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10th Annual Fannies Intro

The 10th Annual Fannie Awards Committee sat across from each other at a folding table with whitem and Slipgate on one side, and the team of BearSent176 sitting on the other. Kim and Ron were in attendance as well, as whitem had invited them to participate in the discussion. The two heroes sat across from each other on one end of the table, with Kim beside whitem, and Ron beside Sentinel103.

"So… Slipgate?" CajunBear asked, "Since you're in charge of security this year, can you tell us what kind of system you're using? We don't want a repeat of last year."

Slipgate had been put in charge of security after last year's SNAFU in which Señor Senior, Junior was able to get on stage and actually sing before an astonished crowd. Very few were able to stuff something into their ears to stop the physiological and psychological pain unleashed on them. Slipgate took to the assignment like mallards take to water, and within two months he had rebuilt security from almost ground up. In fact it was so well designed, that he was being considered to advise a certain movie corporation that had been recently hacked, about upgrading their system as well.

Slipgate bristled with pride. "Don't forget that the J.A.R.V.I.S. II system wasn't completely at fault. Plus the stagehand was quickly apprehended, and Junior is still in that school for the musically challenged. In fact, I've heard he's caused the premature retirements of over half of the instructors. So, we're still going to use the same computer system, but I'll basically be a 'Security Director' for the entire event. The human factor will be much more controlled, unlike it was last year." He then looked warily at whitem.

"Hey now…" Whitem said, feeling his feathers being a ruffled. "We're not here to lay blame for what happened last year. All we can do is try to make this years awards the best ever. After all, this is the 10th awards ceremony! Ten! My own 10th year is coming up in a few months, and I would like to make it a special one. There's no reason we can't do the same for the Fannie Awards. I'd like to see a class act, and show dignity and respect to everyone." He then paused for a bit and hooked a thumb at CajunBear and Sentinel… "Even those two."

Ron Stoppable looked surprised, "You mean they were actually nominated for something again? That is sick and wrong."

Kim, acting very much like a wife, quickly swatted Ron's arm playfully, "Be nice! In two months you're gonna be stomping on that glass again, so you have to behave yourself."

Ya know…" Sentinel started, "We can hear every word your saying. We're right here."

"Oh, right." The two teens said in perfect unison.

Missing the perfect 'Jinx' moment, CajunBear spoke up in an attempt to get everyone back on track. "Hey… the writers are doing the best that they can in my opinion, and they are getting better all the time. So even though some good ones have gone by the wayside over the years, those coming up are pretty good and they're learning fast. Some even faster than others." His eyes then narrowed at the young heroes. "Now what was that comment about glass-stomping?"

Ron explained, "Oh… Renewing our vows."

For some reason Sentinel seemed to ignore the previous exchange. "There really are some good writers out there. I mean, maybe there aren't as many current stories as there used to be, but some of them are pretty darned good, and some of the older writers come back once in a while. I just wish I wasn't writing as much so I could spend more time reading. I think it's a little more difficult now, because authors have to do some research and plan to basically write a tale that hasn't been written before. To make it fresh and interesting…well, it's a real challenge."

"Yeah, uh huh… I know what you mean." Ron sniped having been in most of Sentinel103's tales.

In an attempt to keep things somewhat civilized before things got out of hand between Ron and Sentinel, whitem spoke up. "Well Kim, I hope the two of you enjoy the entertainment we have lined up this year."

The pretty red head spoke up so she could be heard clearly. "I'm sure we, and everyone else in attendance, will enjoy what you have lined up. As for the security issues we're about to discuss, we won't tell anyonewill we Ron?" Her eyes took on a certain aspect that made everyone at the table nervous, and they were directed right at Ron and his pocket pet, who had been sitting silently on Ron's shoulder the entire time.

"Uh I… I mean Rufus and I… promise. Besides… I don't want to find out what the penalty is if we do say something."

"Heh… no you don't," whitem said with a dark look, and then brightened with a smile as if he hadn't said anything at all.

"Whitem," Slipgate said low enough so only his cohost could hear, "You never said anything to me about penalties for divulging security secrets?"

"Heh… I was just putting a little fear into Ron's head to make sure he didn't say anything." Whitem then spoke up so everyone could hear. "Now, I'd like to make sure everyone here is on the same page before we head out for the night. So what are the updates on the security changes?"

"I liked CB's idea of containment fields to fend off any attempts to highjack the show, but I'm thinking they will only be needed on air vents and windows." Slipgate pulled out a rolled up schematic of the building, and indicated certain portions of the technical drawing, upon which now everyone in attendance was looking at. "We don't need a bubble around the entire building. That would just take too much power to operate, though Stark is paying for a portion of the upgrades since a backdoor was discovered in the J.A.R.V.I.S. II system. We now have fingerprint and retinal scanners on all doors except for the main entrance. Anyone not authorized will not be able to open any of the side doors. The ONLY thing that will override the system is if any of the fire or smoke detectors go off, releasing the locks on the emergency exits."

He continued while rolling up the schematic and placing it back inside its lockable tube. "Stark is paying for about two thirds of all this security since he hadn't thought of the extra precautions last year. We're also saving money using tech from the Tweebs, and Wade's ideas for the containment field projectors"

"And my brothers are very grateful to you guys for giving them a chance." Kim said with a smile. "Now what about the installation personnel?"

Slipgate gave a knowing smile. "Their backgrounds have been thoroughly checked for any villain associations, and they are also bound to contracts that I personally wrote up. So that's pretty much it for the security. So CajunBear? Sentinel? Are you two going to stick around for a couple of days?"

CajunBear shook his head. "Dummy here has to get back and so do I. We can conference call on Tuesday and Thursday, then we'll be back at the hotel on Friday night. How does that sound?"

Whitem spoke up. "Slipgate is going to stick around another couple of days, and I have a few other things going on tomorrow. So… calls on Tuesday then." The seasoned author informed the two, since he had produced this show for a few years now and really had a handle on how to make it happen.

Slipgate had more to add. "Oh… and we have a new and faster scanning system to make sure that there are no weapons being brought in, and they have to be calibrated as well."

Sentinel snorted, "Well don't have the TSA help you."

"Oh we won't." Slipgate laughed and added, "Tweeb Enterprises LLC® is doing the installation and calibration, and the improved J.A.R.V.I.S II system has the whole thing monitored, including the air conditioning ducts. Not even a company of mole rats could get through once we lock the place down this time."

Sentinel, always being the sand in the Vaseline®, asked, "Uh… what happens if and when we have people arriving late?"

Whitem gave a sly grin before responding with a deadpan look on his face, "Play them a tune on your bagpipes as penance before letting them inside at the first break."

Ron couldn't help but snicker at this, which garnered a well placed love tap from Kim by her foot from under the table.

Sentinel protested. "I don't have any bagpipes…well any good ones. And what are you saying about my playing? Hmm?"

Whitem face palmed and shook his head, "They're not supposed to sound like a cat passing nails you know."

"They're not?" An astonished haggis eater replied. "So annoying your neighbors isn't supposed to be part of the fun? That sucks."

Slipgate then informed both the pipefitter and the gator chaser, "According to players I have spoken with in the last few months, the answer is no."

"Crud!" An exasperated Sentinel103 exclaimed, "Now how am I going to be annoying to my neighbors?"

"Oh I'm sure You'll find a way." Whitem chuckled and shook his head as the two writers for BearSent176 got up from the table and left, leaving whitem, Slipgate, and Team Possible at the table.

The remaining four stood from the table and proceeded to shake each other's hand. Kim's eyes sparkled as she chuckled while shaking whitem's hand, and indicated the two that had just left with a tick of her head.. "Just don't let the ogre looking one out of your sight guys, he's always cooking up something that isn't nice to Ron and me."

The basic average teen hero turned and grabbed her sidekick… err… partner's, hand. "Boyfriend, I've got a line on a really neat eatery that I think you'll love, and it might give you some new ideas for the next restaurant that you're building. Oh and by the way? You're buying." She finished with a smile, waved at the two in charge with her fingers, and then pulled the blond along behind her as the two left.

…x x x x…

Slipgate and whitem quietly folded up the table and put away the chairs. Slipgate broke the silence by saying, "Well whitem, do you have your battle suit ready to go in case we have trouble again?"

"Yeah, I do. And it's much better than the robe I had on last year when I charged that stupid android. Wade created a pretty cool suit for me. This one morphs into a whole bunch of costumes without losing its effectiveness. He took some of the tech from Kim's Super Suit and her Dad's morphing metal to create it. I've practiced with it out on the range, so I think I'm ready."

"That is cool! I'm glad I suggested it. Just remember you're the only one wearing anything like that on stage, and that these abilities are just in case everything else goes south."

"Don't worry, I won't forget." Whitem replied with a smile. "I just don't want anyone to get hurt!"

"Neither do I. Kim and Ron deserve a break once in a while, and after what you did last year, I thought you'd be perfect for something like this." Slipgate patted his friend on the shoulder. "I didn't want to say anything to Kim and Ron about this because I don't want them to worry about us. They already have a lot on their plate."

"Yeah… And Thanks." Whitem replied with red cheeks, as he wasn't used to being complimented. "The Fannies is their night and we promised to make it good for them. Any ideas who might be the troublemakers this year?"

"I'm thinking some of the older villains. If you remember last year, most of them decided it would be best if they took the night of the event off. Kim gets a little rougher on them for some reason during the awards show, as do some of the military units that are on call. Because of that, it pays to have some precautions in place before we have to call in the Delta Force. My theory is that they're all going to be here just to enjoy the show. But… you never know."

"I'm still a bit surprised we're not in the red after all of this security and precautions, even with Stark's contributions.. You did a good job with everything this year." Whitem opened a side exit and held it open. "Now let's go out for dinner and see if we can keep ourselves out of trouble this time."

Knowing his friend had probably forgotten his wallet… again… Slipgate asked a question he had a feeling he already knew the answer to. "So who's buying this time?"

After shutting the door, whitem set the alarm and turned around with a big smile. "You are my friend! Thanks for the offer!" He then gave his confused co-host a slap on the back as they headed for his mid-sized truck.

To be continued…

Hope everyone enjoyed this introduction. The Awards themselves will start in the next chapter. We hope to get through this years' awards in fashionable time, but with the different schedules of the committee members, it may be taxing.

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