Oh my gosh it's gonna suck rewriting this...Oh well! Might as well get it done so I can hopefully go onto the rest! (You might notice a slight change in my writing since before those chapters were made a few months back, but now It's now and my writing I believe has made a drastic change between those many months.) This took a lot less time than I originally thought!

Also there will probably only be one A/N from now one (switching from the top of the fic to the bottom) just for the longer story space. Not much actual Steven and the Stevens in this, just went over from Joking Victim and Coach Steven, though the time thingy will play a part later, this is a time travel fic after all.

"Well, that's a relief." The gem sighed, the lava and warmth around them curled around them, steam was clouding the room, oddly enough. "I was worried you were gonna smash me." She smirked, "So. how are ya' taking this new information?" She asked, the way her face seemed lined with age told the boy she had been in there for a while, it may have been tiredness though, maybe she had been like Amethyst who slept all the time, and began to need the sleep.

"...Surprisingly, it's the least crazy thing that's happened so far." Steven replied, sighing, Smoky tilted her head to the right in confusion, she glanced over to a small opening in the room and started after it, but was tugged back by Steven, "Wait, what will the gems do if they see ANOTHER new gem?! This is getting out of hand..." Steven thought for a moment, before grinning, "Wait duh you can just stay hidden in Lion!" Steven said, the gem obviously didn't need oxygen, no gems did, only he did. Honestly if he was completely truthful, little facts like that kept him in an unfix-able alone space, he'd never be like anyone else...It was...Overwhelming.

"...Lion?" The gem asked, another look of confusion flashed across her features, "I don't this this is gonna work, erm..." Smoky cut herself off. She nervously and anxiously twiddled her thumbs.

"Oh, it's Steven." He answered her unspoken question. By the look on her face he had guessed right on what she had been about to ask. "And Lion is my pet, he has a magic mane that can hide you!" Steven stated happily, seeing the boys' voice flow with joy was foreign to Smoky, being a war veteran meant she was not used to such...Expressiveness.

"Mm...That might actually work, let's do it!" She said, grinning. She hopped up onto the pole above, wordlessly bringing the astonished boy with him, messing up his attire with such force, which made her grin wider. The boy looked up at her with an expression of bewilderment before cowering under her exhilarated glare.

The fusion, despite mixing together perfectly, was still incredibly awkward, tripping over their own feet, the fusion was...Interesting, with odd colors mixing, yellow and purple clashed together unevenly, their hair was tied up in a single loose ponytail that hung low on their hair, their expression was lazy and tired, but held a fierceness to it. Their weapon was a purple handled and yellow bladed pickax, and was surprisingly deadly as it crushed pillar after pillar, the fierceness become more apparent the more they used their weapon.

The fusion bellowed with little laughs every now and then looking at how pitiful and small everything was below them, it was a feeling of...Power. And it was wonderful. Before they knew what was happening the whole area was destroyed, they quickly unfused, looking at the damage.

The whole experience was blurry and clouded as the two gems unfused, Ciritine looked dazed and sick, Moonstone looked bewildered, their eyes were wide to little pupils and their mouth was switching from a crazed grin to a frightened, right frown. Ciritines entire composure looked broken, completely shattered.

"S-s-s-s-sorry!" Ciritine choked out, coughing up...Blood? Moonstone was still unresponsive, shaking violently and hugging herself. "O-our fusion is-" Ciritine had another fit of coughs, "Dangerous, and highly unpredictable!" Ciritine said. She seemed like a frightened cat, different from her fun and sometimes frightening personality. The gems all comforted them awkwardly, still not completely safe-feeling around them.

"That fusion is...Insane." Amethyst said grimly, comforting Ciritine who looked up at her with doe eyes, which Amethyst decided to try and look away from. The poor gem had been...broken, Moonstone was truly something to be feared, a purple aura kept appearing around her, whenever it did she tensed up, struggling to contain it.

The purple gem kept emitting giggles, Ciritine just looked at her with a solemn expression. Moonstone looked at Ciritine with a wild look in her eyes, still laughing lightly, Garnet sighed, not wanting to have to do this, but new the gem seemed off putting, perhaps on the point of corruption...And it was their duty to...Garnet shut off her guilty thoughts and summoned her weapon, taking steps towards Moonstone who just looked up at the stotic gem with wild eyes, her smile not fading, she grinned a bit more as the gem walked ever closer, and just when Garnet pulled back the gauntlet, Ciritine shoved Moonstone away, taking the blow, earning more fits of laughter from the purple gem as the yellow gem sat there, lying on the ground and looked up at Garnet with pitiful eyes, the stotic gem had no time before the poofed the yellow gem, a flurry of yellow smoke and dust collided all around the three.

A yellow gem sat in the debris, cracked. Moonstone smiled devilishly before jumping up, a smile on her face and she ran, faster than the gems could register anything. The world just seemed to hate them huh.

Smoky looked up from her sleepy expression, she was inside Stevens room, having been in the mane for so long had been boring, she took the time to talk to Steven until the gems got back.

"...Moon...Stone." She murmured, before casting a sideways glance towards where the door would have been, a faraway glint shone in her eyes before she brightened.

"...You know...Moonstone?" Steven asked, astonished.

"Well...Sorta. We were both veterans in the war, we were trained to sense our comrades after all, and it seems one, maybe even another is close by, one is emitting a powerful energy though. Not surprising, that girl had a few screws loose since I met her." Smoky explained.

"She looked calm when I met her..." Steven said.

"Whoa you met her? And you aren't dead? Props to you kid." Smoky's mouth was agape. Steven nodded. "That girl is insane, kills everyone and everything that crosses her path, had to even stay from her own team to avoid us getting killed, she had one partner, skittish and shy, though she was fun loving and fierce around Moonstone, and Moonstone was calm around Ciritine, weird. Moonstone was the power, Ciritine was the intelligence, smarts were rare in our group, so it was nice to have Ciritine around when she was." Smoky said, smiling. "I loved the war..." She sighed.