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Chapter 2: confessions

The family started on their walk home enjoying the 5pm sunset until Ash spoke.

"Mom, dad this is the best birthday ever, thank you" he beamed out, the two adults looked at each other and giggled making ash confused. The three continued their journey to their home and made ash open the door to his surprise a dark house with all the lights out, so he flicked the lights on and out came a shout of what sounded like 100 people.


Standing inside was a group of about 30 or so people ranging from his travel companions to friends to the adults of his friends and professor Oak and Roxie's band which he though was surprising.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked wondering when they got in a certain red haired tomboy with a pokemon doctor walked up to him.

"Silly ash were here to celebrate your birthday" she said as she hugged him as she moved back slightly to let Brock have a turn of speaking.

"Congratulations Ash on becoming a fine young man, but now its time to let loose your 17 now let have some fun, the girls will be lining up for you" he finished as every cheered out as they entered the back Yard to actually see everyone who came as some were obstructed by others inside. There was Misty, Sabrina Casey, duplica, May, Dawn, Princess Silvia, Iris, Elesa, Serena, Cynthia, Korrina, Diantha, Ursula, Roxie, Brock, Autumn, Lucy, Ritchie, Alexia, Paul, Anabel, Nando, Zoey, Cilan, Burgundy, Clemont, Princess Allie, N, Hilda, Caroline, Norman, Grace, Joanna, Oak, Gary, Max and Boney, and Roxie's band which he didn't know the names of properly.

Everyone entered the back yard before hearing a knock Delia walked to the door to see Charles and Scot "evening gentlemen everyone is out back" she said as they walked out to the back to see so many people who most of them they know, the two walked around greeting people before going to the star of the party.

"Hello ash how's it going" Scot said still wearing his blue and white flower shirt.

"Not too bad Scot, how are you and the Battle frontier?" as asked back before addressing Charles "and how are you Mr Goodshow?" looking at the old man with instead.

"Please ash call me Charles" Charles replied back with a hand up, "so ash how's your training going? Will we see you this year at indigo plateau?" he chuckled out.

"Yeah I've been training really hard but I've started with a new team after really training had with all my old Pokemon, this includes, Riolu and Zorua, two Ralts one male and one female, a Mienfoo, a Abra, a Beldum, a Togepi, a Eevee and a Phantump, Pikachu and Gibble." He said telling Charles and Scoot of all his new baby pokemon.

"Well I'm sure you'll do well to raise them" Scot said as both of them walked off to meet Richard.

"arr, Red how you doing these days" Charles asked getting everyone's attention getting a chores of 'what' and 'really' from around the party "yes guys this is the former champion and the youngest at that.

"Now Charles you know that's not true, blue beet me there first, still between that ten year period you really changed the system, not just letting anyone that got 8 badges but having tournaments, you really took his idea to heart" two laughed at each other as they remembered the good times together while everyone looked at Oka and Gary who gave a nod of affirmation.

After hearing the old tale the rest of them went back to talking together and the adults including Charles and Scot started chatting together as Roxie and her band appeared on the stage.

"Hello were the Queen's Court of Poison, thanks for having us" Roxie said as she picked up her bass and stood in front of the mic and started rocking out the first song which was: You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison- My Chemical Romance.

The small crowd of about 30-40 listen to the song although not their style of music still enjoyed the entertainment they provided, the girls that like Ash except Roxie stood together quickly discussing the plan that they formulated earlier that day they plan to go in turn with the order being: Misty, Sabrina, Casey, duplica, May, Dawn, Princess Silvia, Ursula, Cynthia, Iris, Elesa, Serena, Korrina, Diantha, and Roxie last as she was on stage.

"Hey what happens after he accepts us all wheat do we do then" dawn asked unsure of what would happen then.

"Well…" May started before drawing a blank.

"I have a suggestion we have like a leader or something like that some that would keep us in check" Cynthia suggested.

"Yeah but who?" Diantha said.

"I know who's the scariest here" Silvia pointed out and they all turned to Sabrina except Silva, Korrina and Ursula.

"What, I not like that anymore but your right in choosing me as my psychic powers will help a lot" she shrugged her shoulders and they started their plan.

The band had finished their song and started their next one: 3's & 7's -Queens Of The Stone Age. Misty walked up to asked and pulled him away from the adults getting giggles out of them, leaving Charles and Scot confused who got promptly informed at the end of the explanation was laughing and smiling with the adults.

"Ash, I have something to tell you" Misty started already gaining a red ting on her face.

"What is It Mist" Ash said calling misty by her nickname that she hadn't heard in a while.

"Well Ash, ever since you burnt my bike to a crisp back on your first day of pokemon training, I've been with you maybe not so much after the orange island league but over that time I've grown the burning feeling for you and that intensify every time you call me to tell how you're going or say stories about your adventure, and well I just wanted to say Ash Ketchum That, I love you" she finished and looked him square in the eyes before running away in embarrassment to go to the group to let Sabrina know it was her turn. Who walked up to ash making her red dress flutter in the wind.

"Ash, I have something to say and I'm don't know the words to describe it" she started Ash was about to speak before she put her finger on his lip "shhh, 7 years ago you came to my gym full of happiness, a childlike attitude at the beginning but as we battled and you lost returning that next time bringing Haunter with you, I sensed a peace in my heart that I didn't feel for a long time, with haunters and your help I've changed my attitude being more nice and caring, and I did all this for you, Ash, I love you" she lightly jumped into his arms and kissed him before running off with a wave.

Returning to the group she said it was Casey's turn and she ran off to find him who was by now really confused. She found him by one of the tables and called out to him who turned around to see the purpled hair trainer basically jump into his arms.

"Hey Ash" she started moving her pony tail form behind her to over her should her she continued on "well ash it's been a while scene we last saw each other but since then you have been all I could think about whether it's about battling or about our distant friendship, I've always wanted to get closer to you as I have really like you for a long time but two things have always stopped me from telling you, one that I never had the courage to ask you and two I never had your number so I couldn't reach you, but now that I'm here I can say it now Ash Ketchum I really like you" and with that like the others she bolted off leaving him still confused.

Returning to the group Sabrina said it was duplica's turn and she ran off to find him who was still by one of the tables and called out to him who turned around to see himself stare right at him before a poll with a red and white striped cloth hanging on the end of it as it when up and came down a brand new person was their.

"Hello ash, it's me Duplica, and I really like you, ever since we met we had so much fun and most days I was wishing for your return and I really just wanted to be near you again" she finished and like Casey bolted from the scene, ash just sat down again getting a small feeling like this was going to happen again, but it got him thinking, about the girls and what Brock said about the girls lining up as what he though was the next girl appeared before him.

"hi Ash" May called out he lightly waved to her she smiled and ran to him "hey Ash remember when I did not like Pokémon at all and was only interested in becoming a Pokémon Trainer so I could travel. Everyone expected me to follow in her father Norman's footsteps. However, after seeing a Pokémon Contest that you took me to, I decided to become a Pokémon Coordinator for you. Which was hard at first as I knew almost nothing about Pokémon or attacks, you assumed the role of my mentor and supporter, and now I want to be there for you as, I love you" she lightly giggle at the end placing a kiss on his cheek and leaving him with his thoughts.

With all these girls confessing to him ash started to have some inner conflictions about who he likes and how the others would take it, before he could get into anymore deeper though a certain bluenette came into his field of vision.

"Ash Ash I have something to say" as she came to a halt "hey ash do you remember when we first met I was overly confident and assured in my own strength at the beginning of my journey with you. Because of this, I became emotional after I was eliminated from Pokémon Contests I was in, and often cried after losing, after losing a lot you and Brock tied to encourage me although it was not enough to renew my determination, though you were always there to support me and now I want to be there for you as, I love you" she said as she looked down while blushing before running away and dragging what seem to be herself to him.

"Hello sir ash, how are we this evening" she started as dawn ran back to the group an Princess Saliva was left all alone "it's been awhile hasn't it, I still remember they day when you and Lady dawn arrived and let me have the privilege of a contests, one thing that always remained in my head though was the unconditional support by you that helped me go on 'not to worry' is one of the phrases that stuck with me and ever since then I have always wanted to meet you again but with my butler monitoring my every move" she said but this brought up one important question.

"How did you leave" Ash asked wonder how she got out of the castle.

"well I got a little help from Togakiss and Freesia as they helped me get out of the castle and helped me wright this letter both to you and my butler which states 'to Alfred my butler, I am leaving this castle to spend my life with this boy I like named Ash Ketchum, I'm sorry for living inexpertly like this but I cannot live like a princess any more it just doesn't feel natural anymore, love Silva" she finished the letter and Curtsey to him to which he bowed back and she left to be re-joined with Dawn.

To Ash the night had just gotten strange with so far 7 confessions to him and he expected that wasn't the last, this theory was confirmed when a Peach haired girl with drills appeared in front of him.

"hello Ash, your looking nice, I just want to do this quickly as believe it or not I'm kinda shy outside or not being as Dawn puts it a bitch, anyway I wanted to say, I really like you" stuttering the last past she putter her head down before lifting it showing tears in her eyes and she spoke again "Ash Ketchum I like you a lot" and with that she too left making ash question why him what made him so good to get all these girls. With that in mind one of the most powerful trainers approached him Cynthia.

"Hello ash, I bet your surprised to see me" she took a deep breath and wait for the shake or nod to which she got a nod "you know my grandma asked about you, yeah she said when was I getting with you and I just looked at her like she was crazy but I thought to myself, my first kiss and myself can only be given to person that defeats me in some form of challenge and I do believe you once bested me in a challenge so, here's your reward my man" she leaned over and their lips touched as she got up and walked away leaving ash stunned the greatest trainer in the world just kissed him.

It wasn't the end though as Iris walked over to him in her new change he slightly smiled knowing she didn't have any feeling for him but he was proven wrong as she just walked up to him said nothing kissed him before whispering in his ear "Ash Ketchum, I love you" before disappearing into the party. The night when on with ash now counting 10 confessions not believing his luck with the ladies it somehow for him just got better as the electric super model of Unova strolled up to him and sat next to him.

"You know Ash ever since you beat me at my own gym with my own speciality of pokemon I been watching you whenever I can, you're an interesting person and I've always wanted to end up with an interesting person that will shock me at every turn, so ash will you keep shocking me at every turn" she looked at him and giggled before upping his face and lightly kiss his cheek and stroll away back into the party. He looked around again to see everyone laughing and having a good time with the band playing some awesome music, the song finished a Roxie just smiled and waved at him before starting up First date- Blink 182. As the song started Serena appeared.

"Hey ash how's it going" she asked as Ash told her the night was perfect. "you know ash ever since we went through all of Kalos together my love for you had grown, I remember when you saved me at Professor Oka's camp and ever since then I have loved you so much, I just this night would last forever don't you?" she finished ash she lightly pecked Ash's lips and quickly ran off giving time for Korrina to slip in next to ash.

"hey ash" she stated with her cheery attitude he turned to the side to see the fighting type gym leader dress up differently than usual as she wasn't wearing her helmet or and elbows and shin pads and instead wearing a set of jeans and a nice red shirt. "you know Ash when we met the first time I saw myself In you as like the male version of me and Ash I just want to let you know that really amazing and I think you're really cool" she stopped for a second becoming embarrassed thinking about what she had to do "and Ash what I'm trying to say is that I like you a lot" she peered at him again her blush on her face becoming more red before sprinting off, for her It was the first time feeling embarrassed.

Going back to the group the girls were chatting about what they said to ash as Korrina came back Sabrina nodded to Diantha who headed towards ash hoping to tell him how she feels. Ash on the other hand though that everyone that had and will confess to him again though he was prove wrong as the movie star Diantha walked up to him and as sat next to him just like all the others. Although he hadn't said anything to these girls he was both happy and sad at the same time knowing that so many girls like/loved him but he could only have one.

"Hello Ash it's been awhile hasn't it" she started as Ash looked at her "I'm most one of the most unlikely people you ever see here but you know I've taken an interest in you ever since I saw you on the TV saving Garchomp, to our first battle to you taking on the Kalos league, I've seen you grow and I wanted to get to know more of7 what you are but not just on the side lines but next to you, Ash I like you" she like Elesa cupped his face and kissed him and walked off. Giving a que to Roxie to come down off the stage and confess to Ash.

"Thanks guys, were going to take a short brake well be back on soon" Roxie said as she jumped off stage and into the arms of Ash Ketchum who was what she assumed enjoying the concert.

"So Ash how did you like us on stage" she asked to which she got an 'it was awesome' response "you know Ash I did this all for you, as the day you walked into my gym I immediately felt a connection, first we were both from Kanto, then as we battled we were like the best friends and rivals and later when you called me to get my music I was really have that I got a new friend and fan, and I want to keep playing for you and only you Ash, you awesome scoundrel" she lightly kissed him before entering the house to get a glass of water.

Sabrina saw ash and then looked to Brock and called him over as the girls spread out over the party "Brock you have to talk to Ash from what I fell from him he feels conflicted and needs some guidance and since you have a small group of girls you could push Ash in the right direction as we girls all want to be with Ash but we alone cannot till him directly" she said to Brock who glanced over to Ash and nodded moving over to Ash.

"Hey Ash" he said.

"Hey Brock I've got a problem tonight 15 girls confessed to me what do I do?" he responded with his head down.

"Well let me tell you a story about your mother and father"

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