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Hiccup looked to see if he could see any sign of Drago in the sea, but not seeing a thing, he and Toothless decided to head back to the village. The dragons and the Vikings were already gathered together. No anger or mistrust among any of them, instead they were all celebrating their freedom. Finally, there was truly peace. Hiccup climbed off of Toothless' back, looking back at his friend. He was about to speak, but Cloudjumper approached. He stood stall in front of Toothless, and Hiccup stepped aside to see what was about to happen. Cloudjumped bowed low to the ground. Stormfly, Sharpshot, Meatlug, Barf and Belch, and Hookfang quickly followed along with Skullcrusher and Grump. The other dragons quickly followed suit, all letting it be known that they're allegiance was to the new Alpha, Toothless. Realizing what was going on, Toothless turned to Hiccup, as if asking his opinion. Hiccup laughed and gave him a 'go on' gesture. Toothless stood proudly before them, accepting the position. He let out a loud roar, which all the dragon's answered before he turned back to Hiccup. He nuzzled the boy close as if saying 'this changes nothing.'

Stoick and Valka shoved through the massive number of dragons to get to their son, both pulling him into a bone crushing hug. Hiccup gasped for air, and Toothless started laughing. Gobber walked over and put a hand on the boy's shoulder. Hiccup tried to wiggle free. Years of only interacting with one person other than dragons made him a little afraid of public attention, not that he was ever found of it to begin with. He pulled free of them at last, or more like they let him go, and Toothless shoved his head under the boy's arm to get his attention. Hiccup turned and hugged the dragon, then stepped back to look at him. "You never seem to amaze me bud." he said. The dragon smiled before suddenly pulling back just far enough to lick Hiccup's face. Hiccup pulled back and Toothless moved forward, knocking the boy onto the ground where he licked him again. The Vikings and dragons all roared in laughter. "Toothless, you know that doesn't wash out!" the boy yelled, but he wasn't mad so Toothless ignored him. Stoick and Valka stood smiling until Cloudjumped and Skullcrusher both bumped them from behind, and both turned to greet their dragons. Grump flew over too.

"Oh, give me a cuddle you overgrown lump!" Gobber cried out, so happy to see him, and Grump landed on top of him. The others laughed again. Astrid looked over to see Stormfly running towards her, and ran over to hug the dragon. Fishlegs ran and leaped onto Meatlug, pulling her to the ground in a tight hug. Ruffnut ran over to Barf, and Belch went to her as well.

"Oh Barf...not you!" she said as Barf glared at him too, shoving Belch away. Tuffnut immediately hugged him, glared at his sister offended that she did that. However the two heads smiled again. Snotlout ran over and hugged Hookfang too. Sharpshot flew over and landed on Gothi, the elder, and she smiled as she pet him. Eret stood a little out of place, and getting back to his feet Hiccup went over to him.

"You ah, alright there?" Hiccup asked. Eret looked up at him. In all reality, Eret had never thought of what he'd do when he was no longer forced to work for Drago. Now he had no where to go and no one to go to.

"I guess I'll have to go find my men and..." he started, but Hiccup looked around the busted village.

"You know, even though it's gonna take some work to get it back together, Berk is a pretty big place. Since me and mom are staying here again, I guess no one would mind a bunch more rowdy idiots. Just as long as you and your men don't hurt any dragons." Hiccup said with a smiled. Eret looked at him in surprise.

"Your inviting me to stay?" Eret asked in surprise. Hicccup nodded.

"Yeah, why not. With peace with the dragons Berk could use a few more dragon experts and dragon riders." Hiccup said with a grin. Eret felt incredibly touched. He could see why the others liked this boy so much, he had a heart bigger than any other warrior Eret had met.

"Thank you, and I'll take you up on that." Eret agreed. Hiccup turned to leave, only to find Astrid standing in front of him. He was about to speak to her when she lashed out, punching him hard in the arm. Toothless looked at her in surprise, and Stoick and Valka smiled, as if they knew something Hiccup didn't.

"What was that for?!" he asked, offended.

"That was for scaring me!" she snapped, but then she smiled and leaned in to hiss him on the mouth. "And that is for everything else." she said. Hiccup stood surprised, then he smiled and pulled her to him, kissing her. Gobber smiled until he noticed a boy standing next to him, then he covered the boy's eyes. Stoick then walked away. Hiccup pulled back from Astrid, expecting her punch him. Instead she just smiled. Stoick returned with Gothi.

"Hiccup." he called. Hiccup approached his father. "Berk is entering a new age. We have made peace with the dragons, and now with Valka and you returning, the dragons are living on Berk as well. It won't be easy, or immediate, but we can make it work." Stoick said. Hiccup nodded, agreeing.

"I know, and I'll be right there to help you Dad." Hiccup said. Stoick smirked, as if Hiccup missed something.

"The dragons have a new leader, one that believes in a future with Vikings and dragons. I think Berk needs the same thing." he said. Many of the Vikings and Valka understood, and all looked excited about the idea. Hiccup stood a little confused.

"Dad, what do you mean?" Hiccup asked. There was no way he could be saying what Hiccup thought he was.

"I've decided to retire. I have a family to catch up with." Stoick said, placing one hand on Hiccup's shoulder and holding Valka's hand with the other. "It's your time now son." he said. Hiccup took a hesitant step back. Stoick was making him Chief! He felt his chest constrict. Leading people? Could he even do that? He hasn't lived with a lot of people in five years, did they all really think he could take over the village? Hiccup went to take another step back when Toothless nudged him forward, giving him an encouraging look. Of course Toothless would be right beside him. He looked back up at his dad and took a deep breath. They all looked as though they believed in him. He shrugged.

"I don't know, I guess only if you promise that you, Mom, and Gobber will help me and Toothless." Hiccup said with a sheepish grin. Stoick broke out into a huge grin, probably the first that the village had seen on him in over five years. They cheered, accepting this decision. The boy did just risk his life to protect them, and he believed in a future of peace. Astrid scowled however.

"You don't want my help?" she asked. Hiccup laughed.

"Are you kidding, I figured you'd be the one telling me what to do." he said with a little laugh. He face brightened up, but she same him a little smirk as she shook her head, silently telling him he'd pay for that later. Gothi signaled for Hiccup to kneel. He hesitated a second more, then inhaling deeply, he knelt down. She took some ash and drew on his forehead. It was the symbol of the Chief. Hiccup felt shaky as he stood back up. Stoick gave Gobber a nod, and the man stepped forward.

"Presenting, the Chief of Berk!" he yelled and everyone cheered again, and he released his breath. Toothless looked at all the other dragons and they all shot fire into the sky, celebrating the two new leaders and the new era they represented.

Hiccup knew it wasn't going to be easy. They had a lot of work ahead of them, but that was alright because he was just as stubborn as they come. He would change the world, slowly if he had to, to make it a safe place for everyone. He almost dared someone to come to Berk, because him nor Toothless would stand for anyone harming their people or dragons. The two would stand together, because their bond was stronger than any before. As long as they had each other, they'd be just fine. He looked at his family and his friends, and for the first time in his whole life, he truly felt home!

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