Veela Blood

WARNING! This short fic contains characters who are not mine, Harry and Draco, involved in highly detailed sexual activities. You have been warned! By the way, this thing is sort of, probably the closest you'll get to a sex scene in Darkness, but it has a completely independently driven story line. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. The Opening Preface

His touch sends fire down my spine and ice through my veins. His words pour honey and give soft promises. I can smell him and feel his fingertips climbing gently over the very surface of my clothes barely even touching but leaving more there than anyone had. Those before had never enticed me in this way, they had no barriers when they touched, caressed, licked, kissed and countless other things but even through orgasms I had never been pleasured like this.

I felt a primal need that dissolved all prejudices, everything. I had been warned about this before but it didn't matter any more. If only he would touch me again. I want him, I need him. I moan for his touch and beg. He doesn't even pause, he doesn't smirk or laugh either, he just continues to touch me. He comes closer and breaths softly on my neck. He whispers to me, he asks me if I am willing. He asks if he can take me. I can barely breath but somehow I manage to force a whisper from my throat, yes.

His hands draw away for a moment and then he gently touches my cheek. My passions are renewed and I find myself distracted and tormented by his hands as they trace invisible shapes along my cheek, as he hovers so close to me and so far away. He smiles slightly, a gentle, beautiful smile. His lips brush mine and I moan softly. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

His tongue flickers out and gently traces the edges of my lips. My breathing becomes deeper but dangerously erratic. He whispers soothingly to me and lets his fingers travel down my neck and through my hair. I feel as if I am stuck in a dream like state. His fingers send shock waves down my through every nerve of my body. He laughs lightly and for some reason it reassures me.

He gently tilts my chin and kisses me again. Deeply, gently, softly, passionately. I feel as if I could die right there and then his mouth looses grip and his kisses fall down. Trailing my chin and neck, his hands gently begin to work at my buttons, his tongue gently follows back up my neck and along my jaw line. A sudden delicate lick upon my earlobe makes my knees weak, he begins, he licks and kisses, nibbles and sucks. I cry out involuntarily and gasp softly. I feel the wind take to my skin greedily as my shirt falls away.

His hands cup my face once more and draw me into a deep kiss, his tongue presses in and hungrily explores my mouth. I can't find myself any longer, I am lost to him. I feel myself lose the fight with gravity. He catches me and gently lowers me to the ground. He holds himself above me, one hand above my head, his knees gently holding to my thighs. His free hand gently pulls through my hair, brushing it away from my eyes. Two fingers lightly trace my cheek bone and slip down to my lips. He kisses me again. His lips are soft, moist, taste of sweet and vanilla, addictive.

Warm, fluid, gentle, graceful. He tenderly touches me, dragging a single finger upon my chest, over my arms, below my navel. It hardly makes contact with my skin at all but produces a feeling of a hundred fold, fire and ice. Burning, fresh, pure, explosive. His mouth devours my own while his hands hungrily explore my upper torso. His mouth releases me and I cry out. Then I feel him again, his tongue slowly devouring me.

I'm burning for him, every moment is pure torture and insane bliss. I beg him once more to release me and he pauses for a moment, looks up at me, he smiles lightly and comes up to kiss me. He pulls away and whispers to me, "Wait, love, be patient for me, I want this to last forever." I can't speak, his eyes filled with something I can't comprehend nor fathom.

He pulls away and sits up, a moment of insane fear fills me but he is still smiling so gently. He carelessly pulls off his shirt and tosses it away, exposing his chest. Soft, smooth, I hunger to know if it also taste of vanilla. I want to taste him, touch him. I reach up and pull him back down to me, I let me hands free and they seem to find a life of their own. His hair, his face, his chest. Just as I had imagined, he laughs at me lightly and kisses me once more. His face is so beautiful and carefree, if I could keep this moment forever.

He tells me not to be afraid and to have him in any way I want, but I cannot. I wrap my arms around him and pull him strait upon me so that his very essence is blended in mine and I can feel him and his weight completely atop me. He is pressed against me, hard against me and I him. I can't summon anything to speak but kiss him gently and try to taste him again.

I feel my fingers slip down from around his back to hold his sides. "I am yours," I mummer into his mouth, "take me," I beg him. I feel foolish, perhaps I am but dreaming, perhaps he has just been playing me but…his eyes. His seem so full of emotions, perhaps too many to comprehend but for some reason he seems sad. "Please," I say to him. He say nothing but takes his weight off of me.

His free hand follows down my side to the edge of my pants, following them into the button. I gasp and he takes advantage of my open mouth, he seems to swallow me, hungrier than even before. My passions are burning within me a hundred fold and I want to die or as to do anything to please him, to make him continue. I need, want, have.

The button on my pants a mocking joke, they offer no resistance to him. His hands seem to take on a life of their own teasing at pants, tugging on my boxers, allowing his fingers to tease their way inside and ensnare themselves within my pubic hair. I growl in frustration and he laughs at me, kissing me, continuing to torture me. My own hands in their avid frustration find themselves at his waist, hands be fools, I can't stop shaking and so I am bound still away from him.

He has noticed, I feel a light blush invade my cheeks, he smiles warmly, his eyes silently laughing. He intertwines his fingers in my own and guides me, carefully, slowly, agonizingly slow. He claims my lips again and gently pushes away the rest of cloth barrier that kept me from him. He lets the kiss go and rises slightly, our lips still touching, our noses side by side. We are completely open to each other and from somewhere a cruel wind pulls along our naked flesh and send fierce shivers along our spines.

"Keep me warm," I murmur. He nods and shifts his position lowering his body atop mine, alining our flesh, pressing our stiff heat together. I moan softly and find it mixed with his. A tremor runs through his body. Are you sure, he asks. I feel a moment of indecision but not matter how I look at it, I want this. To stop now would be ludicrous. Yes, I tell him. I tell him to take me, I tell him that I want him inside me.

He blushes and kisses me so gently and passionately it feels as if my world is dissolving. He touches me gently, letting his fingers roam and caress my hard tortured flesh. I moan and feel all my muscles contract. I beg him to continue, to touch me to envelope me. He tells me that he doesn't want hurt me. I cry out for him, as his fingers touch a sensitive spot. I beg him again. I tell him that this torture is more painful than anything. I ask him again, this time he nods slightly and hesitantly kisses me.

My legs fall open to him and although his practiced touches are now nervous and awkward he positions himself above me. He is so careful but even as he enters me and I am filled with the intense sensations of both pain and pleasure, I am struck by the fact that he has never done this before, never gone this far.

He moves within me and I cry out and gasp. With every thrust I am filled a hundred feelings, a hundred emotions. A completement of myself. His eye are filled of care and worry. I smile unsteadily to him clumsily pull him down to me, taking his lips to mine. Still vanilla. He whispers things to me, beautiful, sweet thing that I can't understand even to the depth of my heart. He acts like a worshiper of a god but he is the god and I do not understand why he would look to worship a simple mortal like me. I would give the world for him.

His pace becomes more harsh, the pain overwhelms the pleasure in an erotic, addictive, beautiful mixture. My voice is raw from crying out, screaming his name. His own throat is also filled and he calls out to me. A sudden deep thrust and he stops, a warmth explodes within me and am filled with such utter bliss in unity with him that I wish the world would end, so that I could die in this perfect moment.

He's shaking and his breathing is ragged and uneven, he gently pulls himself from me and slowly crawls backwards. I tell him he doesn't have to but he takes me anyway. His tongue gently pulls at my tight throbbing member. I gasp and moan as he takes and envelops me, the world looses color, it fades away and I am lost in an unfathomable sea of pleasure. I explode.

Light and color returns, I can hardly breath. He is next to me now, his eyes locked into mine. He reaches over and brushes a few strand of hair away from my eyes. I feel a smile creep upon my face and his face mirrors it. He sighs and leans forward to kiss me. I take his mouth and try to memorize it, to keep forever. It seems impossible that I would be able to keep this Eden.

His fingers slowly trace along the very edge of my lips, his eyes mist over and tear escapes the corner of his eye and falls to the ground. I ask his what is the matter, but he just shakes his head and wipes his eyes. His mouth clings to mine for an eternal moment and then he moves down, a presses a gentle kiss to my neck that burns like acidic fire. I tense slightly but I had been expecting it, I wanted it. I am so happy. He licks burning mark gently until it no longer burns.

I reach forward and gently touch his cheek and softly whisper into his ear, "I think…I love you…Harry."