PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Three

Episode Seven

Unbelievable Power

By Cole Bezotte

Now we finally know where Mr. Grimm was taken after his disappearance a few chapters ago. He was taken to the lair of Dr. Eggman and was forced to create an evil clone of Tails the fox. But, after learning of the scientist's failure, he left to join forces with Scourge the Hedgehog, a very dangerous gangster. They planned to receive all martial art information from the captivated Noah the Panda, then create clones of the Grim Reaper with the same abilities as Noah. But that plan failed as well, sending Grimm and Scourge both to jail.

Finally, after enduring many days in prison, Mr. Grimm was shipped back to Los Angeles and was brought to Ratchet for interrogation. The villain had his weapon confiscated, leaving him tied to a chair by strong chains. Even his hands were bound together so he could not bring them into particular gestures to summon his magic.

"It looks like I've caught myself a big prize," Ratchet spoke up as he sat down underneath the dim light that hung above his head. "Where did you disappear to anyway?"

"You would not understand any of it," Mr. Grimm grumpily replied. "As it happened, I met forces more powerful than even YOU could imagine! That scientist, that two-tailed fox, and that HEDGEHOG!"

"I think you mean Dr. Eggman, Tails, and Sonic. I just met them recently, so don't think that I missed out on TOO much. Anyway, I already made arrangements with special agent Nick Ivo, and we're taking you to your new home: Greymoor Cemetery. After we drop you off at Midtown, we'll make sure you stay inside the invisible fence that we set up around the graveyard. Of course you can eat those tortured souls as your meal; the flesh is dead anyway."

"Thank you, Ratchet! That is very generous of you!"

"You're THANKING me?"

"Yes—you are tossing a crumb of freedom to a lowly villain... I can control the souls myself!"

"But you won't be able to take them out of the invisible field… Be warned."

"I know… But I still appreciate it…"

The next day, Mr. Grimm was instantly transported to the graveyard located in Midtown. Though Agent Shepherd could not afford another train to be sent on its way, Black helped Ratchet drive him all the way here.

The new invisible barrier was brought up, trapping Mr. Grimm within and keeping him with the buried bodies of the dead. "From now on, you stay in there…" Ratchet said to him as he started to walk away, "…unless you defect to us…"

"I never will," Grimm replied as he stood there with his scythe. "But I still want to thank you for this opportunity! Your kindness will not help me defect to you."

"You mean you've never heard the story of the Crimson Dynamo, and how Iron Man brought him over to the good side? I guess a serious villain is not a geek…"

"You are absolutely right, my little Lombax friend…"

With those words said, Grimm summoned his powers to bring a specific soul from a selected corpse: the soul of Billy Ray Stillwell. "Behold the one who had killed your mother!" he exclaimed. "I know it is a pity that I cannot make him come after you, but if you would just stare into him… That's it… See through his eyes of hatred and see the past unfold before you!"

"I know what he did to my mother!" Ratchet exclaimed in reply, bravely standing to see Billy's flying soul. "But he can't hurt me now! I promised my father to carry on the duty of a hero! Billy can't haunt me now!"

Billy hissed as his soul entered back into the depths. Grimm knew that if Billy was to return to his body and come back to life, he would not be able to break through the barrier even with all his strength. But there was still one idea in mind.

"I never thought I would have the power to do this…" Mr. Grimm continued, "…but I remember clearly the goddess who befriended the selfish brute…"

"Bleu?" Black exclaimed. "You better not mess with her soul!"

"I cannot," Grimm replied. "I cannot tamper with the life of a goddess. But I can already feel her power within my grasp… I can raise it from her body and bring it to me!"

Black watched as the skeleton hands summoned a blue mist from out of the ground. The brave young goddess known as Bleu had her power extracted from her corpse, which was now to be harnessed by the Grim Reaper himself. Black was desperate to run in and stop him, but he could not break through the barrier no matter how hard he pounded upon it.

"You must turn it off!" Black shouted at Ratchet. "He must not do what he pleases!"

"But he's stuck in there," Ratchet replied. "There's nothing he can do; he can do no harm while he's in there. He's merely taunting you."

"But… Bleu was my friend… And as long as I live, I will NEVER let anyone tamper with her power!"

"Fine… You asked for it…"

Ratchet shut down the barrier and let Black enter the cemetery to deal with Mr. Grimm. Now the two strong warriors stood face-to-face, fighting over such precious power from what should have been an immortal.

"So, my bestial friend…" Grimm taunted, "…you want what I found. You want this power to keep for yourself…!"

"I want to carry on what Bleu should have done!" Black boldly replied. "I can't let you become immortal!"

"Immortal… It is strange that you mention that word… Bleu was a goddess, but she was no immortal of Olympus, or Asgard. She was nothing but an OUTCAST! She only had one power: the power to DIE!"

"She may have been an outcast, but she was my FRIEND! You won't taunt for long…not after I do THIS!"

With those very words said, Black gave Mr. Grimm the biggest blow he could push, right at his skull head. The result was a pile of teeth and bones that formed the skull. Though the body was destroyed, Grimm's spirit remained alive, searching for another corpse to take over. Before Black could catch him again, he dove down into the deep depths below.

The blue mist of energy completely engulfed Black and remained deep inside him, causing him to glow very dimly. Right before Ratchet's eyes, he became completely transformed into what now seemed like a god. "It's incredible!" Black shouted. "I have become a god! With Bleu's power, I am now a TRUE warrior who seeks peace! My name no longer has meaning; I shall now be BLUE!"

Surprised, Ratchet witnessed Black's new form: he had a normal human head, bearing the face of honesty and courage. His new uniform was reminiscent to that of Thor, god of thunder and prince of Asgard. In his hands were the two golden pistols that the original Bleu once used as her weapon. But, when returned to his normal form, the name Black was what he bore to the public.

"What do you know?" Black said excitedly after his transformation. "I'll let the world sleep tight and won't let the bed bugs bite. But if they do, they may steal my shoe, but I'll beat them, because I'm BLACK AND BLUE!"