Love Isn't Enough

Chapter 1: Ending

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Mikan woke up in a jolt that morning. The previous night's events springing into her mind like a wild animal determined to be noticed and acknowledged. Rubbing her head, she reluctantly sat up, thinking. She had promised him an answer today after all.

The past three years had been seemingly perfect. She had met the "love of her life" and they had had the love affair of a lifetime. Trips to Paris, cruises through the Philippines, and an engagement story that would change the hardest heart of stone into a ball of putty. Best of all they loved each other like no two people had ever loved each other before. And yet...Mikan sighed. Wiping a few treacherous tears from her eyes she moved robotically to the bathroom and began to get ready for the day.

"How did we get here?" She questioned her shower head. "How did something so perfect come to this?"

Drying off reminded her of the time they had fallen into a strangers pool "on accident" during her final year of high school. On the night of their very first date. It seemed so long ago now.

Finally glancing at the clock, Mikan realized if she didn't leave immediately she would be late to her first class of the new semester. Dredging up the ability to care, she swung her backpack on her back before checking her appearance one last time. "At least I don't look like I spent all night crying" she thought to herself about her eyes which were practically dripping in exhaustion.

The walk to class seemed to pass in a blur. Choosing a seat towards the back she hoped they wouldn't cover any real material today. This was the class she was least looking forward to, math had never been her best subject and it had been two years since she had taken it.

The door opened suddenly with a loud, cracking slam startling all of the students as a formidable and terrifying looking man walked slowly in. Not a sound was to be hear except the sound of his footsteps. When he reached the center of the classroom he abruptly turned and looked at the class through his narrow glasses which when they glinted off the fluorescent lights made it seem as if lightning bolts were emerging from his eyes. He then turned to the chalkboard and began to write while saying, "I am Jinno-sensei, you will refer to me as such and by no other name or nickname or else I shall deduct points from your next test. This is Calculus 1, but I expect you all to already know the basics from pre-cal as I will not be re-teaching them. I hope you all have brought note taking material because we will be getting started straightaway. Your first test will be in two weeks..."

Mikan couldn't believe her awful luck! Out of all of the math professors she could have gotten she had to get this one! This day was just continually going south.

The next two classes went far better than the first, however they began to go by faster than she wished. Every coming second was bringing her closer to the dreaded dinner tonight with her fiancé. Looking down at her ring, she sighed, for about the hundredth time that day. "Why isn't love always enough?" She thought.

Before she knew it, it was time. She got in her car and drove to what had become "their" restaurant. Walking in, she was immediately recognized by the hostess who directed her to the usual table in the back corner. As she approached the table she saw her so-called "betrothed" talking up two very busty girls who were anxiously trying to get pictures and autographs from their favorite band's lead singer. He was soaking up the attention and touching both of them far more than was necessary, especially for a supposedly monogamous man in a committed relationship. "Pfft, yeah right," she laughed to herself. He hadn't even noticed her yet and she was almost to the table. Giving a light cough, he tore his eyes away from the double-D cups and blue eyes met brown.

"Well girls, my dinner companion has finally joined me, but I hope to see you girls on our next tour!" Tsubasa smiled in adieu to the giggling fan girls, his star tattoo crinkling up in a heart melting fashion.

Finally focusing his whole attention of his date smiled at Mikan, "Hi sweetie! How was your first day?"

Glancing at him, she wasn't sure if he was serious or not. Was he going to act like last night had not happened?

"You mean my first day realizing you are a stupid, cheating, lying bastard?" She fake smiled at him, "Oh it was just glorious! I really enjoyed the realization that my trust was entirely misplaced!" Sarcasm was always the best way to handle situations like these after all.

Having the decency to look at least slightly embarrassed he replied, "Look Mikan, I'm so sorry you had to find out like that. I made a mistake. But it was just one and I've realized what an idiot I was and I never want to do anything that will put our relationship in jeopardy again!"

Nodding her head, he began to smile. "Right yeah you're sorry, you made a mistake, makes sense. Besides you were going to tell me about it anyways right? And it's not like that had ever happened before, right? Because you would never lie to me, right? No matter what, I can always count on you for the truth. Or you know your band mates or your songs or your mother...or really anyone really."

The smile had completely been wiped off of his face now. "How did you..."

"I told you. I listened to your songs, your band mates, your mother for crying out loud warned me about this! But I refused to believe any of them. Until I walked into what was supposed to be OUR apartment in a mere five months after we were set to be MARRIED and I find you with some cheap floozy."

"You weren't supposed to be staying there yet..." He muttered.

This made her start laughing. She couldn't believe this. "It was our place. I was trying to get it perfect before showing it to you this week. But then you saved me from that by showing me what an absolute fool I've been for the past THREE YEARS! Tsubasa I gave up a year of my life, a year off of going to college with my friends, in order to help you follow your dreams, so I put mine on the back burner. And I didn't even want to get married yet, that was also YOUR idea. You insisted that you'd like to be married before your next tour once you got back from America. So I consented because I figured it would happen eventually anyways so what did it matter if it was sooner than I had planned? And then you go and pull this shit? I'm sorry but no. No, no, no, NO."

"Mikan..." He said weakly. One last feeble attempt to keep me from leaving him. "I love you."

"I love you too. But I guess love just isn't enough sometimes. I don't trust you. I don't have faith in you. And honestly, I don't want to see you ever again." She slipped off the ring and flung it back at him. "Keep it, I don't need it anymore. Get all of your things out of the apartment by tomorrow. I don't want to see you ever again."

Then she rose, with all the dignity she had and left the restaurant, hopefully for the last time, with silent tears streaming down her face. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out a phone and dialed the number of her best friend. "Hotaru, I need ice cream. Or a drink. Or both...Yeah I'm on my way there. I'll explain there...alright see you soon." And without a second thought she drove off into the night, leaving him, her past, in her dust.