These stories take place before, during and after Samus Aran's journey. These Origins will be before and during Samus' journey. This chapter takes place around the time of Ridley's attack on earth colony K-2L. Now without further ado... _

It is said that the Chozo were born from pure light. Much like the other races we encountered not many had any idea how they came to be. The Luminoth's idea was similar they were thought to born of stellular mass. Any race as advanced as us could explain, but we seemed to be the most advanced. We began to doubt that we would find a missing link between us and the advanced. It happens that that link was more primitive than we thought.

"Alright the cargo is being transported and payment is received. Cheif Aran out." Said Rodney. He had finished transport for a while and went to take a break. As he left base a small ship landed and a bipdal bird walked out. "Ah, Old Brid. It's nice to see you again." He said.

"Ah, Rodney. I am here to check up. And how-" before he could finish a child ran up and yelled. "Daddy daddy! Can I..." She stopped when she saw Old Bird. "Birdie!" She squealed. "Ah! I see Samus is well."

"Alright Samus, me and Old Bird need to talk. Go to mom." The Chief said. Samus huffed but walked to her mother. A few minutes later after the Chozo left, a huge explosion rocked one of the mines. A large crab-like creature shot out followed by many others. They formed ranks and stood. Each was about six feet tall and had gray body armor covering their purple and green exoskeletons. Each sqadrant leader was red and poised with their claws out. Seconds after a large dragon like creature shot out and fired bolts of fire and slashed structures before landing and yelling: "Attack!"