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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

In the village of Konoha there was once a young child with a lofty dream. His goal was to become so strong that he'd surpass their current leaders and be given the revered title of Hokage. It was a position of great power and respect that was recognized throughout all of The Land Of Fire. However, in order to start his journey to the top he needed to pass his final exam at the Academy and become a shinobi.

When his test began the kid was told to perform the bunshin no jutsu. While it's a simple technique for most, it's given him more trouble than the average student. The boy didn't let that stop him though and quickly made the correct hand signs. He started pushing chakra into the technique only to stagger and drop his pose. A moment passed before he regained his balance.

Nothing should have happened with the technique aside from a failed clone. Yet, something has changed even if no one in the room was fully aware of it. The blonde held a hand to his head in discomfort as pain flowed through him in waves. A few seconds passed before it died down to a dull throb. Blue eyes hesitantly opened shortly after.

The two teachers who were judging his performance merely frowned at the display. They've dealt with the kid before and thought he was just prolonging the inevitable. They had no doubt that he'd fail the instant the jutsu was actually used. The first teacher voiced his annoyance at the supposed stall tactic. "Any day now brat." The second one only rolled his eyes at the kid while waiting in silence.

Once the boy stopped feeling like his head was going to explode he slowly scanned the room. The surroundings weren't familiar to him, and the two oddly tall people in full cosplay gear weren't jogging any memories either. The second teacher finally had enough of the stalling. He continued on with a bored expression on his face. "Hey, Uzumaki. Either try to pass the test or get out and stop wasting our time."

"Uzumaki? Who's he talking to?"

I looked around the room to make sure the man was focusing on me before turning back to the irritated proctors.

"Well, this is awkward. They must have me confused for someone else."

The first teacher sighed before speaking again. "Come on, Naruto. You're the last student we have to test today. At least try to perform the bunshin no jutsu before the day is over."

"The bunshin no jutsu, huh... They must be really into the show. But why would he call me Naruto? I don't look anything like-"

I looked down at my clothes mid thought and immediately noticed a glaring issue. I was dressed in a bright orange outfit along with a pair of blue ninja shoes. When I quickly reached my hand up I felt that goggles were settled on my head. At the very least I was sure I didn't put the goggles on myself. I normally don't even like wearing hats.

"Well, shit. Did I get drugged? That's the only way I would've worn any of this willingly."

What happened before I got here was a complete mystery. Thinking back I couldn't even remember what I was doing a few days ago. I was well on my way to panicking and would've asked the two guys in the room about it had they not been my potential kidnappers.

On the other hand they haven't done anything to harm me yet. Well, that I know of. For all I knew I could've been at an anime convention for super fans the whole time.

"It could be something else then. Maybe I have temporary amnesia?"

With that in mind I decided to play along and pretend to be Naruto for now.

"Who knows. They could let something slip that might be useful. And if not, then I'll look for an opportunity to run."

Thinking on my feet I noticed that the cosplayers looked nothing like Iruka or Mizuki. The scenario could be taken as before the series even started then.

"I can work with this."

"I don't think that I'm ready to pass yet sensei. My clones still suck." I put on a frown and dropped my shoulders to try and sell my act. The two teachers glanced at each other in slight surprise at the fact that I admitted my weakness, although they already knew that I wouldn't pass this time.

"Well if you're positive that you can't pass, then we'll keep you in your current grade level. At least try to make an effort to study for the month that you have off. You're going to have to catch up to your peers so that you don't flunk again."

I rubbed the back of my neck and in true Naruto fashion I said, "I'll do my best sensei! The next time I set foot in my class I'll be a hundred, no a thousand times better! Believe it!" I knew that I was laying it on thick, but that was the best I could come up with on such short notice.

Instead of commenting they both nodded before motioning for me to leave the testing room. My shock at their dismissal turned to wariness, but I didn't let that stop me from making my escape. As I entered the classroom attached to it I let out a sigh. I felt some relief when I noticed it was completely empty aside from me.

"They're letting me go just like that? And I don't have to go through a fake jutsu fight or throw paper shuriken around first? They're either bad at roleplaying or something's up."

I cautiously made my way out of the classroom and noted that at least the room being empty would be accurate if Naruto was taking the test last.

"It didn't seem like he had any friends before the series took off. And he was on the outs with his teammates almost daily too."

I paused with a slight frown just outside the door and tried to quickly pick a direction. There were two different ways to choose from, but I didn't know which one would lead outside. A moment passed before I felt an urge that compelled me to start walking off to the right. I let it take over and soon found myself right outside the entrance of the school.

"How did I know that?"

My thoughts were cut off once I saw the large crowd of people spread out not too far from the door. It looked like the children were showing off their new ninja headbands to their proud parents. I paled and tried not to draw too much attention to myself as I casually walked towards them. Unfortunately I was wearing extremely bright clothing and moving right into their field of vision. My pace slowed slightly when people immediately turned my way.

I grimaced when most of the parents took in my form and not-so-subtly moved themselves, and their children, away from me. Some looked indifferent, while others openly glared at me with such hate that I was taken back for a moment. I tried to calmly walk through the path that was opened for me without making too much of a scene. Meanwhile groups of people started chatting or whispering to each other while staring at my form.

I heard a man say, "Well, it looks like the brat didn't make it through again."

The woman next to him snorted. "Like that idiot could ever pass the test. If he ever becomes a ninja I'll bet it's because he cheated."

"What the fuck's happening right now? Is that whole group of people in on this?"

I briefly stopped after hearing the slander before I continued my long walk away from the crowd. The insults piled up even higher once I passed them by.

"How the hell do they think that I can't hear them?"

I began to pick up my pace. It seemed almost in retaliation that a person further away spoke even louder than the rest.

"Why does he even try to become a ninja when he's the worst in all of his classes? My son said that he hardly ever turned in his assignments, and when he did they were all done half assed. You could barely read his writing, if you can call it that. It was hard enough to read the crap that he wrote for each topic, let alone his own name!"

Another man answered slightly lower with, "He shouldn't even be studying with our kids! Who knows if the fox brat might snap one day and…" He trailed off when he realized that he was probably saying too much to the public.

"Damn, they actually are in on it. I need to get the fuck out of here."

I started to walk even faster in the hopes of escaping the asshole parents of the Hidden Leaf. At least most of the children were too focused on talking with their friends to be listening to the bullshit that their parents were spouting off. Of the few kids that were actually listening to the gossip, most showed obvious confusion over the subject matter. Only a few of them understood that they were talking about me, and they didn't look too happy at the people who were speaking.

I didn't see any of that though, since I was attempting to ignore the bastards and look as though I wasn't hearing anything they were saying. I failed soon enough and felt my expression waver once the insults were thrown one after the other without any sign of stopping. Relief coursed through my body as I made it out of the clusterfuck of people and instantly ran away rather than walk.

"To hell with acting casual. There's no way that I'm staying anywhere near those assholes for any longer than I have to."

Once I couldn't see the Academy anymore I finally slowed down. I scuffed my right foot along the dirt road as I walked, and tried to keep a low profile. Well, as low as I can while wearing an outfit that practically screams 'Look at me!'. My mind wandered as I looked around the supposed village.

"They're kind of overdoing it with the whole 'hate on Naruto' script. It wasn't even his fault for the attack that happened years ago. Although, the kids having headbands was a nice touch. I'll give them that."

When I looked up from the ground again it was to see a person in full ninja garb jump off of a two story building in front of me. She landed perfectly on her feet without any problems only to disappear after a quick hand sign. The leaves that fell to the floor simultaneously were the only way I knew I wasn't hallucinating.

"Holy shit. It all makes sense now. I'm dreaming about being in the Naruto series."

I went over what happened so far in my head as I walked. All of the inconsistencies with my memories could be expected with a dream. Finding my way out of a building I've never been in before could be explained the same way. I was in a daze as I contemplated my theory before finally coming to a stop.

"No, I'm not a short blonde kid with superpowers and a demon in my stomach. It's only a dream. I'll just let it play out and wake up in no time."

With my pep talk complete I regained awareness and took in the scene. I looked around in wonder as I found myself much higher than before. A moment later I realized I was sitting on the famous Hokage mountain, and specifically on the Fourth Hokage's head. Sitting this high up gave me a beautiful view of the village as well as a sense of peace over my situation.

"It's not a coincidence that I wound up sitting here when I needed a quiet place to think."

I spent some time just enjoying the cool breeze while I was meditating on the mountain. My breathing was slow and even when I felt a somehow familiar presence. I likened it to the feeling of gentle waves flowing through my body at a steady rate. My confusion at the sudden familiarity broke my concentration and then I couldn't feel it anymore. I stopped meditating after that.

I stayed put on top of the Hokage Monument for a while longer. It was the perfect place for me to be myself and enjoy the silence. Eventually I left from my comfortable position in order to see the sights. I figured that I should enjoy the time I had left in this fever dream while I still could. Almost instinctively I began walking towards a familiar looking shop. The scent of something absolutely amazing reached my nose when I got close enough to the curtained off place.

"Ichiraku Ramen here I come!"

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