PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Three

Episode Two

Complete Betrayal

By Cole Bezotte

Note: Only today did I discover what "Vocaloid" is. It's where that mascot Hatsume Miku came from. I wonder if it can help with my music; I am writing songs currently.

The missiles backfired completely; a gravitational pull brought the missiles back to the helicopter that fired them. Warhawk was destroyed, remaining as nothing but a heap of rubble with corpses inside.

Mr. Grimm turned and looked behind him to see what had made Warhawk's missiles backfire. He saw before him a group of alien motorcyclists with blue skin and bright red eyes, sporting torn gangster uniforms. "We didn't want you to take on that creep yourself," one of them spoke up to him. "And one of your guys here is still alive."

Grimm saw that one of the space thugs held one of the clones of John Doe, unconscious but still alive. "I guess we'll call him the new John Doe then," Grimm said as he felt the clone's pulse. "Tell me where your hideout is! I need a place to get away from that Lombax for a moment."

"Oh, you mean Ratchet!" the thug leader replied. "He ticked us off for the last time! I remember he was after the dangerous Protopet, and we had a female Lombax pretending to hire us. She just wanted us to do her every bidding so that she can destroy the little thing! But now that we have you and your pal here, how about hiring us for the good stuff?"

"I'd be glad to hire you. I just need you to bring me one person: Ratchet!"

"We'll do it, buster!"

"And one more thing: get that wrench away from him!"

Many miles away, Ratchet helped install new glass doors to the Happy Vito's pizza restaurant; they were to replace the doors that Mr. Grimm had shattered. After all was done, Ratchet led Pupuru and the others out of the downtown area of Midtown.

But before they could step foot outside the city, they suddenly heard a roaring noise from behind. The thugs had already caught up with them, with Mr. Grimm leading them.

"Is that what you were talking about when you mentioned our new mission?" Pupuru said as she pointed them out.

"I SAID that we would encounter Thugs-4-Less!" Ratchet replied. "But I never expected Mr. Grimm to lead them on! We'll have to scramble before we become cooked goose! We'll take them on all sides!"

Ratchet quickly pulled out his trusty Omniwrench and prepared to throw it at Mr. Grimm. But when he threw it, Grimm quickly caught it with one hand while his other hand drove the motorcycle. "Nice try, Lombax!" he exclaimed. "Now that I have your precious weapon, I can eat you without having to worry about it! I see you don't want it anymore, so you can trade it in for a SCYTHE!"

Grimm threw his next explosive scythe directly at Pupuru as a diversion. He planned to hit her with it to distract Ratchet; that way, Grimm could shoot at Ratchet with his machine gun and end it there.

But something was wrong; Pupuru quickly grabbed Ratchet and brought him into the way of the flinging scythe. He was about to be hit by the deadly weapon, and Pupuru was holding him right in its direction. He had to quickly wrench himself away from her grip, causing the weapon to fly directly in between them.

"What the frick are you doing?!" Ratchet exclaimed. "Are you TRYING to get me killed?!"

"I'm sorry…" Pupuru replied. "I can't stop thinking…"

But she was soon cut off by a charging missile coming right at them. She blindly pushed Ratchet in the direction where it was headed. But the Lombax's reflexes made him quickly drop to the ground; the missile ended up ramming right into the wall, and Ratchet was right underneath the explosion.

"Whose side are you on?!" Ratchet angrily thought as he got back up to his feet.

But the final moment happened when Mr. Grimm was close enough to quickly dive off his motorcycle. He had Ratchet right where he wanted him, which gave him the opportunity to jump off his vehicle and dive right at him. Right before he landed, the villain opened his mouth and dug his teeth right into Ratchet's arm.

Ratchet screamed in pain, desperately struggling to pry Grimm from his Lombax flesh. But Mr. Grimm would not let go, not until he at least tore off a piece of the flesh.

Pupuru quickly grabbed a pistol and aimed for the villain, attempting to shoot him off. "Ratchet…" she exclaimed, "…don't move!"

Ratchet did not see what was coming for him right then. He then suddenly felt more pain in his arm than ever once he heard a gunshot. Grimm quickly dodged out of the way as the bullet landed right in the bleeding spot where Ratchet was bit.

As the villain quickly evacuated and hid behind the restaurant, he heard the screams from the tortured Lombax. To a killer like Mr. Grimm, it was music to his ears. "I guess that will make him crisper for me," he thought as he smiled evilly.

Ratchet became very angry when he saw who had shot his arm. He turned to see Pupuru with the pistol in her hands, which gave him evidence that she had attacked him. "You did this!" he shouted at her, snatching the gun away. "You almost got me killed! Why did I even let you in this team?! Why did I even bother taking you in with me?! You tried to kill me on purpose, Pupuru, and I know that! You must have been planning it all this time, and you never wanted to tell me!"

"Ratchet…!" Pupuru whimpered, tears forming in her eyes. "That's not true…! I felt something…!"

"You lie!" Ratchet replied. "You've been lying to us this whole time! You don't want to help our universe! You just want to make it worse! You think it all belongs to you and you alone! I don't want to hear any excuses from you! You're finished! I don't want to see you again! I don't even want to THINK about you again! Good-bye for good!"

"BASTARD!" shouted someone from behind. Ratchet turned to see Black, pinning him to the hard concrete road. "You can't do that to my friend! I'll make you pay for this!"

"Let him go!" Pupuru objected. "He didn't do anything wrong…"

"What?!" Black replied. "But he is your enemy now! He doesn't deserve to get away with what he says!"

"I said let him go! We'll settle this a different way… I QUIT!"

Marcus was shocked to hear what Ratchet and Pupuru had said; they had completely lost their minds and had turned against each other. "It's not like Pupuru to put Ratchet into trouble," Marcus thought. "I must do something about this… And I have a suspicion that someone familiar is out there…"

Raven and Black settled the argument by escorting Pupuru with them out of downtown. "Don't worry about him anymore," Raven said to her as Ratchet watched them walk away. "We'll prove to him that we're better off on our own!"

"But I don't hate him…" Pupuru replied. "I only need to get away… so he won't kill me…"

Once they were out of sight, Ratchet turned to Marcus, ready to give him a piece of his mind. But right before he could say anything, Mr. Grimm came out from his hiding place and held him by the throat. John Doe hopped off his vehicle and pinned Marcus' arms behind his back. "Don't think about hitting us again," John threatened. "We're all waiting for a full-size meal."

"Let's take them into the restaurant!" Grimm ordered. "I must eat them privately before the whole city is sealed off! Once we leave, we'll head for the others."

But little did the thugs know that a prying pair of eyes saw the whole thing unfold. Black saw what had happened while walking with the others through the highway that left town. "Marcus is taken!" he exclaimed. "We must go back and free him now!"

"Don't be an idiot, Black!" Raven objected in reply. "If you think we'll go and save him with that traitor, then you suck!"

"Hey! You're talking to a loyal friend, you know! I'm still mad at myself for letting Bleu die; I couldn't save her in time! I want to do what is right so that I am accepted as a hero!"

"Don't try to get down there, big boy. Ratchet is no hero… only a madman…"

"Stop it!" Pupuru exclaimed, breaking up the argument. "It's not his fault! It's mine! I didn't know what I was doing! I let my clumsiness hurt Ratchet, as well as his feelings."

"Don't be ridiculous," Raven replied as he looked down at her. "I don't know how you would hurt him in the first place; after all, you are his friend. Or should I say: you WERE his friend."

"But you don't understand! I felt as if something had left my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about it, I couldn't focus. There were times when Ratchet and I had met our differences, but that's okay. I thought it was my fault when Mr. Grimm had finally succeeded in what he wanted months ago. But no matter what I've done, Ratchet still forgives me."

(Note: You'll remember if you recall having read "Rise of the Reaper".)

"Then why didn't he forgive you after what happened tonight?"

"I don't know… Maybe it was just me… But nonetheless, I should go and save him again before he becomes a life-sized meal. I've saved him many times before, and I shall do it again!"

"I'd love to see you try. But if he still goes against you, don't say I didn't warn you!"

"You don't need to warn me for ANYTHING except the danger that lies ahead!"

Inside the pizza restaurant, two thugs held Ratchet and Marcus by their necks as Mr. Grimm inspected where he was to cut them. John handed him a sharp carving knife and pointed him out to where he should cut. "I mostly suggest slicing straight through the neck to kill them faster," he explained. "Then you can dig in and see what you can salvage in the head."

"As if I'll gain their knowledge by eating their brains," Mr. Grimm joked in reply. "But now, the time is right to have a feast! If you have any last words, prisoners, say them now!"

But Ratchet and Marcus had absolutely nothing to say; all they could do was hope for a miracle to come. "Not talking, eh?" Grimm continued. "Then it's dinner time!"

But Mr. Grimm spoke too soon; right when he was about to slice through Ratchet's throat, he suddenly heard a crash from the restaurant's parking lot. "Someone's here!" John exclaimed. "Hunt down those intruders!"

A couple of thugs obeyed, heading out into the parking lot to see who was there. But before they knew it, they were shot in the chest. Raven again shot a thug inside the restaurant: the one who held Marcus by the throat.

"You freed him…" Pupuru said as she ran inside. "Now I'll take Ratchet back myself!"

Mr. Grimm turned and attempted to slice through Pupuru at whatever angle she was at. But her friends had trained her well; she was very agile in her skills of combat. She quickly dodged wherever Grimm's dagger swung, making her opponent angrier than ever. "I hope you give it up eventually!" he exclaimed.

"Never!" Pupuru replied in defiance. "I'm here to take my friend back, and you won't stop me!"

"Forget it!" Ratchet muttered in objection. "She just wants to take me back so she HERSELF can kill me!"

"You're WRONG, Ratchet!" Marcus replied as he knocked out the thug that held Ratchet. "You must read her expression; she's actually here to SAVE you! And if you dare doubt our word, you'll regret it!"

"I don't know how I'll regret it, but I'm not taking any chances letting Grimm live!" With that, Ratchet furiously attacked Mr. Grimm from behind, pinning the villain's arm behind his back. Pupuru was glad to see that Ratchet was fighting back successfully, without doubting her word.

"Ratchet, I'm very sorry that I hurt you," Pupuru said as she grabbed Grimm's other arm. "I didn't know what I was thinking,"

"If you actually mean it…" Ratchet replied, locking the villain's hands in cuffs, "…then I'm willing to believe you."

"It worked!" Pupuru thought as she took Grimm's dagger away. "I knew that poison would wear off! After leaving Ratchet, I finally saw what was in that gun I used: Mr. Grimm created a bullet containing hypnotic gas! He commanded Ratchet to believe that I was a traitor! It would give him the chance to take him away while he was distracted by his anger."

Mr. Grimm became furious, knowing that Pupuru had figured out his plan. He did not think of any last-ditch effort to resume his plan; he had only one thing in mind that would help him escape. Quickly, with both his chained hands behind his back, he snatched his dagger from Pupuru. Then with one short jab, he ended the battle.

"WHAT?!" everyone exclaimed, surprised and shocked. They saw the dagger drive straight through Mr. Grimm's back, killing himself.

"He expects to eat HIMSELF for dinner?!" Black shouted. "He is a fool!"

"You're wrong, Black," Ratchet objected. "He did it to escape us. I guess he was tired of trying to eat us, so he ended it like this. And let me just say: this is the most foolish way to avoid defeat. We'll have to take him to Greymoor Cemetery."

(Note: Maybe you remember Greymoor Cemetery from season four of the cancelled series. And maybe you DON'T!)

Black was very nervous about helping the others bury Mr. Grimm; his dear friend Bleu was buried at that particular cemetery, as well as Billy Ray Stillwell and Commander Mason. Instead, he went back to take John and the rest of the thugs to a nearby waiting police car. But as for Grimm, he was buried along with his skull helmet as a sign of his deathly deed. On the gravestone was written: "GRIMM: HE WANTED TO BRING DEATH, BUT BROUGHT DEATH ONLY TO HIMSELF."

"By the way…" Ratchet said to Pupuru, "…you said you quit, while we were arguing. Do you still mean that?"

"Not anymore…" Pupuru replied. "I didn't know what I was thinking at first. I thought that quitting would be better than being kicked out. I at first wanted to believe what you said to me."

"You WANTED to? When it comes to creatures like me, there's more than what people think."