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Xander and Angel followed Master Caine through the streets of L.A.

"How do you know where to go?" Xander asked as they walked around another corner.

"He's shoalin." Angel answered as if it was obvious. Xander rolled his eyes and a smile came to Master Caines face.

"There is more in this world than even you have seen my son." Xander accepted the answer with a nod and the group continued.

"Also. The man contacted me and told me to bring you here." Xander and Angel looked at eachother in shock, finally they shook there heads and continued on there journey.


The first thing Peter Caine felt as he breathed for the first time in just over two hours was not pain. It was a overwelming sense of clarity. The second thing he felt. That would be the pain. His head felt like it was splitting open. When he opened his eyes he was face to face with Brian Lockley. The pain in his skull disappeared as Lockley smiled.

"Its about time you awoke. I was about to have some fun with the girl. Wanna watch?" Peter jerked against the chains holding him to the wall. Lockley smiled as he stepped back from the still struggling Peter.

"You know there is a way to save her." Peter stopped his struggling and nodded for Lockley to continue.

"Simply accept my challenge. If you win the girl goes free. If not.. Well. I'm sure you can figure it out." Peter looked at the older immortal in hatred.

" I accept." Lockley laughed as he let Peter free.


The sounds of a struggle could be heard within the warehouse. A feeling of dread fell on Xander and Angel while Master Caine seemed as calm as ever. Angel and Xander ran quickly into the warehouse to see Peter dodging sword strikes from Brian. Luckily even though Brian was an old immortal he hardly ever had a sword to sword confrantation. Peter might have a chance.

"Can Peter win?" Angel asked as Xander pulled his Katana.

"I do not know." Caine replyed. Xander walked toward the battle. Trying to remind himself of the rules he must follow.

"Lockley!" The immortal turned his attention from Peter and Peter used the time to catch his breath.

"Ah. Mr. Harris. I've heard alot about you." Xander shrugged his face still impassive.

"Like I care." Lockley's sinister smile once again returned to his face.

"You cannot interfere." Xander nodded.

"I know." Xander tossed his Katana to Peter who caught it fluidly.

"Take his head." Xander turned from the fight and walked back to Master Caine and Angel.

"Was that a good idea?" Angel asked pointedly. Xander shrugged his eyes glued on the two combatants in front of him.

"It was the only one I had. Besides if I would have interfered we don't know what would have happened." Caine only nodded and Angel simply watched the upcoming fight with intrest for a second.

"Find Cordelia Angel." Angel nodded and began his search.


Peter held the katana awkwardly at his side. The last time he had ever had a sword fight was for practice at the temple. He tried to think back to it but as Lockley charged his mind went to fight mode and all coherent thought flew out the window. He was on the defensive being pushed back by Lockley's powerful but skillless attacks. Xander wanted to scream out an opening but that would hurt Peter as much as help him. Xander noticed as the fight progressed that Peter was becoming more and more collected. Why he didn't know. But he was glad.


Peter was scared. There was no lying about that. He was afraid. He was sword fighting a far older and more experienced opponent. That also had far more strength. In his mind he was screwed. Royally. 'Calm my son.' Peter's head turned looking toward his father who only nodded. Peter gritted his teeth in concentration and began to remember his training.


Peter stood his legs width even with his shoulders. The bokken held in front of him at a a slight angel.

"I don't understand father. Han has more experience than I do. How can I defeat him?" Caine smiled slightly as he stood behind his son.

"You cannot." Peter looked at his father in utter confusion.

"What do you mean father?" Caine walked around the still in form Peter. Checking his stance with care.

"You cannot defeat Han. He can only defeat himself." Peter was still in confusion.

"I don't understand." Caine smiled again. His fatherly attitude was very apparent.

"Han is far more skilled than you are my son. You cannot beat him with the sword. You must beat him with your mind. Make him think you are less than what you are. Lead him to believe that you have no chance. He will lower his gaurd." Peter nodded and began a slow kata.

"I understand father. Thank you." Caine bowed his head slightly.

"Thank you. My son."

End Flashback.

Peter Caines' movements became more concentrated as he moved toward his opponent. The sword in his hands seemed to become an extension of his soul. He watched as Lockley pulled back to strike one final time. Peter twisted as Brian Lockley lunged forward. Brian relized his mistake to late as he felt the blade of Xander's Katana slice into the back of his neck. Peter looked in grim fascination as the older immortals head flew from his body. In seconds a white mist arouse from Lockley's body and lightning began striking all around him. It wasn't until he heard Xanders screams of pain that he noticed the lightning wasn't hitting him.


Angel looked at Cordelia carefully, trying to find any wounds.

"What happened?" Angel asked as he found she was okay. Cordelia shook her head at the memories before responding.

"I had just dropped Iz at her hotel. You know because she didn't want to stay in the same building as you." Tactful as always Cordy Angel thought to himself with a smile.

"When I walked into the office I was hit over the head with something. Next thing I know your shaking me telling me it's time to wake up." Angel sighed in relief. Lockley hadn't done anything to Cordy. He was about to say something when the screams of Xander Harris filled the warehouse. And lightning began to strike.


Three Hours Later

Xander, Peter, and Isabel stood infront of the Fang Gang as Xander called them with slight smiles on there faces.

"You better visit soon loser." Cordy said conveniently forgetting her anger directed at the young man.

"Sure Cordy. Later guys." The three champions turned and walked from he Hyperion with confident strides.


"You sure you don't want to come with us?" Isabel asked Xander as she held the passanger side door of Peter Caines' Dodge Stealth open. Xander smiled slightly and shook his head.

"Can't. I have one more person to see before I can go home." Xander looked at Peter for a second before speaking.

"Tell Giles everything. How you feel, how you felt. Tell him everything. Then call me." Peter nodded before sitting in the drivers seat of his car and turning the key in the ignition.

"See you when you get to Sunnydale." Isabel said before leaning forward and kissing Xander quickly on the lips then getting in the car. Peter smiled as he pulled into traffic. Xander smiled and shook his head as he waved.

"Time to see Ashley." He said to himself while walking toward his bike.


Spoiler. There will be an interlude starring Peter, Isabel, and a crossover character you would never expect. unless your White Werewolf that is.Well LATER