After Nick had calmed down completely, he went upstairs to a window and started waving his hands around wildly, trying to attract the attention of his neighbor Kathrin, who was cleaning her tennis racket. He shouted her name multiple times, but she wouldn't even glance in his direction. He started tapping the window repeatedly, sending her a message in Morse code.

Kathrin. Over here.

To Nick's relief she responded.

You scared the living daylight out of me.

Listen. I saw HIM.

He tapped the word "him" especially hard.

No way, Kathrin tapped. You too?

Meet me at the Broken Clock Tower.

Tell Michael and Lucía.

I'll be there, Nick tapped.

The four were gathered at the clock tower.

"This better be important," said Lucía. "I was in the middle of a table tennis match!"

"It's very important," Nick replied. "Sebastian's really here!"

At this everyone else gasped.

"Not him!" Lucía exclaimed.

"The one and only." said Nick.

Kathrin took a moment to add two and two together. "He's looking for us."

"He's just around the corner!" said Michael. "We've gotta hide!"

Nick made his way to the front of the pack. He started styling his hair, patting it down so it looked completely different. Then he took his glasses off.

"How do I look?" Nick asked them.

"Like a tourist," Kathrin replied.

"Good." He cleared his throat. "How do I sound?" he said, disguising his voice.

"Like a tourist," Kathrin repeated.

"Better!" he exclaimed. He then rushed up to the approaching figure of Sebastian Tute.

"Excuse me, sir," said Sebastian, "but have you seen these four people?" He held up some photographs of the foursome. "They are my musical tutees and I believe they're residing here."

Nick gulped. "I don't believe I've ever seen those people in my life."

Sebastian squinted. "You look familiar. Do I know you?"

"Nope." At this point Nick was starting to sweat. "I'm just a tourist."

"Oh well." The pint-sized maestro shrugged and walked away, much to Nick's relief. As soon as Sebastian was out of sight, he quickly returned to the meeting place behind the clock tower, putting his glasses back on.

"That was a close one," Lucía whispered. "I don't know how much longer we can keep this up!"