1 month later

"HA!" the saiyan god's voice shouted as he launched a massive blast towards a mountain. Diana watched in awe as she saw the blast get closer to its target. Her eyes widened when the attack curved around the mountain and sped back towards it's creator. Her eyebrows knitted in confusion as she continued to watch the blue beam.

"Why is he aiming for himself?!" she thought

His eyes narrowed as he watched his own attack coming right at him. He crossed his arms to protect himself and received the blast head on. The entire area was engulfed in smoke and rocks flew all around the impact area. Diana raised her forearms to stop the rocks from hitting her, her dark hair flailing wildly in the hurricane like winds. She slowly lowered her arms after a couple of minutes and waited for the smoke to clear. She gasped as she saw the beaten form of Kakarot on his legs, his body visibly shaking and his golden hair flickering between gold and black.

"Too weak still..." he told himself, over the past month he has been training on a planet once filled with life. The saiyan saw that the gravity was extremely high and the population lived on floating cities above the dangerous planet. Within a day the entire population was slaughtered by his forces and their floating cities were burned to the ground, now they make a suitable living quarters for him. Now the planet belonged to him and anyone who wished to bother him sent video messages, they wanted to avoid the high gravity and especially his generals. They may have gotten powerful but they are no where near his strength.

His army was still growing powerful and now he has starships that were retrofitted to be more powerful and dangerous for anyone that decided to attack. Lined with heavy cannons, the ships carried thousands of fighter jets and the crew were subjected to gravity training as well. The stronger they were the faster they could move, anyone who boarded the ship would be flattened or crippled from the intense gravity thus making it n efficient fighting machine. His Parademons have excelled in their training so he gave them a few weeks off but forced the dregs to train harder since they couldn't keep up with the Parademons. The furies continued their routine, Maxima was still commanding her planet, and the amazons have become extremely deadly when faced in combat.

"What do you want Diana?" he asked the amazon as she struggled to stay floating in the air. He smirked when they told him she was coming to have a face to face conversation with him. He laughed when they told him they tried to warn her it was too dangerous, it only made his attraction for her grow.

" I wanted to talk about Karen" she said, strain evident in her voice.

"What about her?"

"She doesn't want to join us. I tried talking to her , torturing her but nothing works"

"Didn't I tell not to touch her?!" his voice lowered to a threatening tone

"Y-yes, I just tried to change her mind"

"It doesn't work on someone who knows what pain is. She is a warrior at heart but like the little blue boy on earth, she relies on her power to win. We need more information on her, if physical injury wont work then we have to try a mental attack"

"The only place that could have that is...You're rally considering that?!"

"Whats so bad about that idea?, I've met them already and if you remembered I easily killed one of their strongest members"

"Fine, when do you want to leave? I cant stand this gravity for much longer!" she gasped as her body fell from the sky and increase in speed as her body was coming closer to the surface. Her closed eyes opened when she felt someone catch her bridal style, she saw the smirking Kakarot holding her.

"You were warned that my planet's gravity is too strong for anyone but me to handle" he stated, he received a glare and a slap to his face.

"I wont let some idiots tell me where I can and cannot go"

"I'll let that slap go but do it again and there will be serious consequences" he warned as they flew to the space stations orbiting the planet.

"Never test an amazon" she retorted, he noticed she didn't remove herself from his arms even though they were free of the deadly gravity. He just smirked and continued flying to the station. Upon arrival, a row of Almerac soldiers stood and saluted the god. He landed gracefully and dropped Wonderwoman on the floor, he laughed when he received a glare from the amazon but walked past her.

"What the hell Kakarot?!" she shouted and fell in step with the saiyan.

"You were getting too comfortable in my arms, don't want you to get soft on me" he answered

"I-I was not! Its just..." she couldn't finish her sentence but gained a huge blush on her cheeks.

"Exactly, now let me change and we'll get moving. I want to get this over with as soon as possible and get back to my training" he said and entered his private quarter with Diana still following

" Hurry up! I want to get back to..." she stopped when she saw strip down to his training pants. She admired the saiyan for a few months and even before she joined. His love for battle is what caught her attention and the way he pushed himself to become stronger intrigued her. She looked at his godly body and took deep breaths to control her raging hormones but failing as he dropped his pants.

"Are you going to watch me change or leave my room?" he asked in a mused tone.

Her eyes narrowed, seeing the challenge she is still trying to conquer standing right in front of her. Quicker than he could predict she tackled him into the steel wall and pinned his arms to the wall in one swift motion.

"Stop teasing me!" she growled out, her sexual frustration with him at it's highest.

"Its not teasing if you also want this" he growled and switched their positions. Her heart hammered as his toned chest pressed against her breastplate. She narrowed her eyes as the saiyan leaned close to her face. His teal eyes shining in the dim lit room and his low growling pushing her further in ecstasy.

"Make the first move Diana..." he whispered, hearing her name in such a way finally did for her. She planted her lips on his and engaged in a passionate kiss that would become heated after a couple of minutes. Her arms wrapped around his head and pull him closer to her, their tongues dueling for dominance. She slowly lost and moaned as she felt his tongue explore her mouth, his rough hands lifted her toned legs and one arm held her up. She gasped when she felt the bulge of his member through her star patterned underwear. He pulled away from the crushed wall and carried her to his bed. Their moans and groans became muffled by their heated make out session until Kakarot made the first move. His feral side coming to light, he ripped her underwear off and went to work on the shaven amazon. She cried out when she felt his tongue going t work on her folds, he tasted all her juices and added his fingers to the mix. Her moans became screams of pleasure as she clutched his golden spikes. She felt her core heating up each second and her mind becoming lost to lust.

"This is what Arisia kept bragging about!" was her last thought when she arched her back and shot her juices in his face. Her body shook from the intense orgasm and her gasps of breath only fueled him. He growled and slowly crept over her, she just watched and eagerly waited for him to make his next move.

"K-Kakarot...please" she pleaded, if she could still think straight then she wouldn't be pleading for the saiyan god to take her.

His teal eyes locked onto her blue ones, he kissed her more passionately took off his last article of clothing. His manhood sprung free and slapped against her abs. She moaned and began grinding into him drawing a growl. He felt her hand rub his manhood, he smirked when he heard her gasped and assumed she finally saw his size.

"Whats the matter? Want to stop?" he taunted, she growled and flipped him around. Laying on top with his manhood in her hands, she smirked and began licking his tip. He shuddered and continued to watch her. She opened her mouth and devoured him. His eyes widened as he felt her tongue swirl around his cock and his hands rip the sheets apart. After a couple of minutes, he was left breathless as she coughed and pulled away.

"What's the matter? Can't handle a amazon?" she taunted, her smirk fell when she felt his hand grab her wrist and pull her to his chest. She moaned when she felt his penis rubbing her backside and yelped when he ripped her breastplate off. Her body heating up as her hard nipples were pushed into his strong chest. She felt him lift her up and place his tip at her entrance. She became a little nervous when she realized this was her first time.

"Kakarot...this is my first time" she said, he rolled his eyes and slammed her onto his thick shaft. She hissed in pain as she felt the blood trickle down her legs. She began regretting her decision until he began moving. Her eyes became half lidded as she felt her core reigniting, the sound of smacking flesh only aroused her excitement. Kakarot grunted as he felt every fold and the inside of her womb. She came in 1 minute but that didn't stop him, he found her sensitive spots quickly and increased his speed. She was clinging to his back as she came again and again. Her eyes were rolling back as her hips moved on their own and her limbs becoming weak. For hours they continued, nonstop and each trying to dominate one other. Kakarot was actually struggling to dominate her but his ape side wouldn't allow it. She felt complete and never wanted to stop, her powers provided her with almost infinite stamina, ALMOST was the key word. She was lost in pure ecstasy and kakarot was lost in the pleasure he was receiving from the amazon.

"Oh...Ah...oh..ohhhhhh I'm cumming again!" she screamed as she was pounded into the wall, she felt his member twitch inside her and knew what was coming "Come with me Kakarot, come with me!" she repeated

"Lord Kakarot! your dinner is ready to eat sir!" a guard shouted from outside the door.

"I'M CUMMING!" he shouted as he spilled his hot essence inside his newest mate and she screamed as her juices collided with his.

"Of course sir!" guard shouted, mistaking Kakarot's answer instead of knowing what he actually met.

"Holy shit!" he shouted, his sweating body falling to his knees with him still inside her "Why have I been denying myself that?!"

"K-kakarot..." she whispered, her hair all messed up ,her neck covered in red marks along with a bite mark on her neck. They sat in comfortable silence looking at each other and trying to catch their breaths.

"Should we go?" he asked the amazon, she slowly nodded her head and tried to stand up. He smirked when he saw her lift her destroyed armor and gave him a playful glare.

"Sorry, it was in the way" he answered before getting dressed, he decided to go old school and dress in a black Gi with yellow shoes and yellow wristbands to match his hair.(Goku's revival of F outfit). He turned to look at the amazon looking through his wardrobe for something to wear, he only smirked when she couldn't find anything that suited her interest. Although she eyed the saiyan armor that was hanging on the wall next to a black battle suit.

"I don't think you have earned the right to wear my armor" he stated while he stretched his aching limbs.

"Then what do I do to earn it, It looks like it was made for a warrior" she admired the shining metal that reflected the light.

"Its wasn't made for a warrior, its common from where I come from. If I wanted to, I could make my entire army wear this armor but it would look like I'm egotistical"

"You are the ruler of Apokolips, you can do anything you want and defeat anyone who challenges you" she stated, her voice filled with pride.

"Rule number one amazon, No matter how powerful you have become, there will ALWAYS be someone stronger than you in the universe. It's a rule I learned the hard way" he remembered when cooler came looking for him after killing frieza. He saw that cooler had mastered a new form and completely outclassed him on every level, he was lucky that his anger triggered his ssj form and gave him more power to kill the tyrant. He always hated luck, it was unpredictable and tells that the person was meant to die but was saved by a miracle.

"Than can you teach? To become a great fighter" Her eyes filled with hope.

"We'll see, lets get this mission over with so I can go back to my training but first, lets return to Apokolips so you can get your armor" he gestured for her to come to him. She was still naked and only left in her boots and bracelets but that didn't deter her. She placed her hand on his shoulder but before teleporting he radioed his crew and told them to enjoy the feast that was meant for him. He placed two fingers to his head and teleported to Apokolips in a matter of seconds. They appeared in the red sky and watched the citizens continue their task of making their army stronger.

"Go and armor up, I'll wait hear" he ordered, she nodded and flew to the amazon camp. His eyes narrowed as he saw a dregg and parademon fighting over female that he had no idea existed. He gagged when he saw the female, ugly and not appealing in any way, except for a parademon and dregg.

"I think that dregg is a little drunk, he obviously cant see what he is fighting about" he thought as flew to the local arena where all the battles of Apokolips took place. He stopped just above the open roof and watched the raging battle inside, he saw the blood fly and limbs fall off their victims. Giant lions were devouring dead bodies and for some, they were still alive so they got to watch their inside be eaten. Fighters of all size ran at each other with sharp blades, he chuckled when the giant lion attacked everyone and ripped some in half with its claws. The crowd cheered and the children were picking up the dead bodies of the fighters so they could scavenge what they had of value on them. For about an hour he watched the fights, he wasn't going to lie, they were pretty entertaining to watch. His thoughts were interrupted by the beeping sound of his comm, he looked at his wrist and activated the touch screen pad. Barda came onto the screen with Maxima standing behind her, they both looked extremely happy to see their mate.

"What is it Barda?" he questioned, noticing the explosions in the viewport of Maxima's personal ship.

"Just calling to see what my saiyan is doing, our little space battle is boring and it'll be awhile before we can land on the planet"

"Can't you just create a boom tube on the surface?"

"We could but they have the ground covered, we would lose more soldiers then what its worth"

"That's true, my soldiers may be stronger but they can still die by the same means"

"Hello my king!" Maxima shouted over the giant shoulder of Barda

"Hello maxima, any news on the battle"

"They just started retreating, our forces are killing them as we speak. I have other news for you as well!" her face filled with excitement.

" you're pregnant" he saw her excitement fade a little.

"Not yet but we can still keep trying" her voice filled with lust " we have just received a message for the planet's surrender, we can take the planet or kill every single thing that can hold a weapon. please chose the latter" his eyes glowed yellow and a smirk played across his face.

"Kill them all, I don't want all of our enemies to know I actually show mercy all the time. Have fun my queens, bring a souvenir from their leader back to me or better yet, bring his head"

"My pleasure kakarot!" Barda responded before cutting the link.

"I thought you said you were going to wait for me" he didn't need to know who was behind.

"I did but...saiyans are usually impatient and tend to explore their planet. I saw the arena and decided to..." he turned around and almost lost his breath "check ...it...out" he saw Diana in a black jacket, the sleeves rolled up and her silver bracelets replaced with golden ones. Her shoulders had extra padding and a black choker with a golden center around her neck. She wore red fingerless gloves that reached to her forearm, black tight spandex pants with black high heels that had some kind of gold braces on her ankles. Under her jacket was a red corset with the golden W and around her waist was a golden belt. On her head was a gold band with a red star, just like on her shoulders. She donned her sword and shield on her back as her weapons for the mission. Her icy blue eyes stared at him and her black hair flowed with the wind, he wasn't ashamed to admit, but she looked extremely beautiful to him in every way.(Wonderwoman 600/ injustice costume)

"What's wrong kakarot? It seems something is bothering you" her smirk was evident as she watched the saiyan god collect himself.

"Nothing..." he looked away, trying to hide his small blush.


"Well at least you look threatening rather than a sight for sore eyes. I was wondering if you were going to fight your underwear during the war" his cocky voice slowly returning.

"I would've If someone didn't destroy my armor"

"Like I said before, it was in the way"

"Whatever, Are you ready to move?" her amazon attitude taking over

"Lets move, I feel tired sitting hear and watching these battles" he yawned and rose into the sky.

"They only fight so they can impress their god"

"I guess, I mean we did destroy New Genesis's forces with no casualties" he placed two finger to his head and gestured for Diana to touch his shoulder.

"Now you have everyone supporting you in this new fight. Traits of a true leader. Make sure to take us outside the satellite" she ordered

" Why?" he concentrated on the planet Earth, within second they appeared on space and close to the floating satellite of the justice league head quarters.

"If I know batman then I know he will have some kind of security measures to stop intruders from obtaining their data" she explained

"Then we need a distraction, draw their heavy hitters and support to one location" his hands began glowing

"It would make sense, a major problem would draw many of the league away" she smirked and flew a couple of feet away from his glowing body.

"Then lets creates a distraction! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he shot his hands forward and launched multiple blast at the desert area of Africa and parts of Europe. She watched in fascination as the glowing balls disappeared.


The city was working in its usual way. People rushing to their destinations and children rushing off to school, traffic jams a rare sight in the peaceful city.

"UHHHH! Stupid traffic jams, we're going to be late to school" a teenage girl said to her friend.

"At least I have more time to study for the English quiz"

"Can you help me understand the poem we were suppose to read" a boy in glasses said

"Sure Tom. Susan, can you move over so we can study?"

"Sure but I need help as well, If I fail then its the end of my world when my parents find out" her phone suddenly went off in her pocket " Speaking of parents, Yeah mom?"

"Are you at school yet?"

"NO! the traffic jams are moving slowly, the bus barely gets 5 ft when we move"

"We do need to find a better way to get you to school...what's that?"

"Susan, look!" her friend shouted. she moved past her to look outside the window.

"Those are some bright lights...and loud!" Tom shouted just before seeing the balls of light hit the ground far away from their city.


The very ground shook and a bright light engulfed the sky, buildings and cars were blown away as the heavy winds pushed people to the ground. They slowly stood as they watched the bright light die down and smoke rising in the distance. People began to run for their lives as they saw more balls of light falling from the sky and more explosions following the first one.

"SUSAN! Baby, are you alright?!" the voice of her mother screaming from her phone.

"Yes mom! what was that?!" the city's alarm ringing as the balls of light were still falling.

"Just run and get to safety! I'll see yo-!" the line was cut off when an explosion closer to their location occurred. The students ran from their bus and joined the masses of people running for their lives.

"Mom...mom...MOM!" she screamed into her phone with no response. She saw one ball hit the building a few miles away and saw the dome of light rushing towards the bus. She closed her eyes as intense heat reached her and her dying screams faded away as the blast consumed the entire area.

Each blast consumed miles of land and huge chunks of land were thrown into the sky by the powerful explosions, people clutched their loved ones as they watched the raging

blasts consume them.

(Justice league tower)


The robotic voice repeated as the entire base was moving towards the main hall to be debriefed. Superman raced to Batman's location with Supergirl following. They shot through the open doors to the monitor womb and looked at the various images the earth, many focused on the European continent. Supergirl gasped as she saw the burning continent filled with lava pits and huge craters, tears came to her eyes as she saw the great cities of Earth burning and buildings gone with corpses that survived the disintegration burning on the ground.

"What happened?!" Superman said, looking at the images in disbelief.

"Balls of light fell from the sky and landed in major cities, it stretches from Africa to Europe" his typing furious as he dispatched members to help in various locations.

"Who could've done such a thing?!" Kara said as she wiped her tears.

"We'll find out later, we need to get down there and help those who have survived" clark stated

"Agreed, go help. I'll stay here, take j'onn with you to help" Batman said as he watched the raging flames.

"Lets go Kara!" they all flew out the room and towards the bustling hangar.

Batman stopped typing and looked out the window to see the many jets flying towards the planet. He suspected who it was but couldn't find any reason why he would attack them now. He resumed his typing and used the radars to scan the darkness of space for any life signs. Now he had to wait to see what would happen next...

(With kakarot and Diana)

They watched the chunks of rock fly towards them and most superheated. His body's glow slowly disappeared and his hands stopped moving.

"I think that will do..." Diana said as she looked at the destruction he unleashed on the blue planet

"I kinda used to much there, anymore then the planet would have become unstable" he gave her an innocent smile while scratching the back of his head.

"Not our problem, let get to the satellite. They should be moving in now" she shot towards the headquarters at a slow pace with Kakarot following, not using his power to rocket forward and trying to stay invisible.

"No compliment! That was some show I unleashed, I could at least get a kiss for all that trouble" he complained, his ranting voice cut off as Diana stopped flying and planted a passionate kiss on his lips with a little tongue. After a couple of minutes they slowly released each other but were still close enough to feel their hot breath in the coldness of space.

"Happy now?" she teased

"Not really..." he joked.

"Me neither, now lets get going so we can find ways to make each other happy later" she smiled when she heard his low growl. They took a few minutes to get to their destination, then saw the many ships leaving the open hangar bay. With supreme stealth, they landed behind some cargo as they watched the last ship leave and cyborg leave the hangar. They slowly walked out of their hiding place and observed the empty hangar.

"Lets go Kakarot, no use hiding now"

"They already saw us? I thought it would at least be until we walked into one of those halls"

"I'm pretty sure Batman knows we're here, lets hurry to the monitor womb" she began walking towards the many halls with Kakarot following

"How long do you think it will take to get what we need?"

"Five minutes tops"

"Lets hope, I hate the smell of this place" they turned around the next corner with Diana unsheathing her shield, expecting the defenses to activate.

"That's weird, I was expecting the turrets to activate. This is the most protected area" she slowly walked forward

"He knows he cant stop us, lets go" he walked past her and blasted open the locked doors. The doors melted as the ball of KI blasted through, smoke was left as a gaping hole was made. He walked through and saw the giant room that showed various screens of his latest deed.

"At least I get to have a close up at my handy work. Get to work Diana" he saw her float to the main computer and turned towards the shadows with a bored look " I know you're there, come out Batman" he smirked as he watched the dark knight walk into the light, Diana wasn't surprised and continued working on the computer.

"How did you know I was there?" his tone the same as his expression, stoic.

"My little secret, Now...how has it been going since I last visited?" his serious tone becoming one of jokes.

"..." Batman didn't respond or react to the joke.

"Fine, I'll answer your questions, we're going to be here for a little bit anyways"

"Why did attack the planet?" he asked

"Distraction, I wasn't in the mood to kick your guys asses again" he yawned, fatigue getting to him.

"Why do you need our data? you obviously don't need it to win"

"You and I both know information is key to winning the battle" Batman was a little surprised at the statement

"Too bad you wont be getting it..." he muttered and began backing away towards the door.

"Leaving so soon? I thought you at least wanted to talk about how I could make such powerful exp-"

"Kakarot! We have a problem!" Diana shouted from the monitor, red lights filled the area and machinery activated. Within a second, kakarot was next to the amazon looking at the screen. Earth showing up but without the destruction he caused.

"Whats happening Diana?!" her typing turned into punches that destroyed the machine.

"Its locked, the data stopped downloading!" she shouted and pulled out the pad from the server. The floor beneath them glowing white, both of them screamed as a portal opened behind them and began pulling them in with extreme force. Kakarot grabbed Diana and grabbed onto the floor. The metal around them was whining from the extreme force and the floor kakarot and Diana were on began to give way to the powerful pull.

"Damn it! We cant escape the pull" Diana shouted over the ripping metal. Kakarot looked up and spotted Batman hiding behind the destroyed doors, he smirked and found a new respect for the dark knight.

"Well played..." he muttered before the floor plates they were holding onto broke.

They flew into the air at incredible speeds, their flying abilities useless at this point and darkness followed the two beings after they entered the white portal.

2 weeks later


"DAMN! That took a lot longer than I thought, the old bastard wouldn't stop talking!" Maxima shouted as she stripped her armor from her torso "Guards!"

"Yes ma'am?!" they answered

"Has my king returned from his mission, I wish to spend the rest of my time "relaxing" with him" she walked into the war room to send out orders for her forces

"No my queen, there is a message that was received a few weeks ago from Earth"

"And this wasn't brought to our attention when the message was received!" anger present in her tone.

"N-no my queen, we have orders from Kakarot to only alert him of important messages"

"I guess we do need to talk when he gets home...get Barda and Arisia in here. I think we might want to see what the earthlings have to say to us"

"Right away!" the guard left to retrieve the mates of Kakarot. A few minutes later, Barda and Arisia walk into the room donned in casual training wear.

"What is it Maxima? I was training Arisia a new fighting style" she asked the red head.

"There was a message sent to us from Earth, I thought you might want to listen to what they have to say" the giant screen turning on and showing superman and batman.

"This better be worth it..."Barda muttered.

"If it's superman and batman then it has to be" Arisia added in.

"Play it Maxima" she played the video message and watched the two heroes beginning to talk.

"This message is to those that serve Kakarot, the justice league is warning all those to stay away from our planet and any of the other ones you plan to attack" Superman warned

"They really think we would just stop fighting, pathetic"

"If you fail to comply then we will destroy your armies, there will be no one to stop us and no one to save you" Batman warned as well

"Where's Kakarot?! I want him to see this and show them who they are messing with!" Maxima shouted in outrage

"He's still not back from the mission? I assumed it would've taken at least a day" Arisia said

"I think I know what happened to him..."Barda muttered as they ignored the little threats and listened to the last part that caught their attention.

"This is to all of Apokolips, Your God of Destruction is dead!"