Title: The Barricity Chronicles

Disclaimer: I don't own the Flash or Arrow, better known as Flarrow.

Language: English

Pairings: Barry/Felicity. Oliver/Felicity, Ray/Felicity, Barry/Linda and Barry/Iris (Mentioned)

Summary: A Barricity one-shot or multi-chapter depending on the interest in the story. Either a string of one shots or a multi-chapter. A multi-chapter for now, may turn into one shots if people prefer it... All centered around Barricity.

Warnings: Mentions of Smut, no actual smut. This story is not beta'd X_X. Sorry for mistakes!

Setting: Takes place in the episode of the Flash in which Felicity and Ray came to visit with the ATOM suit. Season 1.

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P.S. Guys, chapter 1's title is "In Which Barry sings."

Chapter 2: In which Barry teases.

Felicity's POV

We never spoke of that night. It became a secret between us. No one knew. Not Oliver, not Iris, no one. We pretended it never happened because he belongs in Central City and I belong in Starling City. We have duties to perform, people that depend on us, jobs to do. We can't just up and leave for the sake of being happy, no matter what movies say to fool you, that's not how life works.

Everyone assumed that we were Barry and Felicity, two adorable nerds, but we are so much more than that. Sure, we're
intelligent and we babble a lot, but we can be badass! I'm a master hacker and he's the freaking Flash for goodness sake!

Back on track now. Firstly there was a whole lot of crazy bat shit drama - Malcolm Merlyn, Sara dieing, Thea killing her, etc. - but we somehow made it out alive. Then there was Oliver's whole, "I wanna be with you but I can't," speech again. And then I met Ray, who reminded me of Barry... I guess that's why I liked him.

And now we're on our way to Central City and I'm going to see Barry Allen. The same Barry Allen that I slept with multiple times and haven't seen since then. And now I'm going to visit him with my boyfriend.

Once I reach there I see Barry. He looks great as always, but I can sense something is bothering him. It's the look in his eyes and just the vibe he's giving off. He looks happy to see me, sure, but there's definitely something wrong. Before I can ask him, he feigns a look of innocence on his face and it makes him look absolutely adorable.

"Is it a bird?"

"I think it's a plane."

"No, it's my boyfriend."

A little while later inside STAR labs

"I just mean... He seems a little tall for you," Barry states on the spot.

"Barry Allen, are you jealous?" I ask, a hint of hopefulness seeping into my voice.

"What- N-no..." He replies eyes widening.

But he sure was.

(Later on)

3rd Person POV

"It's kinda like I'm dating Barry in Oliver's body," Felicity babbles before her eyes widen and she warns Caitlin, "A sentence you will never repeat to anyone!"

"Hey! I thought you liked my body just fine!" Barry exclaims indignantly.

"Barry! What are you doing here?" Felicity asks in shock while blushing red.

Caitlin bites her lip to stop from giggling. "Well considering I kind of work here, I probably should be asking you that," Barry smirks. Felicity opens and closes her mouth, "Uhh urmm."

"So back on topic. What exactly is wrong with my body?" Barry says raising an eyebrow. "Oh there's nothing wrong with your body. Your body's great, I mean I love your body. Not that I love love your body. That's not what I meant. I just meant that your body's good. It's a great, really great body," Felicity babbles.

"I think your body's great too," He pauses for effect before lowering his voice and continuing, "Really great." Barry smirks. "You do?" Felicity asks biting her lower lip in an effort to stop herself from getting too turned on. Barry walks closer to her and whispers in her ear, "I do." His breath leaves shivers down her spine.

Caitlin clears her throat and they both blush, realizing that she is still there. "I'll be going now. You two kids have fun!" Caitlin winks.

They both look at each other and see that their lips are mere centimetres from each other. He stares at her lips and she bites them nervously. She stares at his lips, they look so kissable. And then it's like he's possessed, he grabs her waist and pulls her towards him. She likes this new side of him, the side that just takes control. She can't deny that she wants to kiss him so badly right now. So she does. She forgets about the consequences, she just gives in to her feelings. She lunges forward and captures her lips with his, he kisses her back immediately and full of passion.

Her knees buckle and she melts into his arms. Her hands go into his hair, gripping and pulling. "Hey guys I-" Cisco says walking into the room. He stops as he notices their position. They break away, looking flushed and unkempt. "Sorry," Cisco's eyes widened, "I didn't know I was interrupting something." Felicity's eyes widen as she realized what's going on. "Oh, you didn't interrupt something! This is not something. Not that this is nothing because well it's definitely not nothing, even a blind person could see that," Felicity babbles nervously.

And when she realizes what she said her eyes widened in shock. Did she just blurt that out loud? "Okay," Cisco says grinning, "I'm going to go now, I just needed to pick up something for Ray's suit." 'Holy shit!' Felicity thinks, remembering Ray, her boyfriend.

She freezes and closes her eyes, praying it's a dream but praying that it's not. "Felicity," Barry asks, his voice full of concern. "Damn it! Could he stop being so sweet and caring and concerned and nice and just be a jackass so I don't have to like him!" Felicity says and then pauses before saying, "Did I just say that out loud?" "Yes," Barry grins, "You did." She straightens herself out before replying, "Is there any chance you can forget I said that?" "Nope," Barry smirks. She sighs.

She knew she shouldn't have come here. With the chemistry between them, how could she expect them to be alone, in the same room, blatantly flirting and nothing would happen? "Hey guys," Ray says entering the room, "We got some new information."

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