A Harry Potter and OFF crossover, because OFF needs more love! And I do have a plan to add our favorite merchant into the story! Afterall, Zachrie is the only character that the Batter doesn't bash over the skull with his bat and kill directly.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or OFF.

Chapter 1

He opened his eyes and, for once, was not controlled by the hand of a puppeteer. He couldn't move much, but that hardly mattered at the feeling of being in control of his limited movement. He couldn't roll over, as he was placed on his back and staring at the ceiling, but he could flex his fingers and toes, wave his limbs about, and turn his head for himself! Such freedom! He inspected the white ceiling of the room he was in, noticing the fact the light was OFF. The second set of eyes under his human ones must be open then, he decided for they could see through the darkest of inky, black nothingness. The door he caught in his perpherals swung open slowly and he hastily blinked both sets of eyes shut. The light was turned on and he listened to two sets of footsteps approach him. He felt him self being lifted from the crib he woke in.

"Listen, Dobby. This is Draco, my son, and you do everything he tells you, because one day, he will become your master," a man spoke, his voice cold and firm. He reminded the infant of himself as the Batter, which he still was. He just hadn't grown into it yet. He slowly slid his human eyes open and gazed upon the being that was told to do his being. The floppy-eared creature had watery eyes and seemed to be crying. He reminded the infant of the terrified and meek Elsens that were easy to turn Burnt. He tried his best to console the creature by patting it on it's bulbous nose.

"AH! The young Master scratched me! Dobby is a bad house elf," the creature screeched. Oops.

"Dobby, cut that out right now! You are scaring my little Dracie," a voice hissed as the the creature left and another being approached him. He felt himself become stiff as a being similar to the Queen, Eloha Vader, appeared before him. Apparently, he was the being's 'little Dracie' which meant the thing was his mother. If he knew any deity of the world he was in, he would of cursed their name to a thousand angry, impure spectres and the wrath of the nothingness. Instead, he wondered what he could of done besides turning the world OFF that warranted such treatment. Perhaps if was all the deaths he caused.

"It's time for little Dracie to eat," the vile being cooed. Wait, what? When he felt the man hand him over to the beast, he wanted to smash a fist into her face. Damn, his baby fist and his limited control! He felt his face press against... No. Absolutely not. He refused to be a helpless whelp and drink the beast's milk! It was no mother of his and he refused it outright. Real men ate demon's meat and slayed monsterish phantoms, unless they were too weak to do so. They could leave it to him then, because he was not weak.

"Lucius, I think something is wrong. He's not eating," she said, taking him away from her chest, "He never had a problem before." He could hear the concern in her voice and he almost felt bad for not conforming to the standards of an infant. Key word being almost. He would never hear the end of it from the Judge and Zachrie. He wondered where they were at the moment before he was startled by a loud pop and a smaller pair of hands took him.

"Take care of him," the man identified as Lucius stated coldly before the two humans left the room and the terrified Elsen-like creature held him away from its body. His second set of eyes sprung open and fixed the creature in a glare. The being shook and whimpered in feared as the seemingly human child it held turned monstrous, growling and hissing at the house elf as it morphed and gained a pair of large claws and a head seemingly reminiscent of a crocodile with pure red eyes. The pure white monster blinked at the house elf and snapped its jaws at the being.

"A-are you hungry, y-young M-ma-master," the creature stuttered, watching the monster bob its head up and down, "Why did you n-not," the creature trailed off as the glare from the monster returned. The elf hurried with the beast to the kitchen, hoping another elf could help feed the young master. Luckily, a large group of elves were there and they gasped at the sight of the monstrous child.

"Dobby is a bad elf," one of the elves cried harder upon seeing the master, "The young master turned into a monster and Dobby wasn't there to help!" Oops. He kept making that one cry. Upon being released to the floor in his new form, he tried to crawl toward the creature to calm it. He kicked and wiggled toward the creature, while the elves around him were torn between crying in fear for their fellow house elf and joy for the young master's milestone of learning to crawl. Reaching the elf, he decided the best move would be to give the creature a hug of apology. However, the only area he could hug was his leg and he ended up half climbing into the creature's lap before being able to hug it. This only caused the creature to cry louder to his displeasure. He growled before snapping his jaws at the elf called Dobby. He was hungry! He needed meat!

"The young master is hungry," a stricken elf yelped, before they all scattered except for the elf he had pinned with an apology hug. One brought him milk, which he snarled at; another brought him a bright red orb-like object, which he bit and released after tasting the sweet juices it had; a third brought him a longer yellow shape he bit in two before flinging the pieces aside. Finally, a heavy, meaty smell filled the air and he chirped helplessly as the aroma filled the air. He was so hungry!

"The young master wants meat," a group of elves cheered as they brought with them a steak. He wiggled toward the group, trying to clamber off Dobby's lap and get to the food as fast as possibly. As if someone had kicked him, he leaped up and at the steak, crashing into the house elves and sending them into a panic. However, he was fine and his teeth were buried into a big chunk of steaming meat. Finally, his taste buds cheered as he ripped into his food. He mentally thanked the creatures over and over again, as a babble of chirps and bubbly sounds he couldn't identify flooded from his mouth. The elves patted him on the back, ruffled his pale blond hair, and crowded around him.

"Stop! Move aside," the voice of Lucius ordered, elves parting for him. Lucius approached The-Infant-Who-No-Longer-Looked-Like-A-Monster chewing on a steak and careful picked him up. He questioned the sanity of the house elves as he turned to leave with his son. However, as he turned, his son opened a pair of red eyes underneath his gray ones and chirped a good-bye to the house elves. The house elves were both sad and happy to see the young master go.

Until he was two, the house elves fed and watered him as well as challenge him to do harder tasks. Today was to climb into a chair to eat his food and eat it like a person instead of the monster he was used to. The climbing proved to be easy, as well as getting into the highchair. He watched as an elf before him cut apart his food and set a plate before him.

"Young master," the elf whispered, "Try eating your greens first. It will help in the long run." Draco nodded to the elf and grabbed the fork he was offered. Spearing one of the clusters of green tree-like shapes the elves called broccoli, he brought to his mouth and chewed on it before swallowing it. The broccoli tasted alright for a plant, which he decided was due to the elves' skillful cooking. After the pesky green was gone, the next was a mushy pile of pale white and brown that the elves called mashed potatoes with gravy. They tasted very good, like creamy delicious clouds covered in brown meat broth. They were gone much quicker than the green. Now, he sized up the final color on his plate. A steak cut into pieces so he wouldn't have to rip it apart himself. He stabbed the meat up and gobbled down the pieces quickly. After finishing his meal, he climbed down from the chair and walked into the kitchen.

"Thank you," he stated, stoic voice emotionless, "It tasted great." To the elves, the words were signs of improvement with the boy's manners and approval from the young master. A familiar elf hopped up and ran over to the boy, looking for a task.

"Is there anything Dobby can do for you, young master," the elf cheered happily. Dobby had found himself thoroughly smitten with the young master and enjoyed doing tasks for him.

"I need to leave the house. Come with me," the boy stated. It was not a question or an order. A simple group of words the elf could take as a task but wasn't one it had to accept. The elf nodded before taking the boy's hand, vanishing into thin air.