good job. I know Mrs. Patterson's son greatly appreciates your efforts."

"Well I couldn't do it alone you know...Special thanks goes to Mr. and Mrs. Smith for the assist!" Nolan smiled coyly.

"What?" Amanda asked dryly in confusion.

"I mean you and Jackie-boy of course! Those are just the newest nicknames I'm using for you two!"

"You can't be serious." Amanda stated in disbelief.

"Well you have to admit you two make quite the cunning couple! Who knew that would also count as a great takedown team?"

"Ooh no. Don't even. We had nothing to do with any of your takedowns at all. That was all you." She insisted firmly.

"True, but still, sending a special invite to Mr. Chairman of the Board to the latest charity function you two hosted gave me the perfect opportunity to do my thing! Especially since he was so occupied in promoting his so called generous image to notice that I secretly borrowed his phone! Who knew the idiot would use the Apple pay app to donate instead of writing a check like everyone else? He practically begged me on hands and knees to take him down!" Nolan bragged, making Amanda giggle softly.

"Well, in that case, glad we could help then. But like I said, you were the one behind the scenes this time around so feel free to, as you would say, revel in red sharpie goodness…" She smirked.

"Will do Ams! But first…You have to say it…" Nolan singsonged.

"I said no Nolan." She deadpanned again.

"Please? Just this once I promise I won't ask again! Just say it one time for me please!" Nolan begged.

"Ugh! Fine!" Amanda huffed and then sighed. "…Well done Grasshopper I have taught you well…Happy now?" Amanda deadpanned and nearly face palmed.

"Like a kid on Christmas! The victory is so real right now!" He gushed.

Amanda rolled her eyes and shook her head at her best friend's enthusiasm. She wouldn't be surprised if he was doing his own little victory dance. She couldn't help but think about Louise as his energy was practically a duplicate of hers. She was even more surprised that he still had yet to acknowledge the connection they obviously shared. Then again, she knew that he'd been through his fair share of hard crushes and heartbreaks and wondered secretly if that was what hindered him from taking things further with his love interests. Seeing how he played the major matchmaker for her marriage, she figured that she would need to return the favor somehow in the future for him.

"Well, whatever makes you happy Nols." She relented.

"You finally being happy is what does that Ams." Nolan replied with a smile. Before she could reply, she heard Carl call out to her.


"I'll be right there!" Amanda quickly responded back to her stepson, before continuing her conversation with Nolan. "Well, speaking of happiness, I better get ready to go. Jack's taking us all sailing." She smiled.

"And you're sure that's a good idea?" Nolan asked seriously.

"What do you mean?" She asked in suspicion.

"Well word on the street is that you've been under the weather so…"

"-I swear you and Jack…Look. I'm fine. It was just a little cold. The weather's changing, it's flu season, and I admit I've been a little nauseous, but I'm fine now." Amanda insisted with slight exasperation.

"Which I assume is why you asked for Louise's famous chocolate brownie recipe and ate it with a side of pickles instead of just trying out my infamous chicken noodle soup recipe for the sniffles?" Nolan quipped.

"So I changed things up with a little sweet and sour touch? What's your point?" She snapped in reply.

From his side, Nolan blinked for a moment before he shook his head with a playful smile. "…Oh it's nothing. Just…be careful okay Ams?"

"I always am." She replied with a shrug, but then softened her voice. "Take care Nols. Watch yourself out there okay?"

"Of course! I learned from the best after all. Talk to you later Ams." Nolan replied and hung up.

She shook her head with a smile at the thought of her best friend before picking up her journal to jot something in addition to her last sentence.

When everything you love has been stolen from you…consider my story as you embark on your own journey of revenge…

And always remember…

What goes around, comes around.

With that, she closed the little book and put it away in her infinity box next to her little red sharpie marker. She eyed it for a moment before smiling and putting the box away completely, ready to join her husband, son, and dog on the beloved boat that her father restored for them.

Meanwhile, somewhere outside of the Hamptons in the deep forest, the beautiful brunette known as Charlotte Clarke entered into the small yet familiar cabin that her father once stayed in. She sighed at the brief memories she made with her father while he was alive; feeling fortunate that she at least finally knew her origin and that unlike the rest of her so called ex-family members, David Clarke was not only a good man, but loved her genuinely.

After his death, Charlotte embraced the opportunity to bond with her sister as she shared all of the stories and memories of their father; how he was like, how close they were, and how much he loved them both. Like her sister, she eventually learned to cope better with the closure she gained and moved on with her life, determined to be a daughter David would have been proud of and make a difference in the world. She thought persuing an interest in pre-law was the perfect way to start. Now fresh out of school, she knew she had a lot of work to do, but wanted to take a break and get away from the craziness and find a place of solitude for a moment.

Her father's old cabin was the perfect place for that. As she explored the various rooms, her heels clicking on the wooden floors, she inhaled the familiar yet distant sensations that brought a sense of solace and comfort to her soul. Satisfied, she took a seat on one of the beds and looked into her purse for a letter that her dad wrote to her before he died. In the fray of trying to find the letter, she dropped it and it landed underneath the bed. Before she could bend down to grab it, she saw a messy pile of envelopes hidden next to where her letter had fallen. Curious, she grabbed one of them only to let out a disapproving hum as she saw the name 'Victoria Grayson' marked on the front. Tempted to rip it into shreds, she paused as she noticed that all the pile of envelopes had the same name addressed on them marked with the words 'urgent' and other sentences that seemed threatening.

Intrigued, she opened one and read its contents only to find out that they were threatening and demanding letters to her now deceased mother from what it seemed to be a dissatisfied physician regarding medical records, violation of HIPPAA law risks, and finally demands for more funds. Charlotte picked at the pile of letters, organizing them by each date they were sent by both the physician and Victoria and read them in order. She was able to piece bits and bits of the exchanging conversations together, but was still confused since she could not find the first original letter to make sense of the whole thing. But then she saw an old faded envelope stick out from the bottom of the remaining pile.

It was the original letter.

She opened and read it, only to gasp in horror once she read whom the exchanging letters were talking about.

It was about her sister.

Charlotte's hands flew to her mouth as she dropped the piece of paper, putting two and two together.

"Oh my god…She lied…"

The End...?