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"Minervaaa…." Hermione called in a seductive tone. The witch in question sat down the book she was reading at the sight of her wife standing in the doorway. Hermione was clad in a black robe that barely covered her thighs. Minerva removed her glasses as her eyes roamed over Hermione's figure. One eyebrow raised, she asked, "Are you coming to bed or do I have to drag you in?"

Hermione gave a sultry chuckle, "Well you know I do enjoy when you turn cavewoman on me, but not tonight." She slowly strutted over to the older woman and straddled her. Minerva hummed as Hermione's lips attached to her neck, nipping and sucking in all the right places, something learned from years of practice. Minerva quickly grew wet from Hermione's ministrations. Her hands slowly moved to her favorite part of Hermione's body. Hermione groaned as her ass was groped, and spoke softly, "Mm, remember that spell I told you about? One that was guaranteed to get you pregnant?" She bit down on Minerva's shoulder and the woman hissed, "Yesssss…" Hermione moved up to her lips, "You are fertile this week right?"

Before Minerva could answer, Hermione's lips attacked her and an agile tongue caressed hers. Hermione's hands moved up to squeeze her breast, her thumbs stroking over hardened nipples. Minerva didn't know where her bra was, but she couldn't find it in herself to care as she tossed her head back, "Hermione….w-wait." But, the brunette only reattached her lips to Minerva's throat and slowly moved down, "Hmm?" Minerva's hands moved to bushy curls just as Hermione's lips began kissing around soft mounds.

"I-I'm not fertile right now."

Hermione immediately sat up, eyes wide, "What? B-but you said-"

Minerva gave a breathy laugh, "I told you that I was fertile last week."

Hermione groaned, "Minerva what am I supposed to do with this for a month?" She opened her robe and gestured to the erection Minerva hadn't seen until now. "Oh…well…I can think of a few things."

She flipped the two of them over, causing Hermione to squeal and laugh. "Minerva!" She yelled as the woman roughly pulled her black lace underwear down. Minerva said nothing as she took in Hermione's new nine inch addition. Minerva licked her lips and slowly leaned down, eyes locked on Hermione who was no longer laughing. Her normal chestnut eyes were nearly black, her lips parted. She sat up on her elbows and watched Minerva's tongue slowly travel up her shaft and swirl about the tip. Hermione whimpered as the woman kissed her head and took it into to her hot mouth. Minerva sucked gently, enjoying the taste of Hermione and swirled her tongue, closing her eyes as it jumped in her mouth. She moaned and Hermione responded in kind as the sound vibrated and sent shivers down her spine. Hermione remained on her elbows, watching her wife for as long as she could before the pleasure became too much.

She was unprepared for the image and feel of her dick slowly disappearing down Minerva's throat as the woman attempted to take in as much of Hermione as she could. "Oh Merlin…" she moaned as she felt the back of Minerva's throat. The woman sucked harder and Hermione's hips bucked. "Minerva!" she yelled and held to the headboard behind her. Minerva began bobbing her head, humming gently.

Hermione quickly sat up, pulling Minerva's mouth off of her. She kissed the woman fiercely, and turned her over to lie on her back, "We're going to talk about where you learned that later." She said as she ripped the older woman's panties off. She sat on her knees and lined up with her entrance. Minerva chuckled, but soon groaned as Hermione slowly slid inside of her, making sure Minerva felt every single inch. They kissed, Hermione giving Minerva time to adjust. She kissed Minerva's throat and when the woman began squirming, she took that as the okay to begin. She slowly pulled out until only the tip rest inside her and firmly thrust inside Minerva, taking her breath away. She did it repeatedly, shivering as nails scratched at her back. "Oh, Hermione…." Minerva's hips began moving with Hermione and her walls contracting around the witch. Between the feeling of Minerva's hot channel squeezing her dick and the sounds she was making, Hermione found herself quickly approaching the edge, "I'm so close Minerva. God I love you." Minerva tensed suddenly as her orgasm hit and yelled Hermione's name. Hermione's orgasm followed immediately after and her hips jerked as she continued thrusting through her orgasm, sending Minerva spiraling into a second orgasm.

Hermione fell on top of her and buried her face in the woman's neck as her organ grew soft inside the woman.

They remained in each other's arms for a while before Minerva chuckled. Her voice rough from the screaming, she asked, "Didn't you say it would stay until I was pregnant?"

Hermione groaned and rolled off to the side of her wife, "More than that…it'll grow erect every few hours until you're pregnant." She threw a pillow at the laughing woman beside her.

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