Well, I had this idea pop into my mind and couldn't forget about it for the life of me, so, I figured I might as well make a story out of it. Especially since my other story seems to have hit another writers block, and it's almost over, this one can keep me busy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Steven Universe or any of it's characters, all rights go to Rebecca sugar and Cartoon Network

With that said! Onto the story!

Summary: Steven glanced at the far wall, what was the cookie cat freezer doing there? And why did the Big Donut look like it had been months before...Wasn't he wasn't he in that old spaceship catching Peridot with the others? And why does everybody have on their outfits from a long time ago...It hit him, He's gone back to the first day. The first day his gem glowed.

"Steven?" Sadie asked. Steven stared at the Cookie Cat freezer, tuning out Lars and Sadie. 'Wait, wheres Peridot..? And the others? I was at the old spaceship...And we got her foot..right? But then what?' Sadie shook his shoulder. He snapped back into reality, blushing a bit.

"O-oh sorry, I zoned out..." He lied, well it was technically the truth at least. 'Why am I here?' He asked himself. He noticed the freezer was empty.

"I thought you'd be more upset about Cookie Cats gone." Sadie said. She looked at Steven curiously. He glanced back at her.

"If he's so worried about those Cookie Cats why doesn't he make some with his magic belly button!" Lars joked harshly, like usual, he was a jerk.

"Yeah, but didn't you already tell me that Sadie?" He asked, ignoring Lars's comment, instead remembering his break down when she'd announced they were no longer making them. Sadie shook her head.

"They only told us today, there's no way I could've told you." Sadie said, Steven pondered this for a moment before letting it sink in. He had too get back to the temple to confirm this.

"Hey Sadie, could I take the freezer?" He pointed to the freezer grinning, he wasn't gonna pass getting the freezer, Sadie shrugged, letting him have it.

Steven shut the door to the Big Donut, waving goodbye to Lars and Sadie, he walked down the path to the Temple, humming a bit as he strapped the Cookie Cat freezer to his back, it smelled like ice cream, he had a theory, (Or maybe he was spending too much time with Ronaldo) That he had gone back in time too the time the cookie cats stopped being sold. He looked at the sky, it was roughly 4:00 in the afternoon he guessed.

He opened the door to the Temple. "Hey guys-" He was interrupted by a large Centipeedle crashing on top of him, he screamed, acid pouring down his shirt from the monster, attempting to shove it off him, his hand was brushed by a purple whip, gem stones littered the whip all the way too its core, being held by Amethyst.

"Sup, Steven." She said, giving him a two fingered wave before yanking the Centipeedle off the young boy. She tossed it across the room, it poofed across the far wall into a puff of smoke, Steven's eyes laid on Pearl, who was elegantly fighting off gem monsters getting too the warp pad. Steven glanced at her clothing, it was just as he had thought, it was from months ago, he decided to go along with it, he didn't want to change much of what he did and somehow make things worse than they already in the future, but maybe..he could save his family too, and make things better.

Pearl hit the last Centipeedle with her spear, allowing it too get into the hands of Garnet, who hit it on the back of her knee, and sent it flying to some nearby monsters who dared to approach the fusion, one managed to land on her Afro, and she snapped it in two, allowing it to poof into a puff of smoke. Stevens eyes laid upon the infestation of the Centipeedles.

"Wait I can-" Steven was cut off, as Pearl approached him.

"I'm sorry Steven we'll get these things out of your room." She said, holding one between her arms as it struggled. "We think they were trying to get into the temple." Pearl said.

Steven remembered his Centipeedle friend, "Aw, Common you don't have to get rid of them! Do you?" He asked wearily. "T-There pretty cool!" He said with stars in his eyes, he loved the gems on their backs, even if they were only decoration, the real gem he knew was on the mother, but didn't say anything in fear of everyone becoming suspicious. His train of thought ended as the Centipeedle in Pearl's arms spat out a thick ball of acid straight into the floor.

Steven heard a poof from near the temple and Amethyst spoke up, "Um you guys! These things don't have gems!" She cried, digging her finger into her nose.

"That means there must be a mother somewhere nearby." Garnet said stoically.

"We should find it before anyone gets hurt." Pearl said, glancing to Garnet worriedly. Steven spoke up with stars in his eyes.

"Can I come?! Can I please! I promise I'll- I'll-" Steven was cut off by Pearl.

"Steven, until you learn to control your powers we'l take care of protecting humanity-" Pearl paused, snapping the monsters neck and dropping it to the floor in a puff of smoke, "Okay?" She asked, smiling motherly.

Steven tried too remember what he'd said the last time and went with, "Aw, Okay- hey!" He cried seeing a Centipeedle digging in the fridge, "Hey get out of there! Shoo Shoo!" He said, looking at the spilled milk, and sighing, "they got into everything...Not cool!" then he glanced at the Cookie Cats with stars in his eyes. "Cookie Cats!" He cried, remembering the sweet ice cream treats he's loved, and there was a stockpile of them! This time around he had to savor them, "No way.." He said, so it was true, he really had gone back to the first day. The stars in his eyes grew when he took out a Cookie Cat. "Where did you even find these!? I thought they stopped making them!" He remembered saying. Pearl shut the freezer and shrugged.

"Well~ We heard that too...And since their your favorite.." Pearl was cut off by Amethyst who jumped onto the counter top.

"We went out a stole a bunch!" She said, Steven let out a laugh. Pearl groaned.

"I went back and paid for them." She said, putting her hands on her hip.

"The whole thing was my idea." Garnet said.

"It was everyone's idea." Amethyst insisted.

"All that matters is Steven is happy." Pearl cut in.

"OHHH~" Steven began the song, startling Pearl with the change of tone.

"He's a frozen treat with an all new taste cause he came to this planet from outer space! A refugee from an interstitial war! And now he's at your local grocery store! Cookie Cat! He's a pack for your tummy! Cookie cat! He's super duper yummy! Cookie cat he left his family behind! Cookie caaaat! Now available at Gurgens rt. 109.!" HE sang, as everyone laughed.

"I can't believe you did this! I'm gonna save these forever! Right after I eat this one." He said, taking it out of the wrapper and crumbling it in his hand as he bit into the creamy goodness. "Mm..So good! I like to eat the ears first." He said as his gem faintly glowed. Panic rose up in his throat, he didn't know what to say. Should he fake being surprised and go along whit it? Yes. That's the only thing he could do right now.

"Uh Steven..." Amethyst began. She glanced at the faint glow, he glanced back at her, before looking down at his gem.

"A-Ah my gem!" He said, faking his panic.

"Quick try to summon your weapon!" Amethyst cried.

"Ah it's fading how do I make it come back!?" He asked.

"Stay calm Steven breathe! Don't force it!" Pearl said, Steven put on a panicked face as ice cream dripped down his shirt.

"Yeah and try not to poop yourself either." Amethyst remarked. She stifled a giggle at her joke.

"Please don't." Garnet said, her face unnaturally calm and stotic for this situation. The gem stopped glowing and he sighed, dropping down to the floor. Most of it was because he had too go through training all over again.

"Aw I was so close that time.." He shoved the cookie cat back into the wrapper. He sighed a bit before asking, "Can one of you...explain how to summon a weapon.." He said.

"Ooh~ I'll go first~!" Pearl said, bringing him along to the warp pad.

He followed Pearl to her favorite tree, the petals danced in the air with the wind, the wind smelled of roses and fresh dew. Steven grabbed at the petal, knowing what was coming.

"Pay attention to these petals Steven. The petals dance seems improvised but it's really being calculated in real time based on the physical properties of this planet, with hard work, and dedication you can master the properties of your gem and preform your own dance!" Pearl's gem glowed and she summoned her spear, "Like so." Steven was obviously still lost, just as much as he was the first time, the picked up a pile of petals and threw them into the air.

Amethyst was over by the Big Donut when Steven came by, he saw her and she began her part of the lesson.

"Did Pearl tell you the petal thing." Amethyst asked, Steven noticed this, he noticed that maybe Pearl taught that to Amethyst when she was learning as well, he nodded. "Listen Steven all that practice stuff is no fun, when I need to summon my weapon it just happens." She said with a mouth full of doughnut, and pulled her whip out of her gem with ease, slashing at the garbage dumpster. "See." Amethyst said, Steven sighed. Time for Garnets lesson, at least they were short.

"Again?!" He heard Lars cry as he threw down the trash at the damaged dumpster.

Garnet was on top of the hill, Steven hiked up, sweat drenched his face from the long climb...man those doughnuts really do a number on you.

"So I'm supposed to try and not try at all at the same time?" He asked. Garnet nodded.

"Yes." She said simply staring at the boys face which was full of confusion, fake confusion really, he already knew how to summon his weapon.

"Or...You can link your mind with all existing matter channeling the collected power of the universe through your gem which results in-" She summoned her gauntlets. "That's my way of doing it." She said.

'Easy for you too say you're a fusion..' Steven thought, looking at the stotic gem with slight envy, she was so cool, he could never be that powerful, even if he was his mother.

Well obviously this time he knew he wasn't supposed to recreate the cookie cat incident, and have that mess all over again, but it was the only time he'd get to show the gems his shield for a while...He decided against it, it was too time consuming, and the mother gem monster should appear any time now so he needed to be ready to help this gems. He glanced over to the gems, they were mumbling something, he leaned in closer to hear them.

"We need to look for the gem monster!" Pearl said.

"What about Steven?! Without a weapon even if we do find it he'll be defenseless!" Amethyst said. Worry crossed their faces.

"But he still is part of Rose, he has to learn to summon his weapon.." Garnet cut in, "He's a crystal gem too, I'm sure it will come too him in time." She muttered. Pearl stared at Garnet. She still couldn't handle the fact that Rose was really gone, Steven could tell this too. Suddenly a loud rumble cut in.

"It's the mother!" Garnet said, running out of the house. Pearl and Amethyst followed.

"Stay in the house Steven!" Pearl yelled. Steven glanced at the gem monster.

"No way! I'm coming too! I can help!" He said, running out, he could help the gems, he had his mothers shield he could protect them like always, even if they don't remember it. He ran out of the house, following the gems, and getting ready to use his shield, they'd be so proud of them. Steven stared at the fight on the roof, waiting for the gem monster to fall down onto the ground. Steven followed them to the gem monster as it got up, spraying acid at the gems, they dove for one of the statues hands to take cover behind.

"We have to save Steven!" pearl said as Steven ran out in front of the Centipeedle.

"Can we save ourselves first!" Amethyst yelled. Steven focused. Another spray of acid shot towards the gems, he needed to summon his shield, and quick..But he couldn't keep it there forever he had to turn the Centipeedle away from the gems so they could summon their weapons and defeat it.

"Hey over here!" Steven yelled from behind it, it shot a spray of acid at him and he dodged, ready to summon his shield if needed. The gems summoned their weapons, not noticing the sprays of acid coming towards them, Pearl noticed first and yelped, flinching back. Steven cut in front of it, summoning his shield to protect them.

"Steven- It's a shield!" Pearl cried. Steven grinned.

"Yes! I- I did it! Woo hoo!" He cheered, as acid beat back against the shield and straight at the Centipeedle, it sent it back flying, paralyzed on the floor for a few seconds, before coming back up. The gems shot straight at the centipeedle. Garnet punched it with her gauntlets, sending it back giving Pearl enough time to hit it in the eye, Amethyst whipped it back towards Garnet as she punched it several more times, before Pearl sent the final blow to it in the back, it poofed into a single gem.

The air was silent for a moment as Garnet bubbled the gem and sent it too the temple. Pearl hugged him.

"Steven that was nuts! But, good job saving us!" Amethyst said, punching him in the arm playfully. Steven laughed.

"Yeah..I did it." he smiled at them, he had his cookie cat wrapper still in his pocket from before he buried it under ground and put a leaf on top.

"Good job little man!" Amethyst cheered Steven on.

"Yes, that was a very brave act for saving us back there." Pearl said, looking at Steven, maybe he really was like Rose after all. "You're a trooper." She said, Garnet came up behind him and ruffled his hair.

Well, I think I did alright for the first chapter...This was more fun than it should have been to write, well hope you enjoyed! Look forward to the next chapter that might come out soon, hopefully!