"Everest…" A voice called out.

Everest groaned and opened her eyes to meet a bright white light. Once her eyes adjusted she noticed that her surroundings were and endless bright white wasteland.

"Everest…" Two voices called out from behind her. She turned to find two huskies, one with lavender fur and the other with black fur.

"Mom...dad?" Everest blurted out. She ran up to them as the both embraced her.

"We're so proud of you dear…" Her mother spoke. Everest cried into her lavender fur, feeling joy overwhelm her.

"I miss you so much," Everest choked as tears constantly flowed from her eyes.

"We'll always be with you," Her father spoke.

"It's just been so hard…" Everest said as she finally broke the embrace between them. She stared at her parents .

"This is just a dream isn't it?" Everest asked. Her parents nodded.

"Hey...we'll always be with you…" Her mother spoke once more.

"How?" Everest asked.

"Hey kiddo...we'll always be alive and flowing in there," Her dad spoke as he pointed towards her heart.

Her parents hugged her once more. Everest couldn't feel anymore happier as they embraced her. She had almost forgotten what they looked and sounded like.

"Be strong...be brave...be kind...be loving…" Her parents said in unison as she felt herself slipping back into reality.

Everest slowly opened her eyes to meet the morning sun. She finally felt relieved of all the stress of the past few days. She exited her puphouse and sat back. Everest closed her eyes and grinned as she felt the sun on her face.

"Best sleep I've had in ages…" Everest said before heading inside Jake's Cabin.

However Everest failed to notice a figure on the ridgeline observing her.

"Sir we have a confirmation on subject," The figure stated as he watched Everest enter the log cabin.

"Affirmative...command has given the green light to begin operation 'Skyfire',"

"Let's begin,"

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