"So, Nick," said Keiko, "Ready for the big match?" She and Nick were sitting at the edge of the Wishing Fountain. Nick nodded his head. They both stood up and stretched to get themselves ready for the long walk to the Swordplay Arena when Nick caught a glimpse of someone standing near the other side of the fountain. "Sure, just let me know when it starts, okay?" he shouted. He took off running as far away from that fountain as he could, and never stopped until he was in his own cabin.

"You are going to pound that tourist!" said Matt, pounding a fist into his hand. "He doesn't know squid about table tennis." The reassuring words made Lucia even more confident in herself. As they walked to the Pool Patio, Lucia noticed a familiar man talking to a group of Miis. "Um, I think I'll play table tennis later!" said Lucia. She sprinted off toward the Wind Orchard, disappearing into one of the cabins on the hill.

Kathrin and Michael met at the Runners' Circle, planning to jog together through town. Kathrin saw him first. He was rather short, apparently loitering at the bowling alley for no apparent reason. He occasionally checked his pocket watch, looking around. Kathrin tapped Michael on the shoulder, pointing at the man. "It's him!" she whispered. They ran faster, finally separating at the Hillside Cabins, where they each entered their own, slamming the door.

All four Miis knew exactly who they had seen.