Coleiosis FanFiction Presents…

PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Three

Episode One

Pupuru And Company

By Cole Bezotte


Gosh dang it! There are many times when I feel like I'm done writing fanfiction. But THIS was a brand new idea I just had hours ago.

I was playing my deluxe version of Twisted Metal: Black when an idea hit me on the head. In 2015, I am seventeen years old, which is the same age as Raven in that game. Unlike me, her mood swings, and she has Bipolar I with post-traumatic stress. She was required to have shock therapy and a female grief counselor.

So why am I putting her in this story anyway? Well, I'll tell you why. Let's say that Raven found forgiveness with her parents after she used those voodoo dolls to kill those two thugs who drowned Kelly. After all, the dolls were targeted only towards those two specific people; that means Raven wouldn't be able to use them on her parents at all. But now that she's sorry for what she did, she may live a normal life again (except without Kelly). But she's from the dream, right? The dream never happened in reality, except when it comes to life VERY SLOWLY. Remember when Jin Kazama appeared in "Return of the Reaper"? That will give you some good hints.

By the way, did you notice that there are TWO PlayStation characters with the same name? There's Raven from Twisted Metal, and Raven the shifter from Gravity Rush. I've been using the shifter for a long while; it's been about a year since I had planned the reboot of our PSASBR series. It has already been past the day when I cancelled the original material due to blood, gore, and sex. Now I can keep on writing this series reboot and make it as clean as possible.

I hope you enjoy this new plot. I know it will be much better than the story of Twisted Metal: Black, which I hate a lot. Besides, watching the cutscenes on any television set will LITERALLY HURT YOUR EYES! This masterpiece will make you feel excited instead.


Pupuru And Company

Pupuru had so much to tell her friends after arriving back at Los Angeles. She remembered well the battle she had in the new realm created by those selfish fiends, and how she attempted to free a king from the Time Cube's time vortex.

(Note: In case you have no idea what she's talking about, she is remembering the events of the big crossover "The Key to Freedom".)

"Slow down a bit," Talwyn Apogee chuckled, amused by the storytelling. "I can hardly catch what you're saying."

"I guess I'll tell it another time," Pupuru replied. "I'll just go outside for a walk. I haven't been in this peaceful suburb for a long time."

As she walked out the door of the mansion, she heard behind her a conversation that did not sound very pleasant to her. She turned around and saw Sasha Phyronix trying to reason with the broken-armed Agent Shepherd, who sought desperately for Ratchet.

"Your leader's evasive tactics cease to amuse me," Shepherd said as he scowled. "I demand to see Ratchet immediately!"

"Please, Shepherd!" Sasha bribed. "Ratchet is out and I don't know where he is!"

"I need him to appear very soon! He is needed for a very exclusive interview about what happened recently, and only HE has all the answers."

"Not just Ratchet…" Pupuru thought as she stepped outside, "…but William Sparks as well…"

Pupuru felt the very warm air summer upon her. She was very comforted and relaxed, knowing that she was a major part of the greatest hero team of all time. And she hoped that she would never leave it, not matter what happened. She loved this group with her heart, never letting go and never giving up. She had sworn to herself that her duty as a hero would be never-ending, as bravery and courage coursed through her veins.

As she walked along, she right away noticed something familiar parked at the parking lot of a motor-repair shop. It was a massive tank with the emblems of the deceased Gargoyles, which only meant one thing: Marcus Kane had this tank while he was known as the Dark Knight. And indeed Marcus was there, making repairs to the vehicle.

"Why do you want to keep this thing?" Pupuru asked him as she approached the tank.

"Even though I am no longer a monster…" Marcus replied after heaving a sigh, "…I know that we can still find something very useful with this tank. There are some fiends that are still out there, other than the ones you had just faced. Needles may be nowhere to find, but there are still a few others. And those include thieves."

"Thieves? I hope you're not talking about Sly Cooper."

"I don't mean him! I'm talking about those who were upset about Needles' recent defeat with his three allies. I heard rumors saying that a gang had stolen the plans for many vehicles, mainly those used for demolition. They're making duplicates, using them for their own purposes, mainly to destroy our beloved world. That's why I'm going to use this tank and teach those thieves a lesson. Not just that pirating is against the law, but that William is done with his contest. It is no more!"

"Why isn't the army stopping them?"

"The army will get to Midtown soon; that's where the thieves are. I'm coming along, with some friends…"

Pupuru turned around and saw someone rummaging through the rear storage compartment of the tank. A tall girl turned to see Pupuru examining the controls at the front seat of the vehicle. "I hope you're not a saboteur," the tall one spoke up, startling Pupuru.

"I'm not…" Pupuru replied, nervous. "I'm in a high position…" With that, she pulled out her League of Heroes identification card, giving proof that she was not a thief.

"League of Heroes?" the girl said, reading the card. "Why didn't you just say so? Hi, I'm Raven. And don't mistake me for that shifter."

"Pleased to meet you," Pupuru replied, shaking Raven's hand. "I'm a friend of Marcus, and of Ratchet. Can I be of help here?"

"You BETTER help. I can't be the ONLY one dealing with the weapons. And neither should HE…"

Pupuru walked further on into the tank to see someone sitting directly in the center of the compartment. It was Dr. Zemu's creation known as Black, checking the tank's powerful turret. The turret fires from the top of the vehicle while it is controlled from the inside.

"Black?" Pupuru spoke to him. "Is that you?"

Black heard her voice and turned to see her. "You think life is just a…bag of…cashews…?" he spoke up in his slow manner. "Did you…forget…what happened…to Bleu…? She was my friend…! The…Doomsday Cult…put the bomb on the…asylum… And it…blew up…killing Bleu…! She's gone…! That's why…I'm here…to get revenge…! I'll…pay them all back…! They'll see black…!"

"He's been sticking around with me for a while now," Raven pointed out to Pupuru. "Like me, he has a hunger for revenge. So we let him control the special flame turret. And let me just say he homes that fire perfectly. As for you, your job is to fire the primary weapons while I control the machine gun."

"Hey!" Marcus exclaimed outside. "I still don't exactly trust you with the machine guns, Raven. I know you are reckless with them."

"Excuse me…" Raven continued. "I got out of the hospital just recently. I still can't forget about the time when I had severe head trauma. But now that my neck works perfectly, I can drive again. In time, you'll do well with firing the primary weapons."

"So I'm in…" Pupuru replied. "But I must go and tell the others before coming back here."

"Well you better hurry. We're leaving with a group of Warhawk pilots by train at 6:30 p.m. That's only in a few minutes, so don't make us late!"

"Don't worry. I'll be back before you can say 'Ticonderoga'… if you can SAY Ticonderoga."

With that, Pupuru dashed off back towards the mansion to warn everyone about the great mission she was about to go out on. "Don't worry about a THING!" she told them before heading back to the garage. "I'll be back safely!"

"But what about Ratchet?" Kat objected. "Shouldn't we let him know?"

"Marcus is taking me with him," Pupuru replied. "Let's hope that nothing goes wrong!"

She quickly ran back to the repair shop to meet with the others, but she did not make it in time to see them take off for the train station. She saw that the garage was completely empty with no one there. Then she figured out the directions to the nearest train station and immediately ran all the way there.

Once she arrived, she saw the tank placed in one of the storage boxcars. The train had not yet taken off, which gave her some time to board it quickly. Right when Pupuru approached it, she saw Marcus and the others run inside as the wheels turned very slowly. She had to act very fast; she ran as fast as she could, gripping the support pole and swinging herself into the passenger train's hall.

"Nice to see you made it here on time," Marcus said to her after she made it safely. "Unlike these guys, I never doubted you."

"Hey!" Black exclaimed. "I was…worried…that you might not…make it… Marcus was…not the only one…"

"Whatever…" Raven sighed. "Let's just go find our places and get a good night's sleep…"

Among the selected pilots for Warhawk, Agent Shepherd was there as well. After leaving the mansion, he was selected by the U.S. Government as the director of their plan against the Doomsday Cult.

"Hey…" Black spoke to him as he approached him. "Where do we…sleep…?"

"Your bunk is up there," Shepherd said as he pointed out to him two bed bunks, the closest to the ceiling.

Black did not say anything at first; he calculated with his slow mind as to how many would be able to fit on those bunks. After figuring it out, he shouted out: "TWO IN ONE?!"

"That's what I mean," Shepherd replied. "What about it?"

"That's…what I thought you…said…"

"You better stay quiet so I can get some shut-eye! Now get to bed!" With that, Shepherd climbed onto his bunk, close to the floor, and fell fast asleep.

It was easy for Raven to help Pupuru up to their top bunk. It may have been merely minutes before they fell asleep, but they still heard the sound of the train and the shouts from Black.

"There's no…ladder…!" he exclaimed.

"You scared away one of the managers," Marcus replied. "He had the ladder, and he ran off with it."

"Then…you help me…get up there…"

"Are you insane? You're way too heavy for me! Try stacking some suitcases to get you higher."

Black went along with the idea as he snatched some people's suitcases and stacked them in a way to make himself some stairs. He easily climbed up to the bunk, but he accidentally hit his head on the ceiling once he made it. His moans were the last thing Pupuru heard before she passed out to sleep.

It was much later at 2:00 a.m. that Pupuru suddenly woke up from a roaring sound. Black shouted in his sleep due to a dream about his old friend Bleu. After Marcus silenced him, there was then absolute silence for the rest of the night.

Many hours later, the train had finally arrived at Midtown, as Pupuru heard the screeching of the halting wheels.

Marcus helped unload the tank from the storage boxcar and drove it to the next stop, where special agent Nick Ivo waited for Agent Shepherd and his troupe.

(Note: Remember Nick Ivo from "Shattered Innocence"? My older brother created that character in 2011 for his series "Sonic: Rising Revolution". Check it out now!)

Nick and his troupe served breakfast that day, which mainly consisted of sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns and bagels. Just by hearing the sound of it being served made Black so hungry. And yet, his eyelids were heavy after sleeping last night, he could not pry them open. So he had to hold Marcus' hand to get where they were supposed to be.

"Where are you?" Black constantly shouted. "How come I can't see you?"

"His speech is improving…" Raven sighed, "…but his stupidity level keeps on going higher."

Raven quickly poked both Black's eyes, which made them open again. "There you are!" he exclaimed after seeing perfectly. "Now for some…grub… I'm…starving…"

During breakfast, Shepherd and Nick completely stated the final plan of action:

"We're glad that we have taken a train to reach Midtown, otherwise it would have taken us longer than expected. The leader of the mighty League of Heroes, Ratchet, has told us about this city, and how many enemies are liable to spring out unexpectedly. It took him all day long to reach here by foot while he was on the run from Billy Ray Stillwell, but that criminal is now deceased. My friend here, Nick Ivo, is captain of the city watch program, and he watches this place like a HAWK! He never lets any criminal out of his sight. With his assistance, we can catch all current members of the Doomsday Cult and put an end to their plot. A piece of news told by Marcus Kane and Raven said that Mr. Grimm had recently come here and joined the evil group. They had taken many blueprints to build the vehicles William Sparks had provided for his cancelled Twisted Metal contest. Now that the cult has duplicated the vehicles, they are ready to be used only for the purpose of mass destruction upon our world! They must be stopped now!

"Luckily, Ratchet has told us some unique methods of attack and defense while we are here in this town. The sewers are safe to travel through despite the slimy substances that we will encounter. We will put up turrets over the manholes as we control them from down below. Just make sure you do not hit Marcus' special tank as he wipes out that cult's new vehicles. Foot soldiers will stand behind the turrets for the first ten minutes of the battle, then they will charge completely onto the enemy grounds. I will assign certain snipers to be positioned at specific rooftops and corners around the city. And as for our faithful pilots, they will fly Warhawk into the scene only if we call for backup. The pilots will load the helicopter with the surrendering enemies and fly them over to Blackfield Asylum, where they will remain as prisoners. If the cult still defies us, then Warhawk will completely destroy every last enemy."

Black raised his hand as a signal for a question he had. Shepherd let him speak: "Can I…smash…and…blast them all…?"

"Smash all you like…" Shepherd replied, "…but only if the tank is about to explode. Remember to protect those massive fuel tanks."

"I beat them all…and send them home crying…"

"No, Black. We don't play it THAT way. We will have to seal the city for good once the cult is gone. No one will be allowed to enter until U.S. authorities come and inspect. Now let's MOVE!"

It took the team all morning and afternoon to prepare everything they needed for the attack. Turrets were placed at sewer manholes; rocket launchers were positioned in unique places; and helicopter landing spaces were prepared.

Yes, the fearless foursome helped set everything up for the upcoming battle, but it was already 8:00 p.m. when everything was pretty well wrapped up.

Nick's troupe had already prepared dinner for everybody; Black became very hungry after all that hard work. He followed his gang to Marcus' drawing room, where he saw a fresh crab on a platter of lettuce.

"I wonder what's for dinner…" Marcus said as he slumped onto an easy chair.

"Why…" Black replied, showing him the crab, "…ignoramus, don't you know?"

"Why, it looks like it…"

"Clam up, big guy!" Raven exclaimed to Black. "What are we eating here?"

"TURTLE!" Black shouted.

"You haven't been to the beach lately," Marcus replied to him.

"What do you do with it?"

"You EAT it!"

Marcus took a fork and attempted to beat it down upon the crab, trying to break its shell. The way the fork banged against the shell sounded loud enough to be a hand knocking on the door. And that's exactly what Black thought it was.

"Come in?" he said as he turned to the door.

Marcus' fork ended up bending severely; he had never eaten crab before, so he was confused at first. But then, he had an idea: he took Black's napkin and dropped it to the floor, making it look like it was an accident. Black saw the napkin on the floor, so he reached down to pick it up. But while his head was bowed low, Marcus placed the crab onto him. And then, with one big slam, Marcus landed his fist hard upon the crab's shell, breaking it.

"The place has got mice!" Black exclaimed as he touched his dizzy head.

Marcus divided the crab equally among his peers, giving each one a certain section. Black was not interested in eating at that crab's flesh; he instead ate the outer shells, feeling its crunch on his teeth.

"I've seen crabs at our beach many times," Pupuru stated as they ate on. "They're very beautiful."

"She doesn't know it's a turtle," Black chuckled. "And she isn't eating the best stuff. I don't like the stuffing."

As they ate, Marcus told of their plan of action:

"Remember exactly what Agent Shepherd said earlier today. We will use that tank and operate the way we planned it out: I drive, Raven uses machine guns, Pupuru uses main weapons, and Black uses the flame turret. But I must warn you: our vehicle has two massive tanks of fuel on each side. If any of them are damaged severely, the whole thing will explode. That's why we should quickly get out of the vehicle if it looks like it's not going to make it. Black, you have explosive weapons in the rear storage compartment; you can use them once we are out safely. Do you hear me?"

But Black was still eating his crunchy crab shells as they shattered inside his mouth. He did not look too happy when he was about done eating, until he saw a champagne bottle on the table. "Bubble water!" he said as he stood up to reach it. But when he did, he suddenly heard a sound coming from inside his stomach; all those pieces of crab shell bounced around inside him, making the sound of a rattle as he shook himself.

"Come to think of it…" Pupuru thought, "…he's actually pretty funny… Perhaps even better than Captain Qwark."

Pupuru had to focus her mind onto the task that was at hand. Far off at the secret base of the Doomsday Cult, a frustrated Mr. Grimm spied upon Shepherd's troupe as all troopers took position.

"So they want to take the plans back, eh?" Grimm thought as he looked through his high-powered binoculars. "I won't feel sorrow for those guys; they'll be my next meal before they even know it! Even PUPURU will be served as today's special. I'd better tell my men to start their engines and take off."

After all was told, Mr. Grimm drove his motorcycle out into the downtown area, as the cult's soldiers followed him in their duplicated vehicles. Just like the simple John Doe had been cloned, the same thing occurred with the vehicles of Twisted Metal.

Marcus told the others to quickly get inside the tank, and he drove it out into downtown, where the foot soldiers waited for Mr. Grimm to appear with his men.

After waiting for about five short minutes, the hidden snipers had already spotted the enemy pouring into the area. They right away opened fire upon the vehicles' windshields and windows, shattering them and letting the bullets land upon the drivers. The clones were shot dead, causing their vehicles to spin out of control and run into the nearest walls.

Mr. Grimm saw the chaos that happened behind him; he was actually scared for a moment, desperately driving even faster to avoid the spreading flames.

Pupuru saw Grimm quickly crash through the glass doors of the Happy Vito's pizza restaurant to hide. "He went in there!" she exclaimed as she pointed Marcus out to him. "We must catch him!"

"He can't hide for long," Marcus replied, objecting the idea. "Agent Shepherd will catch him. In the meantime, Black should be operating that flame turret."

Black quickly grabbed hold of the turret's controls and began to shoot out a perfect stream of fire. The flames were completely uncontrollable as they began to spread upon the duplicated vehicles. The fire reached their gas tanks and caused so apocalyptic of explosions.

As Mr. Grimm watched his clones fail in their move of attack, an explosion of anger began to unleash from his mind. "This is not how I want it!" he thought as he banged on his motorcycle. "That blasted tanker is robbing me of my victory! Besides that, is John Doe the only thing on tonight's menu? So help me, I will destroy whoever is in that tanker; I should wipe out those hidden turrets as well with my trusty scythe. And I swear, if I see that blasted Lombax again, I will cut his throat and make a PERMANENT meal out of him!"

With those words in mind, Grimm quickly drove out of the restaurant and took many different maneuvers to hide himself from any enemy eyes. But it was very difficult trying to avoid the foot soldiers that surrounded the far side of the town. They immediately noticed him and attempted to shoot him down. Little did they remember that Mr. Grimm had a machine gun installed into the side-compartment of his motorcycle, as well as launching weapons of all kinds.

Grimm managed to reach the turrets safely and destroy them with many of his explosive scythes. The top speed of his motorcycle made it very difficult for any soldier to aim directly at him, except for some of the snipers. The snipers positioned on top of the Mega Flix theater attempted to land a bullet onto him, but they were no match for his armored vehicle and his skull helmet.

After all the turrets were destroyed, the engineers below argued about what they were to do next. "Big Al said that these were indestructible!" one of the gunners complained. "Now we can't get out through the manholes without being run over by those vehicles!"

"Don't worry about a thing…" a familiar voice said in the distance. "Leave the rest up to me…"

Everyone turned to hear where the sound was coming from as the voice echoed throughout the sewer. They were sure that they had heard that young voice before.

The tank successfully swept through the enemy vehicles, crushing anything in its path, and burning everything it touched. Marcus was a hotshot pilot, avoiding all the U.S. soldiers and destroying only what was necessary. Even Black knew what he was doing, aiming the turret only at the Doomsday Cult's vehicles; he still felt the need to fulfill his hunger for revenge. Just by looking at those tyrannical men did his blood boil; he was more than ready to put his true strength to the test.

"I must kill them all!" Black shouted. "I must fulfill Bleu's death wish!"

"But she did not want you to have revenge!" Pupuru objected. "You must know what you're doing! Don't be murderous monster and turn against the human race!"

"Why should I let humans live?! They killed my goddess friend! They must pay for what they had done!"

"Listen to me! If you kill those innocent people, the entire human race will turn against you! You must be the hero that Bleu would want you to be!"

Black thought heavily upon what Pupuru had said. A small tear shed from his bright red eyes, thinking about what his dear friend would have wanted. His mind was finally made up once the tank reached critical damage.

"Everyone out now!" Marcus shouted. "The whole thing is about to blow!"

Obeying the order, Raven grabbed Pupuru and Black, quickly jumping out through the rear compartment of the tank.

"Black, you get those weapons out if you want us to save our necks!" Raven ordered Black. "I take it you and Marcus are going to stay and find Grimm."

Black pulled many guns from out of the storage compartment; pistols, rifles, chain-guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers. He handed Raven a pistol to take with her when she dispersed to her new hiding spot.

"What am I going to do?" Pupuru said to her.

"You're coming with ME," Raven replied, grabbing her by the arm. "We'll need plenty of backup from our leader."

Raven hurried with Pupuru inside the pizza restaurant, hiding behind the main counter near the kitchen. They did not have the idea of turning on any of the lights; it would be too dead of a giveaway and would completely lead an enemy right towards them.

Suddenly, Raven heard a creak at the entrance; she was sure that someone had opened the door to see who was here. She kept Pupuru right behind her to keep her safe from whatever was going to come at them. But the strategy backfired when Raven turned around and saw who held Pupuru by the neck. It was Mr. Grimm himself.

"It looks like I caught myself two females for another good meal!" Grimm triumphantly taunted. "I should take on this young one for a starter!"

"If you dare lay your teeth on her…" Raven threatened Grimm as she held her pistol at him, "…I'll kill you personally!"

"As IF you would! All I want is what I want when I want it! And if you ask me, THAT is something that can REALLY go for evil! Once I wipe out your pitiful troupe, I'll be able to recreate Twisted Metal, which I assure will last for YEARS!"

"Put her down now!" shouted a deep voice from behind. Grimm turned around to see Black and Marcus, pointing their rifles at him. "I'll smash you! Your group killed my friend, and now you will feel PAIN!"

"Say…" Grimm taunted at him. "You look so big and juicy! I'd say you would be a GREAT Thanksgiving feast!"

"Sorry…" Black replied, "…but I'm ARTIFICIAL!"

Black's taunted created a diversion for something to happen. Grimm suddenly felt a painful blow on the back of his head, even with his skull helmet on. The attack came from a mighty Omniwrench, which belonged to none other than Ratchet himself.

"Ratchet!" Pupuru exclaimed, embracing him. "Thank God you're here! We would have lost this battle if you hadn't shown up!"

"No, Pupuru," Ratchet calmly replied. "I think YOU ALL win this one. Together, you were quite a team, watching each other's backs and being very helpful to each other. And for that reason, I am allowing Black and Raven here to join the League of Heroes, and for us all to go for a new mission!"

"Then we WIN!" Marcus exclaimed. "We are very grateful for your help. Now that Shepherd has forced the enemy to surrender, we can take back the blueprints and all go back home."

"I don't think we can leave this place yet," Ratchet objected. "There is still something that has to be done before we seal the city. I heard there is a certain gang that is heading this way; we must hold them off and make sure they don't cause any more damage. And if my suspicions are correct, I have seen them before on another planet…"

In the commotion, Mr. Grimm quickly escaped before Ratchet could attack him again. He hopped onto his motorcycle and drove off to another part of town. "Like I said, I WILL eat that Lombax!" he thought. "All I need is something to get rid of that frickin' wrench of his!"

Suddenly, he was halted in his tracks as Warhawk flew down enough to stop him.

"You're in violation of Midtown City Code 4432!" the pilot exclaimed. "Step out of your vehicle and surrender peacefully!"

Mr. Grimm did not do anything at all; he was willing to fight this helicopter rather than to give himself up to the law.

"Time's up!" the pilot said as he activated a missile to charge at Grimm.