Cheeky Brat

Teacher/Student AU. Aomine is a teacher. Kasamatsu is the new student. Aomine cannot help but be surprised when he is suddenly reunited with the very brat he used to babysit when he was only a teenager.

'Just another day at paradise…' Aomine thought to himself bitterly, wiping the spaghetti sauce stains from his newly dry-cleaned western-style suit. The 28 year old grunted at the stain in annoyance before just giving up. He tossed the cloth in a bucket under the sink of the teachers' lounge bathroom and loosened up his dark blue tie. Aomine walked out of the bathroom and into the lounge area, noticing that Kagami was still grading some papers.

"Shouldn't you get to class?" Aomine asked, glancing at the clock. The late-bell was about to ring in a few minutes, and Akashi did not like it when the teachers themselves were late to class. The red head looked up at him in surprise before turning his attention back down to the last paper in his hands.

"I will," Kagami spoke, the tip of his tongue sticking out as he continued to grade the paper. "I just need to finish this last paper." After a long pause, Kagami stood up and tucked it inside a white folder. The red head was about to head out of the lounge, but stopped just before leaving and turned to Aomine. "You have spaghetti on your collar."

Aomine twitched in anger, stalking into the bathroom once more. He spotted the lone piece of pasta, tucked underneath the lapel of his black jacket. He picked it off and tossed it into the garbage before exiting the bathroom once more. Aomine grabbed his binder full of papers as well as the textbook for his Japanese History class and left the empty teacher's lounge. The dark skinned man was in a bad mood, cursing the random first year that he had bumped into upon arriving to school. It was the kid's fault that he got spaghetti all over his clean suit. He briefly wondered if he should give his students a surprise pop quiz, just to make himself feel a bit better. He thought, smirking devilishly, 'Yeah, I'll do that.'

The late bell rang and Aomine cursed softly as he quickened his pace. If Akashi knew that he was-… Speak of the devil. "Akashi… Yo." Aomine greeted the shorter red head, mentally smacking himself. The monochromatic eyed man narrowed his red and golden eyes, lips moving into a small and furious frown.

"Daiki. You're late." Akashi stated, making Aomine tense. "Hurry to class, you don't want to keep him waiting." With that, Akashi walked past Aomine and continued on his way down to his office. Aomine glared at the wall before continuing to his class. He stopped in front of his classes door, finding himself thinking that what Akashi said before leaving him was a bit odd, 'What did he mean by 'keep him waiting'? Who's him, anyway?'

Feeling like he was forgetting something important, Aomine slid the door open and stepped into his third year's classroom. "Good morning, Aomine-sensei!" Everyone stood and greeted him, bowing their heads.

"Yeah, mornin'." Aomine drawled out, waving his hand as an order to have everyone sit back down. He did not really care about all this, but he knew it was just how things went. Aomine put his things down on his desk and turned to stare at the chalk board, noticing some of the students had doodled on it before class had started. He took his jacket off and snorted when he heard some of the female students giggle. Aomine tossed it onto his chair as he turned back around, looking over everyone in the classroom properly. He froze, his eyes landing on one student standing near the door who he never noticed until then.

The 18 year old had black, short hair and steel-blue orbs. He wore the school's uniform, but looked completely new. Aomine stared at him, unmoving and silent. His gaze must have made the steely-blue eyed male feel awkward, because he squirmed under his stare and focused his attention on the floor.

"Aomine-sensei?" The class rep questioned, bringing Aomine back into the present.


The class rep smiled at his 'smart' response and stood up, motioning to the raven head standing by the door, "This is the new student, Kasamatsu Yukio." He said, introducing his fellow third year.

Kasamatsu nodded his head in greeting, his hands clutching the strap of his duffel bag which hung over his shoulder. Aomine swallowed and nodded slowly, "I- I see. Well, then… Go and sit down." He pointed to some of the empty desks that were scattered around the room. Aomine watched the raven haired male walk past him and sit at the desk that was next to the window, in the front row.

'I never thought I'd see that brat again…' Aomine found himself thinking, staring at Kasamatsu out of the corner of his eyes. He looked down at the folder in his hand, forgetting what he was going to do. Aomine shook his head and cleared his throat, "Since we finished chapter four yesterday, we'll begin with the next chapter in your textbooks. Page 304." The students all shuffled around in their desks, pulling their textbooks or notebooks and pens out, flipping through the pages to find the right one.

Kasamatsu did the same, opening the new textbook he received that morning and quickly found page 304. He stared down at the page and frowned, noticing that he already went through this stuff at his old school. The black haired teenager shrugged mentally, thinking that it was better to be ahead than behind and have to do catch-up work. That was one thing he hated about moving, no doubt. Halfway through Aomine's explanation on the main topic of this chapter, Kasamatsu found himself studying the older man's face. He wasn't sure how long it has been since he last saw him, but the dark skinned male did not appear to have changed much (attitude and appearance-wise), at all. It was surprising and sort of refreshing, in a sense.

Class continued on as normally as Aomine could make it, however he could not stop the stealing small glances at the new kid, Kasamatsu. If only Aomine did not know him, then he would not feel so awkward about this whole ordeal. When class ended, Aomine stood up and walked over to his new student's desk and stared down at him, his hands in his pockets as he cleared his throat.

Kasamatsu tore his attention away from the window and looked up at Aomine, blinking in surprise because he did not realize that class had ended. "I… Are you trying to look intimidating?" Kasamatsu could not help the small smirk that grew on his face.

Aomine snorted and looked out the window, seeing some students making their way back into the school from having gym outdoors. "Guess it doesn't work on you." He scoffed, taking his hands out of his pockets. "Are you… Do you-"

"Don't you have to go teach your next class," Kasamatsu paused, tilting his head up at him, "Sensei?" Aomine twitched, resisting the urge to give the third year a noogie. The 18 year old did have a point, though. Kise had bounced into the room, holding an English textbook close to his chest.

"Eh, Aominecchi? What are you still doing here?" Kise stared at him; looking from the blue haired man to the student he was standing in front of. "Oh! You're the new student, Yukio-kun, right?

Kasamatsu sputtered, looking up at the blond in shock, "Tha- It's Kasamatsu, sensei." He mumbled quietly, his mouth set in a small frown – reminding Aomine of the face he used to make all the time when he was just a kid. Aomine, unable to stop himself, reached forward and gently patted Kasamatsu's soft black hair. He ruffled it, surprised at how the feeling did not seem to change all that much.

Kasamatsu jolted slightly from the touch and stared up at Aomine, through long black eyelashes. "What…" His voice was quiet, finding himself directing his gaze anywhere else but the man in front of him.

A silence passed and Kise laughed awkwardly, "Uhm, Aominecchi. You should get to your next class before the bell rings again." The English teacher (who was also a part-time model for various fashion magazines) suggested, giving Aomine a small nudge.

"I know." Aomine shot back, frowning at Kise as he turned away and collected his things. Aomine left the room without another word and just barely made it in time to his next class. The dark blue haired man continued to teach until it was lunch time. At first, he found himself walking back to his homeroom, but stopped himself. He cursed himself and stomped into the teachers' lounge, finding it empty.


"Jesus- Tetsu!" Aomine spoke in a scolding tone, putting his hand over his chest as his heart rate picked up from being startled. "I thought I was alone."

"Aomine-kun," Kuroko started, his facial expression as flat as his voice, "It's lunch time. You'll never be alone." As if to make his point, the others slowly entered the lounge area. Aomine clicked his tongue softly, plopping down in the seat next to the lighter blue haired man.

Kise practically skipped over, his lunch box in his hands, and sat on the other side of Kuroko. "Aominecchi, what exactly was that?" He asked, sounding genuinely curious.

"Nothing." Aomine huffed.

"What?" Kuroko questioned, arching his eyebrow.


"It didn't seem like nothing." Kise smiled, making Aomine want to punch his stupid-model face. "I mean, I always thought Aominecchi would go for a big-breasted girl, not someone like him." The blond laughed at the expression Aomine gave him. "But he is cute." He added, his smile melting into quite the devilish smirk.

"It's not like that, you idiot!" Aomine hissed, folding his arms over his chest as he now realized that everyone's eyes were on him.

Kagami lowered his burger from his mouth, blinking in confusion, "Who are we talking about?" He asked, just before taking another bite.

"My guess is the new transfer student." Midorima spoke up, giving his attention back to his lunch. The school doctor had his suspicions, but seeing Akashi's face had cleared them up.

"Uhh…" Kagami made a face, "Isn't that… You know – illegal?"

"I told you: It's not like that." Aomine stressed his words, his eyes narrowed into an angry glare. "I just know the kid. From a long time ago, that's all." At the silence around him, Aomine looked up to survey everyone's gazes.

"Go on, Mine-chin." Murasakibara pressed on, opening a bag of chips.

Aomine sighed, rubbing his face tiredly, knowing full-well what the others wanted from him. "Fine." He hissed out, opening his own lunch since he knew he was going to be here for a while. "When I was around 16, I moved into this small, old apartment complex with my parents. It was close a lot of schools, so naturally a lot of kids and teenagers lived in that building. I just happened to meet Kasamatsu there." He stopped talking, in order to shovel some food into his mouth.

The others watched him intently, seeming not to care that he was eating a little sloppily. The royal blue haired man swallowed and continued on with his story. "A few months later, his mother became friends with my mother, so I'd often see him around. Another couple months passed and soon enough, they both had me babysitting him."

"How old was he?" Kise blinked, too lazy to do the math.

"He was 6." Akashi replied instantly, holding his hand to keep Kise silent, as he motioned for Aomine to continue. "Get to the good parts."

"Wh- There wasn't any!" Aomine said defensively. "What's good about having to babysit a snot-nosed little brat who would kick you every chance he got?" He crossed his arms, glaring at his lunch in front of him.

"So he didn't promise to marry you when you were older?" Akashi asked with a smirk on his face.

Aomine choked on his spit, "How did you- I mean… No."

"Very convincing." Kuroko stated dully.

"Aww, how cute." Kise cooed, cupping his cheeks at the thought. "Although a 10 year age difference is sorta… How do I put it?"

"If it's love, it's love." Kuroko shrugged, taking a sip of his drink to hide his amused smile. "I'm rooting for you, Aomine-kun."

"Will you all shut the fuck up?" Aomine asked, his head falling against the table with a soft thunk. "I should never tell you bastards anything." He added with his muffled voice. He frowned; practically feeling the others smirks and/or smiles burning into his very being.

A soft knock on the door caught everyone's attention. They all shared a look before Kise stood up and waltz over to the door. He slid it open and because of the way he stood, the others could not see who was there. However, due to the sudden cooing from Kise, everyone had a pretty decent guess.

"Aominecchi, you future-bride is here to see you!" Kise teased, laughing lightly. The blond's laughter was cut off due to the sudden jab to his rib cage, making him cringe. "Ouch!" Kise pouted, looking down at Kasamatsu.

Kasamatsu glared up at him, his cheeks a soft rosy color. Kise gasped and hugged the shorter male, cooing at his cuteness. "Kasamatsucchi, you're too cute! I think you'll be perfect for Aominecchi!"

"Please be quiet, sensei." Kasamatsu spoke firmly, kicking the older man off of him as he turned to Aomine. "Ah, uhm…" The steely-blue eyed teenager trailed off, turning his gaze to his shoes.

"Kagami-kun, look – a confession." Kuroko whispered to Kagami from behind his hand, hiding the smirk which rested underneath.

Aomine rolled his eyes as Kasamatsu's face only went redder. The older man stood up and grabbed Kasamatsu's collar, dragging him out of the teacher's lounge. They ended up around the corner, near the central stair case in the main building of the private school. Aomine stopped and looked down at Kasamatsu, "What?" He asked.

Kasamatsu stared at him before looking away, "I just wanted to see you…" He mumbled, huffing. "Also, I wanted to know how you were doing. You seemed out of it this morning." Kasamatsu commented, scratching the back of his head.

Aomine gave him a blank stare before looking away, scratching his cheek sheepishly. 'I see this brat is still innocent and oblivious in that fashion.' The royal blue eyed man thought, fighting the urge to smile. He lifted his hand and once again ruffled the 18 year old's hair, finding that he missed doing that more than he should have. "I was just mad, because some first year brat decided to spill his spaghetti all over me. Plus, I was surprised to see you."

"Me too." Kasamatsu nodded.

Aomine let his hand fall back to his side as he looked over the shorter male. Kasamatsu had grown much over the years, all his baby fat was gone and he had handsome (and somehow feminine) features and a slim, but athletic build. Something clicked in Aomine's head, making him grin, "Do you still play basketball?" He asked.

Kasamatsu raised his eyebrow but nodded, "Yeah. I've gotten better, too." He added, smirking. "Is there a basketball club here?"

"Of course," Aomine scoffed. "But the training is hell."


"Mostly because all those other guys you saw in the teacher's lounge and I coach."

"Wow." Kasamatsu blinked in surprise. "That's… interesting." He stated with a small shrug. "But I guess I'll join. Someone has to keep you in line, sensei."

Aomine snorted, nudging Kasamatsu away with his elbow. "Cheeky brat."

OMG. They're all so cute! Aomine and Kasamatsu getting teased by everyone is awesome! *dies*

But there you have it – the first day of 31 days of AoKasa! I've been wanting to write something with Aomine as a teacher and Kasamatsu as a student for a while now |D and I couldn't not include the other GoM members :P