A/N: I had this story in my head the moment I finished reading Breaking Dawn. Jacob and Ness are now of age in their world and will act accordingly, as such, there will be lemons in later chapters. Ness is Bella's daughter, afterall. All pairings and characters as canon as I could make them. The characters, of course, all belong to Stephenie Meyer - I am just having fun in her world.


I moved with my family from Forks to Alaska when most humans thought I was a 6 year old child, but had really just celebrated my second year of life. My name is Renesmee Cullen, daughter of Bella and Edward (or mom and dad, to me, but as I won't be able to call them that for too much longer I figure I should get used to calling them by their given names). We had a great time with the cousins - Kate and Garrett finally got married two years later when I was 12, Alice went all out with the decorations and the event went off flawlessly. Even though I'm not a girlie-girl I was thinking about Alice planning my wedding but I knew that wasn't likely in the cards, secrets in the Cullen family were –literally – life and death. Though we kept to ourselves, it's hard not to notice…me. My growth was slowing but we figured we should move again to avoid suspicion.

Bella and Edward finally enrolled at Dartmouth – my mom was so excited, and she decided she was going to study botany for her first degree. She said it was safe – plants don't bleed. So we moved across the country to New Hampshire. I was doing my 9th and 10th year courses online (I'm a decent student if I do say so myself). Carlisle started working at Harvard medical school (the commute is easy if you can drive like my family) as a professor and Esme was taking to redecorating our new 10 000 square foot house (8 adult vampires need their space, plus I got my own bathroom for the first time, a teen's dream!). Alice and Jasper were volunteering at the local psychiatric hospital, a cause close to Alice's heart. Rosalie and Emmett bought a garage and, to my great surprise, hired my best friend Jake as a mechanic.

Jacob Black has always been with us – he left his pack in La Push and moved up to Alaska. There, he finished high school and then worked repairing boats and cars as well as leading tourists on backpacking excursions – they always wanted to see the bears and wolves, if the tourists only knew of Jacob! It was great, he had a job and his own little apartment so close but at times it seemed that he missed his family and pack back at home. I had once asked him why he didn't open a garage in La Push. He was such a great mechanic and the competition sucked - I was sure he'd do really well. He mumbled about not having the capital but didn't elaborate – though I was happy because it did seem like he enjoyed hanging out with us. Jacob was the best – when I was a kid he'd take me canoeing, hunting and camping – anything I wanted to do. Once, we even ran with some real wolves, they seemed to gravitate Jacob in his wolf form and even found me a little interesting – my dad wasn't happy with than one, but I knew Jacob would never let anyone hurt me. Ever.