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Chapter 20: Going down the vermilion road

Setting up their camp Arceus was smiling as she was going to finally rider her chosen one her ash. Having their dinner was unaware of the alpha pokemorphs plan to get everyone to bed with their pokemorphs.

Finishing their dinner the group herd the coughing of Arcues trying to gain their attention "everyone I want to propose something to you tonight, it's not exactly something that you had in mind but I want it to happen, I want everyone to mate with their pokemorphs" she said making everyone look at her like she was crazy "common everyone I mean look at earlier in the day you guys were practically mating with your pokemorphs or you were watching them and now that I'm asking you to do that so you will know the pleasure on why I transformed the universe and now you look at me like I'm crazy" she said as they nodded until a hand slowly rose in the air.

"I do it" the blond Kalos gym leader said as she couldn't help it anymore as it was playing in the back of her mind since she saw it her Lucario jerking off, she just couldn't help it she wants it feel it but she didn't know how express to her Lucario that she wanted to mate with him, but now was her opportunity.

"Korrina" her Lucario said as he saw her hand wondering why his trainer wanted to mate with pokemorphs.

"common master I want to do it with you" Ash's blue Ralts said to him as her and his others almost pulled off his chair.

"oi not yet" Arcues shouted at them who helped ash back into his chair properly.

"alright Arceus I'm in" Diantha said as she thought about how her and gardivour had a great time together and she wanted some more, slowly everyone one was on board it took some time and now night had really fell as it was twilight when they set up and had dinner.

It was a little awkward as not every pokemorph wanted to mate with their trainer and those ones didn't want to watch either, so they were put away inside their balls though a fair amount were left out, trying to start the sexual act proved difficult as everyone both pokemorph and trainer were still nervous so Arceus took matters into her own hands as the orgy commenced.

The fucking came to an end and everyone weather it was pokemorph or human was lying in the giant bed that was a king and queen size put together.

"wow that was fun let's do that more often" Roxie said as everyone nodded.

"well let's do that very night" Dawn said as everyone smiled in agreeance.

Waking up the next morning the group was ready for the two-day journey ahead of them one day to reach saffron and the other to reach Vermilion city, there mornings were always nice as they always woke up refreshed after a night of sex, coming out the next morning making breakfast while listening to some of Ash's jazz music that he had then they washed and cleaned up and left towards their destination.

Walking down the road they group were idly chatting to each other as they observed the scenery around them seeing ether great forest or great plains that pokemorhs were on.

"so Ash what did you think of last night?" Arceus smiled at him.

"well I can't say it wasn't fun or great" he smiled back as she jumped into his arms causing him to fall over.

"I just knew you like it" she got up and they continued on with their journey, walking through the forest Roxie pulled the bass of her back and started to play it, though without an amp it didn't sound as good as it should have been but never the less it sounds excellent as it was in the hands of a pro.

"hey why don't we get clement to make you a portable Amp" Serena said as Roxie looked at her.

"well I would be nice to have an amp on hand but an amp needs to have a power source so the electricity can flow through it to make the wicked beats" Roxie explained.

"well I'm sure clement could come up with something he is an inventor" ash stated before he thought about something but a call interrupted this it was his mother.

"Ash dear how are you?" Delia asked her son.

"Yeah I'm ok mum, how are you?" he asked as the girls stopped and started to crowd around.

"hello girls, having fun hehehe" she giggled out making everyone sweat drop.

"hello Miss Ketchum, we have having a lovely time with your son" Salvia said as they others said their hello's including the pokemorphs who knew Delia.

"so mum what up?" Ash asked not sure why his mother called him.

"well I was going through some of the junk in the house and I found your saxophone, a guitar and a drum kit" Delia said as she showed the large woodwind instrument.

"man I haven't seen that in years' mum where did you find them" ash asked.

"in the closet, why do you want it" she asked to which she got a yes "but whose is this Guitar, was it yours misty or was it brock's" Delia asked the redhead as she nodded.

"yeah that's mine and the drums are brock's" misty said happily.

"wait you played the guitar?" Roxie said as Misty nodded.

"yeah between my training for the indigo league after I got all eight badges, Misty and Brock stayed at my house while I trained and in-between training we got bored easily so we got come musical instruments and played ironically enough our best song was one made by brock and I was pretty good even if it was kind of creepy" ash explained as everyone laughed as they met brock and like ash said he was a little creepy but in a good way.

"so which town are you coming up to" Delia inquired as all she could see was forest.

"were coming up to Saffron but were not staying long so could you send it to our next destination which is vermilion city" Ash said as he thanked this mother and they ended the call

"So you guys pained musical instruments huh" Roxie said as they continued one after their brake that was the call.

"yeah it was great me and misty took our instruments into Johto as well but sadly brock couldn't take his drum kit with him everywhere so yeah" Ash said as he reminisced about his past with his three best friends and one of them was with him right now.

"man I don't even remember the last time I played my Sax" Ash said to Pikachu.

"well what about that time at the smash mansion" Pikachu said.

"what that?" Casey asked as she or the others had never heard of the smash mansion

"well it's an fighting competition, and the opponents are from other planets and from space, it's really weird, any way we had to do a song while I was there and because its run by two giant floating hand, yes a giant floating hands named master hand and his brother crazy hand, he gave Pikachu a voice and he did some rapping along with the Male Mewtwo and I played the sax while I as there" Ash explained though the girls had a lot more questions for Ash, Pikachu and the male Mewtwo about said mansion and the competition.

"how many times have you been?" Diantha said wondering how popular it was.

"well Pikachu has been three times, one as a pichu, and two times as a Pikachu, in fact we went last year, I went twice, first time was when we were in Sinnoh and the other time was last year, don't worry girls I didn't fight but this is when pokemorphs were pokemon but it was a little strange as master hand could manipulate evolutions so the first time I was there I found myself with only three pokemon that were given to me were squirtle, Bulbasaur who evolved into Ivysaur and charzard, there was also that jigglypuff that kept following us and that Riolu but he was also evolved into Lucario for the fights, then in the lasted tournament there was just Greninja and Charzard along with Lucario, jigglypuff, Male Mewtwo and Pikachu" ash finished up telling of all the pokemon that participated.

the group contained walking asking Ash and Pikachu many questions for a while until they heard a rumble that seem to come out of nowhere.

"what was that?" May asked as it seemed the closest to her.

"maybe it was a Ursaring?" Dawn said as remembered about the growls hat she Ash and Brock would here.

"but Ursaring don't live in Kanto" Sabrina stated "though it could have been a snorlax or a Nidoqueen or king or maybe a Tauros, kangaskhan or Rhydon but those last three aren't very likely" Sabrina theorised.

"well why don't we stop here and get some lunch into us, I'm hungry" Casey said as they nodded and herd the growl again.

"there it is again its getting closer to me" May stated as they looked around to see what they could find.

"it's all good May I won't it hurt you" Ash smiled at her they hugged and shared a deep kiss.

"thanks Ash that was great" May said as they heard a cough behind them turning around to see the other girls there as well as Arceus, Meloetta, Latias, Ralts and Riolu and they sere slowly closing in on the two with a hunger in their eyes.

"wait everyone I want to keep breathing" but I was too late as Ash's voice rang out it did not reach the girls ears, they all wanted a piece of ash's lips. A small time later Ash had finished kissing all the girls.

"you know we got to stop doing that, I barely have any breath by the end of it" Ash complained.

"well if you weren't such a good kisser then we would have to suck the air out of you" Elesa said as she helped set the tables and chair with the others so Ash could start cocking as they could all do it, it was just Ash was the best at it and they really enjoyed his lunch.

Getting up Ash made his way to his small cooking station and as per usual one of the girls were there to help today it was Korrina.

"hey Ash, I'm helping you today" she cheered out as they started making the food. The main purpose of the cooking time was both to spend one on one time with the girls but also help them to cook as his current partner that was helping him was not the best.

"umm Ash I need help" she called out as she saw all the vegetable and fruits.

"yeah Korrina what is it?" he said as came up behind her mostly so he could guild her but he was told by Pikachu that girls like this and this made her jump in a good way.

"what do you need?" he said as he said was very close to her neck.

"well I'm not sure how to cut the vegetables and fruits" she admitted.

"it's ok it took me some time too and my teacher who was brock was very patient, so here's how you cut the potato" he said as he helped her cut potatoes and sitrus berries before showing in a quick demonstration on how to do the other before going back over to the pan to see that it was hot enough. Putting the meat on the pan Ash timed 2 minutes before he had to come back to check on it, going over to Korrina she saw some impressive work done by a beginner.

"great work Korrina, I knew you could do it" Ash praised her as she looked at him with a blush.

"thanks ash" she said as she continued on finishing her work so that she could watch ash.

Heading back to the meat he flipped it over to see the other side perfectly cooked, moving the meat over he placed another piece in and waited as for both Korrina and for the meat to cook.

He watched Korrina go at it with the knife and smiled thinking about how lucky he is to have her and everyone else here, he was lucky making think of how his friends were doing: Max and bonny, Gary, N, Anabel, Paul, Richie, knowing he could just call them he smiled once more thinking how great the world is.

"Ash, Ash, Ash" he herd Korrina say snapping him out of his daydream.

"yes?" he asked her with a solemn smile.

"the meat Ash, you almost let it burn, had to flip it for you, what were you thinking about?" she stated to him fore she asked why he was daydreaming.

"oh nothing just thinking about how lucky I am having you and all the girls with me" he said as they hugged and fined cocking lunch for everyone. Lunch was pleasant for everyone as they started their training so they could get stronger. Hours passed before they stopped and now they sun was going down, continuing along the road they saw saffron city in the distance, seeing the city they all smiled as they knew were halfway to their location as they headed into the City and back to Sabrina's house who greeted them with a smile.

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