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Chapter 1: One Year later

Ash and Pikachu was on the way back to pallet after a long and hard day of being a Pokémon trainer, it had been a year since he lost at the Kalos and he was training hard to re-enter the Indigo league during this time he reclaimed most of his Pokémon that left him except haunter and got some old friends to go with him such as Lavitar, Riolu and Zorua, as well as caught some new pokemon which includes two Ralts one male and one female that was blue instead of green, a Mienfoo, a Abra, a Beldum, a Togepi, a Eevee and a Phantump.

"I can't wait to get home and get into mums cooking tonight I'm exhausted how bout you Pikachu?" as said looking down at his buddy running next to him "Chu" Pikachu replied thinking about his bottle of ketchup, As ash and Pikachu walked home black clouds stated to roll in, 'looks like it going to rain' ash thought as he and Pikachu stated to bolt for home.

"Mum I'm home "ash called as he entered the front door just missing the rain that started to poor down.

"Hi dear dinner is almost ready" Delia say happily as she and Mr Mime when back to finish dinner. "Happy about this week?" Delia called out, even though she knew the answer she got a confused response of what is happing this week. "Silly it's your birthday at the end of this week" she said to ash as he jumped totally forgetting it's his birthday tomorrow.

"Thanks mum for reminding me, I kinda forgot" ash said ginning while rubbing the back of his head.

After dinner ash and Pikachu went straight to bed so he can train tomorrow, Delia on the other hand had a multi call with some of ashes friends and mothers of the friends as she got into his Xtransceiver phone book, this call with 19 people while crowded all knew ash well, rivals and friends gathered on the phone to discuss ash's 17th birthday. Hours passed as they discussed what should happen and it came down to just a simple back yard party with everyone appearing the day before. Just before Delia was about to put down the phone she noticed Brock, Misty, Dawn, Iris and Ursula were still on the phone. "Is everything ok dears?" she asked looking puzzled why they were still connected, they each explained that there were some people that needed to be invited but weren't in the call and brock explained that he wanted to bring his girlfriends with him he also explained that they knew ash but not very well, she said that was fine and told them goodnight just before leaving she saw that Ursula was still in the call "everything alright dear?" she sweetly asked wanting to know why she was still in the call

"Well the thing is I'm in love with your son, but I have a slight problem I'm Bi right and I am also in love with this girl who coincidentally is in love with your son, what should I do?" Delia was stumped never had she had a question like this but what interested her the most was how two girls love her son so she tried to extract some more information about who loved her son.

"You wouldn't know who else loves ash do you?" she questioned Ursula mentioned the girls in the call that loved ash were Misty, May, Dawn Iris, Elesa, Serena, Cynthia, Korrina, Diantha and herself as well as some who might not of been in the call as well, she wasn't so sure though. To say Delia was shocked was an understatement she never though her son would be loved by so many and as soon as Ursula said that she left.

The next call was one of the most important as she was trying to get Scott and Mr Goodshow to come and enjoy the party, they accepted the invitation as ash has helped both of them in the past, Delia quickly went upstairs and went to sleep thinking about what Ursula had said.

Time skip 5 days

Delia awoke early in the morning as the Preparation of ash's will start soon and she had to get ash out of the house to get someone very important for her and ash as he has been gone for most of the year. She walked downstairs to the kitchen with Mr Mime following as she began todays work starting with breakfast before sending ash off to his Find Richard 'Red' Ketchum his father who works with the pokemon rangers and was currently deployed at Mount Silver, she had contacted the rangers not to tell him as she said ash will pick him up as she need to get ash out of the house.

An hour later a young lad came down stairs with a yellow mouse pokemon after smelling a scent of the amazing cooking of his mother "morning mum" ash said with a yawn "pika" Pikachu said with also a yawn.

"Hello dears" she replied with a hug smile on her face as this was the day that she found out first hand who loved Richard 'Ash' Ketchum Jr "Honey I need you to get someone for me" she didn't say his name, as Richard was never there for ash as being a ranger as well as a league officer and G-man came at a cost.

"Ok mum where are they?" ash replied before stuffing his face with pancakes.

"He is on Mt sliver right now but I'm not sure were" she replied telling him all the details he will need to know,

"What's his name?" he replied finished with his pancakes

"Richard, he will tell you the rest" she sat down as started eating breakfast with ask asking things like what would you like for your birthday and how are you going to get to Mt Silver. They finished there peaceful breakfast and quickly got them out of the house as her helpers were coming.

With Ash

Ash and Pikachu left the front yard and sprinted to Professor's Oaks Lab to collect some pokemon now that he had stopped traveling for the year all his pokemon stayed at oaks and he put them in their pokeballs only when they were going some were like now "guys were going to mount silver so I need a few to come but I need you Charzard to fly me there as Abra can't teleport that far yet" to which ash got a wing to the back signaling 'I've got you bro', immediately Lavitar, Rolu, Zoua and Bayleaf came rushing towards him with Bayleaf crash tackling him to the ground and hugging the shit out of him. After calming Bayleaf down he choose his team and left on Charzard heading for Mt Silver.

With Delia

Once Ash left Delia got to work by getting on the phone and started too order tables and chairs ash she didn't have enough. The first to arrive was misty her Sisters and a few people with her they introduced them self as Casey, Duplica and Sabrina. A few more hours past and a call came in saying that the tables and chairs were ready to be picked and asked the girls to collect them from viridian. The next group to arrive was May with her brother Max and their mother Caroline and father Norman, a few hours later Brock and Ritch arrived with their girlfriends with brock was Autumn and Lucy and with Ritchie was Alexia. By this time the girls that left to pick up the tables and chairs returned with a truck to help them unload. A small while later Dawn, her mother Johanna, Paul, Anabel, Nando, Zoey, an exact copy of dawn named Princess Silvia, Cynthia and finally Ursula.

The day was setting and Delia and co and finished the work that needed to be done as nightfall approached the last of the guess arrived, Cilan, Burgundy, Clemont, Princess Allie, Iris, Roxie, Elesa, N or Natural but he preferred to be called N, Hilda, Serena, her mother Grace, Korrina and Diantha. After they came in Delia and the other mothers was flabbergasted by how many people came by should have expected it as ash was very charismatic, the four mothers idly chattered while cocking dinner for the amassed crowed at Delia with two more expected tomorrow on the other had all the other guess were chatting about their times with ash, their accomplishments or the battles with ash except Silvia as she started to tell her tale of how she got out of the castle and continuing on how she will not go back to which N smiled and everyone was getting along greatly.

"hey girls I got something shocking to say" Delia Said to the other mothers to which they all turned and faced her "you know some of those girls out there love ash" she pronounced excitedly the other mums looked at her in disbelief

"No way could he attract what like 20 to him" Johanna said looking at all the teens and young adults

"No, not all of them from what I heard is about 10 more or less" Delia squealed out just thinking about how many grandkids she could spoil

"So what are you going to do?" Grace asked curious

"Why don't I ask them straight up" Delia said full of confidence

"But won't it be awkward when you leave?" Caroline asked

"That's true" Delia Said slightly dejected but then grew a mischievous smile on her face "well I'm not getting any younger and I really want Grandkids to spoil, don't you? So why don't I let all the girls share ash?" the other mother looked at her like she was crazy before Grace spoke up

"well girls she does have a point, my husband almost had one but when I got with him the other girls left, so what will the girls think?" she finished pointing to the living room, the mothers keep talking about what would happen until dinner was ready.

With Ash Back in Early afternoon

"Well here we are, Thanks Charizard" Ash said returning Charizard after landing at the base of Mt Silver, looking up he saw a small house practically at the top he looked at Pikachu and laughed "and here I thought this was going to be easy" Pikachu looked at him confused before seeing the small house almost at the top and bolted for the mountain with ash Following as the sun was coming down and he didn't want to climb a mountain at night as last time that didn't end to well.

It turned to night as they finally reached the small cottage at the top of Mt Silver, he reached the door and rapped on the door awaiting whoever was inside to open said door.

"Hello?" a deep voice said on the other side slightly confused on why someone would be on this mount at this time of day as night just fell and it was extremely dangerous to go mountain climbing at night.

"Yeah I'm looking for someone name Richard" ash said from the other side, he heard the door unlock and there stood a 6'4 man with Blue jeans, black undershirt with a red, white and black jacket and black and red shoes

"Yes I'm Richard, how can I help you?" he said calmly

"Hi I'm ash and I was told to get you for my Mother Delia and she also told me you had some things to tell me?" he said not understanding the last part of the message he had to relay, Richard chuckled understanding what his wife wanted to explain to his son.

"Well me boy why don't you come in and I will tell you some things that may shock you and make you slightly angry" ash agreed even more confused from what this man just said and proceeded to walk in and find a chair to sit in.

"Ok did your mum tell you my full name?" to which ash shock his head "well here is a better question has your mum ever told you your full name" to which again he shook his head.

"Well your name full name is Richard 'Ash' Ketchum Jr and I'm your dad Richard 'Red' Ketchum … now now don't be angry you see there is a good reason you haven't see me much if at all is first you going on your pokemon adventure and second is I'm a ranger as well as a league officer and G-man, and by first hand you should know what were like" to which Ash nodded still pissed that only now is he meeting is father but after hearing his reason calmed down "now your 17 tomorrow correct?" ash nodded again "well I know what you might be think that I don't see your mother often but I do, it's just when you're not there, because of league or ranger things that I don't see you often, hey I got a great idea do you have a Xtransceiver well let me put my number in it so you can call me whenever " Ash agreed and the Richard motion Ash to sit at the table to have dinner and they Chatted for a while.

The Hall of origins

"Soon my Chosen one soon we'll be together, but first I need to make preparations" Arceus said watching Ash before turning around to find some legendries blocking her exit "Mewtwo, Meloetta, Darkrai, Manphy, and Celebi, what can I do for you?" the other legendries looked at each other wondering who would step up first to face the God Pokemon.

"We want to come with you, you know see the chosen one, and we've decided to be his pokemon" Meloetta said nervously as the others nodded.

"I wanna be with papa and mama" Manphy said with tears in her eyes. The god pokemon thought about this and recalled the conversations that she had the other legendries after ash saved them, Arceus looked at the group ahead and smiled.

"Well I have an order for you, tell the other legendries to meet at the main hall at 5pm tomorrow night that is all I bid you goodnight" She said as she pushed through with a smile. The other legendries saw the grin that she had when she walked pass and wondered what was up before going to do what was asked of them.

With Delia and guests

"Girls I have an idea to find out who like ash but first can you pear out and tell me if and one is holding on to each other, then can you get me brock" Delia said looking determined to find out who loves ash. The other mothers looked at her and complied curious with who like ash, knowing their daughter do, the mother go brock and had a quick look at who was holding onto who before leaving with brock.

"Can I help you Delia?" Brock asked confused on why he is here Delia explained that were was a number of girls that like ash here and she want to see who It was but she also knew that there was couples in the mix so she wanted to weed the them out. "I can do that can also tell you who is in a relationship, first there is Ritchie and Alexia, next Paul and Anabel, Nando and Zoey, Cilan and Burgundy, Clemont and Princess Allie, and N and Hilda." The mother were shock to see so many couple here indirectly hooked up together by ash no less. Delia was even more excited when she paired with brocks help in identifying the couples there was still 15 girls left over, which was a huge amount. She then asked brock to get the couples out of the house for a few minutes while she has a talk with these girls, to which brock nodded and left.

"Ok girls its show time" Delia said as she walked out into the main area were the girls were, the last of the couples were just leaving and brock quickly gave a ok sign to proceed with the questioning "Girls I have a quick question" the girls all looked at Delia confused "I heard from a source that all of you like Ash, is this true?" this question hit the mark as almost all the faces when red as misty's hair "when now that I know the answer, what are you guys going to do about it, if I was in your shoes I would share as I'm little greedy, but hey that's my one opinion and plus that way you will all be loved as I know my ashy boy is a great little man, he mostly likely considers you great friend and so do you and you all like him for a specific reason were that be he saved you or you had loads of fun together and bonded, or you bonded though a battle and wanted more of him anyway think about that, Ta ta" and just like that she walked out to the back to tell the guest who just set up the dining table thank you and dinner is ready. The other girls looked at each other now knowing the reason they all came.

"So how is this going to work this is fifteen of us and one of him?" Iris asked not sure what would happen next but to her surprise Sabrina said

"Ms. Ketchum has a point we can share him and be together as a family which I'm ok with, I like you guys plus he was the first boy I fell in love with and same with you all I can tell when you're lying with my powers." The other girls looked at each other and started discussing what should happen.

Delia walked back into the kitchen to see the other mums and Norman discussing what the girls are doing.

"What's happing?" Delia asked

"Well all of girls are conversing kindly after you had a quick talk to them what did say to them?" Grace asked

"Well you know that they all like ash for a great reason and there is only one of him and you won't find anyone else like him, you know the usual" she said with a smile.

Later that night they all had dinner and went to bed not before Cynthia stopped Delia to discuss what she said.

"You know most mothers don't say those types of things what made you say those things?" Cynthia Asked curious my a mother aloud a harem

"Well back when I was young around your age me and this girl Leaf had a thing for ash's dad and he choose me, me and Leaf were really close and often talked about him but once he chose me she left and we never heard from her again, she was like my sister and to see her so heartbroken crushed us but at the same time we were happy we had each other. I don't know I guess I didn't want that to happen to you guys" Delia finished with a tear in her eye.

"Thank you for giving us this opportunity, if I may can I call you Delia?" Delia nodded to Cynthia before returning inside and going to bed. Cynthia sat outside for a bit longer thinking about what her grandmother had told her

'We pray for our sorrows to end And hope that our hears will blend now I step forward to relies this wish and who knows starting a new journey may not be so hard or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds but they share the same sky, one sky one destiny'

The next day: with Ash and Richard

Both Ash and Richard arose when the sun arose as there daily routine was like that, Ash walked outside the cabin and released his team, which consisted of Togepi, Eevee, Phantump, Zorua, Gibble and Pikachu who was outside his ball the whole time and Charzard, he could have up to 12 on him at all times not including Pikachu as technically his ball was still with professor Oak.

"Guys ready for some training?" his Pokemon cried out in happiness are they started training including Togepi as she was still trying to prefect Metronome.

A few hours later they finished up training with Togepi almost perfecting metronome, they went back inside to find Richard making breakfast "hey thanks for making breakfast" ash said as he saw the yoghurt, berries and toast, to which he got a nice thank you.

"Ash" Richard started as he sat down to eat with him "are we going back after this" he got a nod and continued "well when we get back you should spend the day with your pokemon and I'll come to pick you up when it's almost night." Ash looked at him and quickly thought about it and agreed he could really spend more time with his pokemon.

Once they finished and cleaned up Ash and Richard set off for Oak's Lab to meet him. The journey was nice and relaxing giving Richard the time to pull out his own Xtransceiver and call Delia to discuss things with her, half an hour pass when Delia finished her story and Richard was proud that his son attracted so many girls.

He turned off his Xtransceiver and landed in the paddock of Oak's lab and when inside with ash to meet him. Delia already called Oak to tell him what was happing and were they were. Once they were inside Samuel Oak greeted the two and told as that his in need of his assistance to help feed and maintain his pokemon as Tracy was out as Samuel, Richard and Garry left for unknown reasons which confused as but he didn't question it and went to get the food.

With the Delia and the rest

"So honey how you been?" Delia asked curious as three months have pass since she last saw him. Richard told her stories of his grand adventures on mount Silver and the surrounding area, he hugged him some more and they entered their house with professor Oak and Gary. "Hey guys good morning" she called out to the Teens, young adults and people where own age, a loud good morning rang though the house as most people were sitting in the cramped living room chatting. The group of people from the living room looked at the door once they heard a new pair of footsteps

"Hi I'm Ash's dad Richard nice to meet you … oh hi Grace" he said bowing in an exaggerated manner, he got a simple hello from grace and everyone else rushed up to meet him, after all the greetings from the teens and young adults, the older adults walked up and greeted him, with Norman being extra happy as now he has someone to speak to.

"Hey did you hear the news?" Johanna asked Richard. He nodded his head. "Well what are you going to do about it?" wondering how Richard would take the news.

Nothing I'm going to do nothing, I understand what can happen if we force only one, I know from experience, did Delia ever tell you about when we first got together?" they shook their heads, "well this was my mother's home and back when I was 10 I left on my pokemon adventure with Gary's father, Blue Oak, and Leaf Green, us three were best of friends and greatest of rivals, sadly Gary's mom die when giving birth and Gary's farter got into depression after that going back to lavender town to see his pokemon grave and on the way back got blindsided by a hyperbeam knocking him to the ground killing him instantly, at that time I just started seeing Delia when the news hit, Leaf rushed towards me seeking confit, for about a year, the three of us lived in this house together and both woman were constantly showing affection towards me and Delia and Leaf both considered each other sisters, then at one stage I knew Leaf had to go as about that time we were 20 or so and we had dreams of starting a family, but with leaf vying for my love and that she was in the house, we told her of her relationship and was going to help her find a place to live but once we told her we were in a serious committed relationship and wanted a family, she just left crying and we never seen or heard from her again, and to see her so heartbroken crushed us but at the same time we were happy we had each other." He finished with a tear in his eye thinking about his two best friends.

"Wow that an experience now I know why Delia said those things to the girls" Caroline said holding Norman during the sad tale. The parents kept talking for hours while the back yard was set up by the younger generation with Clemont helping greatly as his inventions finally started to work and not explode.

"Girls, I have a question" Cynthia said while standing next to Cynthia?

"Duplica, knock it off, anyway where did you get a costume for me?" the real Cynthia asked before Duplica ran behind a tree and changed into Serena original consume that she wore with ash before she changed.

"I have many costumes that can I change into at any given time, heheh maybe this well be fun if were all together just image it, hahahah, you know I wondered how much we've changed since we last saw ash" Duplica chuckled before changing back to her natural form which had changed since she last saw ash her hair was not up anymore and cascaded down her back making a wavy sea with her blue hair, her breasts grew in the seven years since she met ash now teetering between C and D. everyone was much the same when they thought about it too from when the first meet ash till now they have changed with the slight exception of Diantha, Korrina and Serena as they just fill out with Diantha reaching DD and Korrina and Serena D cups.

Misty and Sabrina had grown a lot with Misty and Sabrina at 5'9 with chests at D range, Misty Truly looked like the forth sensational sister with hair shorter than the rest only reaching her collar, while Sabrina still had her emerald green hair flowing down her back with a smile on her face as the haunter that ash befriended stayed with her and she eventually caught him making her all the more happy he would be with her all the time.

Casey thought about it too, almost 7 years since she last saw ash, she realized how much she grown, along with Casey, Iris also thought about it was three years since she left and returned to Unova, they both stood at 5'8, a C cup, Casey had her hair in a single pony tail, Iris on the over hand let all her hair down trimming it a bit at least to her knees so it she doesn't trip on it, her hear in preparation for this event now has been turned into a wavy purple sea of hair.

Elesa and Roxie looked at each other before thinking about how much they changed after meeting ash, they thought about it and realized they haven't changed that much only filling out what needed to be grown witch now encompasses Roxie at 5'8 and a modest D cup along with Elesa. Roxie thanking a new wardrobe of tank tops and shorts and no oversized jumpers showing off her curves like her other band mate Lilly.

Silvia and dawn thought about the gap of seeing ash although Dawn saw him in Unova it was still tree years since then and both her and Silvia had grown identically being 5'9 and with D cups. Both still looked identical except for the Tiara and elegant dress on Silva.

The last three May, Ursula and Cynthia, thought there change with May changing out the of the bike shorts in favor of a short/skirt combo with her shirt being white and red with hole just below her neck with the sleeves coming to her elbows and her tradition bandana with whopping E's, Ursula on the other hadn't changed her appearance much filling out where it was necessary being a D. Cynthia on the other hand was wearing a white lab coat over her black singlet nothing else changed that much about Cynthia except filling out becoming a D cup and all three standing at 5'9.

The day went on as they set up the backyard for ashes party, an hour before the birthday boy arrived Roxie's band appeared setting up their makeshift stage and getting a bit of practice in before he arrived

"it's almost 5pm time to get the Guest of Honor" Delia to Richard as they left the house telling everyone to hide in the living room, as the mother and father walked to the they began chatting about Ash and what he is going to soon, if he's going to keep training and adventuring or settle down with a specialty job with a woman. They reach the Ranch and collected ash with all his pokemon locking the place tight, before returning home.

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