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Let's Take the Arts at Domino High

Chapter 3: Instruments and Yamis Don't Mix

The corridor was packed with students. People jostled each other and caused books to fall from their arms and on to the floor. No apologies could be heard as the busy chatter of students bounced off the walls loudly. The Yu-Gi-Oh cast squirmed their way down the stairs and gasped for air when they entered the Music room. Specifically the Band room.

The yamis' eyes widened in surprise as different sizes and colours of cases and instruments filled their sight. This place was humongous! A drum set along with other percussion instruments were neatly placed in a corner. Cupboards, or shelves, whichever you prefer to call them, were covered every inch by cases of brown, black, and gold. Bakura made an attempt to go over and grab one, but Ryou tugged on his jacket, hissing, "Behave yourself. Don't touch anything. And most importantly, don't get me in trouble." Bakura made a mental note to himself that he shouldn't touch anything when Ryou is around, where he can boss him around.

The teacher, Kari Kamiya, came out of her room office. She was stunning pretty, with shoulder-length light brown hair and dark red eyes. Her outfit of the day was a a sweater with pink, white, magenta, and blood red stripes. The shirt set off her eye colour. She wore black pants with black half-inch high heels.

"Welcome, students!" she said brightly, her eyes gleaming with interest. "Who was here last year?"

All of them raised their arms except for Yami and Bakura.

"So we have two new students," Kamiya-sensai observed. "Well, who is your guide through the school?"

The two yamis pointed to their hikaris.

The teacher nodded. "Then you will play the instruments they play, unless you know how to play anything else. Everyone else, sit in your sections."

Yugi took a seat behind the Drums; Yami sat beside him protectively. Ryou was in the percussion section as well, but he was in charge of the Bells. Duke was in the Tuba section, Mai played French Horn. Joey was in the Baritone seat along with some other students. Tristan was flirting with some girl in the trombone section. Seto himself plays the clarinet. Tea trudged towards the trumpet section, the frown still evident on her face. Obviously she didn't get over her disappointment yet.

Kari handed out some sheets to the students save the yamis. She told them to fill it out, and this is what it says:

Music Quiz:

1. What is your favourite instrument? ___________________

2. If you could choose, would you prefer Strings or Band? ___________________

3. Give me three good reasons about why I shouldn't kick you out of my class right now. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Name three Italian music terms and the English meaning. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Name the four clefs. _____________________________________

6. How many spaces and lines are there in a (fill in blank)? ____________________________

7. Name four groups of musical instruments and give an example of each. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

8. Do you play any instruments outside of this classroom? (If yes, name it.) _________

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Heavy scribbling were heard as pencils flew across the piece of paper. Yugi paused in thought, nibbling on the eraser end of his pencil as he chose the best possible answer to question three. Yami thought this was adorable. But he couldn't just sit here and do nothing all day. He leaned over to look at the paper. His light had already completed the rest of the questions, and just needed one more reason for Kamiya-sensai about not to kick him out of her class. What Yugi wrote next shocked Yami tremendously. He scribbled:

"Because a person I love here share the same interest as me, and I would hate to leave that person alone."

"Time's up!" Kari stated. "Give me all your papers."

Everyone got up, excluding Yami and Bakura, and quietly handed Kamiya-sensai their "test" paper. That was the magic of the teacher. She can keep the class quiet without raising her voice. She had complete control, yet she wasn't the mean type.

Joey worriedly walked over to the Percussion section with the rest of the gang trailing behind him. Yami cocked an eyebrow in confusion. What were they thinking walking over here? Didn't the teacher stated that they were supposed to stay in their seats? He was bewildered; that is, until Joey assured him that they won't get in trouble.

"Yo, Yug'," Joey asked anxiously, "what was the answer to question five? I don't think I got it right...and I know you always get this stuff right."

"Oh...well let me see," Yugi stared off into space for a few moments, then exclaimed, "Oh, it's the one about the clefs, right?"

Joey nodded.

"The correct answer would be treble, bass, alto, and tenor clefs." Yugi answered promptly.

Joey punched the air. "YES!"

"Mr. Wheeler!" Kamiya-sensai said sharply. "Please, we are in class, so behave yourself!"

Joey rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry."

"Good," Kari nodded. "Well, getting back to what I was saying........" her voice droned on and on, boring the students half to death.

Tristan ignored her and turned to Yugi. "What about question six? What did you get for that?"

"There are four spaces and five lines in a staff." Yugi replied abruptly, without having to think.

"And question seven?" This time it was Duke.

Yami couldn't take it anymore. What did they think his hikari was!? An answering machine? ((Me: No, not the phone type. As in a person who always answers things without having to think...)) The former Pharaoh stood up, scaring them by the darkness that radiated off him. "What is the meaning of this!? My hikari is not a slave to you people! He doesn't have to answer all your ridiculous questions!" he growled.

A small tug at his school uniform jacket made Yami's eyes turn back to its original shade. His features softened as he faced Yugi. "What is it, Little One?"

The response he got was simple. "I don't mind." He turned back to his friends. "I'm sorry. Yami is just over protective sometimes. What was your question again, Duke?"

"Oh," he blinked his eyes back to focus and repeated his request.

"Woodwind; flute. Brass; tuba. Strings; violin. Percussion; drums." Yugi reeled off.

The group applauded him loudly, and that caused the younger to blush in embarassment. Kawaii!!!!

//I don't understand, aibou. Why did you let them do it?// Yami scolded his other half mentally.

/Because they would never have a break until they get the right answer. They wouldn't wait until the teacher gave the paper back to them; they would ask me instead. And I always comply./


/Good, since that's settled, can we quit this conversation? Kamiya-sensai is looking at us.../

And he was right. She was looking at them like they had grown two extra heads. Yugi waved cheerfully at the teacher while Yami sweatdropped.

'Okay, let's get this straight. Why would a perfect student like Yugi doze off in class at the same time as that look-alike of his? What was his name again? Oh yes, Yami.' Kamiya-sensai mused. She snapped out of her train of thoughts when the task at present projected in her mind.

"All right class. I know this is the first day back, and what is the first day of school without surprises? Everyone get their instruments and let's get playing!"

The class cheered and grabbed the cases and the music books. Yami and Bakura looked at them walking quickly around the room. Some were sticking this type of silver thing in a bin that was filled with a liquid. Some were using some sort of white square to wipe to silver thing.

\\ Ah, don't mind me being rude, but what the hell is that silver thing people are holding in their hands?\\

\Hmm? Don't swear, Bakura. Especially when the teacher is here.\

Bakura rolled his eyes mentally. \\ *snort* Yeah, whatever. So can you answer my question?\\

\Fine. Be rude. Those "silver things" as you call it are mouthpieces. The instruments that you blow in like Brass and Woodwind use these pieces to help them make a sound.\

"Oh." They both switched back to reality.

Yugi was asking Yami to get the drum book for him. Yami looked confused, so Ryou went with him, leaving Bakura and Yugi alone in the percussion section. An awkard silence hung in the air (in that area, that is) until Ryou's cheerful voice broke it.

"Here you go, Yugi," the thick book was handed over.

"Thanks, Ryou," Yugi smiled. Then he added as he noticed the hurt look on his other's face, "you too, Yami. Think I would forget you?"

Yami's cheeks glowed a slight pink. He shook his head hurriedly, hoping that the blush would go away.

"Let's warm up," Ryou suggested. "Which piece do you want to practise?"

"Hmm...give me a minute," Yugi flipped through the pages, looking for a good starter-off. "How about this one? Number fifty-six."

It was "Old MacDonald Had a Band".

Yugi grabbed his drum-sticks and positioned himself for the snare drum. His foot connected with the bass, and tested it out. Still in perfect condition. Ryou had the sticks in his hands already and were hitting the keys. Still sounded sharp. They nodded at each other four times and began to practise.

After a few more hits, Kamiya-sensai called them for a stop. "Does everyone remember the A Flat Scale?"

Everyone bobbed their heads in unison.

"Good, because we're starting off with that!"

The room was suddenly filled with a beautiful noise that Yami and Bakura had never heard before. It was fascinating to hear it; it was soothing and calming to the soul. Well, except for one certain trumpet player who went by the name of Tea Gardner. There was something to it as the class, instrument, and teacher all worked together in harmony to produce that perfect sound. The two spirits stared at their lights. The steady tapping of the drum echoed in Yami's mind. The sharp yet intelligent sound of the bells reached Bakura's ears like the steady flow of water of a stream.

All too soon, the music stopped. The yamis opened back their eyes to see that the teacher was handing out manuscripts with black dots and lines on them. They stole a glance at the title. It read "Genki no SHAWAA".

((Me: Yes, I realize that the song is the ending theme for the Duelist Kingdom series (Part 2). I figured out part of it on the piano, but not quite the whole thing.))

"For this song," Kamiya-sensai continued speaking as she handed out the music. "We need a vocal. Anyone got a good idea for this singer?"

Joey's arm shot into the air immediately.

"Yes, Mr. Wheeler?"

"I vote Yugi."

The class began to applaud and the said boy began to blush from embarassment again.

"Any objections?" the teacher asked. But the response was quite obvious, is it not? "I guess not. Yugi, come up here." Yugi walked up to the teacher meekly. He stopped and looked up at Kamiya-sensai, her gentle eyes seemed to smile at him.

"Here's the lyrics. I only have one copy; the other one is stashed in my binder don't lose this!" she smiled. A grateful pat on Yugi's back was given before he retreated to his stool. On his way back he heard cat-calls and whistles. Comments like "I can't wait to hear him sing" reached his ears and his face turned to a plump red tomato.

"And," Kari called over the murmurs and mumbles, "if this song turns out well, we'll perform it on Music Night."

More celebration followed after that. Suddenly a loud clash interrupted the middle of the festives. Yami and Bakura looked stunned. Crap. Caught red-handed.

Yami was fooling around with the snare drum. Bakura was randomly hitting the keys while Ryou wasn't looking. Then, quite out of "accident", the yamis found themselves in a mess they couldn't get out just be pleading. Not that that ever worked on anybody. The snare drum's tuning wrapping had snapped, creating a loud noise. Bakura, he hit the end, and I mean the end, too hard, and the key flew out of its proper place, hitting him squarely between the eyes.

"IIIITTTTTAAAAAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bakura screamed, clutching his face.

Yami was just sitting there, looking shocked and feeling numb.

Kamiya-sensai was fighting to keep her anger down; her face was contorted with pain, probably dealing with her inner self.

The hikaris were looking simply furious. The expression on their face told them everything they needed to know.

"Yami / Bakura," they whispered in a deadly voice. "What have I told you about touching things when you are unsupervised?"

Their dark counterparts gulped. This doesn't look good at all.

Not good at all.

~ To be Continued ~

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