Saving My Family

Characters: Chris, Piper, Leo, Prue, Phoebe, Paige, Cole and Darrel

Time-line: Phoebes emotional state in Exit Strategy through seasons four, five, and six and to Forever Charmed.

Summary: After a change in plans, Chris decides to go back to the day Phoebe is dealing with her emotions over Cole's relapse, as things progress into his future and he gets involved in their plans as they work together to save his brother, will they be able to handle it, protect their future and get used to their youngest living with them, or will they, in Leo's case, repeat the same mistakes.

Disclaimers: The show and characters don't belong to me, the story belongs to me everything else belongs to the creator and the movie company.

Warning: this is a Chris revelation story, and will follow the show leading up to Cole's obsession with Phoebe, as it gets started. Also this is going to be a re-imagining of series, as this Chris is the one born after the series was created, the epilogue to the final episode, forever charmed. The one from their future, which is the secondary future, in which is the future of the series itself.

So I'm basing this series as if the Chris in the past is the one that was murdered after Gideon killed the original. And I'm making a change to several of the episodes as Prue's alive in the new changed timeline as it goes on and they prepare for Chris's birthday and he prepares to leave for his future at the end of season eight after the ultimate battle.

Chapter 1: A New Life and Chance

After going over a change in plans after several members died, Chris Halliwell thought it over. 'We need to reorganize this, like the Terminator, send someone back and find out what turned him, I have to go back and see my family, they have to know this.' he thought gently and walked into headquarters. As he remembered a conversation with his father the year before then, he felt a painful jolt go through his heart as he remembered his father's last remaining words. 'I love you dad.' he thought to himself sadly then.

"Your other version, the one who resented me for never being around, the one who died and is the reason I was so lost when you were little. We had this talk, but you, you and I fixed our relationship, you're my pride and joy, Chris, listen to me, at first when your alternate version showed up. He showed up in the middle of your mother and me getting used to being parents at the time."

"And we'd just gone through counseling regarding this and several other things, we didn't trust him till we realized why Paige and Phoebe were desperate to have us getting together before I became a full time elder. But upon hearing that, that did it, I was being the father you needed a second chance. But that second chance is getting relabeled as a third chance now."

"I'm sorry if I was never around as often as I could be in our time frame, but we can fix that,..., if you change our past and tell your mother, Aunts and me the truth the second you arrive, or we figure it out on our own. To save our family it's the only way son, return to when your mother and me were twenty eight years old. And we can change the records and you're our first born starting the day you tell us who you are, or we figure it out on our own."

"But just change the sequence, whatever day you choose, begin that day and we move forward from there. Remember these words, but 'The Future is not set, there's no fate, but what we make for ourselves.', that fate is by choosing which forks in the road to take. Your mother needs you, as does your aunts, Prue and Paige, they need a chance at what you're offering us so we can prepare for your brother's birthday till he's safe now."he heard his father, Leo Wyatt's voice echo and grinned then.

"That's it, that's it exactly, return to just before Prue died, I can save our entire family that way." he said anf quickly pulled his radio out then. "Guys, council meeting in ten and get Aunt Prue, we need to talk." he said to his cousin Penny Halliwell and she nodded as she and their friends in the resistance went to round up the leaders of the rebellion, after ten minutes they all met up, as one of the group leaders got it started

"What is it Chris?" Derek Hanson asked and he explained it. "Guys I think our only option here is pull a terminator move here, send someone back and find out what turned him and destroy it." he said and she looked at him in shock. "Wait terminator move, which one are we talking here exactly?" Prue asked him and he smiled as he said it. "Terminator 2 Judgement Day, Cole slaughtered my family, it's payback time."

"To Paige and me, you're the reason mom wanted to quit, he killed you, though he never threw the fireball, he's the reason you're dead, Aunt Prue. Aunt Prue, this is dad's idea, but he suggests I go back to when you were still alive and just before mom found Aunt Paige." he said and she nodded. "2001, just weeks after Phoebe graduated from college, that's when he suggested you return?" she asked him and he nodded to her.

"In that time frame it's three years before you're born, and close to two years, before Wyatt is. We tried once when your other self was twenty one and it still didn't work, and your father thinks we should pull it it now, and you're nearly eighteen baby?" Sandra asked and he nodded. "Yeah, dad and I grew even closer in this time frame, it's best if I'm acting as the oldest son, and he and I get our bond into place, long before Wyatt comes into the picture." he said and she nodded as she exchanged looks with Prue.

"You out of your mind, if you go back you could destroy yourself, mom, Aunt Piper and Aunt Paige are going to get paranoid with you back in that time. What do you intend to do, wait till someone puts the clues together before you tell them the truth of who you are?" Penny asked, before he could answer Prue answered that. "No he's right, if this is the only chance we have of keeping our family together, best to pull a pre-emptive strike and do it two and half years, before Wyatt is even born." Coop said to her gently.

"He's right and that's actually a good idea Chris, alright that's our plan here, do that Chris, Phoebe is about to destroy herself in that time, go back to the year before she finds out she's pregnant with that little devil, but wait till they start noticing the clues of who you are, and, if necessary, call me from this time and I can deal with the me and them of that time myself." she said and he nodded to that order as he answered her.

"So go to the week that he goes underground and just before he has that relapse and moms powers are going crazy that portion of the year before you were killed?" he asked and she nodded. "I can astral project or duplicate myself again for Shax in that case but your mother will never turn into a fury if we do that honey, so that works better here, as for Phoebe and your brother, it means working through the nexus issue now though."

"Alright, with what we know about the nexus and what your mother and I put together during our first encounter with the boogeyman then, tell them the cliff-notes version and she'll add it all together, your father only needs you to mention Phoebe to get it, once you do that, explain the circumstances of what being born in the house means and she'll do the rest, but don't tell her that's what happened, tell her when he's a few months old, but first let her know who you are and who you really are to her."

" To answer the second question, your alias is Chris Perry, until you reveal who you are to us, and when the time comes. Or when Andy gets a good look at you and busts you, just drop the act and tell us the truth, because your mother and I are going to kill him, for nearly killing you and your father in that relapse. In our eyes once we spend a few hours with you, the maternal instincts go crazy and him hurting you like this kills his case, in our case, because to us your family and he's not."

"Also, in our eyes, is you're still just a cub, but once you show that you mean no harm they'll start trusting you, just deepen the bonds between you and him at this stage, your their baby boy, to your parents this you is going to get an even bigger reaction when they learn thst truth." she said and he nodded gently. "Wait I got a better idea here, go back to when we deal with Jenna, that's the starting point where Cole's concerned, and you lead it in the same direction, but each situation is being changed further."

"I'm alive, and Piper has me to lead her in the right direction, if Paige has the white lighter version of my power, both together will pack enough of a punch to kill Shax, before he tries to kill us a second time. When we find Paige I step down and Piper is the new eldest sister, while I'm the new matriarch of the family." she said and he nodded in agreement with that as he thought over a few details in that.

"Wait I can't just let him kill Jenna Aunt Prue." he said and she nodded. "You're not, before he reaches that point orb her out, or just create a duplicate mannequin of her and he blasts it. But she's holding in six months worth of anger and pain from when she was forced to keep the fact that she spared him from us, and that gets her anger out of her in the only way by being turned into a banshee, before Cole reveals the truth to her and you reveal the truth to her that he didn't kill her at all."

Before he could say it a flash of white lights appeared and a woman looking close to fifty years old appeared then. "That would be best Chris, if you can change the situation before the girls find Paige, Prue will be getting a message from the book that says that she's the new matriarch of our family, and in which case Mother and I will be communicating gently with your parents and aunts through the book honey."

"But Phoebe needs to face her fears of being evil and the only way to do that is by letting the situations play out till they destroy the source a second time." Patty Halliwell said gently and he nodded. "Grandma, dad is not going to take it well when I tell him that he's looking at the nexus incident again where Wyatt is concerned after they lost Andy barely three months after that." he said and finished with a gentle sigh then.

"While Aunt Prue is still dealing with his loss and is not committing to a true relationship, while mom is trying to deal with two sides of her life and being normal. What's my intention tell them the truth or just piece the clues together." he said and she sighed, but before she could answer a second flash of lights appeared and a man of thirty one years appeared in front of him. "Kiddo we don't have a choice here, your aunt is holding back in love from every man she's met so far, she's scared of finding her soulmate."

"And as to why here, it's because she's afraid she's going to lose him, like she lost me, while your mother is facing the same situation after Dan, though she married Leo and magic is part of her life, she wants a normal life. I need you to deal with that, being normal is over rated now anyway, magic is who we are, she needs to understand that, and as for Phoebe. It's she's scared to death of turning evil, because of the nexus, dealing with her past self and Cole turning her into his queen."

"As for the last, it's a valid fear and Phoebe is scared to fall in love with anyone else, because of Cole, as a result of that. She's scared to fall in love, because of what he did to her that you help her simply by leading her in a new direction, show her that loving someone will not end in pain, but can give you strength before she finds Drake, as he helps her with that and Coop is the final piece to the puzzle to help her heal completely."

"Penny, as for why I'm making that suggestion here, your mother and aunt were my childhood friends, but with everything they've been through, they think they're going to be black widows, for the greater good, but they can't give up in finding love, simply because of us, she was meant to be the wife of a Cupid. And Prue was meant to find another mortal to love, she loves me, but if she doesn't balance things out her astral projection is going to go crazy a second time, so we need to work out the kinks till the girls find my surrogate baby sister, who's going to become my sister-in-law if Prue and I marry in that timeline." Andy Trudeau said to them and Chris nodded with a sigh.

"Yeah and what about dad, don't get me wrong this whole situation is hard, from the way dad acts it's like I was his breaking point and he was scared to death of losing me. I reveal I'm the version that got born after my adult version was killed and he's going to lose his temper." he asked and Bianca looked at him. "Chris we change that future now, you'll be seeing me in magic school after that and we'll still be together."

"We're fighting to save the planet and our future now, our future is endanger, because of whoever turned Wyatt in the first place, or just traumatized him enough to cause it baby. I'm not just leaving you, you change that future, we'll still be together, your bond with Leo is the way you want it to be and our family is intact after that. But we don't do this now our way of life is circling the drain with Pratt at the helm at the moment." she said and he looked at the duo then softly.

"What are the chances of the you of that time doing double duty, so Prue has her chance again, you weren't quite ready before, but you accepted it when the Grimlocks were on the loose at the time?" he asked him and he sighed. "They're going to keep me and her apart." he said and he nodded, before he could answer a secondary flash appeared and a woman in a whitelighter robe appeared. "Kalina what are you doing down here?" Andy asked her and she smiled as she answered him as she looked at Chris.

"Actually Chris, if you can beam up to the void when you get there, Odin, Orlin, Natalie Peter, Zola and Sandra and I could bend that rule for you and Andy as well Prue, and Andy could act as a third whitelighter in the family. And with that your family is coming together, so it's you, your father, aunt and your uncle and Prue's the next to marry, but that makes the family bigger, as for your aunt, she needs this to heal completely."

"But when you combine your powers with your aunts and mother the jolt is going to be enough destroy the source for the second time in two years after that, but let Paige follow her training that way. The problems your parents had after Paige joined the family are one thing, and Phoebe was not bothering to stay out of her business, digging an even deeper rift between her and the girls till it was revealed your adult self was family."

"After that they took it far more seriously when Phoebe did that soul search revealing you were her nephew, but that was an alternate reality the show delivers, this you was born before the end of the show in five years. And this you was two years old when your parents left you that message in the book, so once you show them the truth of your claims, tell them which version you are and we're sending you the DVD's to you."

"With the entire family in one piece it will help the girls, but in which case, Andy I suggest you return to your original calling and do double duty, because you're a cop, before you became a whitelighter." she said and he smiled as he got what she meant then. "Get me and Darryl working together again, if it means this heals them both up it'll help if you can get them to bend the rules and bring me home again."

"During that time and before Paige moves in, make a suggestion to your father that you should add a room or three to the house. Because with all four members of the family living in the house, you and when the time comes your brother, we got the room to fit everyone in the house. Just before the ultimate battle comes up and the trio and their husbands still there, while you and your parents are living in the house by that point."

"Prue and I are living in the house with you, your parents and Paige while I'm getting used to being halfway human again. And I'm doing double duty by being a whitelighter and a cop while I'm back with my girlfriend in the process, that'll work perfectly. And I'll be around my nephews as well, that'll help the girls." he said and she nodded gently as Chris looked at him to go into that, before he could though Prue looked at him then.

"Andy I wound up finding out the reason you were getting suspicious of us when we were adults." she said and Patty hid a smile as Chris tried to keep from laughing, that was one of the things his mother told him, before she died. "What was going on, if it had me and Darrel coming by your house repeatedly, aside from the constant explosions in the living room, which got the attention of the entire block at the time." he asked and she got ready to explain that before seeing the smiles on their faces and hid a chuckle.

"Alright mom, Chris, keep it together, I know you remember that one and that Piper probably explained that to you, but keep it together, and to answer your question Andy, Piper kept using her freezing powers on you when we were toddlers and preschoolers, and I wound up learning this when the girls and I sent ourselves to 1975, to stop the warlock who did a deal with our mother, by getting the spell she created to fix that."

"During that escapade the six year old you wanted to come with us and she froze you, before we left, because we weren't taking chances in you getting hurt, with what we were getting ready to do then." she said and he nodded as they started laughing as he answered her with a smile. "If that doesn't do it in your case nothing will, at this rate I couldn't care less that you're a witch, I take it Darrel found out as well, before you were killed if he was always with your sisters?" he asked and she nodded and explained it.

"Yeah he did, it was close to three months after the accident, he and I had grown close as friends and he wound up in the middle of a shootout in the house, and he wound up finding out by accident, but he decided to get involved with us by coming to us for supernatural help, in whatever perp we had to deal with and we went to him for information in whoever his suspects were, which was how Cole came into our lives." she said and he nodded to that as Chris changed the subject then.

"You took on White lighter powers Uncle Andy, before Aunt Prue passed?" he asked and he nodded gently. "Yeah I did, your aunt is determined to not lose another innocent thanks to me, but with the seven deadly sin escapade a few weeks ago it's getting out of control here, so we got to work it out, as for your parents they're getting more worried by the minute with Raynar on the loose, as for Phoebe head it off anyway you can, but she needs to get her pain out of her and she needs to get her pain released safely and the same is said for your mother." he said and he nodded as he answered him.

"How do I explain this to them, they want information on the future, how do I do that, without telling them exactly what happens?" he asked and Patty answered that. "If Prue asks that, give the dates of each event, your lives changed for the better when Phoebe and Cooper got together and they stopped taking Leo away from Piper. So start with the day you arrived and then work it forward every few weeks till you reach the Ultimate Battle." she said and he nodded to that as he went to another question.

"You think I should instruct mom in how to control her powers, with her just getting the explosion powers?" she asked and they all nodded. "If it means she doesn't destroy the entire house yes, you got my abilities, but in the whitelighter version now, as for your father you need to open up to him more and don't bottle it up baby your mother nearly went on a killing spree because of that after I was killed I'm not chancing that a second time." Prue said to him and he nodded to that as he went for the next question.

"There a reason she married a Cupid?" Andy asked and they nodded. "After everything Phoebe sacrificed, it was the only thing and way to pay her back, by helping her to heal, she feels like she's cursed and she doesn't deserve to find love, but that's not true. Though I liked Jack all I wanted was you back, with dating and marrying a demon she's got it even worse." Prue said to him and he nodded as he went to another one.

"Who's a better match for Cole exactly, because she winds up marrying Uncle Coop later?" Chris asked and Patty thought it over. "Billie is what Phoebe was like at that age, but if he has a chance to change his life and let my daughter move on he turns completely human and the girls destroy the source and Nexus for good. Though if we can change the future from what the show shows after Cole murdered your family."

"In this time line than its a third chance. Altogether it's friendship or nothing after that, they found their mates, but they're not together after the ultimate battle and your family are the ones maintaining our house, while the trio are living in town close by as you kids get older, but the Halliwell family is maintaining the main settlement in San Fransico by that point." she said and he nodded to that at her and Prue to go into the rest of it.

"Wyatt is going to notice I'm gone, and what happens if he sends Bianca after me, she and I are engaged." he said and Prue sighed. "We'll deflect for as long as possible, but you need to get to Phoebe, before she turns her back on the family, Cole is the reason I'm dead, she's determined not to lose Piper and Paige as well, but with me alive in this time frame, do what you have to do, if he comes after us, but we do a time to time connection and we need to get you into the house to do this." she said and he sighed.

"What about Darryl and Grandpa?" she asked and she smiled, as she thought of her father. "They'll figure it out when they get a good look at you, or I call you right to my table, I wish I hadn't left so soon, we were just beginning to fix our father/daughter bond. Darrel's going to notice the similarities between us and everything else and when they figure it out, they're going to get a shock." she said and he nodded to her gently.

"Aunt Prue, for your sakes, if Andy figures it out first here, he's going to name every clue off to dad and then what exactly. I mean they and you, mom and Aunt Phoebe bust me in the first ten hours and that solves the problem altogether here, they'll believe me. Once I tell them who I really am, your maternal instincts are going to go on a rampage, once the sense of rightness with me around falls into place. But he blasts me, mom is going to kill him for nearly killing dad and me." he said and she thought it over.

"Yeah you're right baby, alright just name off the five clues, then once the issue with Cole's relapse hits, hit him with an abbreviated version of who you really are to your parents, Aunt and me. I'm sending along several trinkets that belonged to your mother, me and Phoebe, anything else that belonged to the three of us and later four of us. Your pendant being one of them, Leo gave it to her for a birthday gift at the time."

"Right before Hallowen, my necklace, Phoebe's toy dog woof's and Paige's favorite Starwars books. Your pictures of you and your family and a few other things in your stuff, just name off certain details, how the girls, Henry and dad were killed. But don't give more than 'your' family details, once the time comes we when Coop comes into the picture that solves things altogether." she said and he nodded to that.

"What was the real fight about mom?" she asked and she sighed. "Being a witch gets dangerous and he accepted that with me, but when the girls were born that's when it started getting worse. The possessed ice cream truck was the kicker, he didn't want you girls using your powers, but now with him seeing you as adults. But he's able to manage that, but at this rate at the moment now. He doesn't care anymore, we're not divorced, he's my husband still, though I had an affair with Sam, I love your father still."

"As to that family conference after you tell them and Darryl the truth, if need be sneak peek clip of what the future holds now, if we don't change things in the past baby. As for your father you and Leo got a chance now, he hears the truth and your parents marriage is a solid lock after that, you came back to change the future and you change and heal certain bonds while doing it." she said and he nodded to that as he said it.

"What about school, I mean, I lost three years thanks to Pratt and Wyatt finally falling to the darkside, what now, what's our new cover story, once we arrange things with the elders and cleaners here?" he asked her and she explained that. "You lost those three years of school here in this timeline, but our past, that's different, so with those words in mind, you're starting high school and your first year of college."

"You're regaining those five years lost and you're in school here, but split the issue, half normal and half magical, the girls and I grew up normal, you're living the life that we would have, had Grams not binded our powers at the time. So with that in mind. Just show the girls you can make it work, you're dealing with school, friendships and a part time job, and working it into your job as a witch/lighter now." she said to him gently.

"Chris, though you're acting like a normal teenage boy, if Jenny comes after you like that, remember, I'm who you belong to here, your parents are going to see this as once you're engaged then the girl is not getting more than a date or two, when they already got a fiancé. Your father is going to see you as his top priority now with you living at home so we just ensure, we change key details." Bianca said and Prue nodded to that.

"Do we still make him an elder?" he asked and they nodded. "Yes, but don't send him to Valhalla, the girls have had one too many close calls, Piper became a fury, and Phoebes became a banshee, and we need to keep our family in one piece, just be careful, sooner or later we have to drain that portion of your anger at Leo and knowing Leo, he's going to be the one to do it." Prue said to him gently and he nodded to her at that.

"Wait a minute, mom separated from him when he became an elder and got stuck up there, how do we work around that she needs him?" he asked and she sighed. "When the titan war happens make it clear, that he needs to be with you and your mother and brother, your portion of the family stays together, but when one of them says he should separate from you completely, keep an eye on him, as for your father make it clear that they'll just do more harm than good by separating you." she said and he nodded.

"And what happens if he figures it out right after I get there, I'm named after both grandfathers and great grandpa, along with the added 'P' in there too?" he asked and she gently answered that. "Tell him the truth, but make it clear that any further information is dangerous, your mother is going to get territorial with you in the past and they are both going to get overly critical with you coming back three years before your conception date, be there for the girls, but keep your son demeanor under wraps or your parents are going to figure it out too soon." she said and he nodded to that.

"Okay so act like a younger brother leading into when I drop the bomb on Cole after the shootout in the attic. What were you and dad like in that time Aunt Prue?" he asked and she gently answered that. "No request they treat you like their son, and once I get a very good look at you, that's enough to make it clear that it's not just a half truth, you are their son and I'm busting you then, so your father is able to act like your father."

"You look like a cross between your mother and Prue with your father's eyes, and I'm getting and giving Leo every factor then, with my being a cop, I bust you first and then you tell the girls the truth." Andy told him and she nodded. "Yeah good idea, our past selves are going to get once Andy busts you early. And you tell us the truth and then lay into Cole regarding what he did to your family and the Mitchell's and the Roberts."

"He took everything away from and Piper and I are going to take it even more seriously when we hear that truth. Because to us, family came first and we stayed good, because of our past lives, to answer your second. He took our safety very seriously, though your mother has a serious chip on her shoulder with the elders, because they took him away from her, right after we met Cole, they're determined to keep the family in one piece."

"While in my case I was making sure our family stayed in one piece, the girls and Leo mean the world to me, with our youngest joining the group, I'm going to get territorial with the girls, I've never trusted Cole at all, but he's not getting forgiveness, if Paige gets blasted into the other reality and she sees the hell my family was put through, because she sacrificed herself to save Piper by becoming the Queen of the underworld there."

"Your mother is getting used to the role of being the oldest though, while Phoebe's dealing with being the middle sister and her marriage to Cole in a few months and she's shirking her responsibility as a charmed one there as a result. So let her make the mistakes, but try to help your mother from going into emotional shutdown and with both us and Paige she's going to heal faster in the role six months sooner than she needs to."

"Your father once he figures it out, is going to wonder why you're slightly ticked off at him. But in this timeline, your holding in anger that he was taken away from you here, and once he does realize this. He's going to do anything he can to get you to let it out, don't hold it in or you're going to blow, this gives you a second chance between you to fix the mistakes he made in your case." she said to him and he nodded as he went on.

"Yeah, not brother, son, once the worst of the situation is over. After you let him have it, that is if your father and I don't bust you first in the first hour after I get a look at you, lay down the clues to your mother and aunts and then lay into him. With us alive in the past that heals the damage this did and you're able to heal with us with you. Once done, go to the cleaners and change the memories of every but us, Darryl and Victor."

"This way we can get the dating right, we're classifying this as you were born when Prue and I were in our junior year of high school, your mother was nearly fifteen. So that's when Leo got her pregnant with you and we watched you grow up, before Leo's father Christopher came home from the war in the gulf when he was twenty five, and Leo himself, he's a third generation medic and army corporal." he said to him and he nodded as he answered that

"Should I tell him, let alone you, that you're the one who sent me?" he asked and she nodded. "Yes, and if need be, do the spirit conversation spell and I can talk to both of them, I never got the chance to see my baby sister, so this will do it for all three of them and get her out of that funk, before we get rid of the source." she said and he nodded as they started going over their plans and he grabbed some of the stuff he had on him.

"Wait Prue though we're from the future we can write messages into it from here, we need to get the book and do it from the house, while he's helping his mother." Andy said to her and she nodded. "Alright honey, when Leo goes with her to get Cole, expect a message to write itself out to you, the us from the past and your mother, and I'm sending the back information needed when we reach Cole turning human again after she destroys his powers finally." she said and he nodded as his surrogate sister answered her.

"You think that will pull her out of it Aunt Prue, if mom finds out who she was born to become with her college major right now, before she meets dad?" Penny asked her and she nodded. "Yeah sweetheart, as the oldest I gave the peptalks, if one of us needed a morale booster we took turns, in your aunt's case, she's going to need to hear from me to pull her out of her depression to deal with your mother being taken away from her, but between the boys, your cousin, Paige and me being alive that will snap her out of it."

"Your aunt has taken on the mantle of the oldest and the maternal head of the family, and she's just beginning to get used to it, in this version of our past, but she's going to see losing her to Cole is a sign of failure, but make it clear that she can't give up, once I give her that pep talk that, as well as Paige and Chris, will snap her out of it, but most of all, Chris, make it clear you need her and that she shouldn't give up, she's going to want to vent her power on something, so conjure a few mannequins of Cole to do it." Prue said and he nodded and Tyler sighed as he answered her.

"We should have done that right after she went on that demon killing spree, she was in emotional shutdown, and losing you that way, I'm glad I'm not the demons, but we better do it this way, before she relapses and runs into the furies a second time." he said to her. "What caused her to get turned into a fury in the first place?" Coop asked and he sighed as she answered that.

"She was holding in her anger when I was killed, and went on a demon killing spree during stage two, till finally Paige, Phoebe, Cole and Leo pulled a surgical strike on that and Leo took them to my tomb and she made it clear, that it was alright that she was furious at me for leaving her so soon, and that finally gave the release. Leo's a medical doctor in the family and only he knew what the best way to get her to let it go, but that was the start of their bond as they became the power of three you met." she said and he nodded.

"So my wife was married to the source in that time, and she's afraid to let someone else in, because the demonic bastard hurt her too much and he winds up being vanquished five times before Paige finally kills him in that alternate reality, well some of the situations play out, others aren't and I'm going to come meet her when you're six months to start a different transition."

"Chris, the estimate of time is till your birthday, before you teleport home, but first make sure you're there for your mother, before you leave, as for Darrel, we keep him out of the loop in the months leading up to your birthday, because he was furious at things when the cleaners framed him and that is not happening, we need him, we stay friends, but he's taking a vacation when that situation comes up, alright, I'm going to shift transitions and plant a suggestion in the Chief's head that he's to go on a vacation, before that situation happens." Coop said and he nodded in agreement.

"One more thing, make it clear that Coop is her chosen soul mate and its not against the rules for her to be dating a cupid, and while I'm on the subject get Drake, he can act as her best guy friend till we destroy the source a second time in this timeline and then he takes over as her love interest till Coop comes into picture after Leo chooses." Derek added and he nodded as they watched him packing as he got ready to go.

"Wait I need funds to ensure I got a way to train mom and make it seem like I've lived there all my life, instead of just showing up out of no where." he said and Darryl Morrison Jr. answered that. "Like Andy said once you break the news to them, get your father to change the official records. My mother is going to be the only one knowing that truth about your and your family. Including how Andy was murdered, change that to attempted murder, Rodriguez was a witch hunter, trying to kill you when you were twelve, and Mikey was three himself at the time time, but two years exactly."

"But to put this for a better word, my parents would see you as perfect babysitter, both for me and Mike, everything that comes with being a boy babysitter, you can handle and do without the added trouble and this you is part of my life till I'm seven, before I watch little you grow into your body. After that our families are friends for life after that, but with your martial arts trophies and everything, we make it seem to the outside world, you're my babysitter and surrogate older brother."

"But I watched little you grow up, and with those words to insure our families stay friends and dad never has that reaction again, we got to bend some rules here. You're arriving right as her powers start going crazy, just give them a gentle explanation, but wait till Andy sees you for who you are, before you tell them that truth." he said and he walked over to the vault and removed twenty stacks of money.

"Alright here you go, $6,550,000.00. That's enough for your parents to make the deception once we change the official records as real as it can get now. There's enough here to remodel the house as well, so your parents are high upper class, you're from a well to do family, but you're not showing off in that amount. Your father is a medic, handyman and carpenter." he said and he nodded as took the bag as he answered him.

"But we're adding on to this amount till your mother and aunts retire. But this is to help repair the house, pay the mortgage, and get you settled into your life at home, so your family expenses are not tying things up. But tell your parents from me, with my being only three years old in that timeline. But we got to insure dad and your parents stay friends by getting my family out of town, before your birthday." D.J. said gently to him. "Wait, what about the resistance?" he asked and they smiled at him gently.

"Chris, you pull this off there is no resistance honey, we got enough till you find the parasite that did that to your brother. I'm just skimming ten percent off the budget. With the fact there's $800,000,000,000,000, and you need it, more than we do. And frankly, your parents can use it to not only build some stuff on to the property, but you can use it to fuel the deception, if we got a nosy cop getting involved here. But starting from the week after the seven deadly sins fiasco, is your window now."

"Your parents were struggling to make ends meet, and though the club was doing good, leading into when Cole had that relapse, this amount is more than enough to keep you going for for twenty years. And keeping up the charade is the fact we're saying your mother had you when she was in high school, your your grandfather got transferred to Germany in in 1986. And that's the time frame right there, your age matches up to the alibi perfectly and it coincides with their gaining their powers again right on schedule."

"But your parents were getting relabeled as being together for three years in the 80's, and had you on impulse, before he left and Leo finds out you're his son when he returns to San Fransisco and he and your mother got back together. Your parents jumped the tough part of having a child, with you arriving now, with you being a teenager, this just helps with the added need for child proofing the house when your brother is born later." Patty said gently and he nodded as Prue answered her.

"Nice, before we were trying to make ends meet, since I became a freelance photographer and Phoebe started college, but this is enough we can build onto our house without calling for construction workers. And Leo's doing the remodeling himself, with Drake being the one to help him out with it as well. With the house now going to Piper, once we retire, that money is meant to take care of the four of us and rebuild the deception, in case a cop does come snooping here." she said to him and he nodded in agreement.

"Just use your life leading up to high school to explain things to my mother and tell them the truth, bit by bit. Little bro, listen to me, your only chance to get them to trust you is by arriving before Wyatt is born, pre-emptive strike, and vent your anger at Cole and let him have it with the truth. And I mean every every piece of how your parents, family, Paige and Phoebe were killed. Following that is show your parents the truth, if you need to and bring them here." D.J. said to him and he nodded as Prue finished that.

"He's right, your parents had you training in martial arts classes, your trophies and gold medals, your blue ribbons, bring everything you have with you. By you arriving in that timeline, you have us: your mother and me, balancing out our lives, we learn to trust our instincts, what happens when you mix witch and whitelighter blood. And we get a jump start on having a kid in the house, before your brother is born. I'm going to be sending messages to you through the book honey."

"But I was watching you from up here, but this you is a total golden child Chris. Smart, strong, athletic, caring, and you're taking care of us, though you're our son and nephew. We have you and in our: your mother, me, Andy and Leo, but our opinion and in our opinion you're coming back in time to be with us was a gift from God, you changed things for the better for us. Everything in your room since your mother died, take it with you, we need to make this as true as it can get till you return to the future."

"All in all, the alibi is your mother had you in 1986, and you just graduated from middle school, so, everything you bring with you we change the number plates to the 90's now. You're passing yourself off as a high school student, you're involved in the track team, and football team and you're a green belt. The money is to help your parents pass that truth off now. Phoebe bought a slam dude to train with, once you break the truth to them, suggest to your parents that the records get changed regarding Andy and Rodriguez, your father and finally you with you're looking like your mother here."

"And Piper just started the club, so you're working there as a part time job this summer and when your brother comes into the picture, you're babysitting him when school and football practice is over with. But everything done and needed is being given to you, and the money spent we give you, keeps getting magically reimbursed till you come back and in our timeline you're twenty five now as a result, while your brothers are 22 and 20 years old after that." she said and he nodded to that as they got work then.

As he headed for his room, he grabbed everything and put it into boxes. "Deception of truth, revealed by son to thy family, reveal by thee among thy enemy, in trust, hope and strength of thee, shrink in size so mote it be." he said and the boxes became the size of building blocks after that and he put them into his trunk as as he looked at everything. As he looked at her. "I'm doing spells you taught me over the years, should I just say we should start winging them now?" he asked and she nodded.

"Alright, I'm heading back to just after the Seven deadly sin escapade and and you're dealing with the Brotherhood of the Thorn, and that's just before Cole suffers a relapse and mom's powers are going crazy. So bring back several ideas with me, a few changes to things, and some of your stuff. If you guys page me through the book the book when I'm debriefing your young adult selves though, that just make it clear." Chris said to her and she nodded as the thirty five year old witch looked at her to go into that.

"Why that date though?" Derek asked her and she explained it to him. "Phoebe had let her relationship with Cole take control completely, and they were just beginning to get used to being the new power of three, she doesn't know that Coop is her true love, Piper is getting used to her new role as the oldest and Paige is just beginning to get used to being the new sister, it was easy for us, we grew up together, but she grew up an only child so it's harder, and once we're in her life that helps a lot."

"With him going back to nine months prior to that, the girls and Leo are less likely to jump to conclusions and I'm the one guiding them, so while I'm the matriarch, Piper is leading the three of them and there is less of a chance of someone getting killed, our family is intact and she's going to heal faster if I'm around while I help Phoebe deal with Cole and her pregnancy and dealing with the loss of that as well."

"At this stage, they won't be quite so paranoid with Chris there, because Wyatt hasn't been born yet, and once they get used to him living with them, she's going to listen to her motherly feelings and just be the mother to him and Paige till Wyatt is born, while I'm giving her the big sister support she needs and we deal with the girls insecurities."

"Paige will need time to heal from the Matthews being killed, but altogether, we got insecurities, shirking responsibility, mothering, and preparing for the home birth, Chris explain what that means for your brother and what being half of each means, I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's someone closer than we think, but we wait till he's eight months old, because I think it's a good being that did it, but we wait till he reveals himself and then destroy him." she said and he nodded in agreement to her statement.

"What's with the books and picture?" Penny asked him and he chuckled as he answered her. "Some souvenirs, the books are going to be slightly new in that time and the photo of the seven of us before you, the girls, Henry and the twins are born, once dad sees it this he's going to get it automatically." he said and she nodded as he worked.

"Melinda is the last to be born in my family, but if I can change things our family will be intact and that includes extended family, the Morris family, we need to make sure you girls are born Penny, I'm changing my past and it means making sure my parents stay together, Paige is next to get married than your mother. Aunt Prue, considering Pratt triggered the witch trials in this timeline on top of Wyatt having a power breakdown in the last five years, what are the chance of things starting again." he asked her gently.

"Not very likely, but make it clear that personal gain can carry serious problems, Paige learned that the hard way during Piper's emotional breakdown and release, in that situation, with Andy healing me I'm alive, but she's still loaded with anger at what happened, and we need to get it out of her when Paige starts fooling around with the book, but the big one is dealing with her memories of her parents."

"While Leo deals with her, Andy is helping, me, Piper and Darryl with Frankie and Lulu and that situation as we deal with multiple issues, before he has a secondary relapse, which is when she starts focusing more on their relationship and her career, and help Piper deal with that, since she, Paige and I act as the power of three till we get Phoebe back and between the four of us and you, the amount of power between us is going to pack enough of a punch to wreck the living room when we do the source vanquishing spell alright son." she said and he nodded to that as he answered her.

"As for Billie and Christie, that's going to take the entire family to deal with it, but the ultimate battle is the deciding factor, to ensure our futures remain salvaged finally and Billie needs my parents what with Christie determined to destroy our parents for the supposedly greater good, and that may be the reason why Wyatt broke after our parents were killed when I was seventeen." he said and Derek answered that one.

"Kiddo, whoever caused that much damage to him is the one getting eliminated, just deal with finding who it is, but keeping the paranoia under control till then, if your father and Prue figure it out first, give half the story, but not everything and take care of your mother till your brother is born, okay." he said and he nodded to that statement.

"Yeah and what happens if we have to deal with Billie, by the time I'm nineteen months old, I may have to stay longer, because dad is nearly killed while he's mortal, and we have to put an end to things, before Billy turns on us and Christie loses her mind, it's either I stay till Wyatt is nineteen months old or till I'm nineteen months and and together, my mother, Phoebe and Paige, along with Billy, destroy the triad once and for all." he said and they nodded as a secondary flash appeared as his great grandmother showed up to answer his question.

"Alright in that case Chris, once it reaches the point where your return to the future comes up, I'm sending a message to your mother, through the book, you're staying till you reach the Ultimate battle, your father's less likely to go on a demon killing spree that way, and you help protect little you and your brother when that happens, while your mother and aunts are dealing with Billie, and Andy is acting as the family whitelighter when your father falls from grace, while you protect the younger versions of you and Wyatt."

"That covers all three corners, your mother's going to be less neurotic by that point, but make it clear they can't set aside magic once the nexus is dealt with." she said and he nodded. "Alright, I'm helping out with the first three years where the girls are concerned, once Wyatt is born I start looking after him, and then when I'm born, myself, before we deal with the final battle and the four of you retire after that, though your active you live semi normal life from that day forward." he said and Prue nodded gently to him.

After going over everything, he looked at the sketch plans and the yanked a piece of paper and wrote down the spells needed. "We don't need the book for everything, time to wing these spells." he said under his breath as he grabbed his trunk then and loaded the boxes into it and then looked at every on the bed smiling. "Cottontail, Woofs, your necklace, grandpa's jacket, dad's Purple Heart and medals, your shields, by that I mean you, Uncle Henry and Darryl, and Aunt Paige's favorite Starwars books."

"And mom's locket, is around my neck, and only family would be able to get their hands on this stuff, know their way around the house, and can wing the spells without looking at the book. You're going to know I'm family when I tell you that truth, Aunt Prue. Mom named me after your unborn son, to honor you by." he said and she nodded with a smile at that. "Alright time to rock and roll baby." she said and he nodded in agreement.

After he finished packing the trunk, he looked at it. "Sizes changed and sizes released, reduce in size and be unleashed." he said and the trunk shrunk to the size of fun size candy bar and he put it into the bag and she looked at him. "Is that everything in your room honey?" she asked and he nodded. " Yeah, but I'm going to pay for some new clothes here and spend the summer like any normal teenager would." he said to her.

As he packed a bag and his emergency handbag with fresh potions and his athame and they snuck into the house and drew the family symbol on the attic wall. "Ready bro?" Tyler Bennett asked and he nodded as he read the incantation and said it out loud.

"Hear these words, hear the rhyme, heed the hope within my mind, send me back to where I'll find, what I wish in place and time." he said, using the time travelling spell and the portal opened and he took a deep breath and walked through it, as he focused on winding up in the right time then. After arriving he found he wound up in the attic of his house and his family cat sitting on the couch with a smile on in her eyes.

"Kit, what are you still doing here, I thought you left already?" he asked her in a whisper and she meowed and rubbed her head against his gently purring, as he somehow heard her voice, 'Not yet, the girls still need me, as for Paige, I'm watching over her, as the girls start training her, while she's still living at her studio apartment, but it's good to know I get to see you now, I can sense you're my master's kitten."

"Kitten, my little kitten, don't worry I'll help guide you, my young kitten, so I can help raise you.' she thought softly and he nodded as he hid a chuckle at that word for it. "Yeah I know you know who I am, but keep it quiet alright." he said and she gave another meow in answer to that as he got closer to his heritage it started glowing.

'Aw great, the cat recognizes me and the book is reacting to my Halliwell blood and my magical signature, this keeps up and my cover will be blown long before I tell them, I look like my mother with my father's eyes, hopefully Andy, grandpa and Darrel don't look to closely at that, otherwise moms going to figure it out, before I can tell her." he thought as he heard an explosion in the kitchen, followed by two more.

'Yeah I arrived in time for the watermelon to get blown up, alright I need to coach her, before she destroys the kitchen table next.' he thought then as he heard an argument coming up the stairs. 'Alright, just relax and keep it to my cover story but be the son she needs till I tell her the truth in three years.' he added to himself as he heard the remark.

"Great, just when I'm getting ready for a real honeymoon, my powers start going crazy." he heard his mother say and then heard the younger version of his aunt answer that with a gentle chuckle. "I think our powers were supposed to start advancing by this point, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth, we may need it sooner than you think." she said and he stepped into the conversation at that.

"Actually sooner is an understatement and you got more than one problem now girls." he said and Prue looked at him in surprise that he could understand what she meant and turned wary then as she answered him gently. "How did you get in here, and who are you?" she asked and he explained it to them. "I'm Chris Perry, but I think I better explain this to all four of you and that includes Leo as well." he said and they both nodded. "Phoebe, come up here." Piper called out and he called out to his father.

"Leo!" he called out and he appeared in a flash of blue orbs. "Who are you son?" Leo asked him as he got a look at the eighteen year old witch/lighter as Phoebe came upstairs at the same time. "My name is Chris Perry and I'm from the future, I'm here to help." he said and they nodded. "Good witch or bad witch?" his mother asked gently.

"Witch and whitelighter actually." he said and they looked at him in shock. "There is only two in our family who married or hooked up with whitelighters, I'm one of them and my mother is the other, Chris, how did you know where to beam to?" she asked and he gently answered her. "Distant relative." he said and she nodded. "How far in are we talking here if you chose today to come here Chris, if it's this serious you wanted to change the future?" Leo asked and he explained to his parents.

"I'm from twenty four years into the future guys, my parents are one of both of you, I'm here to protect your future, you can trust me, as to how I know my way around the attic it's because I spent a lot of time here." he said and they nodded to that explanation. "Alright kid, can you guarantee that you're not holding back anything from us, if we start figuring out who you are as time goes on?" Prue asked and he nodded to her.

"Yeah as time goes I'll give you explanations, but I can't tell you everything, so for the time being be patient." he said and she nodded to that. "Alright, I think we got enough room for you to stay with us, but we may have to make a renovation or two if our family starts getting bigger." Piper said to him and he nodded. "Son what are we to you exactly if you chose this now?" Leo asked and he felt a gentle thump in his heart at that as he gave his cover story, knowing it was partially the truth then.

"You helped my parents in training and raising me, you practically raised me yourselves, because I was always here at the manor." he said and Piper walked over to him at that, 'Practically raised, if we did that, I considered him a surrogate son, in addition to my own children, he feels so familiar, but why, alright, I can wait it out, but if it means he's really mine I know my son grew up to be an exact copy of me.' she thought as she answered him gently as she laid her hand on his shoulder.

"We, Leo and I, are your surrogate parents, is that how you saw us?" she asked and he nodded to answer that. "Yeah Piper you are, that's why I came back now, everything coming up is leading to a situation when Andy was still alive and it's going to get dangerous, if you trust me I can help protect your children later on." he said and she nodded to that as Phoebe changed the subject then gently with a smile.

"What situation exactly Chris, if I have to deal with..., wait situation as in the Woogyman, my issue of being born in the house, that type of situation?" Phoebe asked and he sighed. "Yeah that's exactly what I mean Phoebe, and with that in mind the next generation is needing a lot of protection, but like I said if you guys will trust me, I'll be able to help protect them and their siblings, we got a long way to go though, because it's going to happen in a few years, so we spend the next few years getting ready for it." he said and they all nodded as Piper said it for all of them then.

"So you'll help me protect my first born and we work together, even though you're surrogate family and with that we make sure nothing happens to us after what we've been through the last three years, and that includes future consequences and personal gain and I'll take that for the time being here, but it's just getting started now here, and with that in mind if it means added help with our situations we can accept another member living in the house, but I feel like I'm supposed to take charge now here."

"If this is reaching the point where I'm supposed to lead things for our family and I'm getting ready to be the first to have children, I'm taking that title now, alright, with what you just told me, while we deal with what's coming, we start preparing for when my oldest is born, I'm accepting any help that is needed and with that in mind honey."

"Alright I'll take that offer of help kiddo, but I feel like I already know who you are, when the time comes you tell me everything, and don't hold back okay, because you seem too familiar to me, like I already know you." she said and he nodded. "Time to get it on the table Phoebe, why did you save him exactly?" Chris asked and she sighed.

" I love him." she said and he nodded. "Prue was right when she said a demon is a demon, no matter if they reformed and with that in mind, you let him get to you and it will destroy your family, if and when the time comes, set aside the broken heart and do what needs to be done, it's about the greater good, you recall being that as science fiction show, they're fighting against something dangerous."

"You can't let your feelings get in the way of what needs to be done or it could kill you, which is what Prue was getting so frustrated about in the first six months after you met him. As for the rest of it, you can't just keep your feelings with each other bottled up or it could cause the fracture that Andrus caused at the time, just open up more to each other, I'll be as open as I can with you, but I'm here if you need me okay guys." he said and they all nodded as Leo crossed his arms at that as he tried to gauge that one.

"Son if you're here, whose children are in danger here if you came back to when I'm dealing with Cole and his current mental and emotional state exactly, and you're doing my guidance for me, because I feel like you heard that from me repeatedly when I was watching over you when you were a kid?" Leo asked and he looked at them.

"Yours actually, with you being a whitelighter and Piper being a witch, he become very powerful being, but that's part of the problem, but for the time being focus on this and I'll tell you later, but you guys are not going to like what I have to tell you later, considering the amount of problems since Cole came into your lives and the last two months." he said and they nodded as he looked at the younger version of his father as he changed the subject then as he looked at the twenty seven year old version of them.

"How far into things with Cole are we looking at here, so I know I arrived at the right time exactly?" he asked and Leo ran his hand through his hair as he answered him with a concerned and aggravated sigh. "We took him in, but the situation took a turn for the worst, he went under cover and I think Raynar knows he's a turncoat, and we've had one murder, he's either had a relapse or he's being framed." he told him and he nodded as he translated that to he arrived at the right time then as he answered him.

"What's the situation right now exactly?" he asked and Phoebe sighed. "I'm taking away Cole's powers, half the amulet is in the hands of the Brotherhood of the Thorn and we're getting ready to head off the second attack with the coven who had the other half of it, while her powers are getting a bit nutty right now." she said and he nodded.

"The powers were accelerating as you gained strength, Piper, if you want to shift back and forth between your freezing powers and the exploding powers, focus on which one you want to use, or you're going to blow a hole in the wall next." he said and she nodded, "Alright test run." she said and he pulled an apple out of his bag.

"Alright exploding." she thought to herself and she looked at him. "Pull!" she said and he threw it up in the air and she blew it up and then he pulled a second one. "Pull!" she said a second time and he threw it in the air and she froze it as it hung there frozen in midair. "I don't believe it-it worked, alright I just hone my powers as this keeps up." she said with a grin and he nodded to answer that.

And that is chapter one, as this keeps up, the episodes are going to go in the same direction but are not going to be the same as the show, and its going to be a long story, so it's going to take time, because I'm working on my Power Rangers novel, but I'll get the second chapter out as soon as possible.