His grip tightens slowly, choking off my lungs, pressing painfully into my ribs. I exhale the last breath left in me, to relieve the pressure and assuage the new mounting pain but Harry simply tightens his grip and it begins to burn. Panic wells in me as my natural instincts fight the threat of death. The pain radiating from my chest, my lungs, my entire body. I can't feel and my sight is dimming, swimming slightly before my eyes.

Inside, something else, feeds off my mind. It drains all the energies contained in my body. I can no longer move and my body has ceased struggle, my eyes flicker closed. Limp, my body is limp. I can feel death approaching and tears form in the eyes now useless. My mind rages', screaming that it is my own fault that I allowed this to happen, that I killed myself.

But, there is something else, cradling me, holding me safe within myself. This is safe, an entity dark and powerful but my protector and mine only. He will save me from myself and from him as well. I am safe with him. He turns to me, his eyes luminescent spheres of liquid power and emotion. He knows my fears and although he cannot speak to me or hold me right now, his eyes cry with me and they promise to keep me safe. I trust him.

My mind explodes and my mind is set free everything comes rushing back and I embrace the veela of me and the memories. The protector was Harry and he gave me back the most important thing I have ever possessed, Harry. I feel my energy slowly begin to refill me, Harry carefully channeling it back into my body. When I can finally stand on my own I do so and turn looking at him, his face pale and drawn he trembles slightly in the passing wind.

I step forward to him, curling my arms around his waist slowly, drawing him against me and there I bury my head in his chest, choking back tears. His arms encircle me, their grip weak and light.

"Don't cry, Dragon." He whispers into the wind.

"I almost lost you, I almost lost the only important thing in my life. I can cry if I want to." His shirt muffles my reply.

His grip tightens on me, "Do you mean that?"

I turn my head, resting my ear to his chest and listening to the slow rhythm of his heart, "If you are referring to my right to cry then, yes. If you are referring to the fact that you are the most important thing in my life then, yes again." I turn and look up at him, meeting his eyes with my own, searching them, "I love you and I never want to lose you."

Harry's eyes clear as he studies my own, "You mean it." as I watch his own eyes fill with crystalline liquid slipping down his cheeks, "You really mean it this time."

I nod and rise my lips to his, kissing his tenderly, trying desperately to tell him everything in my heart and he kisses me back out tears mingling in the kiss and flavor with the taste of the sea.

"Come," I say as I break away, "Let's go inside, it's cold out here."

"Only," He takes my hand in his and intertwines our fingers, "if you'll say it again."

"I love you, Harry Potter, forever and ever."

We turn and walking arm in arm, return to the castle.

The End (?)

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