Dear Readers,

This is your dear Banii-chan, or better known as Bunni.

Yes, I have come with yet another fanfic!

Why you ask? Well, I think it's time I took a whack at true romance. No humor. No over exagerated angst or drama. Just romance told in it's truest and simplest form with perhaps a tinge of darkness but with an equal light touch. It'll be my first attempt at this genre, so be nice. I'm only a meager teenager.

There will be some sadness in this story. Possibly even sexual content (but never NC-17, not even going as far as a citrus maybe). I cannot promise that those mentioned earlier (lemons, sadness, violence, etc.) will or will not be in the fanfic. However, I shall explain this. This is Book ONE of my story, Three Monkeys Trilogy. It will have three books (der..Trilogy, lol), each telling of an individual couple and their romantic tale. I won't tell who any of the future couples are, and I think it's obvious which couple will be stated in this story, lol.

I based the whole series on the infamous sculpture with three monkies. 'Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.' Deaf, Blind, Mute, in my personal opinion. I base those atributes on the characters of DBZ. It has been said that these monkeys are wise. The original statue of these are at the Higurashi-no-mon (gate) in Tosho-gu Shrine in Nikko, Japan.

I have scoured the Internet for information on this statue and it turns out I can't find out the original tale. did it even come with some fabrication? A story? No. It came with a lot of pictures though. ^_^

Some sites say that the statue of the monkies were considered gaurdians of sacred horses. Deities even. They are 'Sanzuru': 'see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil' (ergh, I keep repeating myself. ~_~)

Here is something else I've gotten from a site:

'The other is three monkeys, each of which covers its eyes, mouth, and ears by its hands. They are called Mi-zaru (not see), Iwa-zaru (not say) and Kika-zaru (not hear), and the suffix "zaru" (not) is related to "saru" (monkey). It is also uncertain why these monkeys became the Kôshin deity, the author guesses that folks expected that the sanshis and the Ten-Tei not to see, say, hear the bad deeds of their owner. '

I got that piece of info from the site Some Notes About Kôshin ( Feel free to check it out and look more about the Three Monkeys online on (great search engine for anyone researching.)

If this has been done before, please do inform me. I may have probably gone cliche, lol. I have often fantasized about writing this piece. It is an A/U, and before you say anything, I would like to say I won't put any AN's unless they are truly nescessary. I will probably devote almost all my spare time to this fanfic, and put off some other original and fanfiction projects until later. By later, I mean whenever I feel school or anyone else hasn't backed me into a corner, with a stick in their hands.

I will go with the Japanese version of DBZ and call Vegeta/Vegita/Vejita=Bejita and Bulma=Buruma, and so on and so forth. There won't be any of the other original characters from DBZ and the cast will mostly contain Saiyajins and in the beginning a few Chikyuujins (Buruma's family.) I know many people will be turned off at this story because many are too accustomed to calling Buruma "Bulma," and I expect meager reviews (like, when I'm finished, there will be a max of 60 reviews).

Also, Frieza or any of the Ice-jins (do not know real Japanese name) is not included in this story. You will see why.

I would appreciate positive criticism, because I'm an author and authors just LOVE critics, lol. I know a lot of people probably skimmed this thing, so I'm going to say that the fanfic will start ....... now.

I will warn you that it is an "R" fanfic. There WON'T be any DETAILED lemons, but sexual content. If you feel uncomfortable around either violence or sexual activity/mention, I suggest you not look past this page, even though most of it might not even happen.

In every regard I hope you enjoy reading this fanfic, as I did writing it. Please look out for BOOK TWO: Iwa-zaru and the book after that BOOK THREE: Kika-zaru in the near future.

Thank you,


Hope you enjoy the ride. It gets bumpy! :P