PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Three

Episode Five

How Did We Get Here?

By Cole Bezotte

First, a note to the howling fans:

Let's hope you do not get confused when we say "This story plot crosses over with the Super Sonic Squad series!" Believe it, mate! The events in this episode will also take place alternatively in Super Sonic Squad, Season Four, Episode Nine.


In Girls Brigade's room, on the top floor of the League of Heroes' mansion, Pupuru lied in her bed, listening attentively to Ratchet and his kind words. He stood over her, telling her how proud he was of her after she won the boxing match against Needles.

"It was all I can do to bring you back," Pupuru said after all was said. "Do you like the trophy? I love that shine!"

"It looks very shiny…" Ratchet replied, "…but it's not about bringing home the gold and glory. It's about giving all you got at the enemy; we must fight only with what we have, including what's within us. And I'm glad that you proved yourself a strong fighter. Well… Good-night…"

Meanwhile, outside the Big Bad Boxing Federation arena, Needles gave Frank McCutcheon a piece of his mind, telling him how bad of a boxing mentor he was. No matter how hard Frank tried to insist that it was not his fault, Needles would refuse to hear it and instead went with what he claimed.

"I'm mostly upset because you CHEATED for me to win!" Needles shouted as they argued on. "I had strength enough to take on Ratchet; he was not prepared for any of this!"

"But the cheating helped us get the money!" Frank replied. "You're still rich!"

"I'll use the money for my own purposes, then I'll find some new way to personally kill my enemies once and for all!"

"You sure don't sound like a REAL villain! If you think cheating is such a big problem, then you completely suck as a super villain! You're beginning to act like that nobody called Dr. Eggman! He's even wimpier than YOU!"

Needles did not want to hear anything from Frank anymore. He simply hopped into his ice cream truck and drove away at top speed.

But a problem soon entered Needles' mind as he drove on: those words that he heard Frank say began to swirl around in his head. Perhaps this dangerous clown was not a very good villain to begin with. "You know…" Needles thought, "…maybe he's right… I'm not as dangerous as I used to be! When I was in the dream, controlling Marcus Kane, I was a topnotch murderer and serial killer. But look at me NOW! I'm practically a lazy nobody! If mere brute strength can't destroy the League of Heroes once and for all, then I'll have to think differently. Ever since I started fighting that hero group, I began to think I had finally met my match. I must think outside the box! I must think ON MY FEET!"

The next morning, Ratchet stepped outside into the front yard of the mansion, heading straight towards the mailbox to see what was delivered that day. Pupuru followed behind; she knew that at least a hundred letters would go to her Girls Brigade.

"Of course…" Ratchet muttered as he opened the mailbox, letting hundreds of envelopes stream right out and fall to the ground. "There's always an hour every day when we all view the fan mail and bills."

"At least it's one of the things we do for fun," Pupuru replied. "Clank probably gets the most mail out of all of us."

"Everybody loves Clank… good ol' secret agent Clank…"

As Ratchet grabbed a wheelbarrow to put all the letters in, he did not notice at all what was happening right behind him. He heard a sudden sound course through his big ears, which made him quickly turn to see something very surprising. Standing right in front of him was no longer Pupuru but Tails the fox, holding the new portal gun he had just invented.

"How did you get a hold of one of our portal guns?" Ratchet exclaimed.

"I didn't steal this," Tails replied. "I made it myself! This was the only way I imagined it to look like."

"That's nice to know, but where's Pupuru? She was standing right here!"

"The only solution I can think is that she switched places with me as I formed the warp zone."

At that same time, at the evil Dr. Eggman's abandoned laboratory, Ixis Naugus found one of the scientist's recliners and began to lull himself to a peaceful sleep. But he was only able to rest for about thirty minutes before he was suddenly interrupted by tapping sounds on the door.

He almost did not want to open the door and see who it was. Instead, he stayed where he was, controlling all security mechanisms with his incredible powers. All the outside cameras shot burning lasers at where the intruder would have stood. After a minute had gone by, everything suddenly stopped. Ixis thought that the intruder was taken care of, so he felt himself to be at ease. But he was wrong when he felt someone grab at the back of his neck.

"You don't know…" a slim man spoke to him, "…I too am a master at magic! Now that I have you with me, I'll use your precious powers to do only MY bidding… so speaks Needles!"

Indeed the intruder was Needles, who had come to not only take revenge on Ratchet, but also on Sonic as well. He held Ixis' hands very tightly, combining his power with his own, making them perhaps unstoppable in the face of anything. Needles forced Ixis' right claw-hand to unleash a bolt of cosmic energy into the air, which traveled to both realms of Mobius and Earth. "It's finally working!" the killer thought. "I AM becoming a better villain!"

The bolt unleashed its fury upon both victims of Sonic and Ratchet, causing them to glow very brightly and feel a change coming on. After thirty seconds, the light died down, but it seemed like nothing changed at all. But one look at their hands made them see a huge difference.

"What happened?" Pupuru said to Sonic, at Knothole Village (Mobius). "You still look the same."

"I actually don't!" the hedgehog replied as he looked at himself. "Somehow, I've gained Sonic's body!"

"I don't get this…"

"Some supernatural power somehow brought me here! I'm not a Lombax anymore!"

"What the…? You transformed into Ratchet!"


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