Flash of a wing,

in the corner of a TV screen.

Does it mean anything,

or just

old footage?

It didn't mean anything.

Why would it?

It meant less than nothing,

compared to starvation,



Then a girl volunteered

with a blue dress and a

mockingjay pin.

She was from District 12.

Where tribute means corpse.

She knew she would die.

She did it anyway.

Only she didn't die.

And more, she saved another.

Two people survived.

Next year,

engaged, pregnant,

a bright future in front of her.

She was sent back

to die.

Now, the Capitol uses Mockingjays

as fashion, as a symbol of the girl

who made the Games even better.

Now, the rebellion uses Mockingjays

as inspiration, as a symbol of the girl

who fought for her freedom.