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Chapter 5

The train stopped and Draco frowned at the announcement to leave their things, including pets, on the train. He cast a look at the feline gentlemen, wondering if he would be okay then quickly stopped thinking that. Of course, Pablo would be alright. He could take care of himself. He led the way for his two friends, wondering how the cat was going to get to castle. He followed the shouts of the giant he had seen with the Potter boy. The Emptiness had told him the giant was named Hagrid. He quickly chose a boat, Crabbe and Goyle getting in right after him. The boat remind him of the pedalos of his world, yet self-propelled as if the boats had been connected to motors underneath the water.

Draco decided that magic was rather useful and had many uses. It reminded him of the Competence that most of the beings in his world could use. The only Competence that every being had in his own world was a form of his own Wide Angle, which a being could use to help determine the best course of action. He wondered what the Wide Angle would say about the people of this world.

He was reminded what was happening by the sound of the other students stating their awe of the castle. He looked up at the tall structure and decided it had its own form of beauty that many of the places in this world had. However, his own world had an unique beauty that this world had not. The smell of burning plastic, heavy smoke, metallic ground, and rancid meat had its own appeal to him, despite how the scent would have made someone gag. Even the smell of sugar had a place in his home, no matter how much it put him off.

The boat had stopped, bumping into the shore and wobbling slightly as his two new friends got out of the boat. He waited until the boat stopped rocking to slowly depart from his seat. He had forgotten how calming a boat ride could be. As Draco waited around with the other students, an older stricter-looking witch opened the door and commanded the children to follow her. She brought them to a room where she explained that they had better educate themselves for their sorting.

The Nothingness reassured him that the task was easier than she made it appear to be, that he would have to do nothing himself besides put on a hat. This upset him slightly, but he chose not to comment on it. He had hoped for the fight the Weasley brat had been talking about, ready for a real challenge and tired of sharpening his claws on a bunch of trees. However, he found himself startled when a group of spectres floated through the wall while talking to each other. His Wide Angle kicked into gear.

Hogwart ghost

Non-corporeal wizard imprint

HP: ?/?

He found it interesting how the spectres was described as an 'imprint'. He looked over the spectres and noticed how they were not as solid as true spectres. They didn't warrant any work at the moment, since he had to keep to his script. The strict woman walked back into the room and brought them through a long hall. She pulled out a stool and a hat. Just as the Nothingness had explained, the hat burst in song. He wasn't surprised, despite his interest in the cloth. Another Wide Angle was required.

Sorting Hat

Singing, cryptic-looking hat


That didn't tell him anything. He listened to the names getting called, waiting for his own.

"Malfoy, Draco!"

That was him. He strided up to the stool and sat down, waiting for whatever the Nothingness was about to do.

The Sorting Hat had never seen anything like it. The Nothingness hung around the boy walking toward him. As soon as his brim brushed the kid's hair, he saw the monster the boy really was and heard the Nothingness force an answer out of him.


The Hat refused to shrink and recoil after touching the thing. He heard a fleeting thought, however that made him question the beast's nature.

'Thank you.'

He made his way to the table that cheered for him, one of his friends being there already with the other soon joining him. The Nothingness was focused on the Potter kid again, so he decided to slip from his facade for a minute. A natural, blank look on his face appeared until the Potter kid was called up there. He stayed up there for a second before the hat shouted Griffyndor. The Nothingness growled at him, telling him to hate the Potter boy and bully him. He saw no point in bullies. The others already knew how weak they were, right? Of course, they all did. The Nothingness told him the opposite of this and told him the Potter boy had to made an example of. Very well, he thought, anyone would do really.

The headmaster recited a speech, telling the children to stay away from a certain part of the school unless they wished to suffer a painful death. He heard a few nevrous laughs here and there and wondered why they thought death was funny. However, he pulled out of his thoughts when food appeared on the table. The food made his stomach growl and he gladly took a small amount of anything nearby, passing food when asked for it. He found all of the food pleasing and wondered if house elves were behind it. After all of the food disappeared, the overwhelming scent of sugar filled the air. He could swear that he smelt the remaining ashes from the bodies of countless Elsens flood the air as well, but he knew it was not really there.

"Draco," he heard Goyle next to him, "You look a little green. Are you going to puke?"

"No," Draco muttered unamused, quickly explaining, "I don't like sugar very much."

"Oh, it's not that bad," said a different boy sitting next to him, "You have to try the fudge! It taste amazing!"

"I'd rather not," the monster stated, "I'll take your word for it... What's your name?"

"My name's Blaise Zabini," the boy answered, "How about you?"

"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy," the monster replied, "I can't believe you can just sink your teeth into that stuff."

"It's fantastic," Zabini insisted, "Just one piece wouldn't hurt!" Draco narrowed his eyes as Blaise held a piece of the fudge up to him. Draco took the fudge, not wanting to seem rude. He preceded to glare at the clump of sugary death.

"It's better if you eat it," Zabini blinked at the monster expectantly. Draco quickly tossed it into the air and caught in his mouth, deciding it would get the sugar ball out of sight. He almost had a fit when the inside of his mouth melted the fudge into a slippery blob. Sugar and chocolate sludge slid down his throat, the scent of it clogging up his noise and making his stomach turn in pain. However, Draco's face remanded impassive and Zabini chattered about how Draco had caught it.

"It taste okay," Draco stated, feeling sick as the sugar hit his stomach. Blaise patted Draco on the back, before getting up with the other students. Draco stood and followed as well, Crabbe and Goyle appearing by his side. He wondered if the boys would be good Add-Ons. A quick Wide Angle told him no. Their health count was very low and they had a weakness to every element of his world. It left Draco with the impression that they had almost no chance at becoming better unless he was around to help.

The group of Slytherins traveled into the dungeons and under the lake, a giant squid swimming by slowly. Draco walked through the door and listened to the Perfects' speech about the dorm rules. Being dismissed to find their rooms, Draco found his room easily because of the Cheshire gentleman in front of his door. Many of the other students found the cat disturbing and grotesque, though Draco saw nothing obviously hideous with the Judge. He simply looked like he always has. Draco slipped a napkin filled with chicken from his pocket and set it before the Judge. The cat purred happily in his rich and smooth voice.

"Don't stay out too long," Draco advised his old ex-comrade. The Judge looked up at him and meowed, confirming that he had heard the agent of nothingness. He then walked into the room, finding all of his things unpacked and the bear once again in plain sight.

"Really," Draco regarded the cat, "Couldn't have hidden it?" The cat seemed to smile more at this and decided to follow the monster into the room. Draco then picked the bear up and returned it to his trunk, finding his Harold Bat and the cap lying next to it was missing. He quickly searched the room, getting a strange look from Crabbe, Goyle, and Zabini. The three were, apparently, his roommates.

"Did you lose something already," Zabini asked looking around as well. The Malfoy kid had alreay lost something? How careless!

"No, I didn't lose it, " Draco sighed in frustration, "The gentleman in white fur hid it. Where's my stuff, Pablo?" The cat grinned more, purring in amusement as Draco looked around more.

"The cat did," Crabbe questioned, "I didn't think cats could do that."

"Unfortunately, he can," Draco stated as he looked under his bed, "He's somewhat off." The cat simply turned and walked away, leaving the monster to his search. "Oh, well. I don't really need them right now. We better get to sleep."