The wind was blowing fiercely, followed by its nightly howls. A certain husky was having trouble sleeping as the blizzard got thicker. Everest stirred inside her igloo, trying to find a comfortable position.


Everest's ear's perked up at the sound of the voice. The wind began to pick up and blow hard against her igloo.


Everest slowly lifted her head up and peeked out of her home. She squinted and saw a silhouette of a pup outside. She slowly got up and walked out side, lifting up one paw to shield her face from the wind. The figure turned and began running away from Everest.

"No please wait!" Everest shouted. She slowly tried to follow the pup. The pup stopped at the center of the ice bridge where two more figures walked up behind it. These two figures though were taller than the first one.

"H...hello?" Everest said. She inched herself closer to the figures. Once she got close enough she saw that all three of the figures were huskies like her.

"Mom?...Dad?..Kara?" Everest choked. She whimpered and let her ears fall as she noticed that her family's eyes were all black pits.

"You let us die…" They all chanted.

"I tried...I promise you...I did," Everest said. Tears were starting to build up in her eyes. She looked at the ice below her and noticed several lines expanding. She looked up and saw the bridge start to collapse.

"We all died because of you…" The three huskies said before the bridge collapsed under them. Everest tried grab a paw but only met air. She could only watch them fall farther and farther into the abyss.

"You couldn't save them…" Everest turned around to see a light in the distance. She slowly got closer to the source of the light. It was coming from her igloo. She walked inside and the light slowly faded away.

"Extend your claws…" Everest sat back and lifted up an arm. She brought out her claws.

"Bring them your neck…" She brought her claws up to her neck. A tear rolled down her cheek as she felt the claws resting on her neck.

"Rest well…" With that Everest pulled her claws across her neck, she could feel skin being torn open. She fell forward into the snow.

"Sleep…" Everest slowly closed her eyes and fell into the abyss.

Everest's eyes shot open. She looked around to find herself in her pup house up at Jake's mountain. She whimpered and buried her face in her paws. She lifted herself up and sat back.

"Sorry," Everest said with a tear making its way down her cheek.