Chapter One

Being the new student was not as terrible as others made it out to be. It was unsettling being thrown into an entirely new environment with entirely new people, but there was no occurrence of eating in the bathroom alone, or being laughed at for unknown reasons. Overall, the few people she met today were actually very kind and welcoming (and even if they hadn't been, Lucy Heartfilia was as resilient as they come, so she could have molded easily into the crowd of students).

She moved across the country with her father due to his business and something with a "headquarters relocation." In all honesty, she hadn't caught a word from her father's lips after she gathered all of the information she needed to know. We're moving to Magnolia, on the other side of Fiore. I know it is abrupt, but it a necessary…. Blah, blah.

The bell rang abruptly, dragging the blonde from her thoughts and signalling the end of her second day at Fairy Tail High. Lucy took her time gathering her books since she was in no rush to return to an empty house, clutching her belongings to her chest and rising to her feet.

She had no trouble arriving at her locker, forced to stand within a very close proximity of the wall due to the hordes of students bustling through the halls.

"Lu-chan!" a delighted voice greeted her and then she met the eyes of Levy McGarden, her first (and quite frankly, only) true friend at this school. They have nearly identical schedules, although Levy is in a different language class. The blue-haired girl had approached her first period the day before, offering quite nicely to show her around and then inquiring her about her life before Fairy Tail High. The pair became fast friends, exchanging numbers by the end of second period. "Hey, I can't show you around town until later! Something came up with the librarians and they need my help." Okay, so maybe Lucy and Levy had spent a lot of time talking about books, and that was one of the reasons behind their immediate friendship. "I'll be done in like an hour or so, so you could just wait around school if you want and get to know the place better. Sorry!"

"I'd like to see more of the school," Lucy nodded, a smile overtaking her features. "It's alright, Levy. Just text me when you're done."

"Okay, see you, Lu!" Almost as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared, clearly in a hurry to get to the library.

Lucy smiled and looked at her feet, genuinely happy that someone wanted to be her friend. At her previous school, she did have friends, but she was well aware that many of them were forced friendships for business reasons - many of her former classmates' parents worked, to some degree, with her father. So it was nice, in her opinion, to be able to call Levy a friend without wondering if she was just in it because of her family and its fortune.

As she strolled through the nearly vacant halls, Lucy remembered how Levy had listed all of the clubs of which she was a part. She recommended that Lucy join at least one, but it was hard to choose right off the bat. The mention of a book club piqued her interest, but she wanted to explore a variety of other areas as well (plus, said club was in the middle of a rather lengthy book, so she decided to put that idea on hold until Levy gave notice that they finished said book).

One club in particular really caught her attention, though: creative writing club. She absolutely loved writing. However, the club typically shared their pieces with the other members, and she wasn't sure she could do that. Just the idea of someone reading her literary works caused her face to flush a deep shade of pink, and she let her head drop.

A puff of air left her lips in a sigh. "Why is it so hard to pick a club to join?"

Lucy was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't hear the approaching footsteps, nor did she expect the owner of those footsteps to collide right into her. "Ow!" Both of them landed on a jumble on the ground, and rubbing her rear was all Lucy could do to soothe the pain.

"-sorry!" She only caught the last tidbit of the apology the other person sputtered out. It was a girl who appeared to be about Lucy's age, with short white hair and crystal blue eyes. And as she held out a hand for Lucy, "Are you new here?"

"Yeah, today was my second day!" Lucy announced excitedly. This girl seemed like someone she could get along with. "I'm Lucy."

"My name is Lisanna." A smile. She proceeded to check the time on her phone. "I'm so late! Sorry, Lucy, but I really need to go. I'll definitely see you around!" With that, Lisanna continued on her mad dash towards the opposite end of the school.

It was about ten minutes later that Lucy happened across a small gym, one that wasn't used for physical education classes. And what did she hear? "You're going down, Ice Princess!"

She sweat-dropped, peering around the doorway into the room. There were a few mats set up, but in the middle of the room were three mats pushed together to make a large square, where two boys stood - one with dark hair, and one with pink hair. Pink hair?

Her eyes flitted to the group of people a little ways away from them, and she immediately spotted Lisanna chatting away with another girl who looked much like her. Lucy guessed that the taller one was older. Both of them were stunningly gorgeous. Seemingly involved in their conversation was a brunette wearing yoga pants and a sports bra, but the outfit wasn't what caught Lucy's attention - it was the flask from which the girl took a sip. They let her drink in school?

A blue-haired girl and a redhead were observing the two boys on the mat (the bluenette seemed to be cheering for the dark-haired male, while the redhead appeared mildly irritated). There were other people scattered on the far side of the room, too: a blonde male was also watching the boys with a lack of interest while three companions of his spoke to him; a burly white-haired man was encouraging the boys to fight while shouting about "being a man"; another bluenette, looking awfully young, sat on a stack of mats near a dark-haired boy who looked about her age; in the far corner stood an intimidating man, his face lined with piercings and a mane of dark hair flowing down his back. A few others were in the room as well.

All she could manage to do was suck in a gasp of breath when the two boys, front and center, started throwing punches, kicks, and whatever other kinds of offensive moves they could muster up. Lucy felt herself leaning further into the room, but she was too preoccupied watching the fight to care. Concern stirred in her chest, but none of the others seemed fazed by what was going on right in front of them.

As a precautionary measure, Lucy's father had signed her up for self-defense classes, but she quickly ascended to taking an actual martial arts class. Her teacher told her she was a natural, although her kicks were much stronger than her punches, and recommended that she take an advanced class. Her father was against it, so she continued practicing and utilizing the skills she obtained from mediocre martial arts. However, what she learned was no match for the moves being displayed before her at that moment.

Neither one of them landed a winning blow, or even a blow that indicated one of them might win. They were equally matched, according the Lucy.

The pink-haired one stopped fighting for a moment, his attention ensnared by something other than his brawl. What's he - oh, wait - oh, oh no. He was staring directly at Lucy, and she was staring directly back…

...right before the dark-haired boy punched him square in the face, causing him to stagger back a bit. Lucy jumped back outside the gym, no longer observing the fight. A blush was sprawled over her cheeks, heating up her face, and she let her head drop. She didn't mean to get caught watching the fight, but all she could wonder was why they were fighting. Is it some sort of club?


As if on instinct, a shriek (sounding much like "kyaaa!") left her throat and her fist shot out, colliding completely with the face of the person who approached her. This just keeps getting worse. A horrified expression contorted her features when she realized the person whom she socked in the face was the pink-haired boy who had just caught her watching his fight.

"I'm sorry!"

"Do you punch everybody who says hi to you?"

"I didn't mean to, I was just thinking and I didn't hear you-"

"Are you new?"

The question caught her off-guard. "Ye… Yes!" Her face was still red because all she could think was I punched him in the face, but she gained her confidence back rather quickly. "I'm Lucy."

"Natsu." He gave a toothy smile.

Despite the fact that he looked prepared to speak more, Lucy caught sight of the clock behind him and beat him to the punch (figuratively, this time). "Oh! I need to go meet someone. Sorry about hitting you - I'll make it up to you!" With that said, she turned on heel and jogged down the hallway, keeping her eyes out for a blue head of hair.

"You yelled 'kya' and punched him in the face?" Levy questioned once more, obviously failing to suppress the masses of giggles that erupted from her throat. "Way to make an impression, Lu-chan!"

"Levy!" she practically whined, burying her face in her hands. They had been talking about the clubs Lucy was considering, which caused the topic of her encounter with Natsu to resurface for the third time. Lucy peeked through her fingers, any traces of embarrassment missing from her face as she leaned skeptically towards the other, scrutinizing her. "I still can't believe you are part of a fight club."

"They're my friends! We have lots of fun, although they can get a little rowdy sometimes." At this thought, Levy put a finger on her chin, tilting her head to the side. "And they've gotten most of our members kicked out of a lot of places. But it's like one big family!"

Something stirred inside of Lucy's chest. Sadness? Not quite. It almost seemed like envy. Yes, that had to be it. She was envious.

Lucy hasn't felt the joy of having a family to depend on, to have fun with, since the death of her mother. As soon as her disease overtook her, Jude, her father, buried himself in his work, apparently lacking the time of day to even talk with his daughter. Sometimes she would go days without seeing her father and she used to cry about it, but by the time she reached age ten, it was expected that every time her father left the house, he would not return for the next few days. So hearing someone talk so joyously about having a family, blood-related or not, brought those harrowing thoughts to her mind.

"It must be nice," she said finally, a small smile on her face. The blonde forced the thoughts back into the locked portion of her mind out of which they had broken, meeting Levy's eyes with a cheery expression of her own. "It sounds really cool!" It did sound cool, and exciting, but after seeing the match between Natsu and Gray (Levy had informed her of the pair's habit of constantly and inconveniently brawling), she doubted she would make the cut for being even half as good as everyone else.

"You should join!" Levy prompted her, leaning forward with literal sparkles in her eyes. "It would be so much more fun! Everyone in the club would love you!"

"I'll think about it." She offered an eye-squinting grin, giving Levy a thumbs up. Truthfully, Lucy has been thinking about it. She has been considering it ever since she scurried away from Natsu. Lucy was an okay fighter, nothing too extraordinary (like, if she was somehow attacked by someone with moderate fighting experience, she could probably defend herself). She was above average in the intellect department and really good at thinking outside the box and working her way out of messy situations, but were these qualities of any use when it came to being part of a fight club?

"Good! That's what I wanna hear! We have a match tomorrow and I'm coming, so you should come!" Levy exclaimed. The bluenette proceeded to check her phone and her happy expression fell. "Oh no! I'm totally late for dinner! You can get home okay, right, Lucy?" The blonde nodded. "Okay! I'll text you later, Lu!" Lucy watched her friend depart with a smile, before glancing at a clock. She should head home as well.

By the time she made it home and ate dinner, she was ready for one thing: a bath. As she submerged herself in the water, breathing in the steam and allowing her muscles to relax, something Levy said struck her once more.

But it's like one big family!

A content sigh passed through her lips before they curved into a ghost of a smile. The more she thought about how Levy described the club (with complete enthrallment and adoration), the better it sounded. Maybe she would give the fight club just a little more thought.

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