Please make sure you go back and reread the first chapter as I finished it.

Here is a list of Authorities that the other six campione had in the original that they do not have in this story just because I don't believe for example that Voban would be able to slay Balor nor do I think Annie Charlton "John Pluto Smith" could kill Oberon.

So here is the list of removed authorities

Voban: Eyes of Sodom, Red Punishment

Charlton: Flames of Annihilation, Mastery of Faerie

Oh I am also changing the Spear of Longinus to an ability both of the twin swords have.

Now on with the story

Chapter 2: Oh well it was nice while it lasted.

Eric's POV

Damn You Uncle Prometheus, You and your Grimoire's flashy ass aura I thought they'd be to distracted by that but it seems Luo Hao has enlisted Doni to find me which is not fair for three reasons one I was in Italy, two I have a bit of a pasta self control problem, and three my main house is in my capital of Bern you see a campione's starting territory is related to their definition of home when they become a campione mine was related to my family but most concentrated in Switzerland but I gained all the territory of the Norse people known as the Celts when they migrated through europe, making my starting territory Scandinavia Ireland Scotland and Western Europe, which I just kind of informed the world about by flashing my territory after Doni followed me home. I really thought I was in the clear but now I flashed my territory to tell the other Campione THIS LAND BELONGS TO THE FOURTH CAMPIONE because there isn't a point now that Doni found me. "Well there goes my title" I sigh confusing Doni. "What title was that?" Doni asked. "12 years 7 month 3 weeks and 5 days reigning champion is not that bad I guess" I sigh again irritating Doni. "You see I am the King of Hide and Seek." I say. Making Doni facefault. For the last 12 and a half years Luo Hao, all the world's Supernatural organizations (as well as some of the other campione off and on) and I have been playing what they probably consider the world's most frustrating game of hide and seek, I mean do you know how hard it is for a godslayer to remain hidden for that long, I was fucking seven when I killed Hades and I am now nineteen thats over a decade of me remaining elusive to the entire world. But that damn Grimoire had to fucking send out a beacon so strong Luo Hao probably felt it." I said angrily ranting. "What were you doing in my territory?" the normally carefree Italian Devil King asked / demanded. "You want the embarrassing honest answer or the less embarrassing bullshit answer I thought up when I was already there?" I asked sheepishly.

Doni glared at me.

"Fine… I have a bit of a pasta problem." I muttered. "What?" Doni asked not hearing me.

"I SAID HAVE A FUCKING EATING PROBLEM AND AN UNNATURAL ATTACHMENT TO PASTA" I shouted angrily. "Well why didn't you just ask?" Doni said like the answer wasn't obvious. "I, a campione who has managed to keep myself out of supernatural politics for over a decade by remaining hidden to just stroll up to you and go sup dude I'm the fourth campione I was wondering if I could have a fucking snack, do you see how ridiculous that would be for me to reveal myself to the world and have to deal with a bunch of political bullshit just because of a pain in the ass side effect of being a campione which causes our metabolic rate to spike to inhuman levels." I said. "Well when you put it that way…" Doni stopped mid sentence we both looked south back towards italy a single thought running through both our heads: another one.

(two days later)

Eric's POV

"Hey seven it's you new northern friend as my first contact besides the ones who are the reason we even know each other I am going to need your help with something if you'd meet me same place as last time as soon as possible thanks." That was the text I sent three minutes and fifteen seconds ago, Now standing before me shivering because he once again forgot the Alps are cold and is therefore still in flip flops swim shorts and a short sleeve collared shirt that is open is Doni who from the looks of it is freezing his gnads off is standing outside. "Ah Doni that was fast…" I said as he dives inside the house where it's not glacial.

(Five minutes later with a now thawed Doni)

Eric's POV

"We need to talk about associates I have no connections other than you and that means I am going to seem pretty damn influenceable speaking of which how is the eighth doing I bet the Mage associations are probably all over him trying to win him over by any and all means possible." I say "Well the Copper Black Cross member Diavolo Rosso is rather attached to him to the point that after I was unable to pry her off of him, so her uncle the leader of the Copper Black Cross kind of just gave up and let her be their representative to the eighth campione." Doni said. "The wielder of Cuore di Leone, he probably doesn't even realize the combat value of such a person and that's if you don't count her skills as a tactician." I said. "Doni what can you tell me about her sister?" I ask. "I don't think Erica Blandelli…" "The sword not the girl" I cut Doni off. "Oh Il Maestro's wielder, well hmm…" The Italian Campione says frowning (undoubtedly thinking about Voban) before it turns into a savage grin. "Doni, what is it?" I asked concerned for my safety and the safety of everyone around me. "Just come with me and you'll see one of the two parts of my plan for my favorite next door neighbor." Doni said. "Considering Voban is your only other bordering Campione that contest sounds like it was real close." I say sarcastically. "Just come on we need to meet someone." Doni said dragging me behind him.

(Three hours later)

(I am sopping wet (because someone dragged me by the arm at the bottom of the fucking ocean (we could have taken a ferry but Doni didn't fucking think of that)), my new custom made suit is undoubtedly ruined, Doni there had better either be something that is beneficial and extremely important or you taking me to the best pasta chef in Italy that would work too... but I am on the Island of Sardinia if I am not mistaken.)

Doni knocks on the door to the mansion he has dragged me across the island to get to. The door opens and Doni drags me inside and the door closes. I grab my arm back. We walk up the stairway of the mansion and into a bedroom where a woman who looks to be in her late twenties smiles at us. "It is rare to meet three godslayers in less than a week, its an honor." she says bowing trying to flash us with her impressive cleavage. "Lucretia Zola, the witch of Sardinia why would you bring me here Doni" I ask still grouchy from being dragged through the ocean. "Because I need her to do the two of us a little favor, as much as it pains me to say it I need you to arrange a meeting with White Princess Alice after all I am sure she would appreciate me giving Witenagemot a head start on meeting the recently found, fourth campione, especially because I will have to tell the Bronze Black Cross about him tonight and I am sure they will be mad I waited that long to tell them so I will give you four hours and I am sure with their rival the Copper Black Cross taking such drastic measures as sending the red devil to secure the eighth's loyalty the Bronze Black Cross will be desperate." Doni says drawing out what looks like the ghost of a beautiful girl the spirit dressed like an english noble. "In that case how fast can you get to London." The spirit asked. "I can be there the instant I am done waving goodbye to Doni" I said waving to the Italian campione and activating Tempest.

(Princess Alice's mansion)

Eric's POV

Laying on top of a bed was what had to be one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen in my life I mean I have seen goddesses whose beauty paled before her's she looked like she was a little bit shy of twenty years old. "As much as I wish I could respect your time to stare and am honored by your gaze your highness, time is of the essence." she said attempting to rise only to start to fall back down onto her back I rushed forward, catching her before her head hit the headboard before blushing furiously and laying her down gently and apologizing. "You need not fret over me godslayer especially not with business to get down to, I will cut straight to the point as a token of friendship you may pick any member of Witenagemot to become your servant." Alice said. "What do you mean servant?" I ask confused. "Your subjects who swear loyalty to you and will serve you faithfully." Alice responds. She hands me a list of files after half an hour of going through them I hand them back to her. There is silence for about five minutes until Alice breaks it a worried look on her face "Is something wrong godslayer do none of our members please you my lord?" she says desperation and despair showing on her beautiful face. "There is only one member of Witenagemot that really interests me, but is not wrong to make them serve me?" I ask. "Make them serve you, you misunderstand god slayer it is an honor to be graced by your presence, there are not words that can describe how much of an honor serving you is?" Princess Alice's laughing at my naivety was cut short by a terrible coughing fit. Suddenly an idea struck me an extremely selfish and normally perfectly acceptable as well as logical answer (why was I so abnormally caring all of the sudden). "But I could never say I am much too embarrassed and the reason is much to selfish" I said "If I must I will list every member of my organization and whichever one you blush the hardest at will be the answer." Alice said before another coughing fit hit her. Each cough caused me to cringe seeing something so beautiful and pure in so much pain. "I can't take it any longer I am sorry it's selfish but I can't stand to see you in such pain any longer, I have never seen something so beautiful or pure before in my life and I am dying on the inside watching as it convulses in pain, I Eric König Adalrix accept the generous offer to choose ANY member of Witenagemot to become mine and choose…" my voice gives out as my face is so red it looks like it contains my body's entire blood supply. "What was that last part?" Alice stutters almost as red as I am. "T-The member of W-Witenagemot I choose i-is Alice Louise." I say really hopping I said the last part quiet enough that she didn't hear me. "M-m-m-me w-what u-use c-c-could I possibly be to your Highness." Alice stuttered blushing even more profusely than before. Trying to justify my choice with logic I say "You are both a the most powerful witch of heaven and a Hime-Miko a-and m-m-m-more importantly then I c-c-c-c-could use my authorities to heal you" I stutter the last part not even audible at least I didn't think it was until Alice responds tears in her eyes "You would do all that just to save someone you don't even know, but I can't allow you to waste your choice and efforts on me after all a servant's job is to serve not be served". "I will either take you or I won't take anyone from Witenagemot at all" I said firmly as the feeling of my heart ache intensify every second I didn't save her. "But I would be a burden to you." She said. "Only if you say no because now that I have seen your suffering I am compelled to free you from its grasp" I say.

"Your will is my command MY King" she says putting extra emphasis on the end. I bend down and activating the Youth, Styx, Aeternitas and Clementia I nullify her ailment." I pick her up bridal style before going home Bern with my beautiful new servant in my arms."