The Champions Volume 2.

Peter Caine surveyed the crime scene. He looked at his partner Mary Skalany's face and saw her holding in her lunch. He kind of chuckled before walking farther into the crime scene. "What do we have Mike?" Mike the CSI chief officer looked up at Peter and shrugged. "Doesn't make any sense Pete. This first wound should have killed the man. But it looks like its mostly healed." Peter looked at the victims bare chest. A large hole was above his heart. It was mostly healed but was still clearly visable. Peter shook his head. "This looked like it happened weeks ago." Mike nodded. "I thought so to. But according to his wife he never had any scars. Of course she is in a tramatic state. Its the same MO of the other murders." Peter looked deep in thought. Mike see's this. "Look Pete I wouldn't think to hard on it. After all no one can heal in two hours. No one. Its impossible." Peter shook his head and looked at the headless body. "After what I've seen. I don't think anything is impossible." Peter began to walk from the crime scene Skalany following. "Where are we going?" Caine opens the door to his Dodge Stealth. "To see my father." Skalany smiles openly making Peter sigh.


Xander and Isabel sat crosslegged in front of Master Kwai Chang Caine. "What brings you to me young man?" Xander looked in thought at how to word his statement. "I need to speak with your son. But I was told to speak with you first. My friend told me you would be much more open to what I have to say." Caine nodded. "Your friend is most likly correct. But if this has to do with my son I believe he should be present." Xander nodded. "I do to Master Caine. I was just asking you to be there as well. Kind of as a referee." Kwai Chang Caine chuckled and nodded. "Of course. I must say I am curious as to what you have to say." Xander chuckled kind of to himself. "I'll tell Peter everything. Well everything he needs to know right now." Caine nodded in understanding. "With time comes knowlegde. With knowlegde comes understanding." Xander nodded mostly to himself. Isabel was being silent throughout the two mens conversation. Caine turns toward her curiously. "And who might you be?" Isabel smiled. "Isabel Evans." Caine smirked. "No your not. But you'll find the truth soon enough." Isabel was confused but Xander simply smiled. "Yo Pop!" Peter Caine and Mary Skalany walked quickly into the room then stopped abruptly. "Sorry. Didn't know anyone was here." Master Caine shook his head smiling. "As you say. No problem? Come. Have a seat my son." Peter looked at Isabel and Xander for a second then sat down. Master Caine looked at Skalany. "Could you excuse us for a moment. Please." Skalany nodded and walked out of the room. Peter looked around the group. "Whats this about pop?" Caine sighed. "I told you not to call me that Peter." Peter smiled and shrugged. "So? You tell me alot of things." Caine smacked Peter on the back of his head then smiled. "This young man would like to speak with you. All I ask is that you hear him out and keep an open mind. Remember. Not all that is outragous is false." Peter only nodded and looked toward Xander. "We need to hurry this up I have a case I have to work on." Xander nodded. "No problem. I'm actually here to tell you your destiny. Or part of it anyway." At the word destiny Peter stiffened. Kwai Chang Caine put a hand on his son's shoulder. "Your destiny is interwoven with ours. Your part of a group to save the world. Your a champion." Peter blinked then looked at his father. "Your not buying this crap are you pop?" When Peter looked back at Xander he noticed the electicity sparks that seemed to fly off the young man and how his brown eyes had turned white. Peter fell back. "I believe them my son." Peter relaxed and sighed. "What do I have to do?"


Xander walked into the Metro Division precinct with a smile on his face. He sat in the chair opposite Peter and they looked at eachother across the desk. "I asked for the transfer." Xander nodded. "And?" Peter shook his head. " There not letting me go. Not until I solve this case. Which could take me a freakin' year!" Peter tossed the file on the desk and rubbed his face. Xander picked up the file and looked at it. "This isn't normal." Peter looked at him as if saying duh. Xander looked up from the file. "Can I see the bodies?" Peter shrugged. "Yeah follow me."


Peter led Xander into the county morgue. "Nicky!" A voice was heard around a corner. "Hey Pete! Over here!" Xander and Peter walked around the corner to come face to face with Dr. Nicholas J. Elder. "Pete I owe you for setting me up with Regina. I mean man!" Peter chuckled. "Nicky this is Xander. Xander Nicky." Xander shook the mans hand and nodded hello. "I need to see the bodies of the Guillitine case." Nicky nodded. "I've only got the last two here. The other's were sent on for the family to.. Well you know." Peter and Xander both nodded. Both champions followed the coroner to a cold storage where he opened two drawers. "Here they are. Need anything else Pete?" Peter shook his head. "No Nicky. Thanks" Nicky just shrugged. "No problem. I'll be in the other room if you need me." Peter nodded and Xander waved goodbye. Xander walked up beside the body and looked at it closely. "Do you know how far apart the chest wound is from the beheading?" Peter nods opening the file. "No more than three hours no less than one." Xander thought about it. Something didn't add up. He had a hunch but he didn't want to play it until neccisary. "You know a snitch that might be able to help us?" Peter nodded. "I take it your going to help me on the case?" Xander nodded. "Yeah." Peter smiled. "What about Isabel?" Xander chuckled. "She's doing what any american woman would do in California." Both men looked at eachother smiling and said together. "Shopping."


Peter and Xander walked into the diner. Both slid into a cornor booth oppsite Donny Double D. "Hey Donny. This is my new partner Xander Harris." Donny nodded to both of them. "Hey Pete. Nice to meet you Xander. So what did you need?" Peter laid a twenty on the table. "I need to know anything about the murders." Donny knew what murders he was talking about. The case was very high profile. Donny picked up the money. "All I know is that everyone. And I mean everyone is afraid of the guy. He chooses his hits at random. Well it looks that way at least. But a guy I use to know said that he planned his murders. Took days working out all the kinks before actually doing the job." Peter nodded. "Who's this friend?" Donny shook his head. "He won't talk. Its to late." Both Peter and Xander knew the answer to why. The man was dead. And so was there only lead. They were back at square one. "Thanks Donny. Say hi to Lula for me.." Donny nodded. "Sure thing Pete. If I find anything else I'll call you." Peter nods and Xander and Peter walk out of the diner. Xander opened the passenger side door of Peter's Stealth. "Where to now?" Peter grimanced. " To another snitch. I really don't like this guy." Xander chuckled.

Thats all of chapter one. How is it. I'm trying to do what Steve asked and work the characters in a little more. Isabel will be back in the next part. And expect an old friend of Xander's to show up. Uh. I guess thats it. Review.