A/N: No real point in the timelines picked out for this one. The whole "Am I Pretty" episode has happened before, but it had as big a lasting impact on the regular lives as before (IE none). Sailor Moon is still fighting Jadeite, and the monster of the week is Ramua in the whole clock scheme episode, placing it probably at the time that would have normally happened. Oh, and of course none of the rights to Sailor Moon or Ranma 1/2 are mine.

A/N2: Updated the ending very slightly to fold in to the next bit.

Am I Courageous?

A (stupid) Ranma 1/2 – Sailor Moon crossover fic.

It was a morning like every other. There was a shout of "You're getting weak, boy!" and then another shout of "Nice try, stupid panda!" The Tendo household was used to their guests at this point, and in turn no one even bothered to look. Kasumi hummed to herself as she finished preparing breakfast for everyone, Nabiki sipped her coffee and read the business section, while Soun alternated between his morning cigarette and rearranging the shogi board to his advantage. There was a splash, and finally Ranma came in satisfied and dusting off his hands. "Hey, where's Akane?" he asked, glancing about.

"I believe she's just running behind this morning," Kasumi replied. "Perhaps you could go and check up on her, Ranma?"

Ranma huffed. "She's probably too busy looking over outfits to try to make herself look pretty. Good luck," he grumbled, although without the vitriol that meant he was serious about it. "I'll go check on her Kas, just call us when breakfast is done." Wandering up the stairs to Akane's bedroom, he slid open the door. "Hey Akane, we were-" and froze. Across from him was also Akane, paused in the act of pulling up her skirt with only her underwear on. She stared at him, he stared at her, a blush of fierce red across both faces. Ranma's brain locked up, then tried to start again with the sound of grinding gears. Maybe if he just slowly closed the door and pretended he hadn't seen anything he could-

"PERVERT!" was the cry in turn, and grabbing a hand weight she hefted it like a club and threw it with all her force. Ranma had enough time to let out a "gleep!" and turn to run before he tripped over the bucket of water Akane usually kept to the side for waking him up. There was a splash, a CLONG! noise as the weight hit the back of his head, and then a thump as he now she dropped to the floor out like a light.

The family just watched the unconscious girl as they gathered about her bed. "Stupid Ranma, probably just trying to get out of going to school," Akane mumbled. Soun tried to insist that Akane take care of her fiance for what happened but a glare from her made him burst into tears about how mean his daughter was. Genma watched, and then splashed his son with a cup of hot tea. Ranma shifted back into a boy, but didn't wake up. Shrugging as if out of options, he went back downstairs with Soun following and wailing the whole way. Nabiki sighed and shrugged too. "We'd better get to school or we'll be late. Will you be okay, sis?" she asked Kasumi, who nodded and put a damp towel over Ranma's forehead. Turning and grabbing her younger sister's arm to drag her off, the pair left with Akane glancing back, her face a mix of worry and guilt.

Time passed, and Kasumi remained in the room, tending the unconscious Ranma and thumbing through one of her younger sister's magazines to pass the time. She really should get to cleaning the house, but making sure her house-guest was safe was more important. She would have asked her or Ranma's father to look after him, but both of them had taken off somewhere when it was apparent Ranma wasn't going to wake up immediately. So with a quiet sigh she checked his temperature and pulse, then set the magazine down to go make a call to Doctor Tofu. He acted silly, but he was the best doctor in the area and he had experience dealing with this sort of thing, far more than Kasumi's limited studying. A glance down at the still-unconscious form and she let out a quiet "Oh dear." She just hoped Ranma wasn't seriously injured.

The boy came to, with a throbbing at the back of his head and a dizzy disorientation. There was the sense of having lost his memories of something, but he couldn't place it. He looked down at himself: male, dressed in a red Chinese style shirt and silk pants. Bump on the back of the head, hair in a braided pigtail. Ranma Saotome, ready to face the world. That felt right, but there was something more. He felt like there was something else about himself he was forgetting. A girl or something. Looking about the room for something to help jog his memory, he spotted a magazine left as if waiting for him. Picking it up he settled back to read.

"SENSHI BEAT" the magazine read, and easily fell open to a profile page on a girl dressed up in what looked like a schoolgirl's sailor uniform except modified with red thigh-high boots and a skirt short enough to belong in those types of manga. Ranma shook his head to clear the cobwebs and quietly read. "An unknown figure stands alone in the street, everyone else having fled the scene. Suddenly she transforms into her secret identity: the stylish Sailor Moon! The leader of the sailor senshi, Sailor Moon fights for love, beauty, and the good of everyone. With fighting skill and grace she defeats the evil monsters sent to prey on unsuspecting people, she makes it her duty to protect the weak. Fight on, Beautiful Soldier Moon!" Something about that resonated with Ranma. It was a martial artist's duty to protect the weak, Sailor Moon protected the weak, he fought all the time, she fought all the time. It clicked, that's why he couldn't recall the girl, she was a secret identity! What better way to be secret than to otherwise be a boy? How else could he pull off the ki blasts and special moves he had, other than moon kingdom magic? Excitement rising, he poured over the magazine to try and recover more of his memories. It was perhaps a fitting twist of fate that right beside the article was another one on a certain Tuxedo Mask figure. If Ranma had come across that article first, things would certainly have been different. As it stood however, a different interesting was about to happen.

Kasumi came back to find Ranma stretching and doing a quick warmup in his room. She watched for a few moments as he did a few poses, standing on a leg and then another with hand outstretched, a third with palms together hands outstretched. As he spun in a high kick he caught a glance of her standing in the doorway, and dropped his leg. "Hi Kas. Something up?"

She shook her head, a concerned look returning to her face. "How are you feeling, Ranma? You did receive a rather serious bump to the head, but I'm glad to see you're up again. You haven't forgotten things again, have you?" She frowned, watching him and inspecting his posture for a sign of being overly stereotypically feminine again. Thankfully Ranma didn't seem to notice the scrutiny, lazily stretching. "Nah, I'm fine. You're Kasumi, your sis is the yen-hungry Nabiki, other sis is the uncute macho tomboy Akane, your dad's the weepy dramatic Soun, and my dad's the stupid lazy panda. Plus I'm a boy, right? Why would I be anything else?" He gave a nervous chuckle but she just smiled gently in reply. "I'm glad to hear that. I've called the school already and they understand you're out for medical reasons, but that doesn't mean you should neglect your studies. You should also go see Doctor Tofu, in case there's any cerebral swelling or possibly even a subcutaneous parietal or occipital fracture. He'll know what to do."

Ranma just stared. He didn't understand a single word she had just said, it was all Greek to him. "Uh, yeah. I'll, uh, do that," he mumbled, wandering out of the house to head for Doctor Tofu's. Kasumi just smiled after him, then returned to the neglected housework.

Not quite at Tofu's office, Ranma was stopped by a scream. Figures, he thought to himself. Always when I want to get somewhere. A defender's work is never done, apparently. Glancing about for some water he eventually kicked a fire hydrant until it let loose with a blast of water, and then the new girl dashed into a back alley to change.

Ramua the youma was having a great time. Apparently her master Jadeite had hit upon the great idea to move their operation from their previous location of the Juban district to this new Nerima district of Tokyo. Not only had those irksome sailor senshi not shown up, but everyone seemed to be packed full of life energy to steal. In fact, most of the people had been so brimming that they didn't even notice her siphoning them dry until the first person collapsed and someone screamed. All she had to do was to finish draining them all, present the energy to Lord Jadeite, and then he would show the other generals how it was really done. And if she took a little extra for herself, who could blame her with such a selection to choose from?

With all that it was quite understandable she was distracted, and her first sign of danger was a booted foot plowing into her head and sending her tumbling to the ground. Growling she looked up to see a figure in a skimpy sailor skirt and red bow, wearing a white mask and standing on one foot in a pose. "Who the heck are you?" she spat, standing up and rubbing the spot where she'd been kicked.

"I'm Sailor Moon!" the girl replied. "I stand for love and justice and all that stuff, and in the name of the moon..." She trailed off, as if unsure what to say, glancing about and seeing the room full of clocks and unconscious victims. "I'm... I'm gonna pound ya into dust!"

Ramua just stared. She might not be the brightest youma, but she knew that while Sailor Moon was supposed to make dramatic poses (check), and spout cliches about love and justice and beauty (check), she was also pretty sure from the profiles she'd heard that the speech was supposed to be admonishing her for using household items for her nefarious purposes. "Don't you mean to say something about how clocks are a tool of time for honest people, or how they're meant to be worn on wrists to keep people on schedule, not for evil?" The fuku-clad girl just scratched her blonde hair in embarrassment, then carefully adjusted it before pulling her hand away. "Not even a quip about how I'm out of time or you're here to clean my clock?"

"Clean your clock, heh, I get it, wish I'd thought of it," Moon sheepishly admitted, looking about. "Cause it's a clock store and all. Look, do you wanna fight or not?" she taunted as she dropped into a loose and ready martial arts stance. Ramua just stared and blinked a few times. This was certainly going wrong. She didn't feel any of that horrible moon magic from the girl, however she'd never had a chance to fight the senshi so perhaps it was only there when they openly attacked? And wasn't there supposed to be more of them? This one certainly had arrived quick, she'd barely started to drain when she was attacked. She had the nasty feeling she was falling for a trap when her opponent cracked her knuckles. "Fine then, guess it's up ta me." She was ready for one of those magical beam attacks Sailor Moon was infamous for, when suddenly there was a fist in an uppercut to her chin, sending her flying up into the air. Before she could recover there was a blur and a kick from above sent her flying down instead to bounce off the ground.

Dazed for a few moments, Ramua slowly got up. "That was impressive... for a pitiful human," she drawled, wiggling her jaw to make sure it wasn't broken and trying not to visibly favour her right arm that she'd landed awkwardly atop. Sailor Moon just smirked, still in that ready stance like she hadn't moved at all. But she would wipe that smirk off her face, she wasn't her general's chosen youma for nothing. "Two can play that game! Clockspeed Rush!" she cried, then charged forward. Moon had enough time to look surprised at the burst of speed before taking a punch to the stomach, sending her back into the ground in turn. She did a quick flip to her feet however, grinning.

"That's good, was worried it was gonna be a boring fight anyways. Glad ta see you're not as slow as you look. But now it's my turn! Roasting Chestnuts Attack!" With that the girl leapt forward to attack, and Ramua moved as well, blocking a number of attacks before accidentally leaving herself open and taking a shot. "What was that?" she thought as she felt where the hit had left her sore and winded. "It felt like a jackhammer! This must be why the previous youma had had such trouble!" It was time to stop playing around however. If this girl wanted to be fast, she would have to show what real speed was.

"All right, girl, I think we've done this for long enough, but now to show you how outclassed you really are! Slices of Time Attack!" Sailor Moon readied herself to block, when suddenly the youma just appeared behind her, delivering a solid kick before she could turn, and then appeared on the other side as she went flying to kick her back. The monster continued to blink back and forth, delivering hit after hit in an imitation of two people playing tennis, only stopping when a final kick sent the senshi flying to hit a wall and slide down, her blonde wig falling off to reveal red hair pulled up into a quick bun. "I suppose that's why no one could recognize her, she's not really blonde." Not that it mattered, she'd defeated the one senshi who'd been a thorn in their side for too long, master Jadeite would be proud! She'd be promoted for sure now, perhaps even one day they would challenge Queen Beryl for the throne of the Dark Kingdom!

To the side 'Sailor' Ranma groaned quietly. She'd underestimated the youma, and received a beating in turn for it. Each of the attacks were weak, but she'd been taken by surprise for each one. How could someone move so fast? She didn't even see her opponent move! As she pulled herself to her feet she noticed the wig on the floor. Damn, now she'd certainly have to defeat the youma or her secret identity would be blown for good. "Alright, you're fast, I'll give ya that, but it's not all about speed. Remember, I'm Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon don't lose!" The last words a battle-cry, she charged the youma to deliver a series of blows. Ramua blocked each one, but was stunned. "What are you? No human should have been able to stand up after the blows I delivered!" Worse this frustrating gnat of a girl didn't leave her a chance to try a counter-attack either, keeping her on the defensive. Ranma just laughed with a taunting grin across her face. "Not your fault, you're just no match for me after all. And now I know your tricks!"

Ramua growled. "Then try this! Slices of Time!" She folded time about herself and slipped behind the girl to deliver another finishing blow, but Ranma had apparently been expecting it. "Chestnuts Revised: Endless Flight of the Swarming Wasps!" she shouted, then seemed to teleport as she bent around the attack to avoid it. A second kick from another angle was dodged as was a third and a fourth, seeming to flow around each blow at just the last moment, as if she could somehow predict the strikes. When Ramua leapt back to regroup and try to figure why her attacks weren't working, the red-headed senshi continued to dodge and dance on her own for a few seconds more before coming to a stop. That cocky grin remained plastered on her face, and it was all the worse that Ramua couldn't seem to hit her to wipe it off. "That all ya got? Even the tomboy's faster than you!" She pulled down an eyelid and stuck out her tongue with a nyah.

Ramua had gone past angry and irate to a further plateau of rage, with a seething fury burning inside her. How DARE that mortal taunt her like that? How DARE that mortal think she could match her, the great Ramua, Youma of Time? How DARE that mortal insect not be squashed like the bug she was?! It was time to end this once and for all. "YOU! You you you will not! Will NOT defeat me! ME! You are but a speck compared to the powers I command!" Her eyelid twitched, and she pulled upon the life energy she had stolen to try and heal herself. "Prepare to be crushed by the might of the DARK KINGDOM! I am the great, the great youma RAMUA!"

Ranma stared, before scratching her head and letting her pigtail loose to drop down her back again. "Ramua? Huh, funny world. Uh, you okay there? You're kinda twitching. Didn't hit you that hard, did I? I mean, you're still on your feet and stuff." Ramua fumed, expression cycling between fury and ice calm, but not replying. "We haven't been fighting that long, don't tell me you're tired or what. No wonder you Dark Kingdom Chumps go down so easily."

Ramua hissed. "You! YOU! You can't- that's it, it's TIME for you to see how tired you are! You need a nap! Nap time!" She didn't care that she was making a spectacle leading to Ranma twirling a finger by her ear. She didn't care her purple hair was sticking up in clumps or that her dress had a large rip along the front or that she was heaving for breath in a mix of exertion and rage. All she knew was she was going to use all the time she could make to pull this brat apart limb by limb. "TIME REVERSE!"

Ranma readied to dodge the attack, watching the youma grow larger and larger, until stopping at maybe double her original height, standing with a look of satisfaction. Waiting a bit more for an attack that apparently wasn't coming, Ranma sighed. "Are you gonna attack me or-" before cutting off and clutching her throat. "What the heck is up with my voice?" She glanced down, to see her girl form still dressed in the fuku disguise, but instead a little kid's body maybe six or seven years old. "Aww, not again. Now I have to find those stupid mushrooms.." she grumbled.

Ramua laughed, voice warbling and her eye visibly twitching. "Ha! You had no chance to defeat me, now you have less of a chance! Welcome back to childhood, Chibi Moon!" She threw back her head to laugh, before receiving a boot to the head sending her flying once more, followed by another kick and a series of punches.

"I've been regularly beating up my pops since I was six, what makes you think this'd stop me?" Ramua dodged the next blow however, and punched back, forcing the child Ranma into a guard stance. Sailor Ranma charged again only to have to dodge another blow. Each attack was deflected by a counter-attack, speed matched and unable to get close enough. Leaping back to catch her breath Ranma took stock of the situation. She could still fight, but she was already winded and tiring out from all of this. As a little kid she didn't have the reach to attack with her tiny little arms and legs, nor did she have the muscle power to hurt with any blows she did get in. If this kept up she'd, well, she wasn't sure what would happen but she sure wasn't about to admit she could lose. She was going to have to try something new. Gathering herself, she shouted at the top of her lungs. "SAOTOME SPECIAL ATTACK!" then turned and ran. Unfortunately for Ranma, child legs don't run very fast, and she only managed to get a few steps away before the entire world seemed to slow down on her, body screeching to a halt. A few attempts at wiggling revealed she was stuck in position and helpless. The youma walked over to crouch down and smirk at Ranma, showing her fangs and pointy teeth. "Now you've fallen into my trap!" she gloated, the entire left side of her face twitching now. "You think you're so great, but you're nothing! You hear me? Nothing! An insignificant little insect, a fraction of a picosecond worth compared to me, nothing at all! Gone! Just like that! Do you hear me?!" She leaned down again to shout right in Ranma's face, spittle flying from her mouth. "JUST LIKE THAT! And I will destroy you! Destroy you so utterly that Lord Jadeite will have no option but to realize I am perfect and great and then we can be together and he'll sweep me in his arms for a kiss before we overthrow the Dark Kingdom and take it over! And the only obstacle is YOU! You are not even a speedbump and bumps will be crushed and YOU WILL DIE, SAILOR MOON!"

As she raised her hands, dark energy coalescing about them in preparation for something sinister, there was a flash of red and Ramua leapt back once more, clutching her cheek where a gash had appeared. Ranma found herself able to move once more, although still child sized, and she glanced down where a red rose had embedded itself into the floor. Quickly tracing the likely route back she saw a man dressed in a white tie affair complete with top-hat, cape swirling dramatically behind him. "Believe in yourself Sailor Moon! All-" He broke off, and peered down at Ranma who stared up at him. "You're not Sailor Moon."

"Stupid! I am too. You need your eyes checked or something? She did something to make me a kid but I'm still the same fighter I was before!"

He shook his head. "No, I'm fairly certain you are not her."

Ranma sighed. This was as bad as Kuno. "Look, idiot, thanks for the rose and all but I'm not interested, and I was doing just fine before you came along!"

The man leapt down to approach her. "My apologies young girl, but that rose is not for you. It is meant for the beautiful warrior princess Sailor Moon. Now, how about I escort you to your parents where it's safe-"

"You moron, I AM Sailor Moon! I'm just a bit different, and I lost my wig. Oh crap, my wig!" She dashed over and grabbed it, trying to fit it on her head before having it cover her entire face and slide off. "Ah damn. Look, I don't care who you are, or why you're here, but this is my fight, all right? So go home and take your roses with you! I mean, roses? Seriously? Who do you think you are, Kodachi?" She inspected him up close, peering up to see. "Could be a really good cross-dresser, we seem to get those around here..."

There was a cracking noise of joints from behind the pair. "You haven't defeated me! Not one bit! Not for one second! I don't care if there's four of you that keep moving, I am the great Ramua! Now, yes, now you will die!"

Ranma sighed. "One minute, okay?" she told the masked man, then spun about on her heel. "Fierce Tiger Standing in Moonlight Blast!" she shouted in a single breath and hands together threw out a beam of blazingly white ki, smashing into the youma and through her to leave a gaping hole in the chest.

"Ow," Ramua gasped, looking down and wiggling a hand in the hole experimentally. "That's not even the right finisher," she added, before falling over and disintegrating into a pile of dust.

The spell broken, Ranma popped back to her normal size as if nothing had happened. She glanced down, ran her hands across her uniform, then fist-pumped in victory. "Yeah! I'm back to me, and I didn't even have to chase down some stupid mushrooms! Sailor Moon one, Dark Kingdom zip! Told you I'm the best!" Turning on her heel she gestured to herself. "See? I told you I'm Sailor Moon, you- hey, where'd he go?" She looked about, then eventually shrugged and leaving the people to recover on their own exited and leapt onto the nearby rooftop, roof-hopping back home in search of some hot water.

Tuxedo Mask stood on the top of the building, face somehow in silhouette, and cape billowing dramatically despite a lack of wind. He was unsure of himself for once, not because of the girl, he knew she wasn't Sailor Moon, but because she'd insulted his roses. What kind of girl didn't like getting roses?She'd even ignored his pep-talk of 'believe in yourself'. Honestly, some people just didn't appreciate the effort he went to some days.

A pair of girls dressed up in sailor fukus, one with a long yellow pigtails and red ribbon and boots, the other with a blue ensemble and deeper blue hair burst in. "I'm the sailor warrior of love and justice, Sailor- Hey! Where'd the youma go?" She spun to look at the other sailor warrior who had already pulled up an eyepiece and portable computer, and was scanning. "Mercuryyyyyyy!" she whined. "We took too long and they're already gone! I told you we should have just ignored it and went to the arcade!"

Ranma had already changed back and finished putting his disguise costume away when he smelled food. Rushing downstairs he dashed into to the dining area. "What's for supper Kas...?" Trailing off, he stopped in the middle of the empty room, confused. On the table were three notes. "On a training trip, will be back tomorrow" read the sloppy first note, signed Tendo and Saotome. "Busy, back late" read the other in quick scrawled writing, with Nabiki's signature underneath. The third was written in a careful flowery handwriting. "I am out buying groceries and making deliveries. I will return later tonight, but there are leftovers still in the fridge. -Kasumi." Already feeling an impending sense of doom, despite his better judgement and danger sense screaming at him Ranma quietly made his way into the kitchen, his heart stopping and blood running cold at the sight of Akane humming as she stirred a pot of... something. He was pretty sure he saw an eye staring back at him from inside. Deciding the best tactic was to run, he started to back up quietly but bumped into a discarded onion which dropped onto the floor with a thump. Akane turned about, and Ranma realized he was doomed.

"Ranma! I was worried for you, I'm sorry for hitting you in the head like that and I was worried that I- well, you're all right, so it's fine then, right?" She gave a hesitant smile, and gestured at the pot with the spoon slowly dropping as if dissolving, and bubbling violently despite having been taken off the heat a fair bit ago. "I made you dinner to help you recover, and since everyone's left," and she glared at the empty table, "that means that the whole pot is just for you! Now grab a bowl and you can recover your strength!"

Instead, Ranma took the only solution available, and ran. There was a shout of "RANMA GET BACK HERE!" from behind and a few cooking utensils flying past. He leapt up to clear the fence but a frying pan flying in a perfect arc smashed into the back of his head, sending him down into the koi pond with a splash.

"Serves you right Ranma! ...Ranma?"

Eventually Ranma came to consciousness, with the entire family surrounding him, mostly indifferent, Kasumi concerned and Akane switching rapidly back and forth between angry and contrite. Apparently he'd missed an entire day, remembering nothing between opening the door to Akane's room in the morning and coming to the next day. After the usual round of questions about his memory ("Kasumi, mercenary, angry, weepy, stupid") and head status ("I'm Ranma Saotome, I'm always fine, OW don't touch that!"), life settled back to normal once again, with the particular day passing on as if it had mostly never happened. Mostly.

Of course, the important thing to note is just because a blow to the head brings about one set of mind, that doesn't mean that another blow would suddenly reverse it. As well, while Ranma Saotome might not be the smartest person about, a secret identity was one thing he knew was important to hide, even if that meant lying about forgetting everything. After a few days everyone would forget anything had happened and he'd be home clear to continue his secret youma battling. If only he could figure out just what he was forgetting about...

"Ranma you pervert! Why is there some schoolgirl fetish costume in your closet?!"