I wanted a to continue this story because I like the idea of kakarot raging war against the galaxy. So here's the next chapter of Kakarot rise to power.

Superman awaited the jet's arrival as he orbited the Earth. He hadn't received a message from batman so it made him worry more. He watched the jet enter the hangar and land softly on the ground. He smiled as he watched the cockpit open and batman walk out. His smile faltered as he watched flash slowly get out with wide eyes. He frowned as he watched batman walk towards him with a sad frown. His eyes narrowed when he didn't see Diana or Hal exit the jet and began connecting the dots.

"We have a problem"

(6 months later)

Kakarot examined his queen as she trained. Her skill was perfect but she still lacked the speed to be a formidable opponent. He was surprised that she passed 150x gravity and was well beyond the other furies. He smiled as he saw a beaten Arisia lay on the ground and try to stand. Kakarot had told her to begin training without her rings and prove she could hold her own. She was almost equal to Barda but she lacked the ferocious attitude to destroy her enemies but she could still deliver deadly attacks to those that opposed him. He left them to continue their training as he walked around the massive area converted to training grounds for his entire army. The parademons had exceeded his expectations and were moving onto the furies level of training. The results were just as he said, they became immensely powerful, their speed increased so much that flash would have trouble fighting them, and appearance drastically changed so they looked extremely deadly to his foes. He paused as he looked through the windows to see the old gods training with weaponry that was vastly improved and more efficient on the battle field. The dreggs were already powerful after entering the chamber and now stood strong once again as the old gods that ruled in their past. He studied the past of Apokolips and every secret that was held beneath the surface. He learned what the old gods were and how he had an elite force of powerful beings to fight for him. He left them as he saw a giant weapon being brought out and continued to walk till he stopped at a certain dome. He heard the sound of combat and female grunts as soon as he opened the door. Inside the room, Barda's elite force was training at 140x the gravity and many were laying on the ground attempting to stand. He smirked as he walked in and see their results. Granny goodness stood in the control room and saw her god walk into the room. He gave her a nod and she immediately deactivated the generators.

" I see you girls are trying to match Barda. Its really pointless if you train on the ground" he teased as he dodged a strike from lashina.

"I'm sorry my lord, but we don't receive special treatment like she does" she taunted as she slowly walked away.

"Regardless, I'm here to give you an extra boost that should give you an edge" he said as he pulled a small case of pills from his gauntlet.

"We won't take pills that mutate us!" stompa shouted as she slowly stood up.

"SHUT UP AND OBEY MY WILL!" he commanded and shot fear to their cores. He smirked as he saw their fear radiate from all of them but two. "This pill was created to mimic my saiyan traits, more specifically the one that makes you stronger when you recover from a fatal wound" he explained as he handed the pills out.

"Is this how Barda became stronger than us?" speed queen asked

"Maybe. Now hurry up and get back to training you're the only group that hasn't reached my expectations and I need the strongest to lead my soldiers on the field!"

"Yes my lord!" they all responded.

"Get up you two! We need to have a little talk" Kakarot said to the females that kept staring at him even when everyone began training. They looked towards each other than proceeded to follow Kakarot's back. He walked at a brisk pace and knew the entire complex after the first month. He reached the war room in record time and turned to the two females behind him with a frown.

"What is bothering you?" he asked and that caught them completely off guard. "What? Thought I didn't care about my own soldiers?" he taunted when he saw their facial expression.

"No my lord, we are grateful you care but yes, there is something bothering us" bloody Mary responded.

"why do hold us back when we can train at an even higher level?" Gilotina said as she took a step forward

He paused as he watched them become bold and move closer to him so they were within arms reach "What makes you think you have what it takes to train with the elites such as Barda and Arisia?" he questioned as he took a step forward.

"We know we can, the others appear to be slow when we fight and their attacks are hardly felt when they hit us" bloody Mary said.

" I'm not convinced" he stated

"Please my lord, let us prove ourselves and fight against your two mates" Gilotina pleaded

He took another step forward till he was an inch away from gilotina's face. He smirked when he smelt her arousal and smiled when she saw a blush slowly creep up on her. He growled as be pushed her against the wall and planted his lips on hers. She moaned as soon as his lips met hers but whimpered when he pulled away. He looked at bloody Mary and saw the same thing.

"Fine, go see Barda and prove to her you have what it takes to train with her and not hold her back. If you can pass that, then we'll see what happens from there….I think you would like what will happen after. Now, go! I have a prisoner I need to see" he ordered as he left a flustered Gilotina and a blushing bloody Mary in the war room.

He walked through the halls and outside where vehicles were being moved. He paused to admire the view of heavily armored vehicles running out. When be first saw the vehicles, he knew they were used to break down barricades and not for firing on positions at a distance. He needed better weapons and better ways to make the battle field turn to his favor. He walked on as all the guards who saw him saluted him and the dreggs bow to him. He told them his enemies only bow to him but they wanted to follow tradition and respect him. He just accepted it and proceeded to make more plans to get his army ready for battle. He walked to his palace and down the stairs to the dungeons that held the most stubborn woman he has ever met besides Bulma. He opened the door to see a glaring wonderwoman standing in the center of the room. Her hands bound by chains and hanging above her head and her lasso in the corner with her sword and shield. He took a deep breath as he sat in the chair placed in front of her and took his helmet off. His still golden hair shot straight up and his yellow eyes glowed brightly in the dark room.

"How's it hanging?" he joked but her expression was still glaring.

"Okay…At least I'm trying to improve my jokes. I want to see that beautiful smile I know you have" he continued but she remained quiet. "Not talking today?" he asked.

More silence

"Don't give me the silent treatment!" he whined as he stood.

"What do you want fool?" she finally spoke " I'm not here for your enjoyment" she continued.

"I only wanted to have a conversation since your allies have abandoned you and you don't have many friends here, except me of course"

"Your no friend of mine and my allies have not abandoned me, they plan to come get me" she proudly said.

"I doubt they are coming for you, its been six months and no sign of them. The strongest one of your planet is still flying around earth the same way he does everyday. The batman doesn't have enough data to combat me and I'm sure they are a kind of frightened that I killed the Green Lantern so easily" he said as he scratched the back of his head.

"They will come for me" she told herself but he could detect some doubt behind her words.

"Stop doing this yourself, a warrior such as yourself deserves the greatest fights and the greatest power"

"I'm not joining you and every time you ask I will keep saying no" she told him.

"Then why are you still here?" he asked

"Because you have me in chains you idiot!" she shouted.

"Its been 3 months and you mean to tell me you haven't notice?" he continued

"What are you blabbering on about?!" she shouted but on the inside hoped he didn't notice.

"Those chains are weak as shit, you could've broken them and left this place , steal a boom tube and be home but you didn't…why?" he said as he walked closer to her. He remained stoic as he saw her blue eyes look down. He waited for an answer from her and watched as she looked back at him.

"I thought about what you said…about power. I have protected humanity for so long but nothing has changed, they still wage war and still hurt innocent people. I want the power to stop it but I have to follow their ideals the justice league follows. I want it to all end" she confessed.

"I'll be honest, those things are not part of my agenda. The humans from my universe did the same thing and it didn't change. That's why I Destroyed them" he confessed


"Humans won't change, even when a power greater than them challenges them. Tell me if I'm right, have they created counter measures to kill your league even after all the good you have done?" he asked

"Y-yes but only after the syndicate came to earth to conquer our world she said looking down before looking back at him.

"Tell you what, if you join me I'll grant the one thing you desire from Earth and whatever it is, I'll honor it no matter what anyone says" he said in an honest tone that she didn't believe could exist.

'What will they think of me? I was sent to man's world to spread the amazon ideals but they rejected them…the leaders see my people as a savage race that doesn't know better. Maybe my mother was right…..they only help themselves when they can help their own people" she thought as she looked at Kakarot.

'I don't care what they think! They invaded my home and killed my mother as she tried to reason with the outsiders and I forgave them and still protected them! No more…..' she angrily thought before breaking the chains that held her.

"I want my people brought here to train and become powerful so they can lay waste to everything that stands before them, do that and I'll join you" she said as she crossed her arms.

"Fine, your amazons can come here but to become the strongest is easier said then done. Your people will have to work harder than ever before if they want to be recognized among my army"

"They'll get it done" she said in pure confidence that impressed him.

"Alright, we're going to earth but after I have my meeting with someone…I think you fought her before?" he said as he walked out of the room and towards the throne room. Diana followed bit was still debating her decision and every time she tried to find a reason to not betray earth she found a better reason to go against earth. Kakarot just ignored her troubled state and focused on making a deal with his recent associate. It really bothered him that he had to make deals rather than destroy the planet after taking their technology but Barda advised against that decision saying it was savage.

Passing the labs, Diana saw some kind of armor being massed produced, it unnerved her that it looked the same as the armor superman had when he served Darkseid( I was to lazy to actually check the facts, sorry) it even had the same emblem and helmet. Kakarot turned in the next door where an observation window was placed. They walked down the hall and Diana saw more types of armor being produced, some human sized, others inhuman, and a group that looked design for those with special abilities.

"I want my army protected after they finish their training. They will be unmatched by any common soldier and a challenge for those who are powerful" he explained as they left the hall and stopped at some giant doors with a lightning bolt split between them.

He kicked open the doors a little too rough and knocked them off their hinges. Diana kept her distance since she could see he was a little annoyed by something. He walked into the room where a battalion of guards were standing in front of someone. The guards were wearing green armor to match their master and held glowing sticks with an electric tip.

"Stand down!" a feminine voice ordered. Diana eyes narrowed as she saw a beautiful figure she knew all to well. Dressed in a revealing outfit for any man to look at, her body was something men of lower classes yearned for and men with power start wars for. Her red hair was curling in a braid and her smile flashed as she saw kakarot. Her yellow armor on her legs clanked as she walked forward. Her arms covered by the same armor and her yellow cape dragging across the floor. Her breast bounced with each step and her ass jiggled a little as well. Her smile fell as she saw who behind kakarot and immediately raised her sword. Diana raised her own sword, prepared to defend herself but kakarot grabbed their blades and shattered them to pieces.

"Stand down! Both of you or I will do something both of you won't like" he said in a low tone that sent shivers down their spines.

Maxima recovered as she dropped the hilt of her broken sword " Why is SHE with you?! Are you making alliances with the league now?" she asked as she glared at Diana. Diana chose to remain quiet as she glared at Maxima.

"Did you really ask such a stupid question?" he said as he walked past her and towards the crate her men brought.

"True, but why is she here?" she pointed in Diana's direction

"She and a team came for a visit when I captured one of my mates. They tried to fight me and failed, she fought me to distract me as they escape and warn New Genesis" he said fluently as he opened the crate.

"You trust her?"

"No, she didn't join for six months until I made a deal to bring her people to my planet where they can train to fight powerful beings. If she betrays me, I'll just kill everyone she loves and let her rot in my cell for the rest of her life " he said as he examined the advanced weapons in his hand.

Maxima smiled at hearing his answer, she had received reports that Darkseid was killed and sent to the justice league as a warning. That caught her attention but seeing he was everything the reports said made her body heat up. She couldn't wait to give her terms for the weapons and her army. With a quick walk, she was behind kakarot as he put the gun back into the crate and looked at her but jumped a little when her face was close to his.

"Alright, we're here to make an alliance so what is it you want from me in exchange for the weapons and reinforcements? You want a planet you desire or something else you from my planet" he said as he crossed his arms and stepped back much to her disappointment. Diana eyes widened as she saw him resist her charms, most couldn't even resist her looks. Superman fell to her charms once but his friends released him from her hold. Her respect for him increased slightly but not much after hearing what he would do if she betrayed him.

"oh….I want something from this planet. I want you….." she whispered the last part in his ear as his eyes narrowed. She pressed her breast to his arms and brought her lips to his cheek. He pushed her away and stood atop his throne. Sitting down and looking at everyone in the room.

"If you want me Maxima, then you have to give me lot more than weapons and an army" he stated as he watched her walk towards him swaying her hips.

"I'll give you anything you want" she said in a sexy voice that caused him to smirk.

"Give me full control of Almerac and full command over your army" he stated that caused her to stop in her place.

"No way, what will I be left with If I gave in to you?" she asked as she watched his body shift.

"lets see…You will become my queen, a more powerful empire and the mate of a god. If my understanding is correct, you want the most powerful offspring and what better offspring is there than with a handsome god such as myself" he said with a smirk as he watched her debate her choices. Diana couldn't believe that she would actually consider giving up her people but stopped when she remembered she was doing the same.

"Whats the answer my dear Maxima? Queen of Almerac or the universe?" he said in a low tone. She frowned as she thought it over, her mind kept saying Almerac but her heart wants to be more powerful and respected. She locked her Green eyes with his yellow ones for a few moments before she smirked. She walked towards him and straddled his waist and leaning into his face.

"Maxima, queen of the universe" was her answer as she planted her red lips against his. The whole room remained quiet as the two leaders had a heated make out session. Kakarot smiled as he heard the low growling of Diana and decided to do something no one would suspect. He slipped his fingers into her green underwear the held his newest possession and put three finger into her core. She squeaked at the move but began moaning as he pumped his fingers into her. She looked so weak in front of him but she tried to keep quiet as he worked. To anyone in the room, they would see maxima kissing Kakarot but if you listened closely, quiet moans were heard as kakarot found her spot. He held her tight as she screamed into his shoulder. No one heard her till he increased his speed. Her teeth found his neck as she couldn't hold out much longer. He felt her walls clench as warm juices shot from her pussy and onto his hand. He felt her mark on his shoulder but ignored the pain as Maxima slumped against him breathing hard. He smirked as he carried her down the stairs.

"You heard your queen, you obey me now! I want Almerac producing weapons for my army and have the planet ready for war in 6 months. I want your spies focusing on New Genesis and other potential targets that I have sent" he ordered as he left the room.

"Let's go Diana, we have to get your people and bring them here" he said as he left the room and walked across the hallway that lead to his room. Opening the door softly, he placed the smiling Maxima on his bed and turned towards Diana who had a frown on her face as she looked at Maxima.

"why do you look mad?" he said in a teasing tone.

"Not what you were thinking" she said as she turned towards the door. He grabbed her arm and pulled her body close to his. Her eyes widened as she felt his toned body underneath his spandex top and his rough hands on her soft skin. She blushed as she began having thoughts that left her breathless but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction. She blushed when his powerful arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer. Her breast were pressed against him and her legs trembled as he kissed her neck. She couldn't resist and her body was begging for him.

'Body….so hot. Dammit! Stop teasing and take me already' she angrily thought but it ended when she felt him take a step away with a smirk. That damn smirk was what kept drawing her in, it showed how confident he was in the face of powerful foes. He put two fingers to his head and grabbed her hand.

"To earth we go" he simply said as she saw the whole room change and a blue planet was floating in front of them. Her eyes widened as she saw the world she had learned to call home.

"Want to change your mind?" he asked as he watched her expression.

"Why are you offering this?! You should be evil and cruel, no heart, a monster!" she shouted.

"It would seem unfair that I let you betray your friends without reason. If you're going to join me then I want you to forget this world and forget those that you use to call friends. You only watch out for your family and blood while destroying those who threaten those. No forgiveness for those who killed something you love, only death. I learned it wont change nothing when they die but it makes the pain a little easier" he said as he stared at an area lit up with gunfire. Her eyes narrowed as she knew the league would fix it but the humans would do it again. They would save humanity again and again forever with nothing changed. The villains would attack banks or make some scheme that would destroy the world. She became annoyed by how many "you can't stop me or I will rule the world" phrases villains would spout but ended up behind bars. Then not even a week later they would break out and do the same thing again. She had enough, it was time for a change in routine.

"I won't change my mind. Let's go to my home" she said as she took flight towards the planet.

"As you wish , here's your communicator." He handed her earpiece that was ringing in his hand

She took the piece and took flight with Kakarot as they drew closer to earth. During the flight, her communicator had gone off when she entered the atmosphere. She looked to Kakarot and saw him give her a stern look. Her hand trembled as she pushed the button and heard a deep voice come through.

"Diana here…."

"DIANA! How did you escape? Superman told us he was coming up with a plan to get you! " Shayera shouted.

"I-I-I broke the chains and stole a boom tube. I'm on my way to Themyscira to talk with my people"

"We're on our way to meet you. We just want to make sure you're okay" she finished as the transmission stopped.

She remained quiet as they shot through the clouds and into the open sea.

"who killed someone you loved?" she found herself asking. He remained quiet so she stopped asking but his voice resonated through her ears.

" A tyrant named Frieza killed the woman I loved and respected. She and I were the last of our race but her saiyan side wanted revenge for what frieza did to our people" he explained his story.


Kakarot had arrived to witness his mate laying on the ground with broken armor and a bloody face.

"Vegeta!" he shouted as he landed next to her and put her head in his lap. He had just come out of the tank from his fight with the ginyu force. Vegeta told him she would stay by his side when he fell into unconscious. He opened his eyes to see her gone and frieza at his final level with a weak vegeta near death. He blew up the entire ship as he blasted to her location.

"Kakarot….." she whispered as he held back his tears.

"Im here, I'll get you to a tank and take care of frieza. I'm strong enough to finish him now!" he said as he picked her up but her stubborn attitude made her stand by herself.

"I don't need your help kakarot! We have to finish him, Now!" she shouted as her aura burst to life.

Frieza looked to the duo with a smile as he raised his pointer finger. They both froze as they saw his wicked smile and glowing finger aimed at vegeta.

"You two have become a real pain in the ass for me and my quest for the dragonballs. I could have immortality right now but you two IDIOTS killed the Guru" he said but stopped when he heard the two saiyans chuckle " What's so funny?!" he shouted as his beam intensified.

"We kinda scared him to death when we blasted through the roof" kakarot said

"We would've knocked if we knew he had a weak heart " she laughed out loud.

"UH! Just die you stupid monkeys!" he shouted as he launched his death beam at vegeta. Her eyes widened as she saw the body of her mate in front of her with his arm raised. Frieza's rage increased as he let loose a flurry of attacks but each one was deflected.

"You don't harm my mate when I'm around! Time to face a true saiyan!" he shouted to the heavens as be powered up to the max.

"Here vegeta, he said as he handed her a green bean. She ate it quickly and her power now matched Kakarot's.

"Blue girl create this?" she asked her mate and he knew she was referring to Bulma.

"That's the perk of having a human genius recreate the instant healing effects of the planet I destroyed" he said in his confident tone.

"pfft, whatever lets get this bastard." She said as she took a stance " for our home and people….."

"for our home and people…the saiyans" he repeated as he launched at the tyrant with a new purpose to avenge his people.

For an hour the fight was intense, storms raged as rocks fell underneath the might of frieza's and the two saiyans who challenged the tyrant. The planet shook as they battled but it took a turn for the worse when frieza unveiled his secret. To the shock of the two saiyans, frieza was only using 50% of his power so basically he was toying with them the whole time. They floated in the air as they watched lightning dance around frieza's body and his muscles slightly change. Without a second thought they launched their ultimate attacks straight at the tyrant. Purple and blue beams mixed as they traveled to their target, with a smirk he raised his hands as he caught the blast and crushed it beneath his palms leaving smoke trailing from his fingers. Kakarot and vegeta looked in pure shock as he rubbed his hands together to shake out the numbness.

"Bullshit…" kakarot muttered, feeling of no energy beginning to consume him

"We tried Kakarot, but it looks like the saiyans are coming to an end. Sorry father" she muttered and leaned in close to Kakarot as she watched frieza create his famous deathball.

"NOW DIE YOU STUPID APES!" he shouted as he launched his attack that would destroy them in an instant.

'We can't lose like this! The saiyans are the greatest and I can't let them die, not like this! I'm sorry kakarot, hopefully this idea will help you kill frieza and become the greatest saiyan to exist.' She thought with tears as she kicked him away from her and looked at his shocked expression.

As he watched her with wide eyes, he heard the last thing that Destroyed him on the inside.

"I love you…kakarot" then she was engulfed by the blast and died. He changed that day and only wanted to achieve one thing in his life.

Vegeta's dream of the greatest saiyan the universe has ever seen and will forever fear.

(Flashback end)

His eyes narrowed as he remembered looking at the planet that his beloved died on and then seeing nothing but darkness. Just like his broken heart.

Diana stared at him in disbelief that caused her to stop flying. He stopped and looked at her with a sad smile.

"What? Thought someone like me doesn't know what it is like to not have the power to protect the thing you love most. Like I said, I would give up my power just to be with her…but she would be disappointed in me for letting beings forget what a saiyan is" he said in a sadder tone.

"I'm sorry….I had no idea " she said.

" Its alright but don't tell anyone about this. It's a secret between us, alright?" he gave her his charming smile. She nodded and smiled, feeling better that someone can relate to her loss of her mother and that she is the only one that knows his past failure. Her nervousness left her as they flew towards the island and the idea of joining him was at ease.

They touched down on the beach as they looked ahead and saw the black jet already parked. He gave her a nod as he disappeared into the shadows but she could still feel his eyes on her. Walking forward a guard spotted her and alerted everyone of their Queen's presence. She walked into a courtyard filled with her sisters. She gave a smile as she saw her sister, Donna Troy, run and give her a death hug.

"Thank the gods you're safe" she said but Diana frowned thinking her gods gave her the abilities but never actually rewarded her for saving their place in power or when Hades stole a powerful object that could kill them.

"Whats wrong Diana?"

"oh, nothing just thinking, that's all" she confessed.

All of her comrades appeared around the corner, starting from flash, Hawkgirl, Batman, power girl, and lastly superman. His body glowed with power as he flew past everyone and swept Diana off her feet and crushed her with a hug. He planted his lips on hers and felt like the happiest man alive. She felt completely different, the kiss left a disgusted feeling in her stomach, she tasted throw up and her head screamed to punch him. He pulled away as he looked at her with his perfect smile. She pushed him away and took a deep breath ready to explain what happened and what is going to happen.

(With kakarot)

'why are they naked?' I know their not humans but you don't need to be named to tell the difference' he thought as he looked at the ceiling of the beautiful temple. He saw the named statues and naked portraits of their gods 'Seriously?! They love to be naked that much!"

He just shook his head as he watched the little waterfall in the center. He stopped staring when his gut feeling was telling him someone was watching him. He slowly turned and came face to face or well faces of glowing humans that looked like the same as the pictures. He looked at them confused till the white haired one walked forward.

"Gods….great" he replied in a sarcastic tone.

"You dare to mock us human?! Do you have any idea who we are?!" the white haired one shouted.

"First of all, I'm not human, secondly , I really don't care who you are because your existence isn't all that terrifying" he replied as he walked past the white haired one he learned was named Zeus.

"Don't walk away boy, you better respect the ones that hold your life in their hands " Ares replied as he blocked Kakarot's path.

"Do you really have power or do you just cause miracles that humans fall for?" he taunted as he pushed past Ares but a giant hand grabbed his shoulder. He growled as he felt the miniscule of pain in his shoulder.

"We have watched the world for years and not once have we seen someone so disrespectful to their betters" Poseidon said as he turned his head. The light in his eyes glowed brighter as he heard their arrogant comment. He quickly turned around and grabbed Ares hand. The god fell to his knees as he clutched his hand in….pain? He rarely felt pain but this was by far the greatest as he watched the golden haired man crush his hand. He turned to Zeus and ripped Ares arm off. The God's blood spilled as he looked at his own blood in horror. Kakarot approached Zeus and stood directly face to face.

"Who the hell do you think you are?! You're a joke in this universe, you watch one planet filled with idiots and you toy with them as of they are a game! You let power go to your head, are you really powerful? You should feel so proud, making humans bow to you. How does it feel to rule such a weak race?" he taunted as Zeus growled in anger.

"You think you are gods but you act the same way as a human does? Threaten people so they can fear you, curse people so you can laugh at their foolishness and worst all….use people to fix YOUR problems that could end your reign. You are terrible gods, I know HUMANS that could do better than you. You say your not human yet….you act just like one" he challenged as his power grew.

"You little wea-"

"shut it! You cannot challenge a real god to battle, compared to me you are far weaker than you think. Now what do you want?!"

" We know what you plan to do with our champion!" Athena finally spoke as she stomped towards him.

"Is that it? If this is a pointless conversation then I'm blowing up this temple!"

"Why do you want my people? What good will they do to you?!" Athena continued.

"I want the amazons to fight for my planet, they don't belong on a planet where men treat woman as their unequal's. They deserve to fight in battles they trained for! Not hold up peace! What kind of life is that for warriors?!"

" A life when they have suffered for so many years by the hands of man" she replied.

"Diana told me how long ago that was! With me, they can take their revenge! They can annihilate my enemies and tell the universe to fear the amazons. They will be legends amongst the stars!" he said as he watched Athena remained unchanged.

"You won't take them and use them for your purpose! " she stated and pulled her sword out with Ares, Poseidon, and Zeus drawing their weapons.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked straight at Athena " I wasn't asking for your permission"

"And that's how I escaped his prison" Diana finished her story as the justice league listened closely, still not believing she could easily escape.

"That's how you escaped? I thought you had to fight your way out but to believe that man replaced your chains with a weaker version is hard" Power girl stated but she and Clark paused as they heard some form of battle in the temple. The justice league looked towards the two kryptonians and saw them looking towards the temple.

'Please don't let them see kakarot' she frantically hoped.


Her hope was just crushed

Three bodies flew through the air and landed right in front of everyone to see. They heard gasp as they saw the bloody beaten forms of Athena, Ares, and Poseidon laying on the ground attempting to get back up.

"I told you. You're weaker than me and have zero chance of beating me in a fight!" Kakarot shouted through the flames. Everyone looked at the flames as they saw a blood covered Kakarot walking towards them carrying the head of Zeus in his palm.

"YOU!" superman shouted as his eyes turned red.

"Shut it little boy! The gods are talking here!" he commanded as he threw Zeus's head at Athena.

"Kakarot!" Diana shouted as she glared at him.

"What? I was just admiring the statues in that building *points to blown up building* and these so called gods attack me! I was just defending myself!" he pleaded as he looked for something to wipe his blood covered hands.

"That doesn't mean you should level a building! And kill a god!" she shouted as she stomped towards the saiyan god.

"I would apologize but your gods are idiots when it comes to having a conversation" he paused as he looked behind her then back to her "I take it you didn't tell them about us" he smirked

"I was getting to that but a saiyan god blew up a building and caused a huge panic" she said


"Continue with your explanation, I gotta take this" he said as he turned around and began talking to someone on his earpiece.

Diana turned around and faced a group of confused and angry people.

"You're working with him?!" superman shouted as his eyes glowed brighter

"Why do you care?! You left me on that planet for six months! SIX MONTHS! Do you have any idea how it felt to hope your friends would rescue you then discover they were just doing their usual routine like I didn't exist!"

"We were all sick and worried about you, nothing has been the same since you were taken prisoner!" Donna defended everyone but she saw the doubtful look on her face.

" sister, why is it you were the only one who believed I lived? " she asked her sister

"We assumed you were killed, just like Hal was when he blindly attacked Kakarot" Batman finally spoke .

Diana wasn't surprised they would assume her dead but it did annoy her they didn't try to find out if she was dead. Kakarot was right, they did forget about her, they did leave her to die!


"Why should we leave? We will only serve a man again in his conquest to kill everything! " Artemis shouted over her sisters chatter.


They thought it over and all of them knew their legacy was doomed to be stuck on this island. They saw their chance to become warriors they were destined to be and this was their chance to prove themselves to the universe that amazons deserve respect and should be feared by all who hear their name.

"Don't you dare join him!" Athena shouted as she limped towards Kakarot and Diana.

"Will you still listen to a false god that kept you hidden from the world or follow your queen that knows more than the gods do?!" kakarot challenged as he walked towards Athena.

"Their lying! They only want to use you!" she continued to argue but many frowned as they saw their goddess weak and rambling on.

"Sisters! Athena has used me to complete her tasks. She isn't a warrior like us! She sits on her golden chair and watches how stupid we are and barbaric we have become! No more! " she shouted as she had drawn her sword.

"please Diana, listen to yourself. This isn't you….." she pleaded a she saw the sword rise in the air.

"DIANA NO!" the entire justice league shouted.

"That's what happens when you ignore OUR problems for too long…wealking" she finished as she slammed her sword down and cut the goddess's head clean off. Her head rolled to the ground as all the amazons looked at their goddess falling to the dirt.

Anger coursed through their system as they looked at the man responsible for Diana's change of heart. With a battle cry from power girl, the league attacked Kakarot without any chance to defend himself. He was tackled by Karen and Clark as they drove him into the ground. Earthquakes followed as the punches were thrown. Diana watched in horror as she saw the brutality of the kryptonians as they pummeled kakarot to the ground.

"Do you know what their punching?" kakarot whispered to Diana as he watched the dust fly. She looked at him with an open mouth and back to the dust bowl forming.

"How did you that?" she whispered back.

"I grabbed somebody and put them in my place just before they tackled me"

"whose getting pummeled?" she asked as she saw the two beings stop throwing punches.

"Just watch"

The dust cleared and the two kryptonians stood up with pure horror plastered on their faces. Everyone saw a bloody body laying on the ground but everyone could tell it was Poseidon , who was dead from their combined assault.

"We have to go Diana! New Genesis battle group was spotted entering the system and are clearly heading for Apokolips" he said as he opened a boom tube.

"KAKAROT!" superman shouted as he launched towards the saiyan. He had to concentrate a little to counter the kryptonian and send him flying into the atmosphere with an upper cut.

"Move amazons! Our new enemies await us!" Artemis shouted as she watched her amazon sister run through the portal. Kakarot raised his hand as he fired a ki blast at the charging league. They flew far away from the area and landed inside the forest.

"How long is this going to take?!" kakarot shouted.

"3 mins tops!" Diana shouted as she took flight to hold off superman.

"I guess that leaves me with the jugs of Steele and crazy lady with a stick " he muttered as he watched Hawkgirl and power girl shoot from the trees.

"You're going to pay for what you did to our friend!" Karen shouted as her eyes glowed.

"By all means, make my day!" he challenged as he took a stance.

"cocky bastard! Taste my mace!" she shouted as she launched at the saiyan god with the intent to kill. His eyes narrowed as he took this fight seriously for the first time since getting here. He saw her mace come towards his face but he blocked the weapon while deflecting Karen's right hook. He gritted his teeth as he was pushed back by the duo. His feet digging into the earth as he held his ground. Reacting quicker than they could see, he launched a flurry of attacks against power girl that she failed to defend. Her durability was tested as he threw a powerful lunch towards her gut. She hunched over as her insides were racked with pain, Hawkgirl blocked a powerful kick aimed at her head but couldn't stop the quick movements of his fist breaking through her golden armor. She lost her breath as he threw her over his shoulder and into the earth. Her thought were scrambled as he planted his left foot on her stomach and raised his left gauntlet towards power girl.

"Stop trying to fight me, you know it's pointless" he simply said

"That's the one thing heroes never know handsome" karen said

" We never know when to quit!" Shayera shouted as she hit his leg with the electricity. To her and Karen's surprise, he stood perfectly still, unaffected by the power of her mace.

"You know Darkseid tried that on me, imagine his expression when it didn't work. Stayed the same when I ripped his head off" he said but a boom was heard as Diana came flying down and impacted the earth with a thundering BOOM. She slowly rose from her crater with cuts and bruises from her own fight.

"Doing alright over there?!" he taunted.

"Shut up! We're done , all my sisters are at Apokolips"

"How could you know? You just dropped in!" he said but a simple gesture of the empty area gave it away. He rolled his eyes as be lifted his foot from Shayera and walked towards the portal.

"Ladies first" he gestured and gave a polite bow.

She rolled her eyes and entered the portal. He looked to the sky as he saw a glaring superman, decorated with scuff marks since the sun healed his wounds almost instantly.

"I'm coming for you! You can hide behind an army but that won't stop me! You will die by my hands! " he declared.

Kakarot just rolled his eyes before disappearing and appearing in front of superman. His eyes widened as he saw kakarot appear right in front of him. His eyes closed shut as his ribs broke from the concentrated power punch kakarot delivered. He gasped for breath as he floated in the air.

"I can destroy your planet quicker than you can blink. Your friends could be easily killed by me and this entire solar system can be destroyed by ME! Threaten me again and I will kill one of your friends! Try to stop me and you will perish with those that challenge me because YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO ME! I have bled and trained to get where I am! You only rely on your power to win but guess what?! The universe doesn't work like that, the strongest survive and the weak die!" he finished as he dropped an axe punch on the man of Steele's neck that sent him flying into the ocean. He remained stoic as he landed in front of the portal and began walking through.

"AHHHHHH!" Karen shouted as she tackled him into the portal. The portal closed as a beaten justice league slowly emerged from the forest flash limped as batman stumbled through. They saw a beaten Hawkgirl looking at nothing with superman bursting from the ocean.

"Where's Karen?" flash asked as he attempted to kneel next to her

"In…portal….." she whispered before passing out.

"Damn it! We have to stop him!" Clark shouted

"You and I both know we are no match for him, if you took the time to train and hone your skills then you would be a formidable opponent but you don't! You rely on your strength and luck to win battles, it shows you are not a true warrior like kakarot!" batman said but held his head from his concussion.

"Are you admiring him now?!" he shouted.

"He is someone that is truly deadly, I watched him fight Karen and Shayera from the forest. He executed his moves with efficiency, no wasted movements and more powerful strikes. He fights like a true warrior and it shows he continues to train even after obtaining so much power" he reasoned as he walked towards the jet.

"What do we do then?!" flash shouted as he limped to the jet

"Train" superman said as he carried Shayera.

Everyone saw kakarot flying through the portal with power girl pushing him. They shot towards some ruins and landed in a massive mound of dirt. He slowly stood and shook his hair to get the dirt out and looked towards a weak Karen who was laying on her back.

"Why would you do that? If you are as smart as the hub said then you wouldn't make such a stupid mistake and come to my planet where our son is sorta like red and stuff" he said as he picked her up by her arm and threw her over his shoulder. He flew out of the dirt mound and shot towards the palace. He landed in the courtyard and walked to his throne room. He walked through the still busted doors and saw Barda over looking the battle group on approach for his planet. She gave a sly smile when she saw him with power girl over his shoulder. He raised a finger before she could talk

"She followed me home, I told her no but she tackled me into the portal" he explained as he walked to the guards. "Take her to the dungeons!" he came back and saw Diana talking with Barda but he focused on the holo display.

"You're filthy dear" Barda said with a smile.

"I thought that's how you like me" he replied back with a smirk.

"You know me too well" she replied .

"Alright Barda , get Diana and her people situated with the new training regime, I will take care of the battle group coming…I have some pent up anger to release"

"There's other ways to release that anger " Barda replied with a sly smirk.

"Ha! Just do what I said and we'll see what happens after I get back" he said as he checked the numbers of the battle group. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the size of force and decided to not interfere.

"You want to insult my planet by sending a weak force then get ready for hell!" he said to himself as he pulled up commands for his planet.

"Lets see, the furies are here, there is a ten thousand dreggs and five thousand parademons, all trained and ready to fight!" he said as he walked to the other side to see where the force was heading.

"Coming straight for me, the battleships are slow but powerful and the cruiser only carries troops with little weapons to put up a fight. They follow behind them so I need to take out the battle ships before my troops can attack them….or I can let them walk right up to us but that might cost us some damage to the facilities " he pondered as he checked the distance and time it would take to reach them.

"My lord! We need some help! The kryptonian is awake and is burning holes through the labs" the guard explained as screaming was heard from the lower levels.

"Then put her under a red light, that should make her harmless" he ordered.

"YES SIR!" the guard left but ran straight into a frowning Gilotina. He apologized to the woman as he ran past her.

"What is it Gilotina?" he said as he looked to the map, clearly busy with plans.

"News is a Genesis battle force is heading here"

"That's right, I'm going to let you fight them" he said as a red button was projected from the map.

"Well that was easier than I thought" she confessed then began walking away

"Stop, come back here" he commanded

she turned around and slowly walked back to Kakarot "Yes? my lord"

"What were you up to?" he narrowed his eyes in suspicion

"Oh... I was...you know...coming to see you about the battle ahead" his eyes were burrowing into her soul

"There's communicator's for that. No hurry and tell me before I order you to not join the battle with your furies"

"I came to see you..." she muttered

"What was that? I couldn't hear you" he taunted.

"I came to see you..." she said a little louder but gasped as he wrapped an arm around her waist. his lips pressed to hers and her back found a wall. She moaned while he slipped his tongue in and started wrapping her legs around his waist. He growled as the alarm began blaring and slowly pulled away from the kiss. she was trying to catch her breath and stand but trembled as she stood.

"We'll continue this when this is over but its time..." he declared as he pushed the glowing red button and the entire palace

" Time for what?" she asked.

" War"

The entire country side lit up and buildings glowed as machines came to life. The Parademons and dreggs ran to the armory to suit up. The Parademons were all filed into a line as they walked through the building that contained their armor. Flashes of light shot through the windows as each parademon stepped in. They came out completely covered in golden armor. To those who never trained, the armor would weigh at least 100 lbs. to them, it was light weight as they sprinted to the courtyard. Their wings were covered in silver armor as well, they held weapons that required a strong being to hold. Huge cannons that had precise aim and fast fire rate were held in each arm. Twin blades were attached to their hips and the special thing about them, they had a powerful concentrated light that was trapped and formed a single blade ( I know its a lightsaber so why cant it be replicated in a universe where technology that is invented can cross into different dimensions) Standing at seven ft tall with enormous muscles , the Parademons were ready for battle. The dreggs stood across them dressed in their black and glowing red armor. Their helmets showed glowing red eyes like Darkseid and their energy assault rifles strapped to their backs. They held one energy sword (I'm calling it that) in their palms with hidden weapons inside their suits to give them an edge.

The furies stood at the entrance of the enormous courtyard that overlooked all the soldiers. They saw the tanks drive in and troop transports arrive and land, ready to take off when the battle began. The furies were all decked out in super armored versions of themselves with Granny goodness and vundabar standing in front of them. All heads turned when a recently cleaned kakarot and fully awake Maxima walked down the steps of their palace. Maxima was smiling at seeing the whole army in perfect order for their god and the terrifying presence of the Parademons. She saw smirked when the army raised their swords to the sky as kakarot stood above them with his arms crossed. He was joined by Barda as they looked to the sky to see blinking lights draw closer.

"Are they ready Barda?" kakarot asked

"Yes dear, but we have a problem"

"The amazons?"

"Yes, they want to fight as well. I believe they wont take no as an answer"

"Where is Diana? I want to speak to her" he commanded.

"She's coming kakarot" Maxima said as she pointed to a flying amazon coming towards them. She landed with grace as she walked towards Kakarot and his commanders.

"Why won't you let us fight? This is the reason I brought my sisters along!" she said in a low tone.

"If you want to fight then join the fight! I want their weapons replaced with modern weapons, New Genesis is far more advanced then the amazons so bows and metal swords wont do the trick. Can you do that?" he asked the Amazonian queen.

"It'll be partially done. some of our weapons have unique abilities that technology wont be able to replicate. Other than that, it will be done" she replied and took flight once more.

"Go with her Barda and make sure they know where to go when the fight starts. We'll get the troops into position when they land" he commanded .

"At once!" she finished and jumped on a transport.

"Granny! you have command of your furies and the Parademons. I want their air support taken down and their troops transports shot out of the sky. Send your furies in after the enemy lands, not before"

"Yes dark one!" she responded.

"Vundabar, you have full command of the dreggs, do what you must to thin their numbers and if you can, take out their ground support so the rest can be handled by the amazons!"

"Yes sir!" he saluted.

He walked towards the balcony to see all his soldiers looking towards him and waiting for his words.


"We have a problem kakarot!" Maxima shouted as she listened to her communications.

"What is it Maxima?" he asked as he turned around.

"My ship in orbit says their is another force heading straight towards us! They used the meteor field to hide their presence from our scanners and are closing in, fast!"

"Damn!, alright listen up generals. I'll take care of the ships coming from our blind side, proceed as plan and deal with the small battle group!" he shouted as his aura came to life.

"What are you doing kakarot?! Maxima shouted as she saw his hair began to become sharper and electricity surround his body. Everyone stared at their god as his aura grew in size. The soldiers gawked at the spectacle as heard their god shout to the skies. The amazons felt the small quake as they prepared for battled and saw the glowing golden light. Diana knew who it was and her questioning of his power was put to rest as the rocks around them levitated. Barda smirked as she saw the shockwave and dark clouds form around the palace, knowing her husband was causing it.

"He truly is a god...my saiyan god" she thought to herself.

"Come in granny!" barda shouted over the chatter of the amazons.

"..." was all she heard

" Must be Kakarot's power output, it has to be interfering with communications. Why would he be doing this?" she asked out loud.

"I believe that is the reason why sister" Artemis pointed out the huge ships entering the atmosphere and dropping troop transports near their location.

"Diana!, we have to defend our position! We don't have long range weapons to take them out!" she shouted to the queen who was spinning her blade.

"We don't need guns to bring our enemies to their knees! We know how to fight this, join us!" she shouted as a war cry ripped through the air from artemis and the amazons ran to their targets dodging and blocking their gunfire before drawing blood as they slaughtered the invaders.

Everyone stood in awe as they saw the changed kakarot. His hair was sharper with one lock hanging from his forehead and his eyes transitioned from blue to yellow. Other than that, nothing had changed except for the bioelectricity that shot from his body. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the sneaking armada begin dropping troops and deploying air support along with tanks and turrets.

"Vundabar!" he shouted, his tone more menacing

"Y-yes sir?" he quietly said

"Take half the dreggs and help Barda take out the ground support"

"Yes sir!" he hurried away to transport the dregs to the battle ground

"Can you handle a force this large granny?!" he asked

"It will be simple my lord!"

"Good, take them and take out that battle force. I want a victory on that battle front as soon as possible, do you understand?!"

"Yes kakarot" she responded and left with the furies as they took the large attack force to the other front.

He raised his hands and took aim at the cluster of battleships and cruisers. With a grunt he launched to powerful beams that engulfed the ships and caused a massive explosion.

"Ready to fight maxima?" he asked with a smirk, she responded with a smirk of her own as they took flight. They saw the battlefield that Barda was located and were impressed by the number of bodies laying on the ground. some filled with holes from the dregs and many with missing limbs from the amazons that were hiding from the tanks and turrets. He smirked as he fired a beam at the barricade of tanks and turrets that vaporized them upon impact. The amazons and dregs shouted in triumph as they pushed forward.

"Help them Maxima! I got the ships!" he shouted over the noise. She gave a nod before drawing a sword she had taken from the armory and flying down to help decimate the soldiers more..

"Now time to show them what a pissed off saiyan can do" he said to himself as he approached the ships.

Barda looked to see a screaming Maxima swoop in and begin slashing soldiers left and right. She saw the tanks already locked onto her but a green blast destroyed the vehicles and a smiling Arisia landed next to her and glowing with energy.

"What took you so long?" she asked the young lantern but received a glare from the woman.

"You left me in the room unconscious and locked my rings in a box that took forever to break open!" she shouted as she let loose a flurry of beams aimed at other tanks.

"Sorry, kinda got distracted by the invading army and giant ships" she replied bluntly before running forward.

"We're not done talking about this" she shouted as she flew into the air to destroy some of the sleek jets raining down fire on her allies.

"I hope the others are having as much fun!" she thought as her foot crushed another skull.

Granny goodness got to watch the kill fest that her attack force was dishing out. Her Parademons kept the skies clear and limited the number of troops dropping on the ground while some attacked the ships on the inside. Her dreggs launched their missiles in their suits towards the tanks and turrets leaving plenty of room for the furies to slaughter. The furies left rivers of blood as lashina's whips were moving so fast that it cut right through them. Speed queen ran through the soldiers with her sharpened gauntlets, making heads roll or necks slice open. Stompa crushed heads with her super strength and leveled the area that held turrets. Knockout laughed as her enemies tried to kill her but failed and paid the price with their lives. Her strength was amazing as her punches killed the men and women of New Genesis. Gilotina and bloody mary used their pent up frustration as inspiration as they cut down their enemies. Mad Harriet's laughing was heard as she used her razor sharp claws to rip everyone to shreds and her sharp teeth to bite heads off. Granny laughed as the soldiers tried to run but were instantly killed and the ships fell to the ground as Parademons killed the crews.

" SIR! WE HAVE TO FALL BACK!" a scared voice shouted through the comms.

"Hold your ground soldier! we can still win this!" he ordered and cut the transmission.

"Sir!, we lost another battle ship and 5 cruisers" the woman explained from her computer.

"How are we losing ships?! They have no ships and the Parademons are no challenge.

"I found the source sir! Its him...Apokolip's new god" she whispered as the screen showed a smirking kakarot easily destroying ships.

"Its impossible! Darkseid wasn't even that powerful yet he is easily destroying massive ships that could level a planet's surface!"

"Sir! we're losing men faster than we can replace them!"

"What do you mean?!" he asked the scared soldier.

"The Parademons are bigger, stronger, and faster than before. The furies are destroying us with ease and these female warriors are ripping us apart before we can shoot them! WE HAVE TO FALL BACK! WE WERE NOT PREPARED FOR THIS! OH GOD! THEY JUST ATE THA-GAH!" the comm ended as soon as screaming started. The commander decided to wait for a little longer to see if they can turn the battle around but everyone on the bridge knew it was stupid to stay and fight a losing battle.

"Give the order! we're pulling out, we cant win this battle" he finished but was cut off as the bridge blew up and air escaped through the giant hole. They all saw a golden haired man land on the ground and walked towards the commander.

"I fucking found you! That was clever to try and sneak attack us but you horribly failed. I had some people track your signal so I could snap the neck of the bastard that thought he could challenge my planet!" he shouted and grabbed the commander by his neck.

"P-please, I have a family" he choked out. Kakarot rolled his eyes as he began closing his hand around the man's neck.

"Don't try that guilt trick me! your pathetic, trying to save yourself before your people...coward" he repeated as he crushed the man's neck. He looked to the scared faces and laughed as he used a super explosive wave to destroy the ship. He floated in the air as he looked at the screaming soldiers try and run back to their ships but were cut down by his dreggs. He spotted Maxima flying towards him covered in blood but he just gave her his charming smile.

"This battle is over, it only took a few hours but they began fleeing and trying to surrender to us...we just kill them" Maxima said as she floated next to Kakarot.

"You look beautiful covered in blood, my dear Maxima. should be your new look, it matches your hair" he taunted as she pulled him close to her by his neck.

"Don't try to flatter me after pulling that stunt in the throne room! You owe me a romantic evening when this battle is over kakarot and no one will interrupt us" she said in a sly voice.

"Oh joy" he muttered as he watched the battle with Maxima. He saw the furies laughing as they killed soldiers and saw Barda throwing tanks at the fleeing soldiers. Diana was still slashing people and her amazons continued their assault. He saw the bright lights from crashing ships on granny goodness's side and a laughing Arisia destroying ships left and right. He smirked as he knew his army was almost ready to move out and destroy other worlds and kill the people who hold power.

He had his first target set and nothing was stopping him from taking it.

New Genesis was going to burn and he will stand over the body of Highfather while watching his floating city fall to the planet and burn...

just like his enemies.