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~*~ "Speaking"


/Yugi speaking telepathically to Yami/

//Yami speaking telepathically to Yugi//

\Ryou speaking telepathically to Bakura\

\\ Bakura speaking telepathically to Ryou\\

~Scene change: __________~

*________'s Point of View*

((Us interrupting you for a few seconds))


Drama Class: Fairy Tale

Chapter 1: New Students

"Yugi! Wake up! It is the first day of school! I am sure you do NOT want to be tardy!" Grandpa yelled from the kitchen. "You will be late if you don't! And breakfast is going to get cold soon!"

Upstairs in Yugi's room, Yugi groaned and turned over in his bed. It was a bit chilly when you get out of your bed in the morning. So Yugi chose to simply ignore his grandfather this morning, no matter if his perfect attendance school record is at stake. Speaking of school....

Yugi shot up in his bed suddenly. 'Shoot. I am going to be late for school!' He quickly got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Clangors of noises could be heard all the way down in the kitchen as Yugi hurriedly combed his hair and brushed his teeth at the same time.

//You know, should really wake up earlier so you won't rush in the morning.// Yami chuckled over their mindlink.

/......./ Yugi was too busy with his morning routines to even answer his yami, even if it is just thoughts. Yugi dressed himself quickly and ran to the stairs, grabbing his backpack and a piece of toast along the way. "Bye, Grandpa! See you after school!" Yugi's muffled voice called back as he ran out the door.

Grandpa looked after Yugi and sighed. His grandson is always the "get-up-late-in-the-morning" kind of person. Grandpa suddenly sensed someone behind him. "Who's there?" he demanded.

"It's me, Yami."

Grandpa breathed out with a sigh relief. He feared it was someone who came to rob their house. "Oh, Yami. Are you doing anything special today?"

Yami nodded his head, almost too eagerly.

"Well, what is it?" Grandpa asked impatiently.

Yami whispered something into Grandpa's ear, and a grin appeared on his face. "Okay, I give you consent. Good luck!"

~ Scene Change: At the school ~

"Hey, Yug'!" Joey yelled halfway across the school grounds. "How was summer?"

"I will tell you at homeroom or lunch or after school today, Joey!" Yugi waved to show he heard Joey, and walked towards the school building. He went to his locker and put his bag inside. Taking out only a binder filled with line paper and his pencil case, he walked to his homeroom, and sat in his already-decided seat.

((Me: I am not really sure about their schedule in Japan...but I am kind of changing it around a bit. You will see soon enough.))

The bell rang, signalling the start of class. The classroom's door slid open, and in walked his teacher. The class rose from their seats and bowed, saying, "Good morning, Kinomoto-sensai."

((Me: Anyone who reads Cardcaptor Sakura would know that her last name is Kinomoto.

Yami Strawberry: aibou is very bad with names. Especially Japanese ones.))

She nodded her head, and said "Good morning, class." The students sat down promptly. Since all the students are present, she continued speaking. "We have two new students today."

Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Ryou exchanged glances. Who would transfer to Domino High School when it is only the first day of school?

The door slid open yet again, and two boys walked in. "May I introduce to you, Yami and Bakura." Kinomoto-sensai announced. The room was suddenly filled with gasps, swooning from girls because of two very hot boys standing in front of the room. Yugi and Ryou's jaws dropped open. Since when did their yamis take up education? They had told them that they hated school, and would never go to one for as long as they live...even though they are already 5000 years old.

//Surprised to see me, aibou?//

/Surprised? Shocked is more like it. You told me you hate school! So why the sudden change of mind?/

Yami fidgeted slightly at the front of the room, not that a whole lot of people noticed, with the exception of Joey, Tristan, Yugi, Ryou, Mai, Seto, and Duke. No, not Téa because she is busy goggling at Yami like the rest of the girls.

Meanwhile, Ryou was having a similar mind conversation with Bakura. \Why, of all times, did you have to show up at school, when summer vacation is just over?\ There was a trace of sarcasm and shock in those words.

\\ Well, my dear hikari, I saw bruises on your arm that did not come from me. And I decided to take that to a more personal level. Joining your school.\\

\But why did...\

\\ The Pharaoh join the school, too? Simple. He and his hikari are like us, Ryou. Two words. In love.\\

\I take it they haven't confessed to each other yet? They don't know how each other feels, but are struggling to maintain their cool in front of each other.\

A nod from the other end confirmed Ryou's thoughts. \\ Very smart, as usual. It's up to us to play matchmakers...\\

\...again.\ Bakura flashed a grin to Ryou very quickly, then turned his attention back at the class.

"Hey, they look like Yugi Motou and Ryou Bakura!" someone shouted out of the blue. There was a sudden scrape of metal as students pushed back their chairs to see the truth themselves. And then the classroom was filled with gasps again, this time the teacher accompanied them. Kinomoto-sensai composed herself well enough and caught the class's attention once more.

"Ahem," she coughed. "As classmates to these new students, you all should be on your best behaviour and treat them nicely. And as for the guides for them..." The class waited with bated breath as the teacher scanned the room for possible leaders, wondering who would be the lucky two teens. "...will be Yugi Motou and Ryou Bakura." Some of the students groaned, and it was mostly girls. "Since you all look alike so much, you won't be getting lost in the corridors too often. Now, Yami, take a seat beside Yugi. And Bakura, go take a seat beside Ryou." Yami and Bakura "glided" over to their seat and winked at their hikaris before sitting. Yami mouthed, "I'll tell you later," and turned back to face the front of the room.

"All right," Kinomoto-sensai clapped her hands gleefully. "Yami, you will be taking the same classes as Yugi, and Bakura, you will be taking the same classes as Ryou, too! Just so we don't get messed up with which and which," she added hastily.

They nodded and the bell rang. "Grab your books everybody! Head to your designated courses and make sure you go to the correct rooms!" Kinomoto-sensai shouted after them. She remembered that in the previous years, students had gotten lost when they were going to class. They had barged right in when some teachers were teaching...and it was quite embarrassing.

Once they were out of the classroom and the bustling corridors, Yami turned to Yugi and asked him, "Since I am taking the same classes as you, dare I ask what you are taking?"

Yugi smiled. He loved it when Yami is being so soft. "I am taking The Arts. Including music, visual art and...drama." He nodded a bit sheepishly. "I don't know why I took drama, considering the fact that I am always stuck with the role being short people. But The Arts contained music and visual art, and I like them very much. I guess it is a two out of three thing. I hope you don't mind?" he added anxiously.

Yami shook his head to indicate no. "Who else is taking The Arts?"

Yugi ticked off his fingers. "Ryou and his yami, Joey, Tristan, Duke, Seto, Mai, and...Téa." He frowned slightly. Brightening immediately, he exclaimed, "Anyways, we don't want to be late for our very first class! Let's see...the drama should be right......." he paused to check the room number. "! Come on everybody!"

They entered the room just as the teacher clapped for the class's attention. Lots of people took The Arts this year, because the room was packed with students and there was hardly any breathing places left, let alone standing places.

Bakura got a wicked idea, and to pretend nothing happened, he shrugged. "Looks like we will have to piggy-back our hikaris. Come on, Ryou." Ryou climbed on to Bakura's back and settled contently before looking at the teacher. 'This is going to be so much fun.' Bakura thought.

Yugi and Yami looked a bit horrified. They expect Yami to piggy-back Yugi? But quite personally and honestly, they didn't mind one bit. Yami got on to one knee and Yugi climbed on to his back hesitantly. Feeling at ease after a few moments, he giggled to let Yami know he could straighten up now. Yami nearly melted at the sweet sound, but was determined to last out until they reached home.

"Attention, class! I will assign you an assignment today, and it will be due in two months time." The students' jaws dropped open yet again. Two months!? Since when did teachers become so nice? The class found out the reason when the teacher continued, "Could you all get into groups of ten and I will give you your topics."

There was a flurry of movement as the students found their friends and rounded themselves into ten. Obviously, Yami, Yugi, Ryou, Bakura, Tristan, Joey, Seto, Duke, Mai, and Téa were together in a group again. They waited patiently until the other students finished.

The teacher clapped for attention again. "All right, everyone. This assignment is based on fairy tales. You may choose which fairy tale you want, but everyone in the group must get a part. If there is more than ten characters you choose to 'display' in your presentation, choose the person that has the least lines in it. Remember, let everyone have a chance at this. I am looking forward for all your presentations in two months time!"

The gang huddled together for a discussion.

"We should do either Sleeping Beauty or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!" Téa squealed in delight.

The rest of the gang looked at each other dubiously. They had expected her to suggest something like this, but were still a bit surprised and shocked. But since they can't come up with another idea that she might approve of, they went along with the idea. But now the question is...which one should they do for their presentation?

~ To be Continued ~

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