Forever and Always

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Summary: Another set of short stories, just like its sister-story Now and Forever. Identical set-up, basically round two of the Doctor and Donna, sometimes accompanied by their friends, sometimes romantically involved, other times just best pals. Enjoy!

Alternate Possibilities

So I was watching a video on YouTube that you should check out if you haven't already seen these scenes, and though I've watched the deleted takes before, I wasn't motivated like this time to conjure up a little material from it. Type in 'Doctor Who – Deleted Scenes – Part 4', and you should find it.

Donna recognized the sound of the Tardis, stirring something in her brain though she knew not what. It had been easy for her not to recognize the Doctor moments before he left her in the kitchen; he was just another bloke passing through her life, and not even her type if she was honest – much too skinny, with hair that was way too out of control. Sharp dresser, though, she had to admit…

But that noise, that wheezing and whirring, cutting out the voice on the other end of the line, drawing her attention by striking her very heart and soul. There was something about it – what was it!? It was so familiar, like the sound of her name being called to come home, like there was somewhere important for her to be, some place she just had to be getting to. More than that, it was like wherever she was supposed to be, there would be someone there. Someone who needed her. All of these emotions being drawn out from one grinding melody.

Then it was gone.

It faded into her imagination and her mind instantly returned to the conversation. Lying in bed, she was still thinking about it, but shrugged it off as being the sound of the rain. What else could it have been? It didn't matter, she reasoned, as she burrowed deeper under the duvet and drifted off to sleep.


She rushed out into the rain, leaving the phone dropped on the kitchen floor even as the voice on the other end shouted out her name. She had pushed passed her Gramps, who warned her to get back inside. She knew nothing would stop her, but her heart had sunk when she saw it, the blue box, fading away with each flicker.

"Doctor!" she shouted. But the box was gone. Her head throbbed in discomfort, but it was a dull sensation, a little aftermath or side effect that would settle out soon enough. That stupid Martian! If he had just waited, he would have realized what she now knew herself – her mind wasn't going to burn up at all, not one tiny bit. It just needed time to make space, to cope, to handle and process. She was going to be fine now, a human with the brain of a Time Lord, or Time Lady rather.

'I'll have to do this the hard way. Here goes nothing.' Donna thought, sending out a signal to the Tardis with nothing but her own concentrated thoughts. If the Doctor shared a connection with the time machine, maybe she could, too.

Minutes passed, and Donna was focusing so hard that everything around her melted away. There was no rain, no sound, no water dripping from her hair, no flashes of lightning, no chill ghosting over her wet, glistening skin in the lamplight.

'Please, please, please. Please don't leave me.'

She opened her eyes, and there it was. She sighed through a beaming smile with the breath she had been holding and with relief at the site before her. The blue box that was bigger on the inside. A dumbfounded, slightly frightened, pin-striped suit-clad man standing within her doors, staring out at his companion.

Donna squared her shoulders, and flicked a few saturated strands of ginger hair from the front of her still beaming face, then took off running at full speed towards her best friend, the man she would travel with forever.