Eijun's 'Journal' NOT DIARY.

Wednesday at 9:00am

Today is the day I am moving, I don't really know what I think about all of this. My parents woke me up this morning and it was really quite so I thought that it was something really bad but they asked me to move out.

I know that I should of moved out 5 years ago when I could of (Since I am 22 years old now) but for some reason I didn't really have the nerve to be on my own without the support of my parents and grandpa. Now you are probably wondering 'Why does he have a diary if his is 22 years old?'

Therapy. Therapy is the answer. I have a lot of anger issues and I can't really control my sudden outbursts. My Therapist said that I should have a journal or a diary to write all of my feelings in so that I don't have to keep them all bottled up inside of me waiting to burst, and surprisingly it helps a lot.

OKAY, back to the main topic here...me moving out and living in the 'real world'. Let's just hope I don't get ate alive on my first day of survival.

Sawamura set his pencil down closing his journal. His brown eyes wandered his empty room only a desk, bed and one box was left in his small upstairs room. It was sad to see all of his baseball posters off of his walls and shoved into a small box. Standing up he picked up the one box and set his journal on top of the posters in it, closing the lid.

"I GOT THE LAST ONE POPS!" He called down the stairs only to get a angry grumble in response.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME POPS, BOY!" His grandpa soon shouted back.

He smiled making his way into the kitchen and to the front door. He hates to say it but he's going to miss his Pops rambling, irritating shouts, and those arguments that would soon turn into a wrestling match. When he got outside he saw his father and mother waiting for him by his black Saturn.

"Is that everything?" His mother asked trying to hide her sadness with a bright smile.

"That's everything" He stopped by the car door, it was silent for a while until his father spoke up.

"I hope that house works well for you, if not we can always find another place...okay?"

Sawamura nodded and gave a small smile, "Don't worry I'll be fine! Plus I have Yuki with me; she will keep me company" he tapped the window and a large dog with long fluffy white hair gave a bark and a whine.

"Where's Pops at?"

His father sighed and gave a apologetic look, "It's not that he doesn't want to see you leave...it's just that he's upset about you leaving. You were his only entertainment here"

Sawamura smiled and gave a wave like he was rolling it off, "It's fine, I will come by in a few days and tell you if the house is good or not" He rushed to the driver side of the car and before he got in, he waved and shouted, "Try not to miss me too much!" he beeped his horn and drove away- Yuki giving a loud howl. He knew his mother was crying now.

The house is suppose to be a small, clean house with a total of 4 rooms including the kitchen and living room. The kitchen and living room was downstairs and the bathroom and bedroom was upstairs, a typical house for a couple, but he didn't have a girlfriend or anything so it was just him and Yuki.

He had came by a few days earlier with the owner of the house and had already checked everything out, the owner was actually really strange and looked as if he was trying to move to get away from someone- he didn't dare ask.

Turning down a few more blocks he arrived on a street with a few other houses, two houses sat on either side of his new house while two more was across from him. Slowing down he turned his Saturn into his house's drive way, the house was a yellow color with a white porch that already had some chairs set up from when the previous owner left.

He parked the car pulling out the keys. Turning to Yuki she looked back at him with her large amber eyes, "Well...here we are" Patting Yuki's head he opened his car door getting out and let Yuki out after him. Closing the front door of the car he observed the other houses around him, the one on the right of him was a small house like his but was a light pink color.

The two across were the same size, both a blue color- one lighter one darker- but maybe a bit bigger than his and the pink one but the one to the left of his house was that smallest of them all- a trailer. It wasn't just a trailer, it was a old, rusty, beat up, trashy trailer the ones that usually get abandoned after they get all worn out like that.

Turning his attention to Yuki she was already scratching at the door of his house, "I get it, I get it, I'm taking too long right?"

Sawamura grabbed a few boxes and started stacking them on top of each other, balancing, he made his way over to the house and kicked the door open since he didn't have any hands to use. He was standing in the living room and not to far from that was the kitchen area, and to the left was the staircase that led up. Like he said, it was a simple house.

Setting the boxes down on the rug in the empty living room he looked back outside and saw that his car still held more boxes than he expected. Sighing he made his way to grab more boxes when a voice made him nearly jump out of his skin.

"U-Uhm...is it alright if I help?"

"GGAAHHHH!" Sawamura shrieked jumping back holding his arms in a defense position, "W-Who are you!?"

"I'm Haruichi Kominato, Your neighbor"

He slowly put his arms down when he studied the person more, he had short pink hair and bangs that covered his eyes- it was cute but weird at the same time- and he was...short, really short.

"Oh!" Sawamura reached his hand out and gave a small smile, "I'm Sawamura Eijun, nice to meet you Kominato"

"Please" The pinkette took his hand and shook it, "Call me Haruichi, it suits me better"

It was silent for a while until Haruichi spoke again, "Can I help you with your boxes?"


"Can I help carry your stuff in?"

"Sure! I had way more stuff than I expected"

Making their way to his black Saturn he opened the door and let Haruichi grab a few boxes and he grabbed some as well. After taking a few rounds of carrying stuff inside they finally finished unpacking. Sawamura sat down in the now box filled living room with a groan, Haruichi brought the last boxes in setting them down with a thud.

"What a work out!"

"Your telling me?" Haruichi gave a slight chuckle sitting down against the wall across from him. The room was filled with pants until Sawamura finally caught his breathe.

"Which house do you live in?"

"The pink one; I live with my friend Furuya. We've been living there for about 2 years now" Haruichi tilted his head a bit, curious, "Why did you decide to move?"

Sawamura leaned his head against the wall looking up to the white ceiling, "Well...I've been living with my parents until now. The thought of moving crossed my mind many times but I always was to scared to move out so I stayed there for 5 more years until I got kicked out this morning..."

"I see...and how old are you?"

He leaned his head off the wall and looked back to Haruichi, it looked as if he was confused, "22 years old"

"I moved out when I was 18, I lived alone for about a year in my apartment. I had a part-time job, that's when I meant Furuya and became best friends after seeing each other for a year, that's when he suggested I live with him. It's been two years since then...I'm 22 also"

"Really!?" He smiled brightly, "Your the first person I meant that's actually my age!"

Haruichi blushed and tried covering it up by standing up and pushing his bangs down more, "You're easy to talk to, you know that?"

Sawamura rubbed his chin confused, "What do you mean"

"It's just strange, I've never told a stranger that much information before. Maybe it's because you're so straightforward?"

He jumped up, "I'll take that as a compliment then!"

Haruichi gave a little laugh, "Okay then, I guess I will get going. I will try and check in on you sometime, okay? if you ever need help unpacking you can always come and get me"

Sawamura smiled but felt the need to ask, "Since you lived here a while...what are my other neighbors like?"

Haruichi froze and stared at him, his voice turned low and cold, "Sawamura Eijun. Do NOT get involved with those people"

Haruichi walked out of the living room and closed the door softly. He stared at the door for a while until he fell back onto the carpet with a thud, he saw Yuki trot up to him and give him a wet slippery lick on his cheek. What was that all about? Oh well... He smiled once again and gave Yuki a large bear hug.

I might just survive day 1 after all.

Author's note- Hey! I'm back with another one of my Ace of Diamond fan fictions! If you guys are curious about what happened to my other story I was writing- all my documents got deleted since I was using a public computer sooooo, sorry? Even though that happened like 6 months ago. I haven't been able to write a Ace of Diamond fiction in a long time because I got caught up writing my other ones BUT after watching some more Ace of Diamond my brain was just like.


Write Ace of Diamond fan fiction.


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