I was of this dimension,of this... the justice brats,lose to the justice the world,blah blah blah.

And then there's Nabu.

I've always hated that order bastard,not because of order itself,but the type of order he controlled.

the order wielded by dictators willing to destroy any who oppose ,he doesn't even warn his little heroes about the teensy detail of the fact they could die!The "evil witch boy",as i was called,am at least straight forward,no where near as manipulative as the so called,"guardian of order".Nabu isn't all he's cracked up to be,shit,when that baby speedster put the damn thing on,i could feel all the turmoil that was going through his emotions.

There is no true order,without chaos.

The baby heroes are strong,i'll give them that,but they should be aloud to be kids,a child shouldn't be dragged into a war,willingly or not.
Believe me,I know.

I noticed him later on,that fish aquatic magic was impressive,but it was the way he spoke that got my attention slow,yet formal tone,and the elegance in his speech pattern reminded me of .

That's why I hated him the formality and the way he bore himself was too similar to the cursed adults that surrounded,and poisoned my life all those years stern leadership,The need to remain in control,no matter how much of your happiness was being stripped...the rueful look in his eyes,and the determined set of his jaw,all the signs of a boy who is being forced to grow up faster than he was ever meant to.

He was the most dangerous of them all,simply because,he was a drone.a shell of his own potential,trained to do what he must,instead of what he be the adult,even when he was only a child himself.

I don't know why,but i started to...keep an eye on that one...just to make sure,okay!?

"you mean by stalking him?"a velvety voice rang through my mind.

"shut up you stupid cat,i am NOT a stalker!"I say,refusing to call my self-defense a whine.
the tabby just looked at me smugly,ruby eyes glittering with mirth.
I'd never confess how much I care for this fuzzy 's a far better companion than any human or creature could ever hope to 's definitely been the best family I've ever had.

I'll never forgive Nabu for trying to kill her.

Anyway,about the aquabrat...it seems that the peace in his team has been rattled,and,let's face it,it has been for treat him like that green skinned shape shifter was hurt,they blamed him,even though he almost died as big-bad-bat is always breathing down his neck,and he's surrounded by younger teens who he feels the inexplicable need to protect.

He's stressed,angry,sad,and...tired.

They had that in were so tired,yet so abilities always being judged,and doubted battled,learned,fought,gained knowledge,and fight some more...an endless cycle,resulting in more and more of their own faith in themselves being chipped away.

It was like looking into a mirror,but it's image was one you despised,and yet...you can't look away.