Marauder's Court

Important Announcement!

I apologize to my readers, but I'm afraid that Marauder's Court will not be updated for a while. Back in December, I lost my outlines to all my stories, and the only ones I have rewritten at the moment are RWBY, JNPR, & HAIL (RWBY/Harry Potter crossover), To Those Who Would Achieve Greatness (Naruto), Defiance (One Piece), Fleeing Light (Fairy Tail/Harry Potter crossover), and Fairy Tail: Rise of the Hylian Warriors (Legend of Zelda/Fairy Tail crossover).

My outline for Marauder's Court had a lot more attached to it than just what I wanted to happen. It had where and when I was going to introduce the OCs that were to be introduced as Harry's competition in the new Grand Magic Tournament that would have taken place of the Triwizard Tournament.

Fortunately, I still have the OC's information that was given to me, or else Marauder's Court would have been delayed indefinitely.

Again, I apologize to my readers, but I've hit a run of bad luck recently and the finished outline for MC is being troublesome to write down. Don't worry, because when I finally get ready to post the next chapter, I'll put up a notice on this story in place of this AN to let you know.