Author's Note: Hello! So I'm writing a self/OC-insert, which people don't really like hahaa. This is an experiment, in first POV, which I never do since I find it really difficult for some reason D: I'm pretty excited about this story since I can play around with many things in this. Ciel deserves a lot more love since his life is kind of screwed up, but I didn't just want to write a Ciel/OC story, so I decided to have a slightly different spin on Black Butler. A different Lizzy can cause a whole wave to crash over Cannon. Elizabeth, despite the recurring appearances, feels like a side character most of the time. It wasn't until the whole Zombie arc did I actually like her, since she be blunt, whiny, and childish. Yes, she is a child- but I dunno. It kinda rubs me the wrong way? Probably a personal problem. But I chose Elizabeth for other reasons too, like- her being one of the only girl characters to be close to Ciel. Seriously. This is long. Wao.

I'm not writing this fic for romance, I'm writing for development and friendship. So um, please don't expect much romance if there is any. I'm still not sure about this part though, so we'll see!

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to point out if she's too perfect or too selfless etc, or if anyone's OOC. (I hate when that happens.) Oh! Point out my mistakes and flaws as well, if possible. My grammar is understandable, but still not right in terms of the English grammar D: English isn't really my first language. Thank you!

Summary: I am Elizabeth Midford, daughter of two loving parents and a sister to one overprotective brother. I am Elizabeth Midford, who also happens to be a teenager who is apparently reincarnated into the world of Black Butler as the fiance of one Ciel Phantomhive. I am Elizabeth Midford, and I am screwed. So, so screwed. SI/OC (Hope this makes sense)

Disclaimer: Black Butler does not belong to me, nor is the cover pic. Both belongs to Yana Toboso.

Genre: Humor, Adventure, Friendship, Family, Romance if you squint but not really

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Chapter 1: Morning After
The...Newly Reincarnated Person, Mind Blown

"Weak in order to love, strong in order to protect, both in order to stay at your side."- Elizabeth

I never believed in Heaven or Hell, it just seemed too...magical, unrealistic. It sounded like some sort of fairy tale, good people go to Heaven, and bad people go to Hell. Life just isn't that simple, it never is. I didn't really have a specific religion, though my family believed in Buddhism. I, myself, believe in reincarnation. It's just a simple theory of mine, a rather hopeful one. I believe in a cycle, where one dies and hundreds, or maybe thousands of years later they are reborn— their memories wiped clean and they can start anew. Perhaps my beliefs are a mash up of many different religions, I don't know, and I certainly don't care enough to find out.

Reincarnation. A cycle of souls. A new start.

That's what I believed in...

So why the heck am I here, bawling my eyes out as a baby with my memories intact?

Being a baby with a brain of a teenager's sucks. A lot.

I couldn't tell how much time was passing by, nor could I really see anything. Everything was simply too blurry to make out, and I kept on falling asleep constantly. I suppose that babies are simply born this way; weak and needing food and rest. But I hated not being in control, and it was quite humiliating to be cleaned and changed. It was uncomfortable, and every foreign touch made my skin crawl. I think I had the right to be grossed out, as I had absolutely no idea who was doing the touching. Yes— logically, it would be the doctor, nurses or my parents, but who can know for sure? I could be in some sort of science lab as they prepare to cut me open to experiment on me or something. Thankfully, those around me spoke in English, even though there was an accent that sometimes made it difficult for me to understand. Not that having no accent would have helped much seeing that I blacked out so much it was hard to understand anything important.

There were a few points that I managed to catch though. One, I am a girl based on the cooing of the nurses and my parents. Two, I am apparently a really pretty baby, though I'm not too sure about that since parents tend to be biased. I'm quite sure that even if I was the spitting image of a screaming baby chimpanzee that they would still insist that I was pretty. (Besides, don't all the babies look the same at the start? Wrinkled, tiny and red. I think they're more on the ugly side when they first come out though.) Three, based on the bits I've heard— my family is quite well off, enough to have servants at least (but really though, who had servants these days?). Four, my name is Elizabeth. Quite a common name, though still beautiful I guess.

Lastly, I apparently have an older brother.

I'm really not too sure about having an older sibling since I only had one younger sibling in my past life. My sister was often spoiled and loud, but I loved her. Love. I still love her- nothing has changed. She could be so sweet some times, but I suppose that's not important anymore huh... but it was. I wanted to cling to reality, my reality, because this weird world where I was a baby and people spoke in English but not my English wasn't real. If it was real, what did that make the past me? Chopped liver? Non existent? These days I spent a lot of time crying and fussing and being an angsting teen I guess. It almost made me glad that I was a baby, because it wasn't so embarrassing then.

I don't want dwell on it. I can't. Not when I had new parents and a family that deserved better than a fake who clearly carried extra baggage. They asked for a normal baby but instead got some sort of weird hybrid. Those poor, poor parents. What did they do to deserve me of all people? It was almost funny if it wasn't so horrible.

I won't dwell on it, but I will never forget the family who I loved and took care of. It seemed selfish to ignore the parents I have now, besides— I wasn't even sure if this was reincarnation. For all I know, I could have stolen this child's body. This child's life, family, friends.

(Please, please, please, don't let that be the truth.)

So I won't think about it, I'll simply live life to the fullest.

And if these buried emotions explode on me one day, I only have myself to blame.

The world was a terrifyingly blurry place, and for a while, I was actually worried that there was something wrong with my eyes. But there wasn't, so that was a moot point. It was a gradual process I think.

My eyesight finally improved enough to see properly, and I was greeted with a, well- to be blunt: beautiful face. She was pretty, with noble features and pale skin. A long lock— a cowlick— draped over the side of her forehead and flowed down to her chest with a curl. Golden tendrils popped out from the messy bun it was in. What caught my attention the most however, were the brilliant green eyes that stared down at me with a content and firm but loving expression.


That's who this woman was, I realized with a bit of surprise. If I looked anything like that, then I was definitely a pretty baby.

"Mother! May I see her? Is she awake yet?"

I jolted in surprise at the new voice, and my attempt in rolling over or turning to see who it was, failed. Completely. It was a child's voice; most likely a male.

"Patience, Edward. And yes, Elizabeth is now awake. Quiet down, it would not be good to startle her and make her cry now."

Edward, looking properly contrite (or so I guess) gave an affirmative before eagerly rushing over. Mother gently lowered me so the boy could peek at me easier. The boy, my brother I realize (and what was with the slow realizations? It should've been obvious! Maybe my brain was affected?) looked at me in awe. He was a pretty boy, having our mother's blonde hair and green eyes. "She looks so small..." He trailed off, eyeing me with fascination. He poked my tiny fingers that were currently curled up, and reflexively— I grabbed his finger.

His jaw dropped in surprise and my— our mother kindly told him to shut it. Edward attempted to wriggle his finger out of my chubby grip, but I did not relent. Instead, I frowned, unintentionally tearing up. Needless to say, Edward panicked. "Sorry!" His wriggling finger paused, tensing before relaxing in my grip.


Holy crap, my new brother is adorable.

Alright, I love children. Bite me. I loved playing with kids and teaching them things. They were just so sweet (well...most of them were), and I have to admit that I adored cute things as well. That was why I had wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to teach them new things, teach them manners, beliefs, and prepare them for future years. I had not been able to accomplish that in my past life, but hopefully I would be able to this time? Maybe...but for now, I think I'll stick with teaching my new older brother. Make sure that he will grow up honorable, and safe. Yes, for now that would be okay.

I sent my new brother a (gummy) dazzling smile, plans already whirling in my head.

The look on his face in reply made me regret it a bit, as I sensed a possible...well, developing sister complex. That, or a severe over-protectiveness.

...Oh, brother.

So you know how I assumed I was reincarnated? Yeah, well…

I was in the Victorian Age. I repeat. THE VICTORIAN AGE. I am apparently British now; I'm not too sure how I feel about it since I don't feel British. Stating that I was ready to go home, my parents had a carriage ready and everything. The...dresses (I would say monstrosities) that I saw as I was carried out were a huge eye opener, and the time period I was in only made my head spin. I had been born in the late nineteen nineties in my past I was born in the eighteen seventies. Time travel? Was this supposed to happen? Or was this some sort of mistake? The realization was a huge blow to my own reincarnation beliefs. I believed I would be born in the future, not go back to the past! Did the Victorian age even have flushable toilets? Plumbing? I had thought that the hospital I had been in was suspiciously technology-less, and the suit Edward wore was stiff and way too formal for a child, but I had just brushed it off as a future or rich people thing.

My stupidity clearly knows no bounds.

In addition to all that new information, I saw my father the day after meeting Edward. He was, despite his appearance...surprisingly cheery. He was a doting father to be honest, and the complete opposite of mother. I guess 'opposite attracts' apply in this case.

And so now, we were heading 'home.' I could only hope that everything would be okay.


Home was apparently a huge mansion. Cue the unnoticeable jaw drop. I knew that they were rich, but this rich? It was huge compared to my old modest two story house (which I missed quite a bit). Father left the carriage first, and mother passed me to him, who passed me to a maid. He helped her get out of the carriage, and I could hear the excited yells of Edward.

"She's here, she's here!" I assumed he ran to us, based on the tromping noises. "Oh! Mother, Aunt Rach-"

"Francis!" A new voice called out.

I wriggled, curious to see who it was- and the maid indulged me by propping me up, allowing me to face the newcomer.

She was...well, awfully beautiful. I twitched, wondering if all British women were so good looking. I could tell that she was probably younger then mother- at least she looked younger with flaxen colored hair and bright blue eyes. The most noticeable thing however, was the bulge on her stomach. Was she pregnant?

"Rachel?" Mother sounded quite surprise as she stood there, eyes wide. "What are you doing here? A lady in your condition nonetheless!"

Rachel smiled guiltily, clasping her hands together. "Oh, but I wanted to see her! I could not visit you in the hospital, and Vincent was much too busy, so it is only proper that I come in his place."

Mother looked exasperated, but reached for me nonetheless. I could see Edward twitching beside us, trying to act all proper and gentlemanly; though it was clear he'd rather jump around. Again, my brother is just way too cute!

"Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford." My mother murmured softly, passing me to Rachel. I tried to not wrinkle my nose at the name. It was such a mouthful!

"She's beautiful...she even has your green eyes, Francis. I can only hope that my child will have my eyes, though Vincent has lovely brown eyes as well." She looked at me gently, and I realized that she looked even more beautiful when she smiled. Suddenly, her eyes lit up in excitement. "Oh, Francis! I just had the loveliest idea!" She passed me back to mother, and placed both of her hands on her stomach. "When my child is born, let us have them engaged!"

I blanched. Mother choked, and I could have sworn that I heard Edward let out a loud, undignified, "Whaatt?!"

"Rachel! You do not even know if your child is a boy yet! It could be a girl." Mother pointed out quite reasonably in my opinion.

Rachel merely grins, "It's a boy. I can feel it, call it a mother's intuition."

Mother merely shakes her head, and I had a feeling that she wanted to face palm.

"So? Will you?" She persisted. Say no, no, no, no. If you say no, I promise I will never throw tantrums and wake you up in the middle of the night by crying!

Edward took this moment to offer his input. "Mother!" He cried, aghast and looking quite horrified. "Lizzy is too young!"

Mother raised a brow, and I myself frowned at the nickname. It wasn't bad, just...weird. "She's going to have to wed someone sooner or later, and it is not a bad idea," she admits. "Better your child then someone else's. If your child turns out to be a boy, I will agree."

HOLY CRAP. She just sent me off. To an unborn baby! Oh gosh, that's gross. A baby! Not even a baby. Wait one moment as I barf in my mouth, I feel like such a pedophile. (Granted I am a baby myself, but I was like, fifteen in my old life. Then again, I'm eternally fifteen till I pass it in this life, but still!)

"Father! You do not agree to this, do you?"

Father simply laughs, "I don't see why not, I'm sure they will be a lovely couple. But if Elizabeth ever refuses, I hope that is alright with you, Lady Rachel." I REFUSE. Refuse, refuse, refuse.

Rachel laughs, but agrees happily. "Of course, but I'm sure my child will be more than satisfactory."

UGH. UGGGHHH. DOTING MOTHER. Also known as: she has no proof or idea what the heck she's talking about.

And so— weeks pass, and Vincent (who was actually mother's brother, which meant that I was engaged to my cousin...) came to visit, with a smiling Rachel in tow, who now had a slightly larger bump.

"Sister, I must apologize for not coming to visit any sooner, I was quite busy on my trip."

Wao. Waooo. Vincent was one good looking guy. He's very...pretty. Mother merely shakes her head, shifting me in her arms. "Business is business. I know that clearing everything must have been quite tedious." Vincent merely smiles, and suddenly, I felt a flash of familiarity. Huh, did I see him somewhere before? A figure in history? A picture in a book? I could have sworn that I've seen that smile before. In fact, a lot of things seemed familiar in some distant way, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. The thought kept evading me, like streams of sunlight. Just what was I missing?

Rachel distracted me from my thoughts as she poked my cheek, smiling brightly. "She's grown a bit since I've last seen her. Vincent, do come here and take a look at our niece." Vincent flashes her another familiar smile before approaching me, brown eyes observing my features.

I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. It felt as if he was judging my value. (As if he was weighing my pros and cons, treating me as merchandise instead of a living, breathing human being.

It was terrifying.)

"Elizabeth, was it? She is a pretty child."

"Of course! Nothing but the best for Ciel right?"

Oohhh. Ciel was a nice name I had to admit. In fact, there was an anime character with that exact name.

I froze. Ciel? The name brought a few flashes of memories, dark blue hair, bright blue eyes, an eye patch, a demon butler cloaked fully in black. I felt myself tense, how many people were named Ciel? Dark blue hair flashed in my mind again as I spotted Vincent's dark hair. And those breathtaking blue eyes eerily resembled...Rachel's.

I felt my throat clog as an unexplainable panic started to set in. Calm down! The adults are going to be suspicious! It was no big deal, it was just a few coincidences. One...two...three. A deep breath. In. Out. In. Out. There.

"Oh? You thought of a name already?"

Rachel beamed. "Yes! Ciel; Vincent and I decided a few days ago."

Vincent's lips curled up into a small, knowing smile. "Ciel Phantomhive. Fitting for an Earl, would you not agree?"

My brain shattered.

Due to fact that I am unable to write in my current form, this will have to do.

-September 23, 1875: Entry One of the Chronicles in my Head: Current Status: Mind blown-

Dear, Whoever the Hell is up in the sky, watching me (since there are demons and angels, there is probably some sort of God too)

Do you think is funny?! Placing me in Black Butler? Do you? Is this some sort of punishment for not believing in God? Is that it? If so, then that is incredibly petty of you (in the nicest way possible of course, in case you get pissed and decide to smite me with thunder or something equally painful).


I think that's the state I am in right now. I'm in denial, even though I have no reason to be. All the pieces fit, Elizabeth. Elizabeth Midford! How could I have forgotten? But Elizabeth had been such a common name, so had Francis, Edward and Alexis. Hundreds of people could have had the name, it was only right that I didn't realize. But Rachel and Vincent. I mean, who the hell has blue hair? Dark blue hair, but blue hair nonetheless. I knew that I had trouble remembering faces and details, but really? I didn't know I was that bad.

I am apparently Elizabeth Midford, fiance of Ciel Phantomhive, the future Queen's Watchdog.


I think I'd rather jump off a cliff.

Author's Note: And that's the end of chapter one, I wanted to make it a lot longer, but this looked like a really, really good place to end it DX

Thank you for reading, and please tell me what you think so far.