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Peter wiped some sweat off his brow as he moved the soldering gun over the patchwork over the fabric. The boy moved the magnifying glass closer to his mask to double-check the internal wiring. Without an antenna, it wouldn't receive transmissions nearly as well as a dedicated scanner, but given the fact he was regularly a few stories above street level, it shouldn't be a problem. Donning the mask, the young hero pressed a hand against his ear. There was a short burst of static before a Japanese man's voice came on.

"Robbery at Asuka Museum, multiple hostages." The voice rattled off the exact address and the teenage hero donned his web shooters and leapt from his window. The address was only a few blocks away and Spider-Man landed on the roof. Some officers had already arrived, but the threat of innocent spilling was staying their hands.

'Spidey rule #15; They never check the windows higher than the second floor.' Spider-Man forced open a high window. On the main floor, the hostages were arranged into a small circle, a slim man with darker skin stood in the corner with an assault weapon cradled in his arms. Meanwhile, a few others were grabbing whatever goodies they could carry with them.

The American hero crawled until he was over the guard and dropped down, shooting a web at last second to stop a loud from his landing. The few guards that were looking up noticed his descent and was visibly shocked. The guard turned on his heels, only to run right into Spider-Man's webbed fist. 'One mook down, now have to get the innocents out before…'

"What was that?" A voice called out, thudding footsteps echoed through the halls.

'Fudge Baskets!'

"Get out of here." Spider-Man leapt onto a balcony, just in time for the next criminal to arrive. This one was larger than the sentry, green eyes widened in shock. The thief pulled the trigger in surprise. Spider-Man leapt clear, then swung a roundhouse kick as gravity reasserted it's hold on him. The guy was undoubtedly out for the count, but Spider-Man still webbed him to the floor.

The museum was lightly packed, the late hour ensuring only employees were present, but also leaving most of the lights turned off for the night. Spider-Man heard a thudding noise and found himself face to gun muzzle. The hero leapt to the right, then forward. His webs landed on either side of the assailant and he pulled himself forward. The criminal was tougher than Spider-Man expected and took the first punch without much complaint. The hero folded back to dodge the retaliatory backward swipe, too close to properly aim. Spider-Man grabbed the gun hand and forced it above his head. The spandex-clad teen delivered a swift kick to the guy's ribs. The gun clattered to one side and clattered away. The criminal winced in pain and Spider-Man finally knocked him out with a swift uppercut.

Spider-Man was barely able to block an axe kick aimed at the back of his skull, his arms actually stinging from the force the newest thief had delivered. Spider-Man tossed his arms up and the assailant turned in a circle to keep from falling over. The teen leapt forward to capitalize on the vulnerability, only for the sweep to turn into a roundhouse kick. Spider-Man repeated the move with his elbow, but the man clearly had enough experience to keep his distance. Spider-Man leapt forward, an uppercut at the ready. The strike came too fast to even think of dodging, so the man instead leapt at the last moment to bleed some of the momentum out from the strike.

A quick flare from his spider-sense had him turning to regard a new threat, only to receive a gun handle to the eye. In the split-second between turning and one eye going out, Spider-Man noticed the interloper was shorter than the skilled fighter and possessed a feminine form unhidden by her clothes.

Spider-Man leapt to the ceiling, one hand over his eye while the other was aimed for…no one? The hero could only look helplessly from his perch. He had taken his eyes off them for a minute, but they were nowhere to be seen. "Some superhero I am. I lose two thieves, get sucker-punched, and now probably end up with a black eye. How could it get any worse?"

"Don't move!" A voice called from behind the hero. Spider-Man sagged and let out a loud sigh.

"That's how." Spider-Man turned to see a small group of officers, all outfitted with basic handguns. Oh, and they were aimed at the spider. "I'd love to entertain you all with Spidey's world-famous stand-up routine, but I do have places to be and other criminals to beat up." Spider-Man leapt up. The officers opened fire, but only got in a few grazing shots as the hero leapt clear through the window he came through.

"And the record for worst first impression with law enforcement goes to…" Spider-Man mockingly bowed once he was away from the museum. His eye throbbed in pain as the wind pushed the mask fabric against his face. The scanner embedded in his mask did warn him of a few other crimes, most of which the hero was able to complete with only minor injuries.

Peter almost didn't notice his train stopping, too absorbed in the site displayed on his phone's screen. The site had a story about the robbery the night prior, but what really got his attention was the mention of a man in black and red. The story claimed that the man in red was a con artist who set up the robbery to increase his own fame.

At the bottom of the page was a grainy video of Spider-Man jumping around with more finesse than an Olympic athlete. By itself, not that outlandish, but the fact that he shot webs from his wrists, dodged gunfire(mostly), and stuck to walls did give more credibility to the site's author. The story theorized the man in red reconvened with the two criminals to split their ill-gotten gains.

Peter felt his eye throb as he reached the bottom of the news story. It got even worse when it said that the two criminals were still missing. Peter didn't exactly want to be treated as a hero, but being called a criminal hurt. Maybe when the remaining thiefs were caught, he'd clear his good name. And hopefully, Spider-Man would be the one to take them down.

Peter found himself in front of the subway station when his spider-sense went off. a quick glance showed it was Shino and Shinkawa. Peter scratched at the skin under his sunglasses and put on a straw hat. "When you act like a tourist, you need to go all out." Peter popped the collar of the tacky shirt he wore, camera bag heavy against his waist.

"Well, foreigner-sama, ready for your tour of Japan?"

"Hai!" Peter exclaimed in his most cringe possible voice. His spider-sense kicked up in intensity. Shino rolled her eyes at Peter's, admittedly bad, joke but she didn't look annoyed. They led him to the subway and soon the trio were at a castle. Most of it was closed since it actually still in use by the imperial family, but the architecture did offer good photo capabilities. The open areas included a stone bridge reflected in a calm lake and a few odd benches scattered every few hundred feet.

"What's everyone talking about?" Shino noticed most people they passed were gesturing to their respective phones. Peter shrugged his shoulders, though the use of words like 'con man' and 'chunnibyou' gave him a pretty good idea of the topic.

Shinkawa asked a couple of park-goers passing by and returned with the exact topic Peter expected.

"You think this guy is the one who Takamaki was talking about?" Shino asked.

"Either he is or there are two people crazy enough to fight crime in spandex." Peter joked.

"Oh, a tour? How much does it cost to get in?" A voice asked. Peter turned around and immediately felt his mouth slack. The voice belonged to a girl with platinum blond hair and cerulean eyes. Her body was hidden under layers of thick clothing, but she definitely had an athletic frame.

"I just did this to joke around because Ribbons offered to give me the tourist treatment." Peter lazily gestured behind him. "Name's Peter Parker, Shino Asada and Kyouji Shinkawa."

"Nice to meet you all. My name is Felicia Hardy." She smiled back, Peter felt his cheeks light up at her expression. Peter froze in his tracks. Spider-sense. He was starting to get used to his sixth sense going off around Shino, but the fact it suddenly cut out was even weirder.

"We don't mind giving you a tour too. Right, Parker?" Shinkawa offered, and Peter felt a form of camaraderie with the Japanese boy. Peter was ready to jump on the offer, but then he heard the distant wails of police sirens.

"Oh shoot–I have something to do." Peter ran off. He reached past the camera equipment to his gear hidden beneath. A few people did see a blur moving to the top of the imperial castle, but it left too fast for any details to be seen.

Spider-Man leapt off the castle's roof and used his webs to zip between trees, until he was swinging between buildings. In the distance, the teen hero saw thick black smoke spiraling in the distance. He strained his muscles to cross the remaining distance in a matter of minutes. The source of the fire was an apartment complex, the heat was intense enough that the hero could feel it from across the street and through the thermals under the uniform. On the street, firefighters sprayed water but weren't able to get close enough to start rescues. Looked like he'd need to get involved. The teen leapt into the air and zipped through a shattered window. "Anyone in here?!" Spider-Man barely heard a low cough under the sound of splintering wood and crackling flames. Spider-Man ran through the room, floor creaking under him as he ran.

The source of the coughing was a young child that was weakly slamming his small palms against a collapsed pillar. Spider-Man lifted the child, but he pointed to the door behind the wooden pillar. "Mommy." The voice whispered.

"You've been a brave little kid, now let's get your mother." Spider-Man placed his free hand against the door and snatched the door straight off it's hinges. On the inside, a woman around twenty laid motionless on the ground. "Just a little longer, and you two will be in the nice, cold weather." Spider-Man hefted both parent and child on his back. The building groaned as the wood weakened by the flames. A few strands of sunlight filtered through the smoke. He could feel his passengers breathing grow more labored. They needed to get- Spider-Sense! Spider-Man leapt to the side, dodging a pillar that crashed through the ground. The hero pushed off the wall into what was once the attic, the smoke too heavy to see further than a foot away. The weak coughing from his back warned that he was running out of time.

'Spider-sense, don't fail me now." Spider-Man closed his eyes and begged his powers to work right. If his spider-sense went off when threats happened, then shouldn't also work to eliminate which paths were safe?

Up at thirty degrees, the ceiling was weak enough to break through. Spider-Man used his webs to launch himself through the weak-point. The cold air made his passengers stir. The mother and child screamed as Spider-Man flew through the air. They slowed after the hero shot out a web-line. A crowd of onlookers were too shocked by the hero's sudden approach to react, but at least the paramedics reacted once Spider-Man pushed his charges on them. Spider-Man found a few other victims but safely pulled them out of the building. Each time he got out, he ignored the flash of cameras and jumped back into the flames. By the end, Spider-Man was sure his mug would soon be flooding the internet. The sun was starting to set and the teenage hero started swinging back to his home.

'Sorry I had to leave early. Had to do something. Hang out later?' Peter text as he stepped through the front door. The apartment was quiet, May Parker busy at the hospital where she worked.

'No problem. Maybe in a few days. Shinkawa was talking about diving from that Dive Bar he was talking about.'

'Sounds good.' Peter opened the refrigerator and found multiple wrapped dishes with his name written in red. The sound of steps echoed from the front door and Peter froze.

"Can't believe I forgot my stethoscope. I must really must be getting old. Peter!" His aunt called, unaware that her nephew was literally right above her head. "Must be with his friends. It's nice that he's starting to enjoy himself again."

Peter dropped off the ceiling once he heard the door close and went to his room. Suddenly, he didn't feel all that hungry.

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