This is going to be a collection of headcanons and prompts that either I created or I got off of the lovely place we call the internet. Many of these are based off of single words or phrases. Some came to me as dreams, others I just randomly thought of in the middle of the day. There's no particular order for these.

If you have any headcanons that you would like to see, don't be afraid to ask. I may or may not already have it lined up to go. There's not much I won't write. I would like to keep these rated T, but I am willing to go border-line M.

I will be listing this as "completed" because I'll never know when it will end. It may never end for all I know.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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In which Castiel discovers an alternative to sleeping alone.

Before he and Dean got together, and after his angel mojo started fading in and out, Castiel never minded sleeping on his own. He didn't mind the silence of his room in the bunker, or the nighttime noises whenever he and the Winchesters stayed in a motel. He liked spreading his limbs out on the bed, stretching his body and making use of all the space that a king-sized bed provided. He never needed to worry about rolling over and squashing someone. He had his own bed… and lately, it was more than he's ever owned in his life.

But then Dean happened. They became more than just friends, and soon they found themselves sharing a bed at night. It was awkward at first. They stayed on opposite ends, despite their bodies aching for the other's touch. As time went on, they grew accustomed to sliding closer and closer until they were wrapped around each other. They didn't let go until morning light.

For Castiel it was a big change to start sharing a bed. He no longer had as much space as he used to, but for some reason it didn't bother him. Dean often slept on his stomach and kept to himself. Castiel could still spread out if he wanted. He could still take up as much space as he wanted. Dean didn't mind. But Castiel soon found out that he didn't like being so close to Dean and not touching him.

It started with hand holding. Their hands would gravitate towards the other's and fingers would intertwine. They would squeeze their hands together throughout the night just to remind themselves that they weren't alone.

Then the cuddling. It happened by accident. Castiel rolled over in bed and misjudged the distance between him and Dean. Instead of being nose to nose with the hunter, his head was lying on top of Dean's chest. Before he could move it, the sound of Dean's beating heart flooded his ears and he relaxed in the embrace. Although Dean never woke up, his own arms circled Castiel tightly.

Spooning was next. They alternated who was the big and little spoon. The little spoon tended to be the favorite position. Castiel felt the safest when he was wrapped in Dean's arms. Knowing that the hunter was right there, chest pressed against his back, made Castiel more warm and secure than he'd ever felt before.

And when Castiel looked down at the hunter snoozing on his chest, he realized that he couldn't recall the feeling of sleeping alone, even if he tried.

Alright, first one down. This was the one that started this one-shot collection idea. No dialogue because no.

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