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Umm yeah...

"Corporal Clean-Freak is gay."

That nonchalant statement from Jean immediately had the males from the former 104th Trainees Squad in an uproar from sheer surprise and shock.

"What the hell makes you think that!?" Eren asked loudly, blinking a few times at his so-called rival, "Not that it really matters if he is, but he and Petra seem pretty close."

"I saw it," Jean shrugged, "Behind the stables when I was cleaning them. He was pretty much shoving his tongue down the throat of that little combat medic."

"You mean that girlie-looking one?" Reiner asked thoughtfully before he smirked, "He looks even girlier than you, Armin, and that's saying something." He then received an exasperated look from said blond boy, but brushed it off.

"What was his name again?" Eren muttered, frowning slightly, "All I can remember about him is that he's Asian like Mikasa."

"It's Kagome Higurashi," Armin shook his head and sighed, "You really should remember that, Eren. After all, he's the only combat medic in the Survey Corps. He could end up saving your life one day."

"Point is that I saw them making out," Jean interrupted, "Who would have thought, huh? Wonder if Corporal Clean-Freak tops or what..."

"Higurashi is definitely a bottom," Connie snickered, "Have you taken a look at him lately? He isn't even that much taller than Krista. I doubt he could top anyone if he tried."

"I don't think we should really be talking about their personal lives like this..." Armin said, but was pretty much ignored by his comrades, including Eren much to his dismay.

"All right, I say we have a little bet," Reiner dared, "The first one who can prove it gets everyone else's bread for the week. You all in?"

Armin sighed again when almost everyone quickly agreed to the terms of the bet with confidence that they would win, "Well, don't say I didn't warn you."

This could only lead to trouble...